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The expression of many men became filled with jealousy when they heard that it was Qiu Hongleis invitation card.

Even the Chu clans guards knew about Qiu Hongleis reputation.

This girl was the most popular girl in all of Brightmoon City, no… all of Linchuan Commandery.

There wasnt a single man who didnt want to get close to her.

“The young master really has mad skills… he is even on good terms with this lady Qiu!”

“I really couldnt figure out why our beautiful first miss would end up favoring the young master.

It seems like I am still too inexperienced.”

“But the Madam has gotten involved...

the young masters in trouble now.”

Some of them were overjoyed, some of them were worried, but most of these guards just watched the drama from the side.

When Chu Hongcai heard that it was Qiu Honglei who personally sent Zu An an invitation, he wanted to rip his eyes out from jealousy.

This was a die-hard fan of Qiu Honglei we are talking about here! Yet he had never heard of her taking the initiative to send anyone an invitation!

Normally, for her to accept an invitation and perform a song, or even just making an appearance was already an incredible honor.

Even though nothing happened between the two of them last night, lady Qiu was already taking the initiative to contact him! Wasnt this already but a matter of time

After all, he really didnt think that anyone could resist Qiu Hongleis beauty and charm.

Tears were on the verge of pouring out when he thought about how the goddess of his dreams was going to be ravaged under Zu An soon.

AhhhhHHHH! They shouldve just got it over with last night.

Why are you tormenting me like this Just end my suffering!

You have successfully trolled Chu Hongcai for 233 Rage!

Zu An gave him a surprised glance.

There really wasnt much he could do about this type of thing.

Cant really blame him for breaking the bro code, his goddess is just too hot.

“Im talking to you! Where are your eyes looking!” Qin Wanru was already in a terrible mood to begin with.

Those other drafted son-in-laws are all nice and submissive out of fear of offending their wifes family.

Why didnt this fellow have a shred of obedience in him

This scoundrel even had the nerve to play around with a brothel girl.

This girl even chased him all the way back home!

Once news got out, would Chu clan have any dignity left

You have successfully trolled Qin Wanru for 404 Rage!

Only then did Zu An snap out of his daze.

Why was this woman always on edge

He was just about to say something when his eyes suddenly moved to her body.

Last nightslittle accident appeared in his mind, making his expression immediately become strange.

“Well talk about this inside!” Qin Wanrus brows furrowed slightly when she saw that he didnt respond and only stared at her.

She didnt want to deal with him by the entrance and make a laughingstock out of the clan either.

The guards all gave him looks ofgood luck bro.

Even Cheng Shouping hid towards the back.

Zu An thought to himself couldnt this guy just give it to me in secret He just had to blabber about it by the entrance and let everyone know.

Sigh, I really need to swap him out for someone sharper when I get the chance.

They headed straight for the study.

Qin Wanru sat down.

After everyone else withdrew, she slammed the table.

“Do you understand your wrongs!”

“I have no idea what I did wrong.

But if wrongs are what we are talking about here, isnt it more inappropriate for you to rip open someone elses private letter” Zu An replied with a frown.

This woman was always trying to start something with him.

This ** is getting really annoying.

Qin Wanru: “”

She thought that she heard him wrong for a moment.

This guy had the nerve to talk back

“You are out of your mind!” Qin Wanrus entire body was shaking.

“Youre but a live-in son-in-law, your entire existence belongs to Chu clan! There is no such concept of a private letter!”

You have successfully trolled Chu Wanru for 530 Rage!

Only now did Zu An finally react.

This world was entirely different from his past one.

Live-in son-in-laws, fugitives, and people of the lower class were all of the same level of hierarchy.

When the country was in danger and it was time to draft soldiers, they would be the first to be chosen.

Even though Chu clans young master was different from a normal son-in-law, he wasnt much better off.

There wasnt anything like basic human rights in this world.

Seems like he expected too much.

Even so, as a man, I cant let someone treat me like this!

Zu An said coldly, “Since the Madam holds me in contempt, then forget it! Ill just leave this Chu clan if I have to!”

This woman keeps harassing me again and again! If it wasnt because of Chu Chuyan and Little Huanzhao, I wouldve already left a long time ago.

He helped Chu clan keep their market share in the weapons market.

Just this alone already saved Chu clan a ton of silver.

He even gave Chu Chuyan this Evanescent Lotus, bringing her cultivation to the doorstep of seventh rank.

She was now the greatest cultivation talent in this entire world! Having a talent like this in the family would bring endless glory.

This wasnt something gold could ever hope to exchange for.

He was even toiling every night to rescue her daughter!

Yet there wasnt a word of gratitude.

This woman instead found all types of ways to hound him.

Todays events were merely the last straw that broke the camels back.

He finally couldnt take it anymore.

It might also be because of the life and death experiences in the dungeon, but he already fought against a ninth rank, even those who were higher rank! His mindset already changed greatly.

When he returned to Brightmoon City, this place seemed like a newbie starting town.

Even though there were still many experts in this city that could crush him to death instantly, this still didnt hinder his new mindset.

After all, he even survived a place like that dungeon, so how could this current situation scare him

It was just moving out of Chu clan.

He already had enough cultivation to protect himself, and he had money.

The academy even had a dorm for him.

At worst, hell just sneak back to give Chu Chuyan treatment.

