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Pei Mianman couldnt help but sigh emotionally within her private room.

“That woman actually had such a soft heart underneath that flirtatious exterior.

No one wants to make someone like this an enemy…”

In the other private room, Xie Daoyun quietly wiped at the corners of her eyes.

As she looked at that fair and graceful figure behind the pearl curtains, she couldnt help but release a deep sigh.

“If we are purely talking about guqin technique, I might still be slightly above her.

However, in terms of imbuing emotions into the guqin, to move the soul through music, I am instead far inferior.”

Xie Xiu also said with a sigh of admiration, “Ive heard many courtesans play the guqin before.

In the past, Ive always felt like they werent bad, but only now do I realize that compared to her, the others arent even worthy of carrying her shoes.”

He immediately changed the topic.

“But sis, you dont have to put yourself down too much on this matter.

Youve always lived an extravagant life, grew up in a warm and blessed environment, your emotional experiences even more so a blank sheet of paper, so its not shameful at all to be inferior to another on this aspect.

She really has experienced far more in this place of romance.

She still looks like a sweet and innocent young lady on the surface, but her heart has long become full of holes.”

His tone didnt carry the slightest bit of disdain, instead filled with praise.

“Only this type of person could bring out so much emotion through a song.”

Xie Daoyun gave his brother a look, not expecting him to be so knowledgeable.

Father was usually always cursing him for not doing what he should be doing, but it seems like his curses were unfounded.

When the song ended, everyone felt a bit disappointed and frustrated.

They were totally unaware that their faces were already drenched in tears.


No one knew who was the first, but a group of people immediately rose up in applause and cheers.

They were all trying to outdo the other, as if they were scared the goddess on the stage wouldnt see them if they were too quiet.

Qiu Honglei also stood up by the guqin table.

She walked over to the railing in a graceful manner.

Two pretty girls helped her pull the pearl curtains to the side ahead of time.

A beautiful face that could overturn the heavens appeared before everyones faces.

She bowed slightly and said with a smile, “This humble girl Qiu Honglei greets everyone.”

Only now when she was standing by the edge of the railing did everyone notice that her arms were covered in a layer of snowy silk.

Her snow white, jade-like arms were faintly visible.

“This woman really is good at using her physical assets.” Pei Mianman could see through her tricks with a single look. 

It was a pity that the men below werent as sharp as her.

When they saw this scene, their breathing immediately became rough, their mouths extremely dry.

If only they could drag Qiu Honglei into their embrace, tear apart her snow silk dress and ravage her body…

Unfortunately, these would forever remain fantasies.

Under everyones eyes, who dared offend public anger and do this type of thing

Zu An curled his lips.

Mister Lu Xun[1] really was right after all.

Ones ability to make associations really was too rich, thinking of the naked body just from seeing an arm.

Who would have expected that this world was the same.

At this time, Chen Xuan stood up in a bold and confident manner.

“I am Xuan Cheng.

I greet the lady!”

He had always lived a blood soaked life, so he was much bolder than others, also lacking as many misgivings.

He spoke while sizing up the other party in an unrestrained manner.

This face, this chest, this waist, that butt… even if you added up all of the girls I seized together, they couldnt even compare to a single one of your toes!

I must obtain this woman!

A certain voice continuously repeated within him.

Even when faced with his provocative expression, Qiu Honglei didnt seem fazed at all.

She had already long grown accustomed to this type of gaze.

A faint smile appeared on her face.

She bowed slightly.

“I greet Sir Xuan.”

Xuan Cheng laughed heartily.

“I never thought the day would come when I would be called a sir! I am the type of person who hates this type of sissy address.

If others called me like this, I guarantee you that his head would be gone.

However, when Lady Qiu calls me like this, it instead feels extremely comfortable.”

The others all glared at him, feeling offended.

However, at this type of crucial time, none of them had the attention to spare him.

They were all striving to be the first to strike up a conversation with Qiu Honglei and leave her with a good impression.

“This humble one is Du Chunfeng, my family runs a fur business.

I greet Lady Qiu.”

“This humble one is Zhao Dezhu, my father is the citys…”

Before he even finished, his voice was drowned out by anothers.

“This humble one is Yuan Junhui, I greet Lady GU.”

“Hello Lady Qiu, my names Wu Yun.

My father is Wu Gang.”

Introductions rose and fell in succession.

Many people didnt even have a chance to finish their sentence before they were dragged to the back by someone else.

Everyone was trying to leave the deepest impression possible in the shortest amount of time.

There were even some people who smashed some teacups to get Qiu Hongleis attention.

Unfortunately, she had already served as a courtesan for so many years.

She has already seen every trick in the book, so she wasnt shaken at all.

Moreover, this place was too noisy.

The sound of a teacup shattering was quickly covered by the endless introductions.

Even Wang Yuanlong, Chu Hongcai, these young masters couldnt afford to keep up their appearances anymore, all of their faces red as they crammed their way through to introduce themselves.

Chu Yucheng even directly threw aside that bear girl he stuck to like glue before, shoving his way forward while mumbling his shouting his own introduction.

Zu An watched all of this with great disdain.

Didnt he just say he liked well developed and stronger women, that he didnt care for those slim ones

Even though Qiu Hongleis chest could be considered well developed, she didnt have any fat to speak of.

If she had a bit more meat then she would seem a bit chubby, a bit less would look too skinny.

