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Ji Dengtu immediately grabbed his collar.

“What did you do to Xiaoxi”

“Big bro, calm down, calm down.” How could Zu An have anticipated this type of reaction He immediately cried out in injustice.

“I didnt do anything to her!”

“Then why are you making me ask her if that thing of yours has healed or not” Ji Dengtus eyes flickered with a dangerous radiance.

He was entirely different from his usually sloppy appearance.

“Because she asked me, so I told her everything that happened!” Zu An was completely stupefied.

Do all fathers become like this when other men approach their daughters, assume that theyre pigs presented with cabbage

Only now did Ji Dentus expression ease again.

However, he immediately thought of something that made his brows stand up again.

“Why would you two be talking about this type of stuff”

“Miss Ji is a naturally kind person, and isnt it normal to show concern for a friend” Zu An slowly peeled off his hand.

“Also, she has always studied medicine earnestly, so when she saw this type of difficult case, shell obviously be interested in the treatment method.”

After saying this much, he suddenly became a bit angry.

“Do you really have the nerve to say this If it wasnt for Xiaoxi telling me, I wouldnt even know that your seal lifting pill was just recklessly put together! You didnt even know if it would work or not!”

When he heard all of this, Ji Dengtu no longer had any suspicion left.

He loosened his grip and said with an embarrassed chuckle, “The reason I didnt tell you is because the psychological aspect of treatment is also extremely important.

On top of that, I had seventy to eighty percent confidence in the medicine working…”

Towards the end of his sentence, he began to lack confidence, his voice also becoming quieter.

Heh! Zu An sneered.

Like Ill believe you! Old bastard, you really are something.

If my body didnt end up undergoing that Primordial Origin Sutras tempering, I wouldve been completely scammed twice over!

“Please dont be that angry,” Di Dentu chuckled, “Arent you all fine now I can tell that your vitality is brimming, your Sea of Yin Pulse far stronger and steadier than the average man.

Shouldnt you be happy instead”

Happy my ass! However, in reality, Zu An was a bit scared.

This guy measured my pulse in the brief moment he grabbed my collar… This level of medical expertise really is frightening.

“Even so, stay a bit further away from Xiaoxi in the future.

Youre not allowed to get close to her anymore.” Ji Dengtu suddenly put away his smile and said this seriously.

“Why” Zu An was stunned.

Ji Xiaoxi was cute and kind, plus she treated him well.

Who wouldnt want a friend like this

“There is no why.” Ji Dengtu snorted.

“I didnt mind the two of you being friends before because your thing was no good.

Now that its fine, theres no way Ill let you harm my precious daughter.”

Zu Ans eyelids jumped when he heard the wordsno good.

Could you not be so direct…

Ji Dentu looked at him with a strange expression, adding, “Besides, you even wrote that type of book, your head is definitely filled with trash.

How could I possibly feel at ease with you around my daughter”

Zu An: “......”

Im being bloody wronged here!!! Wasnt it you who wanted to read those types of books I didnt even author those books!

“Lets stop talking about these gloomy matters,” Ji Dengtu changed the topic, hooking his arm around Zu An again.

“Between men like us, lets not let other things get in the way… by the way, when can I get that Principal Gao storys part two from you”

“The second part of that story is temporarily unavailable.” Zu An said through gritted teeth, “But there is another story, do you want it or not”

“Ah… there is no part two” Ji Dengtus face was filled with disappointment.

“Is the new story as good as that other one”

“It is, its definitely even more exciting and wonderful, I guarantee that youll feel things you never felt before.” Zu An had a rather strange smile on his face.

Back then, for the sake of receiving Ji Dengtus treatment, he prepared several books in reserve to adapt to his tastes.

There were all types of different books.

He just didnt know which one this fella would like.

Who wouldve thought that a single Principal Gao would already do him in As such, he wasnt in a rush to give out the other books at all.

Now, he finally found an opportunity.

“Even more exciting and wonderful” Ji Dengtus eyes lit up.

He immediately said, “Where is it Hurry and give it to me, give it to me!”

“Wait here for a bit.” Zu An quickly ran back to his room.

He fished out a green covered book from the chest beneath his bed, an evil smile appearing on his face.

He then ran back, discovering that Ji Dengtu was looking left and right, constantly pacing about like a cat on a hot tin roof.

“Here.” Zu An threw the green booklet into his arms.

Ji Dengtus eyes widened, already unable to hold himself back from taking a peek.

Zu An immediately stopped him.

“Go read it by yourself when you get home.

This is Chu familys estate after all, it wont be good if youre seen.

Ji Dengtu thought that Zu Ans words made sense as well.

If he got worked up white rading, he couldnt do anything to himself in this type of public place.

It was still better if he slowly enjoyed it in his room.

Once he was in the mood, he could directly pull the curtains, and then…

Seeing how Ji Dengtu looked like he just obtained a priceless treasure, Zu An sneered inwardly.

This work is a bit special… the contents reflect its cover.

Even if there were some of these elements in those ordinary books like the one he gave Ji Dengtu last time, the main focus was still on the main girl and side chicks.

