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The doors to the second floor were opened.

A sweet, fair, and graceful figure slowly walked out, arriving beside the beaded curtains.

Even though her face was covered under a veil, everyone could still vaguely make out a face that was absolutely extraordinary, seductive to the point where it made everyone immediately produce endless fantasies.

The entire main hall instantly entered a strange tranquility.

Everyone who frequented this type of place naturally saw their fair share of beauties, but this woman before them was completely different.

Beneath her simple and elegant brows were a pair of clear and misty eyes.

All those who saw them would immediately produce a powerful urge to cherish and protect her.

A faint smile seemed to hang from her lips.

Her soft lips were tender and beautiful, as if they had been touched by sparkling morning dew, giving off a type of charm that left ones mouth dry.

When her eyes moved, it immediately gave everyone the same type of feeling, as if she carried tender feelings for them.

It was as if she looked at them with a friendliness and affection that was completely different from everyone else.

When these types of thoughts emerged in their mind, from the extremely aged elders to those who were barely of age, the breathing of everyone in Immortal Abode became a bit rushed.


No one knew who was the first one, but sounds of saliva being swallowed began to sound continuously.

Everyone who came with an invitation today was a reputable figure in the city.

This type of shameful act immediately made their faces flush red, but none of them felt like this was inappropriate.

On the contrary, this was a completely normal reaction when faced with this type of exceptional beauty.

“What a formidable charming technique!” Within a second floor private room that was always closed, Pei Mianman silently clicked her tongue.

As another woman, she was skilled in this field as well, so she wasnt affected much.

Seeing the absolutely captivated appearances of all the men present, she sneered.

“Nothing more than a group of dirty lechers.”

She suddenly thought of something.

She subconsciously looked towards a certain direction, discovering with surprise that Zu Ans eyes were still clear.

He wasnt as shameful as the others.

“This fella at least has something good about him.” The corners of Pei Mianmans lips tilted upwards slightly, this smile so enchanting that not even a flower covered field could compare with.

It was just a pity that no one could see it.

She had no idea what Zu An was thinking about, or else she might not have praised him like this.

Zu An came from a different world after all.

He was used to seeing female celebrities on tv, swipe through the updates of beauties on tiktok.

The 2D world was even full of many perfect women who didnt really exist.

After all of this training, the scope of his eyes naturally reached far wider than the men of this world.

Moreover, his wife was Brightmoon Citys number one beauty.

Even if this Qiu Honglei was pretty, there was no way she would be prettier than her.

There was also big sis empress, gorgeous principal, Shang Liuyu, and many others.

Any one of them can match her, yet he was already close to all of them.

His resistance to beauty was long unconsciously raised to a high level.

Meanwhile, this womans bearing and seductiveness made him subconsciously think of Pei Mianman.

The two of them actually shared some traits, but one was more flirtatious, while the others seductiveness carried a hint of innocence.

But Pei Mianmans chest was much more developed than hers!

Zu An carefully sized up Qiu Hongleis chest.

Even though it was majestic, it still lacked sauce.

If Pei Mianman knew what he was thinking, she really would be at a loss between anger or laughter.

On the surface, Qiu Honglei looked like she was looking at everyone, but in reality, half of her attention was on Zu An.

When she saw that his expression quickly became clear again, she couldnt help but feel amazed.

She had tremendous confidence in her own charm.

Just look at everyone elses reactions!

“This fellow is different as expected.” Qiu Honglei assessed.

She also reminded herself to be more careful when dealing with him in the future.

She was precisely the woman who was watching Zu An with her senior from that private room.

After changing her clothes, she decided to come out to appease the situation below, defuse the life and death battle that was about to take place.

When she was praising Zu An for being an upright gentleman, she suddenly noticed that his eyes were currently wantonly staring at her chest.

“This fellow is really…”

She was momentarily stumped for words regarding her own thoughts.

