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Zu An didnt doubt her words.

After all, Mi Lis powerful aura, her invincible form in the underground palace already left him with a deep impression.

In his opinion, this was only proper.

“Let me give it another try.”

His competitive nature suddenly came out at this time.

As such, he began to practice this movement technique again.

Unfortunately, even after practicing many times, when the third figure was about to appear, his energies would go crazy.

He would then trip over himself and fall miserably.

In the end, after climbing back to his feet, he released a long sigh.

“Seems like I cant compare to big sis emperor after all.

Sigh, Ill have to practice earnestly in the future so that I can be like big sis with four copies.”

“Honestly, youve already done quite well.

Practice earnestly and you will slowly improve.” Mi Li consoled him with the appearance of a wise senior, but she was already quite shaken inside.

Transcendent aptitude really is worthy of its legendary reputation! Not only does his blood essence possess extraordinary effects, he also learns things far faster than ordinary people.

Her aptitude was already far above others.

When she produced two copies back then after just a month of training, it already left countless people stunned.

Yet now, this freak actually succeeded after listening to her describe it once!

Comparing too much really will anger one to death.

However, when he saw his dispirited expression, Mi Li was worried that his mentality might suffer from being misled by her, that his cultivation would head in the wrong direction.

As such, she immediately spoke these words to lead him back onto the right path.

Only then did Zu An feel a bit relieved.

“By the way, big sis empress, what do you call this movement technique”

Mi Li shook her head.

“There are many things that would only bring you more harm than good in knowing too early.

Wait until you can make nine clones before you ask me again.

Since this is still a technique integrated into your Sunflower Phantasm, you can just continue calling it the Sunflower Phantasm.”

“Forget it then.” Zu An was a bit disappointed.

After all, the name Sunflower Phantasm actually gave him a bit of anxiety.

Just that Old Mis figure alone already made him feel uncomfortable.

It was still this pretty empress body that was more pleasant to look at.

Sigh… I really care too much about outward attractiveness.

That Old Mi actually treats me quite well, even though his motives are a bit strange...

Knock knock, knock knock…

Door knocking noises sounded.

“Young master, young master, Master invited Divine Physician Ji over!” Cheng Shoupings unique voice hollered outside.

“Im going into hibernation for a bit, and it will most likely be some time before I wake up again.

TheRed Tears of Lady Xiang poison has already affected my soul, so I have to concentrate on neutralizing the effects.” Mi Lis beautiful eyes gave him a deep look.

“Remember, if you want to become strong, you can never subconsciously rely on someone else.

In the end, you have to face all challenges and dangers alone.”

“When will we meet again” Zu An was originally mocking her inwardly.

Since you still had your poison to worry about before, why did you still waste so much time watching me suffer earlier However, when he thought about how he wouldnt be able to see her again for a long time, he immediately felt a bit of reluctance.

“Hard to say, perhaps a few months, perhaps a few years.” Mi Lis fierce red phoenix eyes also became a bit gentler at this time.

“You must take care of yourself during this period.

Dont go courting disaster.

With the movement technique I taught you, it should be more than enough for you to take care of yourself.”

“Hahaha, do I really look like someone wholl court disaster” Zu An patted his own chest in guarantee.

Mi Li: “......”

Why did she feel like this brats words werent reliable at all

“I hope you keep your word.

Otherwise, itll be one corpse but two lives.”

Mi Li released a light scoff, and then with a flicker of flowing light, she already disappeared into the Taie sword.

“Young master, young master!” Cheng Shoupings knocking sounds became louder and louder.

Zu An put away the Taie sword.

When he opened the gate, there was immediately a figure that tumbled into his embrace.

With one hand pressing against those two hair buns, Zu An warned, “Dont touch me!”

“What…” Cheng Shouping stood to the side, looking a bit wronged.

“Young master, do you not dote on me anymore”

Zu An: “......”

“You better stop using those weird words with me.

This young master is a straight man through and through.” Zu Ans complexion became more and more ugly.

“You dont have a thing for my body, right”

Cheng Shouping giggled and said, “Its a pity that this humble one isnt a girl, or else Ill definitely keep young master company every day.”

When he saw his flattering appearance, Zu An snorted and said, “What did you come screaming about so early in the morning for What does Divine Physician Jis arrival have to do with me”

Cheng Shouping shuffled over, lowered his voice and said, “Young master, do you want to pay the young miss a visit to express your concern After all, the first miss is the one Master and Madam loves most dearly.

