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“…” Shi Kun.

Before Shi Kun pointed it out, he hadnt noticed that his name and Devouring (Shi) Kun were actually homonyms.

However, even if the Devouring Kun was a divine beast, it was still a beast.

By asking if it was his father, the other party was insinuating that he was a beast too!

You have successfully trolled Shi Kun for 885 Rage!

The other lackeys also stared at Zu An in astonishment.

Wow, he dares to further rile up the young master even when hes already in such a situation.

Hes really going to die a terrible death later on.

Qiao Xueying was also surprised by Zu An as well.

The latter might be hateful, but even she had to admit that he had guts.

If she had been in his position, she wouldnt even dare to breathe out loud in the presence of such a powerful beast.

Yet, Zu An was still able to maintain his composure.

It was truly hard to tell whether he was feigning courage or that he really was that brazen!

“Talking tough even when youre already on the verge of death, huh Youll soon regret having been born with that mouth of yours!” Shi Kun snapped.

“Who dares to summon me”

A voice suddenly boomed out of nowhere.

It was from the massive the Devouring Kun above, and shockingly, it was actually speaking human speech!

“O great divine beast Devouring Kun, I, offspring of the Shi clan, beseech for your help in eliminating my enemy!” Ever since Zu An pointed out that their names were homonyms of one another, he couldnt help but feel incredibly awkward calling out the divine beasts name.

“Let me see just how powerful your enemy is that you were willing to use up your final chance to summon me!” The Devouring Kun directed its blood-red eyes toward Chu Chuyan and Zu An, then it bellowed furiously.

“Audacious! How dare you summon me for a mere sixth rank and third rank ants!”

“Sixth rank!” Shi Kun turned to Chu Chuyan in shock.

She has already reached the sixth rank! Its no wonder why Im no match for her.

This woman sure hid her true ability well! If not for the fact that she has sustained severe injuries, I wouldnt have stood a chance against her at all!

Qiao Xueying was dumbstruck too.

Despite being by Chu Chuyans side for so many years, she actually didnt know that she had already made a breakthrough to the sixth rank.

Did it happen recently

Zu An remarked in awe, “Honey, youre more amazing than I thought!”

Chu Chuyan sighed deeply and said, “I improved too quickly that I compromised my foundation for it.

The battle with Wu Di ended up leaving me a trauma.

I wouldnt have rushed things if I knew that things would turn out this way.”

Trauma Did Faith in Brother Spring not cure her trauma

Zu An was perplexed, but he knew better than to enquire about it before so many people.

Shi Kun looked to the massive divine beast above and said, “Those two might not be of high cultivation rank, but their defeat is of utmost importance to me.

I beseech you to curb the young lady for me, but please do not harm her life.

As for this man, do as you please to him, just leave a breath in him for me to deal with him afterward.”

He was afraid that the Devouring Kun would go overboard and take Chu Chuyans life.

So, he made sure to remind the latter carefully.

As long as he could get it done with Chu Chuyan and make her his, it would be worth expending the final use of the Devouring Kun here.

As for Zu An, he had a weird movement skill and all sorts of bizarre skills, making him an extremely tricky opponent to deal with.

So, he wanted the Devouring Kun to render him powerless so that he could slowly torture him afterward.

The Devouring Kun snorted coldly, causing a slight storm to stir in the sky.

“You humans carry such depraved thoughts.

Forget it! Ive promised three favors to the ancestors of your Shi clan for the graciousness they have shown me, and this is the final favor.

With this, my soul will finally be able to rest.”

As a divine beast who had lived for innumerable years, it could see through Shi Kuns thoughts with a glance.

Chu Chuyan stared at the massive beast in the sky intently as she finally figured out the reason between the dissonance in its aura and its true strength.

It turns out that its just the manifestation of its soul, not its true body.

That makes perfect sense.

In the first place, theres no way a storage ring large enough to store such a massive lifeform!

“Ah Zu, run away,” whispered Chu Chuyan in a hushed voice.

Zu An shook his head and said, “I cant leave you all alone in such a critical situation.

If we must die here, well die together.”