She was still praising him a second ago, yet a second later, she already discovered that she shouldnt have.

She was able to remain calm and composed under everyones passionate eyes, not a ripple produced from her heart.

Yet for some reason, this fellas gaze seemed to actually have substance, making her feel as if she wasnt wearing any clothes.

She subconsciously tightened her clothes around her body.

Her charming skills had long been practiced to perfection, even an unintentional movement tugging at the hearts of men, her graceful curves even more breathtaking.

Her movements didnt escape the eyes of the other men here.

They all produced cries of alarm.

Among them, Wei Suos performance was the most disappointing.

His body trembled uncontrollably.

He then looked left and right in guilt, releasing a long breath of relief only after seeing that no one noticed him.

Despite this, he still backed up, withdrawing from the crowd, at the same time blocking the front of his pants with his hands.

He was full of regret.

What was wrong with him these days His body was actually this weak! He decided that he was going to head to the local pharmacy to buy some six-flavored foxglove pills for supplementation.

Unlike the others zealotry, Zu An was instead full of ridicule. So many madams in those costume dramas cover their faces with veils, but those veils are all thin to the point where they are almost transparent.

Why do they even bother then

Who would have thought that the girl in front of him played the same trick.

That veil didnt cover **!

Did she wear it to add a bit of mysteriousness and enticement

You might as well just make your clothes a bit more transparent at that point!

His expression didnt escape Qiu Hongleis eyes.

When she noticed his ridiculing expression, Qiu Honglei couldnt help but feel a bit of irritation.

You have successfully trolled Qiu Honglei for 33 Rage!

When he saw the Rage points, Zu An was stunned.

What was going on How did I end up provoking her

After all, the two of them didnt know each other at all! He was buried in a sea of people too.

Shouldnt it be hard for her to notice me even if she was looking from up there

When he looked upwards with a puzzled expression, he discovered that Qiu Honglei already retracted her gaze.

“This humble one has a song for everyone.

I hope everyone can offer me your commentary.”

When she said these words, the corners of her lips curled slightly upwards, forming a faintly discernible smile.

Her voice was also soft and velvety, carrying some unclear and ambiguous flavors.

Everyones hearts immediately produced a single thought: This really was a soul hooking alluring woman!

Xie Daoyun couldnt help but sigh in admiration as well.

“Ive always thought highly of myself, but in terms of temperament and charm, Ive lost completely to her.”

Xie Xiu on the side explained, “Big sister, youre going about it wrong.

You are a glorious city lord daughter, moreover a well known talent.

No matter how pretty and charming she is, it is nothing more than some brothel tricks.

How can she compare to you”

He was someone who frequented places of romance, moreover a playboy who broke the hearts of countless women, so these were things he saw through a long time ago.

He was able to quickly recover from Qiu Hongleis charm.

If they were to rank the men who were most clear-headed here, if Zu An wasnt included, then he might be on top.

Xie Daoyuns face that was pure snow white like a goose egg produced a flush of redness.

“Oily-mouthed smooth talker, these are skills you obtained from always deceiving girls.

No wonder all those distinguished young miss all suffered so badly.”

Xie Xiu immediately voiced his injustice.

“Sis, I was trying to help you out!”

“Shush, she already started playing.” Xie Daoyun made a shush gesture, and then prepared to carefully listen to the guqin sounds.

As a well-known talent in the arts, her guqin skill was naturally flawless.

Right now, she was evaluating something in her field of specialty, so her entire figure became more serious than ever before.

That moment of inferiority from a moment ago unwittingly vanished without a trace.

A trace of serious and holy radiance unknowingly spread through her cheeks.

Xie Xiu looked at her delicate cheeks, unable to help but release a sigh of admiration.

“Truly a great beauty.

It really is a pity, too much of a pity.”

