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Zu Ans face was black like charcoal.

The chances of getting a skill were too rare!

He finally got one, yet he ended up with this garbage.

Seems like it going to be one of those days…

Sure enough, other than Ki Fruits, there were onlythanks for playing messages.

He didnt even get a single bottle of medicine.

He really wanted another bottle of Faith in Brother Spring!

He had no idea when Chen Xuan would pop up again.

Knowing that guy, there was no way he wa giving up here.

If he had a bottle of Faith in Brother Spring, he could still bounce right back if he was unlucky.

Since he didnt have this to count on, he could only always remain on guard.

This round of pulls netted him a total of 320 Ki Fruits.

Considering the odds, his luck was actually not that bad.

His mood improved a bit.

While no one paid attention, he tossed these fruits into his mouth one after another.

His face immediately went rigid when he examined himself.

What the heck Why did only a tenth of the formation fill up

This was the most Ki Fruits he ate in one sitting!

He examined himself carefully, and then he noticed where the issue lied.

He was now already at the third ranks eighth step.

If the number of Ki Fruits needed for each formation increased in accordance with the fibonacci sequence, then he would need 2,584 Ki Fruits to reach the ninth step.

He only ate 320, so of course it would only fill up by a bit more than a tenth.

In reality, the seventh formation that needed 987 Ki Fruits and the eighth that needed 1597 Ki Fruits wasnt something his Rage points could have easily filled.

It was still thanks to that bloodsoaked battle against Mi Li… but of course, that was just a one-sided butchering.

Under the help of the Heiress Ball of Delights, his body suffered countless fatal blows, slashed again and again, blood flying everywhere.

Only then did the Phoenix Nirvana Sutra show its prowess, directly filling in two steps.

Trying to fill in these formations with just external help seemed like an extremely slow process.

It was already so hard for him to advance when he was only at the third rank.

Once he climbed higher, wouldnt the number of Ki Fruits he needed really reach astronomical digits It seemed almost impossible to reach.

He couldnt find a way to solve this issue no matter how he racked his head, so he gave up on thinking.

Ill just cross that bridge when I get there.

The class unwittingly came to an end.

His deskmate Wei Suo couldnt hold himself back, immediately scooching over.

“Boss, so how did the courtesan queen… taste”

He wanted to ask this as soon as Zu An came back.

But after seeing his locked brows and gritted teeth, he didnt dare ask him anything.

Since Zu An was already back to normal, he immediately asked eagerly.

He was fully aware that Qiu Honglei was far outside his league.

But he could still share this divine experience indirectly with his boss!

All of the nearby students rushed over when they heard Wei Suos question.

News of the courtesan queens choice had clearly already reached everywhere.

All of them looked at him with gossipy eyes.

Zu An felt like it was a bit too embarrassing to say in front of all these hopeful eyes that nothing happened.

As such, he immediately began to talk big.

“It was obviously the best! Really a divine experience…”

He spoke whatever came to his head, throwing them some random plot from an extremely explicit web novel he read before.

Even though Brightmoon Academy had many students from influential families, there were also many from ordinary backgrounds.

This ratio was higher in yellow class.

All of them were quite young too, so they didnt have much experience in this field.

Their blood began to boil as they listened, their faces and ears flushing red.

Their eyes were filled with jealousy and hatred.

You have successfully trolled the yellow class for 66 66 66…

Zu An thought to himself these fellas really have no conscience.

Theyre getting a free audiobook here, but they still have the nerve to get angry.

Hmph, whatever.

Out of favor for these Rage points, this young master wont bicker with the lowly.

Youre all forgiven.

A student ran over at this time to pass on a message.

“Ah Zu, someone is looking for you by the gate.”

Everyone already got used to his nickname.

There were some who were already completely sucked in to his tale.

When they heard this, they all became irritated, wondering who it was that was disturbing them.

When they turned around, they saw a traditional beauty in a long dress standing by the gate, waving at Zu An with a smile.

