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As soon the evil spirits sensed the presence of the Taie Sword, all of them backed away in fright.

It looked almost as if a bunch of ravenous folks had run to the dining table, awaiting to dine into their food, only to find a plate of ** under the metal lid…

Zu An wasnt too sure what was going on, but seeing all of those evil spirits fleeing as if they had seen a ghost bulked up his courage.

He immediately rushed forth and stabbed the Taie Sword into one of the slower evil spirits.

Despite being termed asevil spirits, they had corporeal bodies and were equipped in armor too.

It seemed to be the equipment they wore prior to their death, and it was due to it that the formation of the terracotta soldiers ended up collapsing so quickly.

However, their defense seemed to be useless before the Taie Sword.

Zu An was able to slice through their armor and body as easily as a burning iron brand slicing through an ice cube.


The evil spirit shrieked in horror upon being stabbed before its body suddenly dissipated into specks of blue light.

Part of it was absorbed into the Taie Sword whereas the remaining part that harnessed a sliver of primordial ki was absorbed by Zu An to heal his wounds.

Zu An finally understood what Mi Li meant byit wont take long.

Most of these evil spirits were as strong as him, and those in commanding positions were even more powerful.

Yet, regardless of how powerful these evil spirits were, Zu An was able to curb them with a slash each.

Rather than a massacre, it felt more like the balloon popping game he played once in his childhood.

Any evil spirit that came into the slightest contact of his sword would immediately dissipate.

Chu Chuyan was planning to step forward to lend a helping hand, but she realized that any help she offered would only be excessive.

It was as if Zu An was the evil spirit haunting them here!

Initially, the evil spirits were still rushing to escape from the lake, but under Zu Ans frightening prowess, they ended up leaping back into the lake to seek refuge.

A huge bunch of evil spirits ended up gathering in the lake, not daring to come up.

However, it was apparent that they werent willing to get sealed again, so it resulted in a standstill.

Zu An was put on a spot.

Ive only killed a hundred evil spirits or so thus far.

Do you need to be so afraid Arent you supposed to be vengeful spirits overflowing with malice, elites of the Qin Dynasty Dont you find it embarrassing to be hiding like cowards

Zu An provoked them with his hands and taunted, “Why dont you come up if you dare”

But those evil spirits simply turned a blind eye to him.

Do you take us for fools Why dont you come down here instead

Needless to say, Zu An wouldnt be so foolish as to leap into the lake.

He knew how to swim, but fighting in the water was clearly disadvantageous to him, especially since the movements of the Taie Sword would be greatly slowed.

“What do we do now” asked Zu An.

Mi Li harrumphed in response, “Arent you good at provoking others Why dont you use your advantage to lure them out”

“…” Zu An.

“I might be good at provoking others, but I dont know if itll work on ghosts.

Those fellows know that theyll die if they come up.

No matter how dumb they are, they wouldnt fall for my tricks,” replied Zu An.

“Try harder then.

I believe in you,” replied Mi Li teasingly.

Zu An was a little annoyed at how Mi Li was nonchalantly looking at all of this, as if she was watching a soap opera.

Irritated, he tossed the Taie Sword away before turning to the evil spirits underwater, bellowing, “Fine, I wont use my sword.

Ill beat the crap out of you guys with my bare fists!”

Those evil spirits were stirred by what he had said.

Zu Ans attitude was simply too haughty that it really was asking for a beating.

“Are you going to continue hole yourself up when Ive already abandoned my sword Tsk, what a bunch of scaredy cats.

I heard that youre supposed to be elites of the Great Qin Dynasty How embarrassing!”

You have successfully trolled the Evil Spirit Warriors for 6 6 6…

Seeing that his taunts were indeed affecting them, Zu An decided to push a bit harder, “Its no wonder why the Qin Dynasty was brought down so easily.

With soldiers like you all, how could the Qin Dynasty possibly not fall”

You have successfully trolled the Evil Spirit Warriors for 9 9 9…

You have successfully trolled Mi Li for 233 Rage!

While she was suppressed here by Ying Zheng, she was still the empress of the Qin Dynasty.

It was infuriating to hear another person making light of the Qin Dynasty in such a manner.

Zu An was about to continue his taunt, but the evil spirits couldnt take it anymore.

With furious howls, they rushed out and pounced on him.

“Ah Zu!” cried Chu Chuyan in astonishment.

She immediately ran over to help him.

After the previous recovery, she managed to repair her ki meridians and advance her cultivation by a rank, rising up to pinnacle sixth rank.

Had it not been for her injuries being too severe, such that a portion of the medicinal properties of the Evanescent Lotus was devoted toward preserving her life, she should have already made a breakthrough to the seventh rank by now.

For someone who wasnt even twenty years of age to be nearing the seventh rank, this was definitely a remarkable feat even considering all of the prodigies in the history of the Zhou Dynasty.

As for Qiao Xueying, she was simply too injured to make any move, so she could only get anxious by the side.

Chu Chuyan moved as swiftly as lightning, and it took only a moment for her to reach Zu Ans vicinity.

However, the latters body was already swamped by evil spirits by then.

The prowess displayed by the evil spirits was more than enough to kill Zu An several times over.

“Ah Zu!”

While Chu Chuyan still wasnt accustomed to their current relationship yet, she couldnt remain calm when he was in such deep danger.

