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“Theres no way…” Shi Kun shook his head.

“When we received news last night, Chu Zhongtian had just left the city in a hurry.

Who else in Chu estate could possibly be Elder Shis match”

“Elder Shi is a glorious eighth rank! Even if he isnt a match for Shi Zhongtian, he definitely has the strength to protect himself.

How could he possibly die silently like that in Chu clan”

That subordinate named Bian Tai said, “But its just too big of a coincidence! Elder Shi went missing yesterday, and then Chu clan suddenly had an intruder.

On top of all of this, weve lost contact with all of the scouts outside Chu estate.”

This time, apart from sending over Shi Lezhi to protect Shi Kun in Brightmoon City, they also sent over the meticulous Bian Tai.

Only after sending the two of them did Shi clans master feel at ease.

Bian Tais cultivation was far inferior to Shi Lezhis, but he excelled in scheming.

The previous assassination attempts in the dungeon were arranged by him, a plan that was supposed to be absolutely safe.

However, who would have thought that they would end up facing a cheat like Zu An

“Those men who were watching Chu clan have also gone missing” Shi Kun was immediately given a fright.

“Correct.” Bian Tai continued, “From all of the information we currently have, I suspect that this is most likely what happened last night.”

“In order to escape pursuit, Qiao Xueying might have subconsciously sought shelter in the Chu clan she is most familiar with.

Elder Shi followed chased her to Chu estates vicinity, but perhaps out of apprehension towards Chu Zhongtian, he didnt immediately dare to enter.”

“However, at this time, our men in Chu estates vicinity informed him that Chu Zhongtian has already left.

As such, Elder Shi felt relieved and decided to chase her inside.

After all, Snow is extremely important to young master.”

Bian Tai spoke while keeping an eye on Shi Kun.

As a trusted aide, he naturally understood what the two of them planned.

“However, none of them expected Chu estate to have a hidden expert.

Regardless of whether it was a frontal clash or a sudden ambush, in the end, Elder Shi was killed.

Then, after that mysterious expert left the estate, he silenced all of the scouts in the vicinity.”

If Zu An was here, he would have definitely sighed with admiration.

This person actually predicted everything as if he witnessed everything himself, his suspicions nearly identical to the truth.

“Chu clan has a mysterious expert like this” Shi Kuns face was full of disbelief.

“How is this possible Even Chu Zhongtian cant easily kill Elder Shi, dont tell me that this individual is even stronger than Chu Zhongtian!”

Bian Tai said with a forced smile.

“It seems inconceivable to me as well.

However, if we eliminate everything that is not true, no matter how crazy the results are, they are still the truth.”

Right at this time, another scout returned with a report.

“Reporting! According to news from within Chu estate, last night, Madam Chu suddenly gathered all of the estates guards, initiating the highest level of alert.

They suspected that the intruder was an eighth ranked expert.”

“What!” Shi Kuns seated figure immediately straightened.

Bian Tai on the side also glanced over in curiosity.

If this person was confirmed to be eighth rank, then if it wasnt Shi Lezhi, who else could it be

Just how many eighth ranked cultivators were there in Brightmoon City

You could count it on one hand!

“And then” Bian Tai continued asking.

That scout replied.

“Later on, when Madam Chu brought the guards over they discovered that the intruder had already been killed by Zu An.”

“Zu An!” Forget about Shi Kun, even Bian Tai was shocked.

How could this be!

Shi Lezhi was a glorious eighth rank, while Zu An was but a third rank.

The former could kill the latter with little effort, so why did he end up being killed by Zu An instead

“Are you certain that it was Elder Shi.” It was still Bian Tai who calmed down first.

“According to the news brought back from Chu clan, the intruder had his head struck by Zu AnsSix Pulse Divine Sword, resulting in half the head being blown apart, the face is completely impossible unrecognizable.

It was impossible to confirm if it was Elder Shi,” relied that scout with a trembling voice.

“Six Pulse Divine Sword” Bian Tais had on a confused expression.

“Young master, “this one is a bit ignorant and inexperienced.

