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“What is considered unnecessary” Zu An turned his head towards her.

Qin Wanrus breathing stopped, and only after some time was she able to breathe evenly again.

“You arent stupid to the point where you dont even know these things, right”

Zu An shrugged.

“Second and third uncles are all Chuyans uncles, so why I cant I tell them”

“You told them” Qin Wanrus phoenix eyes widened.

“I didnt, I just dont know why I cant tell them.” Zu An said.

He wanted to take advantage of this situation to figure out what was really going on inside Chu family.

“Thats good then.” Qin Wanrus expression eased a bit.

“This matter pertains to Chu familys future, so it naturally cant be leaked out.”

When Qin Wanru thought about how they would all be living under the same roof, how it would be difficult for him to avoid contact with the second and third branch in the future, she added, “Even though they are Chuyans uncles, they arent from the same branch in the end.

Everyone has their own considerations, so it is still better to be a bit more careful.”

Zu An nodded.


Seems like Chu Zhongtians family only gets along with the second and third branch on the surface… but this isnt too shocking.

In a large clan, different clashes of interest will make even blood brothers become hostile, let alone the fact that Chu Tiesheng, Chuyuepo and Chu Zhongtian are only cousins.

While speaking, the two of them already arrived at Chu Chuyans room.

Butler Hong Zhongshou guarded the entrance.

When he saw Qin Wanru bring Zu An in, Hong Zhongmian revealed a bit of surprise, but this expression instantly disappeared.

He shifted to the side to allow them in.

The two of them walked into the bedroom.

Chu Zhongtian was currently seated a bit further away with a grave expression on his face.

Ji Dengtu was on the other side of the screen, three thin threads connected to Chu Chuyans wrist.

His eyes were closed, stroking his beard while sensing her pulse.

Bao Youlu stood on the side with an expression of envy.

This type of suspended thread pulse measuring method was something he didnt have the privilege of ever learning.

As expected of the publicly acknowledged divine physician!

Chu Huanzhao was currently sitting beside her older sister on the other side of the screen, her expression nervous.

Even though Zu An told her yesterday that it was fine, she still couldnt help but feel a bit nervous.

Upon noticing these twos arrival, Chu Zhongtian only nodded slightly before returning to his thoughts.

Ji Dengtu turned his head towards Qin Wanru, a frivolous expression on his face.

Qin Wanrus brows furrowed slightly.

However, she didnt flip out, only silently sitting at Chu Zhongtians side, gently holding his hand.

When he saw this scene, Ji Dengtu clicked his tongue, his expression clearly annoyed.

Zu An watched everything calmly from the side.

Seems like the rumors of Ji Dengtu pursuing Qin Wanru in his younger years were true! However, Qin Wanru is surprisingly devoted to Chu Zhontian.

This does make sense though.

Chu Zhongtian is not only handsome, he is also a mighty duke, a high quality man in any world.

Even though Ji Dengtu doesnt look too bad himself, he is a bit too sloppy and only a doctor.

In the end, he cant compare with a glorious duke at all.

Its it obvious who the ladies would pick

Zu An sighed inwardly.

Having a pretty wife means youll always be the target of others greed! The previous Chu Tiesheng, now Ji Dengtu, even yesterdays Shi Lezhis expressions!

Father-in-law, be careful not to let your backyard catch fire!

Ji Dengtu retracted the three threads.

Chu familys people immediately got up to ask, “Divine Physician Ji, how is her condition”

Ji Dengtu answered, “Ive just finished my diagnosis of young miss Chus pulse.

Even though the frost has entered her body and the condition looks hopeless, I can vaguely sense a bit of vitality.

It isnt as exaggerated as how all of you previously described it to be.”

When he saw that Ji Dengtus body seemed to be flickering with a type of radiance as he spoke, Zu An couldnt help but think that even though this fella was normally so sloppy looking, when it touched upon his field of specialty, his aura indeed became completely different.