This type of figure should definitely be a stick in Chu Yuchengs eyes.

Yet who would have thought that he would go completely mad right now.

In the end, arent we all only looking at the face

Zu An really was looking down on them.

“Young master, why arent you heading over to introduce yourself” Next to him, Leng Shuangyue blinked her eyes, asking with a bit of curiosity.

After they returned to their seats, these girls naturally had to tend to their customers.

“What kind of introduction is this Its basically putting on a monkey show!” Zu An snorted in contempt.

“Look at that Qiu Honglei.

She looks cheerful and engaging, nodding towards all of these people, she hasnt spared an ounce of interest for any of them.”

“All of them say they came to a brothel to pick a girl to have fun with.

Why does this scene now instead seem like the girl is picking them” Zu Ans tone was full of disdain.

It wasnt that he had anything against Qiu Honglei, but rather that he couldnt stand these men who seemed like they had never seen a girl before.

All of you are really losing face for us men!

Even if she is pretty, you guys dont need to simp that much, right

Even someone like me, even if I am living off a woman, I have to do it resolutely!

Cant all of you learn a bit from my example!

Leng Shuangyue didnt know what he was thinking inside, only assuming that he was dissatisfied with Qiu Honglei.

She looked towards the second floor and quietly explained, “You know, its not easy for Lady Qiu either.

Even though she doesnt care much about them, she will still remember everyones names.

It is really hard for girls here to achieve this.”

Zu An stared blankly.

He couldnt help but sigh with amazement, “Turns out becoming the queen of courtesans isnt something you can achieve with just looks…”

Leng Shuangyue nodded in an extremely moved manner.

“Correct! Our trade never lacks pretty girls, but its not easy to become the queen of courtesans! Let alone someone like young miss Qiu.”

Zu An gave her a strange look.

“Seems like youre quite close with this Qiu Honglei.”

“We arent that close,” Leng Shuangyue hurried explained, “but all of us are in the same brothel after all.

With all of us so close to each other, well still hear some things.”

“Oh.” Zu An didnt think too much about this either.

“By the way, since all of you are from the same place, you should know quite a few things about her right Can you tell me some”

“I dont actually know that much… what does young master want to ask about” When she saw that he was no longer bothering her about her physiology, Leng Shuangyue inwardly released a breath of relief.

However, she was also scared that he might remember again, so if she could, she would definitely choose to distract him by answering questions.

As for the questions she couldnt answer, she would just claim to not know.

“What I ask are things you definitely know about.” Zu An said with a chuckle, “Has she ever had a boyfriend before”

“Boyfriend” Leng Shuangyue blinked her eyes, not immediately replying.

“You know, like partners.” Zu An explained.

“Of course not! Everyone knows that Lady Qiu is perfectly pure.

How could she have a partner” Leng Shuangyue was given a fright, immediately saying while waving her hands.

“Dont be scared, its just the two of us here.

Theres no need to be scared of harming her reputation.” Zu An still wasnt convinced.

Leng Shuangyue hurriedly said, “She really hasnt! I can guarantee this with my life! Lady Qiu has never had any partners, and she has always remained a virgin…”

“Is that so” Zu An couldnt help but look towards that second floor beautiful figure.

This really was quite strange.

Second floors Pei Mianman was currently watching the scene below.

When noticed the shameful display of those fawning men, she immediately felt contempt.

Men werent good for anything, only good for being toyed by women.

Suddenly, her heart shook.

She turned around to find another figure.

When she saw that Zu An was leisurely sitting down, not embarrassing himself like the others, she couldnt help but nod in satisfaction.

“You didnt end up disgracing Chuyan, not like all of these uncultured rotten men.”

However, when her smile just went up, she noticed that Leng Shuangyue was currently peeling grapes, feeding them to him one by one.

Zu An ate them until his entire mouth was dripping with juices, yet he never forgot to tease the girl, messing with her until her pretty figure shook.

Pei Mianmans smile immediately turned cold, saying with a snort, “Men arent good for anything after all!”

At this time, Qiu Hongleis vermilion lips opened slightly.

“Thank you everyone for all your love.

However, Honglei has recently reached a bottleneck in my guqin skills, so I need everyone to give me some pointers.

Please help me see if there are any areas that can be improved.”

When they heard her speak, this hall that was originally rowdy with noise instantly became quiet.

No one wanted to make her unhappy.

When they heard what she said, their minds all trembled.

Its happening!

Everyone previously excitedly guessed that Qiu Honglei would use the guqin song to test everyone, to choose the one she admired.

Sure enough, it was now starting!

“Lady Qiu must be joking! The song you played just now was truly sonorous and resounding, the lingering notes unending.

This type of guqin skill is already at the highest level! How could there still be any issues” Almond them, someone named Zhao Dezu hurriedly said.

His introductions had been cut short previously, so he was looking for a chance to redeem himself.


Everyone immediately gave him the same assessment.

Qiu Honglei was clearly trying to test everyone.

What is your stupid bootlicking going to accomplish

As expected, Qiu Honglei revealed a faint smile.

“Young master has praised me too much.

Only, I wish to hear more about some concrete opinions to make up for my inadequacies.”

After saying this, she turned to the others, her eyes filled with encouragement and expectation.”

Meanwhile, her gaze quietly swept over the private rooms above, inwardly releasing a sneer.


Lu Xun (1881-1936), one of the most well-known modern Chinese writers


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