“Whats the point of dying together” Chu Chuyan frowned.

“If you live through this ordeal, youll at least be able to inform my father and have him take vengeance on the Shi clan on my behalf.”

“Then you should leave then.

Ill help you hold them here!” said Zu An.

Even though he didnt mind mooching, he couldnt leave his wife to the lurch in such a precarious situation.

“How are you going to hold them here” Chu Chuyan was getting agitated by Zu Ans obstinancy.

Not wanting to waste time with him here, she pushed him lightly, and Zu An was immediatelytossed several li away.

(1 li = 0.5 kilometers)

Shi Kun and the others were astonished by her sudden action.

They immediately tried to give chase, but a blue barrier suddenly appeared before them, blocking their path.

“Lord Devouring Kun!” Shi Kun raised his head and exclaimed.

The massive divine beast in the sky shook its body.

Despite its bulky physique, it was able to move with astonishing alacrity.

Before anyone present could even see it, its tail had already struck squarely on the blue barrier.

‘Blue Guardian was able to withstand the barrage of wind blades from Shi Kun earlier, but it shattered instantaneously under the force of the Devouring Kuns strike, dissipating into thin air.


Chu Chuyan spurted out a mouthful of blood as she was sent flying through the air helplessly.

“Lord Devouring Kun, dont hurt her!” exclaimed Shi Kun.

If Chu Chuyan were to die or lose a limb here, all of the effort he had put in over this period of time would have been in vain.

The massive head of the Devouring Kun turned to him as a ferocious glint flashed across its red eyes.

“Are you teaching me how to do things here”

“I dare not to!” Shi Kun quickly lowered his head as he subconsciously retreated several steps.

Even though he was the one to summon the divine beast, he wasnt certain whether it would attack him if he got on its nerves.

“Dont worry, Ill curb her and leave her for you to deal with,” said the Devouring Kun.

“Even though our race differs, Ive to admit that this woman does have a beautiful appearance.

If not for the fact that Ive already lost my body, I might even be unwilling to leave her to you.”

Shi Kun was rendered speechless.

So what if you have a real body Even a single strand of hair from you is wider than Chu Chuyans waist.

What can you possibly do to her

However, he soon remembered that some divine beasts gain the power to transmogrify into humans upon reaching a certain cultivation rank.

The thought of the Devouring Kun getting steamy with Chu Chuyan ruined his mood right away.

Shit, this really annoys me.

Why does it have to be such a perverted kun

By this point, Chu Chuyan had already stood back up.

She wiped off the bloodstains from her mouth and uttered coldly, “I might be defeated, but I wont be humiliated.

Youve forced me.”

In the sky, the Devouring Kun burst into laughter.

“So what if I forced you Lass, your strength is nowhere in comparison to mine.

Struggle all you want, but itll be in vain.

Just surrender! Young master Shi will treasure you well.”

“Hmph!” Chu Chuyans face turned cold as she slowly rose into the air.

Shi Kun and the others widened their eyes in disbelief.

While cultivators were able to leap across the air upon reaching the fourth rank, only ninth rank cultivators possessed the ability to truly fly in the air.

This was common sense in this world.

But what was with the sight before them then Chu Chuyan was definitely not a ninth rank cultivator, so how could she rise up in the air in such a manner

“Hm” The Devouring Kun was also taken aback by the situation before it too.

It reassessed the lass before it, wanting to see what she was up to.

Chu Chuyans hair and dress fluttered freely in the air, accentuating her slender figure.

She emanated off a noble and lofty aura that mesmerized everyone present, such that even Shi Kuns lackeys began staring at her blatantly, not bothering to hide their gazes from Shi Kun.

Only Qiao Xueying caught a whiff of danger here.

It was just that her side had the overwhelming advantage at the moment—there was an incomparably gigantic kun on their side.

She couldnt understand why she was feeling a little uneasy on the inside.

“Absolute Freeze!” Chu Chuyans voice sounded.

Blue light gushed out from her body, causing the surrounding temperature to plummet swiftly.

Snow began to descend in the surroundings, cloaking the earth white.