This was just how human hearts worked.

Before he had enough of a backing on his own, he could only silently endure it even if Chu clan wronged him.

After he obtained enough strength, his confidence also grew.

Qin Wanru was completely speechless after this outburst.

Did I hear wrong

Did this brat finally go crazy

You have successfully trolled Qin Wanru for 999 Rage!

Chu Huanzhao was already scared out of her mind.

She immediately rushed over to her mothers side to explain.

“Mom! Thats not what brother-in-law is trying to say! Dont take his words seriously!”

Qin Wanru finally snapped out of her daze.

She pushed away her daughter and said coldly to Zu An, “You really are letting things get to your head.

You want to spread your wings and leave Chu clan How can it be that easy If our Chu clan doesnt approve, do you really think you can leave just because you want to”

Zu An was stunned.

Only then did he remember that there was a similar case in Brightmoon Academys criminal law class.

Seems like a drafted son-in-law cant break free just because he wants to, he had to obtain the agreement of his spouses clan.

But how could his wifes family possibly agree If they kick out a son-in-law go and let their daughter become divorced, it definitely wouldnt be easy for her to marry again!

His face immediately became overcast when he thought of this.

Was this something he would never be able to get rid of in this lifetime

Even though he didnt mind mooching off his wife, he liked the mooching where he could still do what he wanted.

He didnt like this type of kidnapped feeling.

Chu Huanzhao immediately became anxious.

She went back and forth trying to calm the two of them down.

However, both of them were furious, neither willing to back down.

While they were stuck in an impasse where no one knew what to do, Chu Chuyan rushed over after hearing the news.

“Mother, Ah Zu, what are you two doing Cough cough…”

When she heard her daughters coughing, Qin Wanru immediately rushed over to support her.

“Why did you leave your room Its so windy outside! You might catch a cold.”

Chu Chuyan revealed a faint smile.

“Mom, Im not weak to that extent.”

Qin Wanru was nervous.

“But your illness is extremely strange.

It was clearly quite serious when Physician Bao examined you before, yet your condition mysteriously improved later on.

We really dont know if itll worsen again, so you have to be careful!”

Bao Youren already served the Chu clan for many years, so everyone understood his skills in this field.

He wouldnt make those types of rudimentary mistakes.

That was why after the initial panic passed, Duke Chu and his wife quickly realized that it wasnt Ji Dengtu being that amazing, but rather that their daughters condition suddenly improved.

But the more they understood this, the more careful they became.

Since things somehow improved, then it might also suddenly worsen.

No one could control this type of thing.

Chu Huanzhao suddenly said, “It didnt suddenly make a turn for the better, it was because of brother-in-laws treatment!”

“Him” Qin Wanru gave Zu An a look.

Her voice was full of contempt, clearly unconvinced that he had this type of skill.

“It really was brother-in-law!” Chu Huanzhao became nervous.

She was worried that if she didnt reveal this today, then she might not have a chance again.

If her mother really did kick her brother-in-law out of Chu clan in a fit of rage, what would she do then

Unfortunately, her usual behavior and personality made it so that her words didnt carry much weight.

It was difficult for her mother to trust her.

As such, she could only look pleadingly at her older sister.

Chu Chuyan also spoke up at this time.

“She is correct, it is indeed Ah Zu who has been treating me.

It was because of him that I was pulled back from hells gates.”

Qin Wanrus face was full of doubt.

Are my daughters saying this just to save him

But when she saw the serious expressions on their faces, she finally reacted.

“It really was him”

Chu Chuyan voiced her confirmation.

“But Ive always been with you these past few days.

Just how did he treat you” Qin Wanrus brows furrowed tightly.

She still found this hard to believe.

“It was because I fed mom narcotics…” Chu Huanzhao said with a weak voice.

Qin Wanru: “”

Only then did Chu Huanzhao repeat her words quietly.

This was already tied to her brother-in-law being kicked out of the clan, so she couldnt be bothered with everything else.

When she heard her daughters words, Qin Wanru almost fainted.

Did I really give birth to her myself

Were there any daughters that did this to their own mothers

No wonder Ive been feeling so light-headed recently.

I dont even remember much about the evenings.

Turns out it was all because of this foolish girl!

She got more angry the more she thought about it.

She immediately dragged Chu Huanzhao over and began to spank her ferociously.

This girl is going to learn today what is the so-called mothers benevolence, daughters obedience!

She was utterly furious, ruthless with her strikes.

She smacked Chu Huanzhao until she was begging for mercy.

Chu Chuyan hurriedly said from the side, “Mother, little sis only did this to save me.

It wasnt just her, I also struck your acupoint last night.”

When she heard her eldest daughters words, Qin Wanru blinked her eyes.


She couldnt immediately process her words.

For the sake of sharing her little sisters burdens, she had no choice but to explain, “Ah Zu had to give me treatment in the evening, but mother insisted on keeping me company.

He didnt know that your respected self was there, so he could only sneak into the room.

Out of worry that you will find out, I… I struck your acupoint.”

When she finished her sentence, her previously pale skin was already completely flushed red.

She had always been obedient ever since she was a child, never doing anything like this before.

Qin Wanru was completely dumbfounded.

Just what kind of sin did I commit in my last life How did I end up giving birth to these two little fiends


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