Did this scoundrel rely on this side to swindle Ji Xiaoyis mother back then Otherwise, it really is too hard to imagine that the mother of that pretty and lovely Ji Xiaoxi actually ended up with this slovenly lecher!

Speaking of, Ji Xiaoxi still never mentioned anything about her mom yet.

There was no boss lady around the last time I paid their house a visit, and I know nothing about her mom.

“Is that really the case” Chu Zhongtian was so happy he jumped.

Bao Youlu on the side was also skeptical.

After all, when he checked Chu Chuyans pulse yesterday, it was already beyond saving.

However, Ji Dengtus reputation was just too great… After a bit of hesitation, he was no longer confident in his own diagnosis himself.

Ji Dengtu shot him an annoyed look.

“Dumb Chu, are you really doubting my skill in my own field”

When his past nickname was used in front of the juniors, Chu Zhongtians face became entirely red.

If this was any other time, he might immediately throw hands, but this matter was related to the health of his own daughter, so he could only resist his urge to snap back.

“How should we treat her then”

“Dont get happy too early.” Ji Dengtus expression became a bit grave.

“Your precious daughters situation is extremely strange.

Even though there is a strand of vitality in her pulse, this life force seems to lack roots, as if it might disappear at any time.

The frost in her body has already permeated all of her inner organs, making it practically impossible to extract through external means.

Those areas are too weak, the slightest mistake from an outsider would leave behind irreversible injuries, perhaps even directly end her life.”

On the other side of the screen, Chu Chuyans expression flickered.

What Ji Dengtu said was identical to what Ah Zu said last night.

Just where exactly did this fella learn all this medical knowledge

“What if she tries to eliminate the frost herself” Chu Zhongtian asked probingly, “Chuyans cultivation has always been the best among her peers.”

His face was full of pride when he said this.

Ji Dengtu released a snort.

“Dumb Chu, what do you know Chu Chuyan practices an ice cultivation technique, so her elemental ki is also ice element.

Using cold to force cold will only worsen her injuries and make her die faster.”

Even after being shouted at like this by Ji Dengtu, Chu Zhongtian didnt act out at all.

After all, this was a rotten idea he proposed.

When he saw how Chu Zhongtian face was flushed entirely red but couldnt argue back at all under his berating, Ji Dengtu was on cloud nine.

He had never felt such a refreshing feeling before.

When she saw her husband bullied, Qin Wanru couldnt help but become upset.

She said coldly, “Then since we do not know what to do, what does Divine Physician Ji wisely suggest”

Ji Dengtus expression became a bit rigid.

With an embarrassed laugh, he said, “This… is something I still have to ponder over.

However, even if she is treated, young miss Chus cultivation is most likely forfeit.

At the very least, it will be far inferior to before.”

“What!” When these words sounded, everyone was shocked.

Qin Wanrus reaction was even more fierce.

“This wont do, this definitely wont do.

Chuyan has always been the best among her peers, if...


She couldnt finish this sentence.

Ji Dengtu said with a grim expression, “You need to understand that with young miss Chus current condition, it wouldnt be bad if we could keep her alive.

There is nothing beautiful and perfect like that in this world.”

Bao Youlu from the side also echoed, “Indeed.

It is a pity that this old ones skills are inferior, unable to even save young miss Chus life.

If Divine Physician Ji can save her, then it is already far beyond my expectations.

Preserving the young miss cultivation might be impossible even if a daoist immortal descended upon this room.”

Zu Ans expression was strange, inwardly wondering if he should at least step out and put on some type of act.

Chu Chuyan and Chu Huanzhao behind the screen clearly shared his thoughts, all of them casting their eyes in his direction.

When he sensed their adoring eyes, Zu Ans chest stuck out with even more confidence.

Forget it, forget it.

With big sis empress still asleep, its better for me to remain a bit more low-profile.

The nail that sticks out gets hammered down, Ill end up bringing disaster onto myself.