For better or for worse, if your respected self plays the part, Master and Madam might just pair you with the second miss out of a moment of happiness.”

Zu An couldnt help but release a sigh.

“Chu family really is too blessed, actually having a servant like you!”

“Young master is too kind with your praise.” Cheng Shouping rolled his hands and fingers, a happy expression on his face.

Jokes were just jokes in the end.

Zu An also thought that regardless of whether it was because of affection or reason, he should take a look.

Even though he knew that there wouldnt be too many issues as long as Chu Chuyan underwent his acupuncture treatment each day, Chu clans Madam didnt know this.

This was especially the case since Qin Wanru was never fond of him.

If he didnt head over, she might find another reason to yell his ears off.

Zu An arrived outside Chu Chuyans courtyard.

After last nights disturbance, the security along the way was much more strict.

Of course, the courtyard Chu Chuyan was in didnt have many guards.

It was clear that Madam didnt want Chu Chuyans affair to be leaked out.

There were a few people outside the entrance.

One of them had huge bags under his eyes like that master of time management, another who was elegant and polished but stout; they were precisely Chu family second branchs Chu Tiesheng and third branchs Chu Yuepo.

“I pay my respects to second and third uncles.” Zu An cupped his hands.

Even though these two threw stones at him when he was already down in the ancestral hall, there was still no getting around etiquette on the surface.

Chu Tiesheng released an indifferent grunt of acknowledgement.

On the contrary, it was Chu Yuepo who was much more cordial, his chubby face full of smiles.

“Ah, so its little An…”

Before he even finished speaking, he was cut off by Zu An.

“Please call me Ah Zu.”

“Cough…” Chu Yuepo immediately reacted after being somewhat startled.

“Ah Zu, what exactly happened to Chu Chuyan Why was there a sudden need to invite Divine Physician Ji”

Zu Ans mind jumped.

He didnt expect the Madam to even hide the truth from the two of them.

He obviously wouldnt be dumb to the point of speaking the truth.

“I dont really know either.”

“How could you not know, arent you two husband and wife The two of you came out together from the dungeon not too long ago, so you should at least know something.” Chu Yuepo pulled him to the side.

Even Chu Tiesheng pricked up his ears.

Before Zu An had time to reply, a gentle voice suddenly sounded from not too far away.

“Ah Zu, youve arrived Hurry and come in.”

When these people followed the source of the voice, they saw a graceful and beautiful woman walk out from the courtyard.

Who else could this be other than Qin Wanru

“I pay my respects to Madam.” Zu An was a bit overwhelmed by her sudden kindness.

He had never seen Qin Wanru treat him with such a pleasant countenance before.

Chu Tieshengs previously listless eyes suddenly displayed an abnormal glint upon seeing Qin Wanrus wonderful figure, but he also concealed it extremely quickly.

He walked over naturally and said, “Sister-in-law, just what exactly happened Why arent even we allowed in”

“Exactly,” Chu Yuepo also echoed, “I heard that Chuyans body became sick so we came to take a look, yet in the end, the guards outside the gates didnt even let us in.”

Qin Wanru revealed a faint smile.

“It was me who ordered for no one to be allowed inside.

Chuyan is experiencing some feminine ailments, so it isnt too suitable for others to visit.”

When they heard her say this, these two naturally couldnt persist further.

As such, one brought out a thousand year medicinal mushroom while another brought out a pair of medicinal mushrooms.

“Since the two of us cant do much to help, we can only offer these to help Chuyan recover quickly.”

Qin Wanru bowed slightly, at the same time shooting Zu An a look.

“Many thanks to you two.

Ah Zu, why arent you receiving them yet”

Zu An reacted.

He hurriedly collected them, also thanking them.

“I must ask brother-in-laws to return.

Chuyan isnt suffering from anything serious, and we even have Divine Physician Ji here.” Qin Wanrus current appearance was extremely dignified and graceful, making one feel as if they were bathed under an autumn breeze.

As expected of a duchess, they thought.

Zu An inwardly scoffed.

Why do you always show me a completely different side

After sending those two off, Qin Wanru brought Zu An into the courtyard.

Zu An followed behind her.

While looking at her swaying figure, he inwardly thought that he should make Chuyan eat a bit more so she could also develop this type of feminine charm.

Right at this time, Qin Wanrus ice-cold voice sounded by his ears.

“You didnt say anything unnecessary to them just now, did you”


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