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Gu Yueyi felt as if all of his fine hairs were standing on end.

He immediately woke up from his lust, hurriedly explaining, “Junior sister, I was confused just now.

I never intended to provoke you.”

Qiu Hongleis voice was cold.

She retracted the bright yellow light.

“If it happens again, do not blame me for being impolite even if you are a fellow sect member.”

“Yes yes yes, this was an accident, there definitely wont be a second time.” Gu Yueyi was covered in cold sweat as he backed up in a hurry.

Even though the two of them were blocked by a screen, he still lowered his head as low as possible to avoid angering her.

Even though he already rated this girl extremely highly, he still never expected her to be this formidable.

Also, what is the deal with this lantern Is it something the master gave her

Master really is biased!

When he thought about how he tried to take advantage of her several times before, he immediately secretly wiped at his cold sweat.

However, there was still something he was confused about.

Normally, she would always reply with a sweet smile when he provoked her a bit.

Why was she suddenly so angry today

“Also, in the future, if you are going to escape, then just do it.

Dont treat your own people like shields.” Qiu Honglei released a cold snort.

It was clear that she was extremely unsatisfied with his actions on the boat.

“Yes yes yes, for sure next time.” Gu Yueyi hurriedly nodded.

But inside, he cursed silently.

Since you are so formidable, couldnt you have just made your move on that ship With the two of us together, why would I have to run in such a sorry state from Chen Xuan

Of course, he kept these thoughts inside.

He didnt dare show them on the surface.

“Just go.” Qiu Honglei waved her hand, clearly not in the mood to pay him any more attention.

Gu Yueyi felt as if he received a great pardon.

He ran out in a hurry.

Qiu Honglei fiddled with the shell in her hands, a smile returning to her face.

It was all that Chen Xuans fault for ruining things this time.

However, overall, things still went alright.

She was sure that this man was worth her investment.


“Achoo~” A cold chill blew over as soon as Zu An returned to the Chu clan.

He immediately released a loud sneeze.

He found a set of clean clothes to change into, and only then did he hurry to Chu Chuyans room.

“I wonder if she remembered to keep an entrance open for me.” Zu An gave the sky a look.

A bright moon hung overhead.

It was already extremely late.

He sneaked his way over to Chu Chuyans courtyard.

Because there was an intruder previously, Qin Wanru specially ordered an increase in guards.

The security here was already practically seamless, but Zu An now had the strengthenedSunflower Phantasm.

When he really couldnt evade the guards sight, he directly usedgrandgale to rush out.

This allowed him to sneak in without encountering any trouble.

What the heck is this Why do I have to act like a thief to get into my own wifes room!

Zu An was incredibly upset.

When he arrived in front of that window they agreed on before, Zu An noticed that the lights inside had already been turned off.

My wifes skin really is too thin.

She must be worried that others will notice if the lights are still on.

He looked all around him to make sure there was no one around.

Only then did he place his hand on the window, gently pushing it.


Why isnt it moving

Zu An wasnt convinced.

He used more strength.

However, it still didnt budge.

Is this the wrong window

He thought back to the conversation the two of them had.

Perhaps he got the window wrong.

He immediately pushed another window, but it didnt budge.

What the heck

He began to test out all of the windows.

Not a single one was unlocked.

Zu Ans eyes immediately widened.

Didnt they already reach an agreement before

He had just rejected such powerful temptation, refusing Qiu Honglei, yet this was what he came back to

When he thought everything over, he figured that it should be because Chu Chuyan was too shy, that she might still not be used to this.

But the removal of frost during the beginning period is too important, they absolutely cannot delay it!

He didnt dare call Chu Chuyan either out of fear of alarming the guards outside.

As such, he produced a dagger.

He gently stuck it into the crack between the windows, prying the bolt to the side.

He tiptoed his way in, and then closed the window again.

Why do I feel like a thief

This was clearly his own wifes room!

Zu An felt incredibly unwell inside.

His originally bowing body directly straightened.

When he walked to the bedside, he could vaguely make out a wonderful and graceful body laying on her side

“This girl really needs a good spanking.

You should look at how gentle and sweet that Honglei is!”

Chu Chuyan had clearly already agreed to leave a window open.

Zu An felt his teeth ache, thinking that he really had to keep his wife in line.

As such, he didnt say anything, directly getting into the sheets and hugging her.

Either way, the two of them already interacted so intimately in the dungeon.

Later on, Chu Chuyan even removed her clothes for him during their treatment.

He felt like he had to be a bit more proactive.

Maybe then she wouldnt resist him so much.

When his hands caressed the warm and fragrant body, Zu An was suddenly a bit confused.

Less than a day had passed, yet why did Chuyans body suddenly become so well-rounded

“Dear, dont be so fidgety~”

The beautiful woman actually moved around a bit, as if she was muttering in her sleep.

Zu An was scared out of his mind.

This was clearly Qin Wanrus voice!

Right at this time, Qin Wanru seemed to have noticed that something wasnt right either.

She woke up in a muddle-headed manner, about to turn around to take a look.

Suddenly, a finger shot out from the side, striking her acupoint.