Have you heard of this battle skill before”

Shi Kun said furiously, “Would he really know a bull** Six Pulse Divine Sword In the dungeon, he was chased by me like a dog.

Why did I never see him use it then”

You have successfully trolled Shi Kun for 999 Rage!

(Zhu An sneezed.

Who is thinking that is thinking about me now)

When Shi Kun first heard about this fella half a month ago, he never regarded him as anyone important.

It was to the extent where he didnt even feel like this type of brat was worth treating as a rival.

But now, the most perfect and beautiful wife in his eyes had already been seized by Zu An, and in the dungeon, he was left covered in grime time and time again.

Today, even Elder Shi ended up being killed by him

This was impossible!

No matter what this scoundrel had, there was no chance of him killing Elder Shi!

Bian Tai said from the side, “However, previously behind the academys mountains, Zu An was able to cleave through the young masters sword in one move.

The strength he displayed at that time was definitely not third rank.

Could it be that he had some type of encounter in the dungeon, learning thisSix Pulse Divine Sword”

“Not a chance.” Shi Kuns expression was extremely unpleasant.

This assistant was normally so bright, why did he keep bringing up these types of possibilities

“Previously, Elder Shi had carried out an analysis.

That fellas strength is indeed a bit strange and cant be evaluated as a true third rank cultivator, but at his peak, he wouldnt exceed fifth rank in strength.

He cannot control elemental force either, so he isnt even a match for a true fifth rank.

There is no way Elder Shis analysis was wrong.”

Bian Tai opened his mouth, wanting to say something but then stopped.

Shi Kun released a cold snort.

“Dont bring up Yuan Wendong that trash.

At the key moment, he actually had the nerve to be distracted and talk to his opponent, let alone Zu An even prepared a secret weapon to specially restrain his flying swords.

Otherwise, no matter how distracted he was, Zu An wouldnt have had any chance.”

After Bian Tai thought for a bit, he said with a sunken voice, “I also feel that killing Elder Shi with Zu Ans strength isnt too realistic.

In the end, the biggest possibility is that he has a mysterious master behind him.”

“Mysterious master” Shi Kun was stunned.

“Indeed.” Bian Sus thoughts moved like electricity, quickly forming his words.

“Just like the intelligence Miss Qiao gave us before…”

When he noticed that Shi Kuns face became dark like charcoal, he hurriedly added, “Even though Qiao Xueying has now betrayed the young master, she was previously loyal and devoted to the young master.

There shouldnt be anything wrong with her report back then.”

“That is why is Zu An, Brightmoon Citys publicly acknowledged good-for-nothing, actually able to change so much during this time To now be able to even face the young master.”

“There is definitely a hidden expert with profound cultivation instructing him.

Only that type of powerful cultivator could completely transform this type of trash.”

Bian Tai said with a sigh, “Now that we think back, becoming Chu clans young master wasnt anything unexpected.

It wasnt Chu clan going crazy.

Perhaps through this mysterious person behind him, all of these unreasonable things can be explained.”

“Mysterious master…” Shi Kun was filled with shock.

He wasnt stupid, on the contrary extremely smart.

Otherwise, he wouldnt have reached his level of cultivation at such a young age.

After listening to the other partys analysis, he thought a bit of himself, and then discovered with shock that this was the only possibility.

“What reason does he deserve all of this!” When he understood all of this, he became even more angry.

“Why would such an incredible mysterious person favor trash like Zu An Wouldnt it be easier to choose someone with better aptitude to teach”

If he could easily kill Elder Shi, then his cultivation must at least be at the pinnacle of eight rank, perhaps even a chance of him being master level.

When he thought how he enjoyed brocaded garments and jaded meals from birth, yet never had the privilege of being guided by this type of individual, but this little bastard did, he immediately became filled with jealousy and berserk rage.

You have successfully trolled Shi Kun for 1024 Rage!

Bian Tai was also extremely confused.

“Perhaps that expert received kindness from Zu Ans predecessors, or that person conspired against the Chu clan… I will immediately send people to look into these things to find out more.”