She quickly froze all of the evil spirits in her way and rushed over to Zu Ans side.

But all of a sudden, an explosion suddenly occurred, dissipating all of the evil spirits approaching Zu An at a furious pace.

Zu An emerged from the crowds of evil spirits, keeping them at bay easily with just his fists and kicks.

Chu Chuyan was stunned.

When did Zu An become so formidable

She could tell that these evil spirits were mostly at early third rank, but there were fourth rank and fifth rank cultivators mixed amongst them too.

Admittedly, they werent very strong compared to Zhang Han and Mi Li, but they had a huge numerical advantage here.

On top of that, they were well-versed with collaborative offense, possibly because they were from the army in their previous life.

Yet, they were being defeated by Zu An so easily

Meanwhile, Zu An was feeling extremely exhilarated from bullying the evil spirits.

He felt like an adult marching into a kindergarten to tyrannize a bunch of kids.

These evil spirits were extremely vulnerable to the purification from the primordial ki, so he wrapped his primordial ki all over his body to ensure that not a single evil spirit could get close to him.

The evil spirits would rather attack the stronger Chu Chuyan than linger in Zu Ans vicinity.

“How dare you bully my wife!” bellowed Zu An as he rushed over.

Chu Chuyans face reddened upon hearing those words.

While these evil spirits possessed hardly any sentience at all, she still felt embarrassed being called as such in public.

The evil spirits were infuriated too.

Are you done or not

So, the leaders of the evil spirits began taking charge, and the evil spirits swiftly changed strategies.

Instead of fighting him in close-quarter combat, they used their weapons to attack him from afar.

This put Zu An in a great deal of trouble.

There was only so far his hands and legs could reach after all.

While his attacks infused with primordial ki were able to smash through those weapons with ease, the problem was that another evil spirit would fill its place right away.

A while later, Zu An realized that he was exerting himself too much.

It took him far too much effort to kill an evil spirit, such that any primordial ki he gained from it wouldnt be enough to make up for the loss in stamina.

Left with no choice, Zu An could only raise his hand and shout out, “Come, my sword!”

Surprisingly, the Taie Sword immediately rushed into his hand this time around.

“Big sis empress, youre unexpectedly obedient,” remarked Zu An.

He felt incredibly satisfied by how he was able to coolly summon his sword like how it was portrayed in the dramas and movies.

“Prattle on and Ill sever your tongue.

It doesnt affect me anyway as long as I keep you alive,” replied Mi Li sharply.

“…” Zu An.

This womans temper is really horrible.

Zu An vented his wrath on the evil spirits, popping them off like balloons once again.

It took only a few moments for him to slaughter all of the evil spirits that had risen from the lake.

Even those that had gone for Chu Chuyan ended up being destroyed too.

The rest quickly darted back into the lake to hide.

“Why are you running off again Lets continue the fight!” said Zu An in displeasure.

You have successfully trolled the Evil Spirit Warriors for 6 6 6…

Noticing that they were eyeing his Taie Sword intently with anger in their eyes, Zu An laughed sheepishly.

He tossed the sword into the cliff face and said, “Ah, I got too engrossed in the fight earlier.

Dont worry, I promise you that I wont use my sword this time around.”

By working his talentedly glib tongue once more, he successfully lured the evil spirits once more.

Of course, these evil spirits eventually fell to the Taie Sword without putting much of a fight afterward.

You have successfully trolled the Evil Spirit Warriors for 9 9 9…

Zu An scratched his head awkwardly and laughed, “Hahaha, this is the last time, really.

I cant help my instincts.

Dont worry, Ill throw my sword even further this time around so you dont have to worry about me using it anymore.”

You have successfully trolled the Evil Spirit Warriors for 9 9 9…

Like hell well believe you! Youre even nastier than evil spirits like us!

This time around, no matter how Zu An tried to bait and threaten them, the evil spirits simply refused to leave the lake.

Left with no choice, he summoned the Taie Sword back and asked, “Big sis empress, they arent coming out at all.

What should we do”

Mi Li sighed deeply and said, “They must have been appalled by how shameless you are.”

Chu Chuyan and Qiao Xueying nodded in agreement too.

It was a rare sight to see the three women standing on the same front.

“…” Zu An.

“What should we do now then Even if they are willing to come at me, theres no end to them if I continue purifying them one by one at this rate,” said Zu An.

Not to mention, Ive already duped them twice, so how could they possibly fall for it once more.

“Go and grab the helmet and spear over there, said Mi Li as she pointed the Taie Sword in a certain direction.

Zu An quickly rushed over there and picked up the fallen helmet and spear by the wall.

It took him a while before realization finally struck.

“Its Zhang Hans items!”

He immediately realized what Mi Li was up to, and he brought those two items right by the lake.

It was then that Mi Lis silhouette rose from the Taie Sword, emanating an imposing air worthy of a true empress.

“I am the empress of the Qin Dynasty, Mi Li.

Some of you should have seen me before.”

Chaos immediately broke out amidst the evil spirits.

While few of them had seen Mi Li in person, they were able to recognize the black phoenix robe embroidered with the unique patterns of the imperial family she wore.

However, even though everyone recognized her, not a single person kneeled down to pay respect to her.

Instead, they directed confused and wary looks at her.


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