Even though Xie Daoyun was seriously evaluating Qiu Hongleis guqin skills, when she heard his words, she still asked in curiosity, “Why is it a pity”

Xie Xiu winked and said with a crafty smile, “A pity that you are my dear older sister! Otherwise, why would I need to go looking for other girls”

After saying this, he immediately jumped away in a hurry.

Sure enough, Xie Daoyun became ashamed and annoyed.

“You little brat, daring to even tease me!”

She quickly ran over to chase him down.

When she caught him, she immediately twisted his ear.

“Sis, please have mercy~” While Xie Xiu was pleading for mercy, there was suddenly a wave of melodious guqin notes.

Qiu Honglei already began to play her guqin.

Everyone pricked up their ears to carefully listen to the heavenly music.

After all, it was rumored that Qiu Honglei would choose someone to meet personally today.

But no one knew what kind of method was going to be used to choose her guest.

That was why no one was willing to let any clues go.

She might ask everyone for their evaluations after she finished playing.

At this time, the female brother keeper Hua Weimian suddenly made her way out of a corner, saying to Chen Xuan, “It truly was inconsiderate of us to not have prepared an invitation for distinguished sir.

Immortal Abode has specially prepared a feast for all of you to enjoy.”

After finding out that he was a sixth rank expert, Immortal Abode also changed their mind.

After all, this was a world that revered the strong.

Within Brightmoon Citys domain, sixth rank could already be considered a top level expert.

This type of expert was worth roping in and being on good terms with.

No one in the surroundings were surprised at all.

After all, this was something that couldnt be more natural.

This was just how the world worked.

Chen Xuan frowned.

He originally still had things to settle with Zu An, but since Qiu Honglei began to play the guqin, causing more of a disturbance might incur the anger of everyone here.

Moreover, he was also interested in this great beauty.

As such, he also wanted to carefully listen to her guqin playing and prepare for the following evaluations.

As such, out of fear of trouble, he directly nodded.

Under the lead of Immortal Abodes staff, they headed to a table on the other side.

Hua Weimian swayed her hips over to Zu An and the others side, continuously apologizing to Wang Yuanlong and Chu clans brothers.

She also arranged a new table of food, furthermore expressing that all of their expenses today were free of charge.

With the treating them like this with a smile, they obviously couldnt say much either.

On top of this, they were worried they might miss out on the guqin music.

Chu Hongcai was already sticking out his neck as far as he could, where did he have any patience left to speak to Sister Hua He was already far too busy.

Zu An sighed.

This Sister Hua really was a formidable person.

Her grasp on timing was just too good.

She seemed to have disappeared off the face of the earth when they were about to fight to the death just now.

Yet once Qiu Honglei began to play the guqin, she immediately came to mediate things.

A great crisis was immediately mediated without a trace.

Zu An obviously wouldnt say anything either.

This was the wisdom of survival, nothing to be said about it.

Soon afterwards, he was also drawn by the guqin music.

The guqin music carried a special type of magic power.

Even though there were no lyrics, it created different scenes in ones mind.

A cool breeze brushing past,

The falling blossoms beautiful and diverse,

A man drank alone by a lakeside pavilion,

Like an immortal exiled from heaven,

A ladys heart ripples, courage summons as she steps forth,

The two face each other before the flowers and under the moon, paying their respects in love,

One day the man parts without a goodbye,

The woman waits by the lakeside every day,

Only for the man to never return again.

After many years passed, when the man finally returned in search of the woman, face covered in wind and frost,

The woman was nowhere to be found,

Because she had long passed away,

Heartbroken and grieved as he drank his feelings away by the lake,

Only to learn from the mouth of a fisherman,

There used to be a woman who sat here for her man,

But she didnt manage to wait until his return,

One day she held a jar of wine,

Sat by the lakeside, drinking while weeping,

When the people found her,

She had already drowned to death,

No one knew if she accidentally lost her footing or if she committed suicide,

When he learned about all of this, the man wept silently.

While listening to the mournful music, all of these men who came seeking pleasure began to stream with tears.


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