“Theres no need.” Shi Kun raised his hand to stop him.

“Lets return to the capital city as early as possible.”

“Return to the capital” Bian Tai was shocked.

“We are going back just like this”

Shi Kun was immediately furious.

“Do you think I want to! My life saving artifact was even used up in the dungeon, and even Elder Shi has now died!”

“On top of all of this, you are even saying that there is a terrifying mysterious master who might very well be Zu Ans master.

That scoundrel Zu An is my mortal nemesis.

If he asks that master to act against me, how could I possibly face him”

Bian Tais brows furrowed.

“An expert on this level shouldnt act against juniors.

Moreover, young masters status isnt ordinary.

How could Chu clan dare do anything publicly against the young master”

“Just how precious is this young masters life I cannot take the slightest bit of risk.

There is no need to discuss this matter further.

You can withdraw to make preparations.

I am going to pay Sang estate a visit.” After saying this, he sought out the guards with the highest cultivation levels and left with a grave expression.

While looking at his rear figure, Bian Tai sighed inwardly.

He understood the temperament of his clans young master better than anyone else.

His aptitude was extremely great, the way he normally treated people in public was gentle like jade, but in reality, his personality was completely rotten.

Shi Kun had everything handed to him on a silver platter from birth, everything went too smoothly.

It was too easy for him to obtain anything, to the extent where he never treasured anything.

Whenever he suffered a setback, he would immediately erupt in anger.

He could feel that the young master was a bit different ever since he returned from the dungeon.

Now that something wrong happened to Shi Lezhi, it became the final straw that broke the camels back.

Shi Kun hurried to Sang estate.

Of course, this Sang estate wasnt Sang Hongs governor manor, but rather where River Patrol Army Commander Sang Qian lived.

When Sang Qian heard about Shi Kuns arrival, he was surprised, but still came out to greet him with a smile.

“I didnt come here for nonsense.

I came to meet your father.” Because of Shi Lezhis death, Shi Kus mood was extremely terrible.

When he heard his rather rude ton, Sang Qians brows furrowed, cursed inwardly.

However, Shi clans influence really was too great, not something he could offend.

He forcefully endured his anger and said, “Young master Shi must be cracking jokes.

My father is naturally in the governor manor, why would he be in Brightmoon City”

The governor manor was located in Linchuan Commanderys capital city, not in Brightmoon City.

Sang Hong normally remained in the governor manor, he wouldnt appear in Brightmoon City, or else there would be charges of neglecting his duty.

“We are all close, so all of this is meaningless.

I have urgent business to discuss with your father, so hurry and bring me to him.” Shi Kun said impatiently.

When he saw Shi Kun say these things, there was nothing Sang Qian could do either.

After ensuring that there was no one around them, only then did he bring Shi Kun all the way to the rear halls private room.

Sang Hong came to Linchuan Commandery precisely carrying the mission of dealing with Chu clan, so he naturally had to be in Brightmoon City to immediately respond.

Of course, he couldnt just publicly reveal this, so he normally hid in his sons estate.

“Just what is it that has made young master Shi so anxious” Sang Hong calmly poured a cup of tea while holding the lid of the teapot, saying this with a casual voice.

He was a bit discontent inside.

This guy barged in directly like that, attracting attention from all directions.

“Elder Shi died last night.” Shi Kun said with a sullen expression.

“What” Sang Qian on the side cried out in alarm.

Sang Hong gave his son a dissatisfied look.

This fellow wasnt like himself at all, has no composure at all.

Only after placing the tea cup on the table did he ask, “Shi Lezhi died Who in all of Brightmoon City can kill him, who dares to kill him”

He understood Shi Lezhis cultivation well.

In all of Brightmoon City, even if we didnt say he was in the top five, he was definitely in the top ten.

Among those ten who had the ability to kill him were just those three or four, but these were all individuals with great statuses, the powers behind them twisted and deeply-rooted, pulling a single strand would affect everything else.

How could he possibly publicly offend the Shi clan

Shi Kuns handsome face twitched, saying a name through clenched teeth he didnt expect at all.


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