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Chapter 1405: The Regret of Change

When he sensed the strong resentment, Zu An thought to himself that no matter which world it was, being betrayed was always the most despicable thing.

After thinking about it, however, he shook his head and said, “Thats something between the two of you.

It has nothing to do with me.”

The voice was incredibly mysterious, and its cultivation was also really high.

If the enemy was someone not even i could defeat, what the heck would Zu An be sticking his head in for

“Do you not wish to eliminate your Puppet Curse anymore” the voice asked, sounding strange, as if it were looking at someone who didnt value his life.

“The one who set the curse on me is an earth immortal, someone at the very top of this world,” Zu An said, shaking his head.

“From the way youre rambling, it doesnt seem all that likely that you can get rid of his Puppet Curse.”

“An earth immortal Thats it” the voice harrumphed in disdain.

Zu An and the women were surprised.

This guy really speaks boldly! Even earth immortals arent a big deal Isnt he going a bit too far with his boasting

“Theres no need for you to try to provoke me.

I can tell that youve suffered from the Puppet Curse, and Ive also noticed that the Puppet Curse has been ingeniously blocked off by someone.

That means I naturally have a way of undoing your Puppet Curse,” the voice said proudly, as if explaining itself was already showing Zu An a great deal of favor.

Zu An shook his head and said, “Forget it.

Even though you didnt tell me what you need me to do, its definitely extremely dangerous.

This is my own affair, and I cant drag all of them into it.”

The three women were all a bit moved.

At the same time, they were all amazed that he could still talk so calmly in front of someone so terrifying.

They had all felt that he was normally a bit shameless, but they hadnt expected it to become a strong point in such a situation.

“They seem to be cultivators too.

Though their cultivation is normal, theyve barely reached the doorstep of heavenly dao.

They must have some awareness of eternal life and ascension.

So, if the prospect of immortal medicine is involved, even if you dont agree, they will,” the voice replied

“Immortal medicine” The three women were all moved.

They were all the best in their respective domains.

They naturally knew what that meant.

Yan Xuehen was the first to calm down.

She said, “Immortal medicines have always been nothing more than a legend.

Are you not looking down on us a bit too much by using that to tempt us”

Zu An also nodded.

Even Qin Shihuang, who had single-handedly unified China, couldnt find any immortal medicines after searching the entire world.

Such a thing didnt necessarily exist at all!

“Have immortal medicines already become things of legend in this world” the voice exclaimed.

It was stunned and clearly surprised.

Zu Ans group exchanged a look.

Were immortal medicines really so common back in that age

Yun Jianyue was tempted.

She asked, “How long have you lived in this place”

The others were shocked.

From the aura coming from the place, it was likely ten thousand years at the very least.

Could it be that this person really had eaten an immortal medicine to live for so long

The voice fell silent for a while.

After a long time passed, it said with a deep sigh, “Its been too long.

I kept track in the beginning, but over time, I actually forgot… I know what you all mean, and I dont want to deceive you either.

I didnt eat an immortal medicine, so I cant be considered alive right now either.”

The others expressions changed.

Yu Yanluo couldnt help but cry, “Are you… Are you a ghost”

The voice chuckled and replied,“This girl is quite cute.

Of course, Im not a ghost, but Im not too far from one.

Im nothing more than an unresolved, ruined will that hasnt faded away yet.”

Zu Ans expression was strange.

Looks like being pretty really is an advantage… Even this mysterious beinge is treating them so nicely.

“Ruined will” Yan Xuehen and Yun Jianyue were both shocked.

Just a ruined will had been able to survive for this long… Just how strong had his original body been

“I wonder if your world still has the legend of the Queen Mother of the West” the voice asked just then.

“Queen Mother of the West” The three women shook their heads as they repeated that name.

They had never heard of it before.

When it saw their reactions, the voice sounded a bit disappointed.