“Isnt that the ninth ranked beauty Zheng Dan”

“Truly a fairy level girl! Our class fuglies dont stand a chance.”

“Her manners are so wonderful.

This type of gentle and sweet-tempered woman is definitely a perfect wife candidate!”

“Keep dreaming man.

Shes already engaged to Sang clans young master, and even if she wasnt, you wouldnt have a chance.”

“Then why is she here for Ah Zu This isnt even the first time.”

“Dammit, now that you mention it, is there some kind of scandal going on here too”

Zheng Dans cheeks flushed from all of the whispered gossip, lowering her head in embarrassment.

Her bashful and reserved appearance was imitated to perfection.

Zu An walked over to the gate.

This bashful looking young lady dressed in a long skirt really was the perfect example of his past worlds green tea bitch.

But shes just too damn pretty!

No wonder it wasnt really the men who hated this type of green tea…

“What did lady Zheng need me for”

Zhen Dan pursed her lips, showing a bit of hesitation in her eyes as she looked around.

“Can we find another place to talk This place is too embarrassing…”

“Sure, lets go for a stroll.” Zu An thought about bringing her to his staff dorm, but he soon abandoned the thought.

There wasnt much time between classes.

The two of them walked shoulder to shoulder like a pair of lovebirds.

Wei Suo immediately prostrated in admiration.

“Boss is worthy of being the great boss! You just played with a courtesan queen last night, yet Miss Zheng is already throwing herself at you today!”

“Hmph, its probably not something dirty like what you are thinking.

Miss Zheng is engaged, okay She probably needs him for some proper business.” Another student immediately fired a retort.

He was already filled to the brim from jealousy and resentment from the Qiu Honglei affair last night, yet he was immediately getting together with another beauty! His small heart really might just break.

“Are matters between men and women not proper” Wei Suo glared at him.

“So what if shes engaged Wouldnt conquering someone elses fiance bring an even greater feeling of victory”

Someone else to the side couldnt help but laugh.

“Arent these some bold words coming out from your mouth Are you really imagining yourself in Ah Zus place since its impossible for you Dont you feel any sense of shame”

Wei Suos face became red.

“Nonsense! I am just feeling happy for my boss.”

When he saw this new stream of Rage points flow in, Zu An really was curious what those guys were doing back there.

He already left, why were they still angry at him

“Ah Zu, I heard that you were attacked by Chen Xuan on the way here.

Are you okay”

The two of them went to a more secluded place.

The bashful and reserved appearance was completely gone, now replaced with an extremely concerned expression.

She nervously pulled on his hand, searching his body for injuries in a frantic manner.

“Im gonna have to charge you if you touch anymore.” If he didnt already guess at her intentions, Zu An really might have been bewitched.

Her acting skills were too good.

She really did look like a deeply concerned young lady.

“Really, what am I going to do with you…” Zheng Dans face flushed slightly.

“Since you can still talk like that, youre probably fine.

I can feel at ease now.”

“Many thanks for Miss Zhengs concern.” Zu An smoothly grabbed her hands.

Just what kind of routine does she have to make her hands this soft You soak them every day in milk or something

Zheng Dan pulled back her hands somewhat awkwardly.

The scene of this man stroking her leg last time flashed past her mind again.

She really didnt know what came over her last time.

Things really went too far.

Zheng Dan warned herself, telling herself that she absolutely cannot repeat that disaster again.

She didnt forget the reason why she came today either.

“Ah Zu, I heard that Chen Xuan is sixth rank! If hes determined to kill you, then you are in great danger!”

“What can I do Push comes to shove, Ill just hide in the academy every day.

I dont think he has the guts to enter the academy,” Zu An replied.

“Youre actually still quite safe in the Chu clan.

Brightmoon Duke is a mighty eighth rank cultivator, and there are so many other experts in Chu estate.

You even have a master you can rely on for help.” Zheng Dan smiled sweetly, acting as if she was just casually chatting.


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