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“No, thats not…” Ji Xiaoxi quickly averted her eyes.

“I didnt think that youre that good-looking.” She was too embarrassed to look at him properly earlier in the water, so it was only now that she finally caught a good glimpse of his appearance.


Back in my hometown, my family and friends tend to call me Sanlituns Daniel Wu.” Zu An was more than delighted to be acknowledged by a beauty.

When he heard Cheng Shouping mention that the First Miss of the Chu clan had brought him in as her wife was due to his looks, he thought that it was just bootlicking.

However, now that he looked at it again, it seemed like his looks were indeed considered outstanding in this world.

“Who is Daniel Wu” Ji Xiaoxi asked in confusion.

“Ah, hes one of the best-looking men back in my hometown,” Zu An replied as he began to reminisce about his other world.

He missed his handphone and internet, and the boredom of having nothing to do really grated at him.

“Oh.” Ji Xiaoxis face reddened a little.

All of a sudden, she said, “You arent a good person.”

“Ah Why is that so” Zu An was astonished.

While the young woman was a little naive, there was no doubt that she was stronger than him in terms of strength.

If she were to turn against him right now, it would pose quite a bit of trouble to him.

“You said that the Assrip Wolves were chasing you, and it was in a moment of fluster that you fell into the water.

However, when I took a look around the area, there are no traces of Assrip Wolves around.

Furthermore, your clothes are folded neatly on the shore, which shows that you entered the water in a relaxed manner.

The situation is definitely different from how you depicted it to be,” Ji Xiaoxi said as she pointed to the marks on the ground.

She was naive, but she wasnt a fool.

Zu An laughed in embarrassment.

However, the time they spent chatting with one another earlier had given him a good grasp of her personality, so he quickly explained, “Its not that I want to lie to you, but I was afraid that you would misunderstand, especially given the situation then.

Thats why I spun up that excuse.

However, its true that I lost consciousness and ended up being swept there.

I assure you that I wasnt lying about that.”

“Is that so” Ji Xiaoxi assessed him suspiciously from head to toe.

“You seem to be in perfect condition though.

You dont appear to be ill to me.

Give me your hand.”

“What” Zu An was a little perplexed, but the young woman had a disposition that made it hard for anyone to turn down her request.

He subconsciously obeyed her and stretched his hand out.

Three icy fingers fell on his pulse, and at that moment, Ji Xiaoxi seemed to have turned into a different person.

Her gentle and tender atmosphere suddenly turned severe and inviolable.

Even a chatterbox like Zu An found himself not daring to say anything out of fear of interrupting her.

“I see.

Theres indeed a problem with your Sea of Yin Pulse,” Ji Xiaoxi retracted her fingers as she said.

Her wariness toward him alleviated slightly, and it was replaced with pity instead.

“Im afraid that I am unable to treat you due to my lacking skills.

However, you need not worry.

My father should be able to do it.”

Seeing the young woman eyeing the lower half of his body with a look of sympathy, Zu An felt tears brimming in his eyes.

Which man would be willing to show his weak side to a woman He was still thinking of teasing her a little, but now that his problem was completely seen through by her… How embarrassing!

Zu An felt deeply regretful.

He shouldnt have given his arm to her so obediently.

But again, how was he to know that this young woman was actually such a capable physician

Wait a moment, her surname is Ji, and shes skilled in medicine too.

It cant be that coincidental, right

Zu An tried asking, “May I ask who your father is”

Ji Xiaoxi replied with a sweet smile, “My father is Ji Dengtu.

He has quite some fame in Brightmoon City, so you might have heard of him.” She was initially guarded against him, but after learning of his illness, she put her wariness away.

She believed that the earlier peeking incident was indeed an unintended coincidence.

“Ah, Divine Physician Ji.

I have heard of him,” Zu An replied.

After some thought, he decided not to tell her that the reason behind his trip here was due to the task allocated by Divine Physician Ji.

“You need not worry too much about it.

Ill bring you home to meet my father.

He should have a way to treat your illness.” Seeing the slightly out-of-it look on Zu Ans face, Ji Xiaoxi thought that he was worrying about his illness, so she quickly consoled him.

“But I still need to collect goubaos.” Zu An was a little skeptical at Ji Xiaoxis offer to help.