Even the sky had turned into an eerie ice-blue color.

Paired with Chu Chuyans aesthetics, such a sight was truly pleasing to the eye.

Shi Kuns lackeys were enchanted.

Shi Kun himself also gasped in wonderment as well.

Such a beautiful woman will soon be in my embrace.

Ahh, what bliss!

Qiao Xueying was the only one who retained her rationality.

She quickly grabbed Shi Kuns robe and pulled him away.

The other two fourth rank cultivators also noticed that there was something amiss with the situation and hurriedly backed off too.

However, the remaining third rank cultivators reacted slower than the rest, and it didnt take long for them to be cloaked in frost.

Their movement grew slower and slower before they eventually turned into an ice sculpture.

The inertia from their earlier movement caused them to fall frontward and shatter in countless ice fragments.

What made it even eerier was that their bodies were so thoroughly frozen that they didnt even bleed a droplet of blood.

Looking at the sight of his shattered subordinates, Shi Kun gulped fearfully.


The prowess Chu Chuyan was exerting was clearly abnormal.

This was definitely far beyond what someone of her cultivation rank was capable of.

“Mere tricks!” Devouring Kun sneered in disdain.

It had seen what had happened on the ground, but it didnt think that it posed a threat to him at all.

How could those weak ants even be placed in the same category as it

It felt that it was beneath it to even dodge an attack of this caliber, so it stood still in the spot.

It didnt believe that Chu Chuyan had the means to freeze its three hundred meters long body.

Its nothing more than a breeze to me.

However, its carelessness soon took its toll on it.

Its eyes widened when it realized that its body was really freezing over, and it exclaimed with a hint of fear in its voice, “No, thats not right.

This is… absolute zero!”

It immediately swished its tail and tried to escape from this ice domain, but it was already too late.

Its massive body was already completely covered in frost, and its flames of life had started to extinguish.

“This is impossible! How could a cultivator as weak as you possibly know such a profound forbidden art” The Devouring Kun howled in disbelief as it desperately tried to flee.

However, as a manifested soul, it no longer commanded the great strength it did at its peak.

It couldnt stop the frost from engulfing it.

“Stop! Someone of your rank cant possibly sustain this forbidden art! Youll die! Even if you survive by chance, all of your ki meridians would be destroyed as a result of this! Stop right now!”

Its initial lackadaisical, teasing voice transformed into horror and fury before finally weakening into desperate pleas.

However, nothing it said was able to faze Chu Chuyan at all.

She continued channeling the forbidden art with an impassive look on her face.

Slowly, the degree of the Devouring Kuns thrashing grew smaller and smaller as it lost strength.

Eventually, when its blood-red eyes were coated in blue frost as well, its massive body lost its ability to elevate in the air.

It began to plummet to the ground.

Something of such massive size falling to the ground from such a great height was bound to crash with devastating impact.

The Devouring Kuns body immediately shattered upon collision, and the shockwave that gushed outward blew off the forests in the vicinity, producing a mushroom-shaped cloud in the air.

It was fortunate that the Devouring Kun was only a soul manifestation.

Otherwise, if it had fallen with its real body from such a height, the impact would be as if the entire dungeon had been struck by a comet.

“Its finally over…” A miserable smile crept on Chu Chuyans face as her body finally succumbed.

She couldnt sustain her flight anymore and began falling to the sky.

I guess it isnt too bad to die like this too.

Its just a pity that Shi Kun ran too quickly, so I wasnt able to kill him.

I wonder if Ah Zu will be able to escape from their clutches…

It was then that a nervous voice that sounded incredibly familiar to her sounded, “Honey!”

Then, she found herself falling right into a warm embrace.

She opened her eyes, and Zu An filled her sight.

But his presence hardly brought her any relief at all; if anything, it only maddened her.

“Why didnt you run away!”

You have successfully trolled Chu Chuyan 520 Rage!

She was already a cripple now, but the threat wasnt over yet.

She failed to deal with Shi Kun and his lackeys, and there was no doubt that they would continue coming after him once they return to their senses!


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