Then, Divine Physician Ji spoke about a few more matters of note before getting up to return home.

He still had to ponder over the treatment method.

Even though Chu Zhongtian was full of bitterness, this man did save his daughters life, so he had to see him off.

Who would have thought that Ji Dengtu would wave his hand in avoidance.

“Just seeing your face makes me irritated.

You dont have to see me out.”

Chu Zhongtians face immediately became darker than charcoal.

Qin Wanru on the side gently patted his hand in consolation before ordering Hong Zhongshou to see him out.

“No need, no need.

Its enough if this brat accompanies me.” Ji Dengtu randomly pointed at Zu An.

Everyone in this room became shocked.

None of them expected this divine physician to regard Zu An so highly!

Only Zu An alone roughly guessed the real reason.

Qin Wanrus brows furrowed.

Then, she said to Zu An, “Since Sir Ji wants you to see him out, then you should do it properly.

Sir Ji is this manors esteemed guest, so you must not act with carelessness.”

Zu An cursed silently.

If you let me borrow two sets of your underwear, he might not even be offended if I spat in his face.

He obviously didnt dare say this out loud.

He only bowed, expressing that he understood.

He then looked towards Ji Dengtu.

“Divine Physician Ji, this way please.”

Hmph! Ji Dengtu had a proud expression on his face, not even giving him a look as he strutted out in front.

Not long after the two left the courtyard, Chu Tiesheng and Chu Yuepo emerged from who knew where.

Both of them fawningly greetedDivine Physician Ji while giving him some precious gifts, trying to figure out Chu Chuyans condition through his mouth.

Ji Dengtu wasnt a fool either.

He happily accepted everything, but after speaking a load of nonsense, he didnt actually expose anything.

These two were left behind in confusion, completely at a loss as to what Divine Physician Jis words really meant.

Zu An expressed his admiration inwardly.

This fella takes money without doing any work, yet he can somehow avoid incurring any resentment.

Just how many gifts did he receive to train this skill

After noticing that there was no one left around them, Ji Dengtus prideful and cold demeanor instantly changed into a flattering smile.

He hooked his arms intimately around Zu An.

“So, my little bro, about that book you wrote last time, wheres part two”

“I didnt write it, I dont have it, dont speak any nonsense.” Zu An directly refuted him three times.

“I understand, I understand.” Ji Dengtu put on the knowing expression of a bro.

“Your literary skills are so cultured and refined, heheh, if Xiaoxis little aunt were to see it…”

Dark lines appeared on Zu Ans forehead.

Im being wronged worse than Dou E here! If I knew ahead of time that I would run into that gorgeous principal, I wouldve given you something else.

“What is the plot of the second half Come on, I need an update! I promise I wont tell anyone else.” Ji Dengtu pressured him.

That book before really did get his blood pumping, but after using it too many times, it already lacked freshness.

He still needed to find new sauce.

“Ill check to see if theres a sequel when I have time.” Zu An felt a huge headache.

He already planned to stop doing this, but he really didnt want to offend this type of powerful divine physician.

“Hahaha! Good, good.

Now that we are on the topic though, you cant even use your thing, yet you ended up writing such a masterpiece.

Could it be that the more pure the man, the better you are at imagining these things” Ji Dengtu asked while laughing.

Zu An: “......”

Wheres my damn knife

“Right, I heard Chu Family say that you fed the Evanescent Lotus to Chu Chuyan.

You were actually willing to part with something like this” Ji Dengtu had a strange smile on his face.

“Did your thing recover”

“Go ask your daughter, she knows.” Zu An scoffed in annoyance.

Ji Dengtu: “......”

“WHAT DID YOU SAY TO ME!” A teeth gnashing voice sounded.

You have successfully trolled Ji Dengtu for 999 Rage!

A wave of powerful pressure swallowed up Zu An, making it so that he immediately couldnt move at all.


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