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When he heard him say this Zu An was completely hooked. Just how beautiful was this Qiu Honglei that she ended up making so many men go crazy

There was no need to talk about that old pervert Ji Dengtu.

But even Chu Hongcai, this habitually aloof and quiet man seemed completely smitten.

The three of them thus hurried to Immortal Abode as quickly as possible.

Even though Zu An had never really ridden a horse before, he could just learn from watching the others.

He was a cultivator after all, so maintaining his balance wasnt too difficult.

Both Chu Hongcai or Chu Yucheng were trying to find chances to ask him about Chu Chuyans condition along the way.

Zu An was fully aware of this, so he bluffed his way through.

Soon afterwards, they arrived at a street filled with a mysterious fragrance.

Chu Yucheng winked from the side, but because his eyes were too small, it was hard to see from his chubby face.

“New Apsara Lane has far more than just Immortal Abode! This street has over a hundred different brothels.

It is a mans paradise not only in name but also in reality!”

“Over a hundred” Zu An was completely stupefied.

Brightmoon City had this big of a market for this

Even though Brightmoon City was a large city, compared to those international metropolises of his past world, it was still far off.

Most of the people were also poor commoners without much disposable income.

Were there really enough customers to support this level of business

“This is where you are lacking in culture.

Brightmoon City is a well-known bustling city, and it is the commercial hub of the nearby commanderies.

This place even produces salt and steel, so it is a city all of the populous and affluent know of.” Chu Hongcai now spoke up, a look of pride on his face as he said, “Not only does Brightmoon City have a huge population, there is an endless stream of trade routes from all different places.

This has spurred the interest of all professions, resulting in the current prosperous Brightmoon City.”

Zu An had a rough idea after listening to everything.

This place was like Ancient Chinas Yangzhou.

With a hundred thousand coins strung up by the thousands, we ride a crane to Yangzhou. 

It was a place who many ancient people yearned for.

Brightmoon City was now experiencing a similar situation.

As his eyes moved along the street, sure enough, there were brightly colored buildings of all different shapes and colors.

There were many girls in skimpy clothing who exposed half of their bodies.

Some of them covered their mouths while giggling, some that were bold and unconstrained… their methods for recruiting customers really were as varied and miraculous as the eight immortals.

Chu Yucheng took a deep breath and said with a deeply moved voice, “Even the air is filled with a sweet aroma of seduction! This must be the fragrance of the ladies here.

This place really is the paradise of men after all.”

Zu An couldnt help but say, “Are you sure that it isnt the smell of cosmetics”

This fatty normally seemed rather polite and adorable, but who would have thought that he would be a war hardened veteran in this field

Chu Yucheng: “......”

He originally felt hot blood surging within him, as if he could whip up something fire.

But when he heard Zu An say this, all of his words were immediately stuck in his throat.

Zu An used this chance to size up his surroundings.

Even though this New Apsara Lane was full of brothels, the most eye-catching place here was definitely Immortal Abode.

A tall, several floored building rose steeply from the ground.

Regardlessly of whether it was its lofty manner or scale, it far exceeded the other brothels around it.

The reason Zu An noticed this building wasnt because of its richly ornamented building, every detail could be viewed by his past world as cultural heritage, nor was it because of the flamboyant calligraphyImmortal Abode on the placard above the main entrance.

It was because a vast crowd had already gathered around the entrance.

Countless people were screaming the name Qiu Honglei.

Zu An was completely stupefied.

This scene was just like that of some currently popular stars appearing in a downtown area.

Qiu Honglei didnt even show herself yet, so who knew what these people were hollering about.

Dont tell me that none of these people are aware that this goddess they were crazy about will end up being the playthings of the strong

Chu Hongcai said with pleasant surprise, “Good thing we came early! There still aren\'t too many people.”

Zu An blinked.

He looked at the mass of people in front of him, inwardly thinking bro, whats wrong with your eyes

As if he could see through Zu Ans confusion, Chu Yucheng explained with a chuckle, “These are only people who came outside to join the action, they dont have the qualifications to enter Immortal Abode.

That is why second brothers words arent wrong, we can still be considered among the early arrivers.

Seems like we can grab some good seats today.”

He spoke while squeezing his way through the ground.

His body was thick, a size bigger than normal people.

This fella was like a tank during the clan competition, so he had no trouble moving through these ordinary people.

When Chu Yuchengs chubby palm pushed forward, the people in front would immediately become unsteady.

His actions naturally drew curses, but when they noticed his strength, all of them only dared to speak tough words.

When he saw all these people around him, Zu Ans eyes began to move.

These were all living Rage points! How could he let them go so easily As such, he began to shout noisily:

“Losers, please move out of the way.

You all cant even go in, what are all of you gathering blindly here for Youre just blocking the way.”

Even though none of them had heard of the wordloser before, it was easy to infer that this wasnt anything good.

In this type of situation, everyone seemed to have become self-taught, all of them becoming furious.

You have successfully trolled Loser A for 99 Rage!

You have successfully trolled Loser B for 99 Rage!

You have successfully trolled Loser C for 99 Rage!

The influx of Rage points made Zu An sigh with praise.

How pitiful, the system didnt even find these side characters important enough to be named.