You just needed to substitute one of those side chicks or the main girl with someone you knew and that would be enough.

The male lead was but a pitiful tool.

But this book was different.

Its written like a traditional literary piece from start to finish, completely from the male leads perspective, so the reader cant help but imagine himself in his place.

Once he got sucked into the lush green plot, it would already be too late.

Once all types of plot unfolded one after another, once there were all types of potential possibilities for the male lead, when you are full of expectation for the follow-up, vast oceans of green fields would hit you in the face one after another…

Apart from a few freaks who would feel satisfied upon reading this, when most ordinary people read this type of story, it would be completely depressing.

Who knows, it might even cast a shadow over their hearts, becoming a type of mental impotence.”

Its all Ji Dentus fault for bullying me just now anyway.

Thisll teach him a lesson.

When he pictured the pitiful expression of depression and lack of faith in the world after Ji Dentu finished this book, a smile couldnt help but appear on Zu Ans face.

“Brat, what are you laughing about” Ji Dengtu looked at him with suspicion.

“Its nothing, I was just happy that my seal was removed.” Zu An explained.

“Thats indeed something to feel happy about.” Ji Dengtu immediately felt relieved.

The two of them had already left the Chu estate.

He dragged Zu An into a remote place.

“By the way, since you were able to get Qi Wanrus personal underwear last time, could you grab me another pair”

“Didnt I already get it for you last time” Zu Ans brows furrowed.

He really didnt want to talk about this matter anymore.

Previously, Snow was completely a villain who he thought of getting rid of more than once, so he just used her underwear as a replacement.

Who would have thought that the two of them would become so close afterwards

He immediately became a bit dejected.

I really suffered a huge loss this time…

“When I had just arrived home last time, Xiaoxis little aunt found out and confiscated it…” Ji Dengtu spoke in grief.

This sister-in-law of his really isnt nice at all!

“What!” Zu An looked like he was as regretful as Ji Dengtu on the surface, but he was inwardly overjoyed.

Gorgeous principal, youre the best! Ill have to find a chance to properly thank you later!

“Help me look around.

If you find another pair, Ill agree to anything you ask of me!” Out of worry that Zu An wouldnt do things earnestly, Ji Dengtu patted his chest in promise.

“This Ji Dengtus reputation is still worth something! There are too many people who want me in their debt, but I only feel disdain beneath contempt for them!”

Zu An cursed silently.

You want me to steal Madams personal clothes for you Wont I be beaten to death if Im caught Moreover, how will I even face Chu Chuyan in the future

However, he noticed the words this lecher used.

“Youll really agree to anything”

Seems like this fella really has been infatuated with Qin Wanru for too long, he is actually willing to put up that much.

If a piece of damn cloth really can be exchanged for that cute and adorable Ji Xiaoxi, then it might be worth the risk.

“Anything.” Ji Dengtu suddenly froze up.

As if he could read Zu Ans mind, he immediately added, “Except my daughter.”

“Am I really that type of person!” Zu An immediately screamed out.

However, he found it a bit strange.

How did this fella end up thinking along the same lines as himself Could it be that they were the same type of person in the end

“Alright, then its settled.”

Not only was he able to berate Chu Zhongtian, his long time adversary, like he was scolding a grandchild, he even obtained a new book and completed this type of transaction.

Ji Dengtus mood was excellent.

He swaggered off, his head high and chest out as he walked home like the hottest thing on the block.


Contrary to his high spirits, in another Brightmoon City courtyards study, Shi Kun was nervously pacing back and forth.

Suddenly, there was a door knocking sound.

He normally always patiently waited for others to open the door, yet he was already at the door not a second later.

“What is it Has Elder Shi been found yet”

“Not yet.

Weve already checked all possible locations, but there is still no sign of Elder Shi.” This subordinate said with a grave expression.

“How could this be” Shi Kun muttered to himself.

He staggered backwards a few steps, falling into a chair.

After sending out Shi Lezhi yesterday to catch that traitor Qiao Xueying, he waited patiently in the room.

He was full of expectation, looking forward to enjoying that elf princess for himself.

Yet after waiting for a period, and then waited longer without any news, he ended up dozing off.

When he woke up with a start in the morning, Shi Lezhi still never returned.

His first reaction was erupting with anger.

He thought that Shi Lezhi ended up doing something on his own, maybe bringing Qiao Xueying to a secluded place to enjoy her himself.

After all, Shi Lezhi brought a Shi familys special aphrodisiac with him that could make the purest girl completely lose herself.

Snow is so pretty too, so not being able to hold back in that type of situation is also nothing surprising.

However, when he calmed down, he cast aside this suspicion.

Shi Lezhi served Shi family for many years, always remaining loyal and devoted.

He also understood the price of betraying Shi family, so he definitely wouldnt be this foolish.

As such, the most likely reason could only be that something went wrong.

He immediately sent out all of the men he had under him, yet none of them could find Shi Lezhi.

“Could it be the Chu family” Another subordinate asked probingly, “I heard that an assassin intruded Chu familys estate last night, and the estates people… killed him.”


Green is the color of cuckolding


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