He had seen just how much Divine Physician Ji loved his money, and he had put down his daughter unhesitatingly in public too.

It was hard to believe that a person like that would help him if he didnt complete his task.

Hearing Zu Ans words, Ji Xiaoxi hesitated a little before saying, “But given your strength, Im afraid that…”

Her meaning was extremely clear.

Its not that I want to look down on you, but your strength is indeed trash.

Zu An chuckled in response.

“I was indeed feeling a little troubled by this matter, but I figured a way out after meeting you.”

“After meeting me” Ji Xiaoxi appeared to be put in a spot too.

“But Im only at the third rank.

If I use the dragon feces, those Assrip Wolves would only stay as far away as possible.

As for the sedative, Ive already used up all of them to deal with the Red-Eyes Crazy Rhino.”

Zu An felt that it was a miracle that this young woman could live till this day.

She actually gave away all of her trump cards to a stranger without any hesitation.

Had she never contemplated the possibility that he could possibly be a bad person

But thinking deeper into it, it could be because she knew the affliction he was suffering from that she was able to put down her guard against him.

“Dont worry, I dont need your help.

I can settle this by myself,” Zu An replied with a secretive smile.

“You mentioned earlier that the Red-Eyes Crazy Rhino is vindictive”

“Indeed,” Ji Xiaoxi replied with a nod.

It was then that her eyes widened in realization.

“Youre intending to use the Red-Eyes Crazy Rhino to deal with those Assrip Wolves Even though the Red-Eyes Crazy Rhino has thick skin, its speed is far from a match for those Assrip Wolves.

Itll be hard for it to kill them.

Besides, the leader of the Assrip Wolves appears to have already reached the third rank.

In a real fight, Im afraid that the Red-Eyes Crazy Rhino wouldnt be a match for them.”

“I have an idea in mind.” Zu An replied with a mysterious smile as he began making his way downstream.

The perplexed Ji Xiaoxi quickly followed him too.

The two of them returned back to the shore and saw that the Red-Eyes Crazy Rhino was already starting to rouse from its sleep.

As potent as Ji Xiaoxis sedative was, its amount wasnt enough to knock out this massive beast for too long.

Zu An quickly turned to Ji Xiaoxi and asked, “Do you have a handkerchief”

“I do.” Ji Xiaoxi subconsciously took out a clean white handkerchief and passed it to him.

Smelling the light fragrance of an orchid coming from it, Zu An hesitated for a little before asking, “Do you have one that is used Itll be a pity to dirty this one.”

“Its fine, Ill just wash it afterward.” Ji Xiaoxi waved her hand casually.

Zu An thought that she probably wouldnt want to wash it by the end of it, but he chose to swallow those words back down.

“Alright, Ill owe you a handkerchief then.

Ill buy you a new one when we get back to the city.”

After saying those words, Zu An took out the Poisonous Prick and covered it tightly with the handkerchief, revealing just the tip of it.

Ji Xiaoxi was confused.

“What are you going to do”

“Stand a bit farther away,” Zu An said without explaining.

After Ji Xiaoxi was finally hiding by the side, he walked up to the Red-Eyes Crazy Rhino.

While holding the Crazy Rhinos tail with one hand, he used the other to push the entire dagger up into the rhinos ass.


You have successfully trolled Red-Eyes Crazy Rhino for 2 2 2 2…

Zu An was surprised.

Perhaps it was because these wild beasts lacked intelligence, thats why the Rage points they produced was much less as compared to humans.

The Red-Eyes Crazy Rhino was initially still a bit giddy, but the abrupt insertion of a foreign object into its rear jolted it awake right away.

It rose to its feet and hurriedly turned to its back to take a look.

However, its body was simply too inconveniently bulky that despite turning many rounds, it was unable to figure out what had happened to its rear.

It was then that a whistle sounded not too far away.

A human was waving its hands to it, and this infuriated the Red-Eyes Crazy Rhino.

It figured that this human must have been the shameless culprit who dared make a move against its rear!

Its eyes grew redder and redder, and a breath of white smoke snorted out from its nose.

It began charging forward like a frenzied bull.

Seeing that he had successfully caught the rhinoceros aggro, he immediately turned tail and took flight.

Meanwhile, Ji Xiaoxi watched the human-and-rhino chase by the side with a flabbergasted look on her face.