Chu Yucheng continuously wiped at his sweat while watching all of these people swarm over.

His chubby body did sweat easily, but he knew that this sweat definitely came from the anxiety caused by the fella behind him.

Even Chu Hongcai gripped his sword tightly.

Even though their cultivation was far greater than these people around them, he still fully understood the reasoning behind many ants biting an elephant to death.

This was especially the case when he noticed that many of these people were even cultivators.

The two of them cursed inwardly.

There really was something wrong with this guys head! Just what did our cousin see in him

You have successfully trolled Chi Hongcai for 222 Rage!

You have successfully trolled Chu Yucheng for 222 Rage!

Fortunately, they managed to squeeze their way up to the entrance.

There were Immortal Abode guards who came to rescue them, holding back the furious crowd for them.

At this time, a young mans unsatisfied voice sounded from the back.

“Tsk, do you all think youre all that because you got a bit of damn money Do you think that gives you the right to do whatever you want”

When he heard this, Zu An immediately stopped.

He turned around and said to that youngster with a smile, “We are going in right now, but all of you can only watch stupidly from outside.

Sorry, but money talks.”

He even showed them that textbook classic shrug.

You have successfully trolled Loser A for 199 Rage!

You have successfully trolled Loser B for 199 Rage!

You have successfully trolled Loser C for 199 Rage!

Seeing even more Rage points pour in than before, Zu An almost orgasmed.

He finally understood why those villains always loved saying those scripted lines.

It… really felt damn good!

He giggled as he put his arms around Chu Hongcai and Chu Yucheng.

“You guys definitely have to bring me to more lively places like this in the future!”

He wouldnt obtain many Rage points even if he broke his back trying to farm a single person.

Meanwhile, just a random holler here got him over ten thousand points.


sure…...” Chu Yucheng brought out a handkerchief to wipe at the sweat on his face.

Inside, he was thinking Ill have to be f*cking crazy to invite you out again!

Immortal Abodes guards were also worried that a riot would start because of him, so they led the way in a hurried and flustered manner.

When they entered through the door, Zu Ans eyes were immediately drawn to the gleaming crystalline river water not far off.

Only now did he realize Immortal Abode was constructed with its back to Brightmoon River.

He even noticed the pleasure boats by the river shore.

Arent there already buildings here Why are there still so many ships

The people in this city really know how to play…

Zu An sighed.

It seems like his imagination was still lacking.

“How many silvers did you have to spend to meet with this Qiu Honglei” Zu An noticed that only after the two fished out exquisite invitation cards did they get through the guards smoothly.

“Entering actually doesnt require any money.

Immortal Abode has sent invitations to all of the well known figures in Brightmoon City, as well as all other respectable figures.

Each invitation allows one to bring a companion.

As for your expenses afterwards, that will depend on how hard you play.” Chu Yucheng moved his brows, giving him ayou know look.

Why is this damn fatty looking more and more like that actor Qiao Shan

Zu An thought this jokingly.

Then, he suddenly realized what the other party said, immediately becoming upset.

Immortal Abode issued an invitation to all respectable figures.

If even Chu Yucheng, Chu Hongcai, these branch children had one, where was his damn invitation!

Were they looking down on him!

This Immortal Abode can eat **!

He immediately turned around with a darkened face to leave.

“Ah Zu, whats wrong” Chu Yucheng was shocked, hurriedly rushing over to ask him.

Zu An said with a snort, “This Immortal Abode has the nerve to not send me an invitation.

They clearly dont give a ** about me! Why do I have to show them warmth before their callousness That whatever pretty courtesan or whatever, can she be as attractive as my wife Forget it, forget it, I might as well go back to embrace my wife.”

When they heard these words, the people in this hall all turned around. Just which idiot was saying these things.

He actually dared claim lady Qiu wasnt as pretty as his wife

Was his wife a goddess!

These men were all worried that they might not have any chances to show themselves off before Qiu Honglei.

Now, an opportunity came knocking on their doors.

“Who is the shameless fool Your wife……” Several of the closest men jumped to their feet, about to give it to this idiot, but when they saw Zu Ans face, they immediately looked like they ate **, the latter half of their words swallowed back down their throats.

“Apologies, weve disturbed you.”

This fellows wife really was prettier than Qiu Honglei.

After all, Chu Chuyan was the publicly acknowledged number one beauty in Brightmoon City! No matter how pretty Qiu Honglei was, her status was still too far off.

WIthin a second floor private room, a pretty young heir saw this scene through the curtains, unable to help but scoff, “Not a trace of elegance! A complete hoodlum! I really dont know what Chu Chuyan sees in him.”

The voice was gentle and pleasant to the ear.

Despite being angry, the words werent spoken too quickly or too slowly, carrying a type of simple and elegant scholarly flavor.

At this time, another man with delicate features said with a bitter smile, “Sis, you cannot let yourself be deceived by his outward appearance.

There is definitely more to this person than meets the eye.

Beneath his wanton and unrestrained exterior is a cool-headed and crafty mind.”

If Zu An was here, he would have definitely recognized this person to be the city lords young master Xue Xiu, while the pretty heir was actually his older sister dressed as a man.


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