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Chapter 1409: My Most Precious Thing

Zu An tried to ask about it more indirectly, but the voice wouldnt reply no matter what he asked.

He knew that subject would be linked to many, many things, so it was understandable that the voice wasnt willing to reveal everything.

“Then lets change the topic.

Why do the Heaven Devouring Sutra and the Phoenix Nirvana Sutra belong to the White Emperors faction” he then asked curiously.

Those two skills were respectively from the Shang Dynasty and Zhou Dynasty.

What did they have to do with a White Emperor”

“Ive previously seen those of the White Emperor lineage use them before, so of course I know that they belong to the White Emperor,” the voice replied.

It sounded a bit stunned, as if Zu An had asked an extremely stupid question.

“Actually, theres a really simple way to determine the differences between the White and Black faction.

The White Emperors lineage worships the phoenix, so their totems are often different kinds of birds derived from the phoenix.

Meanwhile, the Black Emperors factions emblem is the divine dragon.”

When he heard that, Zu An thought, No wonder dragons and phoenixes always had such a high status throughout ancient Chinese civilization.

So it was because of that.

The Phoenix Nirvana Sutra had the word Phoenix in its name, so there was no need to talk about that further.

When it came to the Shang Dynasty, Zu An had been in Yinxu for a long time, so he was very familiar with their affairs.

It was rumored that the Shang Dynastys ancestor had been born because his mother ate a mysterious birds egg[1], and thus the mysterious bird had to be the phoenix.

Yan Xuehen couldn\'t help but ask, “However, according to what senior has said, Yi already killed those terrifying beasts on his heroic path, so why are they still in this world”

The voice explained, “Youre looking down on those beasts too much.

Theyre naturally produced by the world, born from the negative emotions of people.

Even if theyre killed, as long as humans still carry all sorts of desires, theyll be revived again after some time.

Now that I think about how long it has been, its about time for them to revive.”

The others expressions became grave when they heard that.

They could revive Just what kind of creatures were these

Yun Jianyue asked, “Even if he completed that so-called heroic path, why would he be able to obtain a divine weapon Somehow, I feel as if those two things arent exactly connected.

“Thats a part of the natural laws of this world.

As long as you can repeat Yis heroic path, youll obtain the acknowledgment of this worlds will.

Then, you can obtain the divine weapon,” the voice explained.

“What kind of divine weapon is it Judging from what youre saying, if Yu could survive until now, he has to be ridiculously powerful.

How could a divine weapon alone defeat him” Yu Yanluo said worriedly.

“Thats not something you need to worry about.

With that divine weapon, youll have the strength to face Yu.

As for what it is exactly, please forgive me for not being able to tell you.

Youll understand when the time comes,” the voice said.

Zu An really found this kind of deliberate obfuscation annoying.

He replied, “But what if we really complete the mission and you dont deliver on what you promised afterward We dont have any guarantee at all.”

“If you can complete the mission, youll have already received the acknowledgement of the world.

Furthermore, youll then have a divine weapon and can even defeat Yu.

Why wouldnt you be able to deal with me” the voice replied with a chuckle.

Zu An was speechless. Bro, youre making so much sense that I dont even have anything to say.

“Can senior come out and show yourself to us” Yun Jianyue asked.

She came from the Devil Sect and was used to running into sinister schemes.

She still wasnt fully convinced.

The voice sighed and said, “I would actually like to, but theres a sealing formation restraining me here.

With your current strength, you would only be throwing away your lives without achieving anything if you tried to barge in.

You should just do as I say and follow the heroic path first.

Well talk about everything else after you obtain the acknowledgement of this world.”

Zu Ans group exchanged a look.

They had sensed that he was really powerful earlier, but theyd had similar suspicions when they saw that he hadnt shown himself.

Now, their suspicions were confirmed.

Yan Xuehen said through ki, “This cave is indeed covered in rune formations, and whether in terms of their power or their complexity, it far exceeds what we faced in the fiend races Imperial Tomb.

They are at a level I cannot comprehend.”

Zu An gave the endless Jiuyi Mountain Range a look and added, “Its not just rune formations, either.