Qin Wanru released a moan, and then fell asleep again.

A slim and graceful figure sat up from the side, revealing a lovely but displeased face.

Who could this be other than Chu Chuyan

Zu An was dumbfounded.

He lowered his head to look at the woman in his embrace.

She was clearly much more developed than his wife.

Who could it be other than Qin Wanru

What in the world is going on

Zu Ans brain went blank.

“My mother was worried about my condition, so she insisted on sleeping together to take care of me.

I refused several times, but she continued to persist.

I didnt want her to become suspicious, so I could only agree.” Chu Chuyan had an embarrassed expression on her face.

Zu An: “......”

What kind of stupid plot is this How could I have expected this!

“Why didnt you tell me ahead of time” Zu An said in confusion.

He really was scared badly just now.

His frail mind was dealt a devastating blow, leaving him in a daze even now.

Chu Chuyans eyes shifted downwards, a bit annoyed as she said, “You are not going to let go”

Zu An lowered his head, his face completely becoming a 囧 character.

He hurriedly pulled back his hand.

“This… I was in a daze just now and didnt react.”

Chu Chuyan released a snort, finally saying, “I asked Huanzhao, but she said you werent in the manor, so how could I let you know That was why I shut all of the windows to warn you about the situation.

How did I know that you would just barge in!”

“I thought that you were a bit embarrassed since you are leaving your room opened for the first time...

The first few treatments of your illness is extremely important, so I had no choice but to enter.” Zu An explained.

If he ended up becoming some freak in her eyes, then that really would be the end of him.

Chu Chuyan bit her lips, also showing a bit of hesitation.


But you cannot act so recklessly in the future.

I cannot strike mothers acupoint so quickly every time.

If she finds out that you… disrespected her, I fear that you wont be able to remain in the Chu clan anymore.”

She knew that her mother never treated Zu An that well.

If she found out about this, she would definitely go crazy.

That was why she had no choice but to knock her unconscious.

“As expected, my wife really does worry about me!” A faint smile appeared on Zu Ans face.

He didnt waste so much energy saving her in vain.

“Who is worried about you” Chu Chuyans face reddened slightly, hurriedly explaining, “Its just that this is something that would leave the entire family in an awkward situation, so I had to warn you.”

“Alright, alright.

Hurry and strip already.” Zu An said while opening the silver needles pouch.

Chu Chuyan: “......”

This fella really doesnt know how to have a proper conversation.

This is clearly just a normal procedure, so why did it sound so strange coming from his mouth

After an inward snort, she still began to slowly undo her clothes.

She had always been a cultivation prodigy, so she obviously wouldnt want to spend the rest of her life as a cripple.

Of course, if the one who was applying the acupuncture was anyone other than Zu An, she definitely wouldnt have agreed to it.

After the intimate events in the dungeon, subconsciously, she was already no longer as against it.

Of course, she didnt realize any of this at all.

Zu An sighed in praise towards Chu Chuyans fine, snow-like skin.

Her body didnt possess Qiu Hongleis strong fragrance, but the faint smell was still enough to leave him with a deep impression.

He removed a silver needle, starting the acupuncture.

He began to help her remove the cold energy inside.

Chu Chuyan immediately said, “Dont alarm my mother.”

Zu An stared blankly, and then he nudged a bit further from Qin Wanru.


After a while, Zu An collected all of the silver needles.

He released a long breath of air.

“Todays procedure has been successfully completed.”

He was still wondering how he was going to give her the next treatment. I cant scare her away, I have to do things slowly.

“Thank you…” Chu Chuyan quietly put on her clothes.

When she noticed the fine beads of sweat on his forehead, her heart softened.

She brought out a handkerchief, about to help him wipe his sweat.

However, her movements suddenly froze, her expression growing a bit cold.

“Where did you go today”

“I went for a stroll with Yucheng and Hongcai.” Zu An said ambiguously.

He couldnt just tell his wife that he went to a brothel, right

“Thats it” Chu Chuyan released a hmph.

“What else could it be” Zu An had a bit of a guilty conscience.

Chu Chuyan became quiet.

Only after a long time did she say, “You have the smell of another woman on you.”

“What!” Zu An immediately picked up his sleeves to smell it. I dont smell anything Also, I already changed into new clothes! As a keyboard warrior, how could I possibly make this type of elementary mistake

But she still noticed it

Were women that sensitive towards the smell of other women

He still braced himself and said, “Did you make a mistake Maybe I still have some of your moms smell on me”

Chu Chuyan sneered.

“There is even a lips-mark on your mouth.”

Zu An: “......”

He finally realized what happened.

Qiu Honglei had previously pressed her lips against his in the river.

This damn lipstick is killing me here!

Zu An wanted to run.

He continuously curses those unscrupulous businessmen of this world.

Qiu Honglei definitely used the most expensive rouge and lipstick, resulting in this type of problem!

Wait, didnt she say that I could seek out other women before What am I feeling all guilty for Zu An subconsciously wanted to turn around and run, but after taking a few steps, this thought emerged in his mind.

Forget it, I wont poke at this mess.

When he returned to his own room, his body suddenly went rigid.

A sword was pressed against his neck.


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