“This is the idea he has in mind It feels… disgusting.”

However, she was still worried about Zu Ans safety, so she quickly chased after him.

Fortunately, even though the Red-Eyes Crazy Rhino was at the fourth rank, its bulky body and powerful defense were offset by its lack in speed.

Despite it chasing after Zu An with all of its might, it was unable to close the distance.

The chase continued all the way till the borders of the Wolf Valley.

The Red-Eyes Crazy Rhino suddenly halted its footsteps right before the entrance.

It was aware that it was about to enter the territory of the Assrip Wolves, and its instincts compelled it to stop its footsteps.

Seeing this, Zu An turned around and shouted at it, “Hey, big oaf! How does it feel to have your ass busted Dont you want to get revenge I guess your mum wasted her effort giving birth to a big lump of trash like you!”

The Red-Eyes Crazy Rhino didnt understand human speech, but it knew that the human was definitely insulting it.

Recalling the insolent act of aggression the human had done to it earlier, its eyes began burning with rage as it charged forward once more.

Who cares about the Assrip Wolves My skin is tough enough anyway, so the bites of those lousy dogs cant hope to do anything at all

You have successfully trolled Red-Eyes Crazy Rhino for 2 2 2 2…

On the other hand, Zu An laughed arrogantly as he led it straight toward the den of the Assrip Wolves.

The Assrip Wolves had just finished their meal and were lying lazily on the ground.

It was a huge pity that the human from earlier on was too skinny, such that it wasnt enough to share amongst their hundred wolf brothers.

Starvation was actually not the worst feeling in the world.

The worst feeling was to be only given a bite while one was starving; that only worsened the feeling of deprivation!

All of a sudden, the leader of the Assrip Wolves pricked up its ears.

He could sense the ground tremoring.

Could it be that some massive fellow had just entered their territory


The leader of the Assrip Wolves immediately gathered its people in preparation to deal with the intruder.

“Hmm, another human has barged in here”

The leader of the Assrip Wolves was a little perplexed.

Were humans that fearless nowadays That being said, it was not as if it would turn down food that was delivered right at its doorstep.

So, it immediately ordered all of its subordinates to encircle the human.

Seeing that the Assrip Wolves were starting to make a move, Zu An hurriedly did a u-turn and ran out of the Wolf Valley.

On the other hand, the less agile Red-Eyes Crazy Rhino had a much harder time doing that.

The sheer momentum built up by its massive body made it impossible for it to brake swiftly, so it ended up ramming all the way into the den of the Assrip Wolves.

The sudden appearance of the massive rhino caught the Assrip Wolves off guard.

They quickly hurriedly scattered around the area to avoid the impact, but there were a few of them who failed to dodge in time and ended up being violently rammed down.

This abrupt intrusion of the massive rhino infuriated the leader of the Assrip Wolves.

If the enemy was a fifth rank beast, it would have swallowed its anger and tolerated it.

However, the rhino was a mere fourth rank beast, not to mention that it was a dumb oaf who couldnt even move its body properly! There was no way it would fear such an enemy!


The leader immediately ordered its pack to let the human go and focus on the rhino.

That human had barely any meat on him whereas this rhino was enough to feed them for at least ten days.

It was obvious which prey it would choose to hunt down.

So, the Assrip Wolves rushed toward the Red-Eyes Crazy Rhino to bite down on its rear.

Some of the more daring ones even leaped onto its back and clamped its fangs down.

However, the thick skin of the Red-Eyes Crazy Rhino was no joke either.

Instead of hurting it, the wolves who tried to bite down on it nearly shattered its teeth instead.

Despite having no sustained any injuries, the Crazy Rhino grew infuriated from the aggression of the Assrip Wolves.

It turned around and rammed them down, crushing their bodies.

After the deed was done, it opened its mouth smugly, mocking the wolves for not knowing their place.


That, in turn, provoked the leader of the Assrip Wolves.

It raised its head toward the sky and howled out loud, sending a reminder to its subordinates.

“Are you all idiots Have you forgotten what our specialty is Wreck his ass!”

[1] Daniel Wu is considered to be one of the most good-looking male stars in China back in 1990s-2000s, kind of equivalent to Tom Cruise I guess.

Sanlitun is a upscale district in China, where popular bars and shopping malls are at.


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