This cave draws from the surrounding mountains dragon vein.

Theres an extreme formation inside that borrows the great power of the world.

Even if it were the Fiend Emperor or Zhao Han, they still wouldnt be able to leave that place.”

He had been studyingOne Drop of Heavens Essence for some time and learned quite a bit.

He was already able to pick up on some patterns among mountains and rivers.

Seeing that the group was going to continue, the voice explained the heroic path.

“Back then, the first one Yi killed was none other than the Yayu… Yayu…”

After hearing that explanation, Zu An asked some questions before saying, “This junior will do my utmost.

I definitely wont let down seniors trust.”

The beautiful women were shocked.

They hadnt expected him to actually agree so easily.

However, they were all composed individuals.

Even though they were doubtful, they didnt ask anything.

The voice sounded grateful as it said, “Its been so many years.

I can finally see hope, hahaha! The heavens have treated me quite well after all.”

Zu An took the chance to say, “Since senior is so happy, could you perhaps grant me some deity or immortal-grade artifacts Or maybe some kind of skill That wouldnt just be for us, itd also let us complete seniors mission better.

Its a win-win situation.”

The voice chuckled and replied, “Kid, youre quite good at pulling these types of tricks.

But thats also why I feel that you have a chance of success.

When it comes to deity or immortal-grade weapons, I dont have any.

As for divine abilities and secret skills, I actually… dont have any either.”

Zu An was speechless.

He had begun to get excited when he heard the first half, but who wouldve thought that it would be such a disappointing result

He seemed to have learned the lesson that Lu Xun, a famous Chinese writer, had learned:In the courtyard, there are two trees.

One is a date tree, and the other is also a date tree.

You might just get your ass beaten if you talk like this all the time, you know

As if sensing his discontent, the voice said, “My divine will is incomplete, so I cant remember any skills.

Besides that, my skills are related to my bloodline.

Even if I did remember, you wouldnt be able to cultivate them.”

Zu An thought, That may not be true.

I have the cheat add-on of the Keyboard System, so I might pick it up really quickly.

“Theres no need for you to feel despair either.

Ive already given you my most precious possession,” the voice said in consolation.

“Why do I not know about that” Zu An replied with a strange expression.

“Dont tell me your most precious thing is yourself, because I dont want that.”

The women all blushed.

This guy really deserved a good beating.

The voice was speechless.

You have successfully trolled Shun for 233 233 233…

He was finding it a bit hard to keep up with Zu Ans thinking, but he replied, “Hmph, of course not.

Im talking about the secrets of the past that Ive shared with you.

These are things that have already practically been erased from history.

After the tampering of those in power, there arent that many left who know the truth.

Now that you know what happened, you can brush aside the veil and find out what really happened, which will help you complete the trial.”

Zu An sighed and replied, “Senior, your respected self is really the stingiest elder Ive seen in all my years.”

The reason he had said what he said before was actually just to provoke the voice a bit.

After all, they had never even met each other, so how could he be sure whether what it said was real or not However, through the help of the Keyboard Systems Rage points, he had ended up receiving Shuns soul power.

With that, he felt completely at ease.

“Hmph, ignorant brat.

One day, youll understand that no divine weapons or secret manuals can compare to the value of the things I shared with you today,” the voice harrumphed in dissatisfaction, clearly a bit annoyed.

You have successfully trolled Shun for 250 250 250…

“Keep bragging then,” Zu An said skeptically.

“Im not hoping for anything else either, though.

I hope youll remember your promise when we complete the mission.”

It was meaningless for him to stay there, so he quickly brought the women out of the place.

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“Ah Zu, do you really believe what he says Also, that Yu seems to be an extremely powerful being.

Do we really have to provoke him” Yu Yanluo asked worriedly.

Even though Yun Jianyue and Yan Xuehen didnt say anything, the worry in their expressions was clear.

“I didnt actually accept his request because I believed him,” Zu An explained.

“You havent entered Unknown Regions before, but every single Unknown Region has something like a main quest.

You have to complete that mission to unseal the secret dungeon and be able to leave.

Otherwise, youll only be slowly waiting for your demise.”

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