Zu An thought of something, asking, “Are you saying that the immortal medicine refers to the peaches from the Jade Lake of Mount Kunlun”

The three women looked at him in shock.

Even people with as much experience as them had never heard of something like that.

Just where had he learned that stuff from

“Huh You actually know about the peaches from the Jade Lake of Mount Kunlun” the voice asked, seeming a bit excited.

It continued, “Still, the immortal medicines arent the peaches of immortality.

As for what they are, I cant tell you for now.”

The three women were all a bit tempted.

From their conversation, it sounded as if there really were immortal medicines.

Zu An said gloomily, “You arent even telling me anything, so how do I know if youre lying to me or not”

The voice paused for a moment, then said, “Since you spoke of the peaches from the Jade Lake of Mount Kunlun, then you should have heard of Change, the lady in the moon, right”

“Change, who flew to the moon” Zu An exclaimed, stunned.

He had never expected to hear that legendary name from the past in this world.

The three ladies all looked at Zu An, thinking, That name sounded like a womans.

Could it be someone else who has something to do with him

It wasnt their fault for thinking that, though.

After all, there had always been beautiful women around Zu An ever since they met him, and they all had some kind of relationship with him.

“Flew to the moon” the voice repeated, stunned.

It continued, “There was a rumor like that The Change Im speaking of is the Chang clans priestess.

She was married to the hero Great Yi.

Because of Great Yis feat of shooting down the suns, the Queen Mother of the West awarded him with medicine.

However, the suns Great Yi shot down were actually the Celestial Emperors sons, the Golden Crows.

When he learned that he had offended the Celestial Emperor, he didnt dare to head into the Celestial Realm.

However, his wife Change couldnt resist the temptation and secretly ate the medicine, then ascended into the world of immortals.

From then on, she was forever separated from Great Yi.”

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“Change regretted stealing the medicine.

She suffered in loneliness night after night…” Zu An muttered to himself.

He hadnt expected it to be that kind of story.

It wasnt quite the same as the one he remembered.

While Zu An was comparing things to his memories, the three women keenly sensed something else important.

In their world, the Fiend Emperors had always been from the Golden Crow race, so they couldnt help but pay more attention to that.

They repeated, “Golden Crows”

The voice didnt explain the matter of the Golden Crows and instead continued to say to Zu An, “Since you know about Change, you should know that immortal medicine really does exist.

What Im entrusting you with just happens to have to do with Great Yi.”

Zu An fell silent for a moment before saying, “Tell me, then.

Still, the reason why Im willing to listen isnt because of some immortal medicine.

Rather, its because you clearly could have pretended to have eaten the immortal medicine to fool us, but you didnt.

Thats why Im hoping you wont attach too many schemes and expectations to what you have to say.”

The voice laughed in annoyance and replied, “Are you the one who was affected by the Puppet Curse, or me Why does it feel as if Im the one asking you for help instead”

Zu An said, “Since you sought me out, that means that you need me.

Otherwise… Youve been here all alone for who knows how long.

If you could have entrusted this to someone else, you would have already done it a long time ago.”

The voice was silent for a while.

Then, it said, “Youre too intelligent.

Those who are too smart are often disliked.”

Zu An smiled and said, “Then I can also become a bit dumber.

Why dont we both take only what we need from each other”

“Haha, good.

Lets do that,” the voice said with a laugh.

“In that case, you need to listen well to what I have to say.”

“Senior, please speak.

This junior will definitely listen attentively,” Zu An said.

When they saw Zu Ans huge change in attitude, the three women endured their urge to laugh.

This guy really needed a good beating.

Fortunately, the voice seemed to have experienced its fair share of different situations and wasnt too affected.

It said, “Youve heard me mention the White Emperor and Black Emperors dispute.

After the White Emperor Dijun took the throne, the following generations of emperors all came from the White Emperors lineage.

The Black Emperors lineage was left in a miserable state.

Fortunately, when it reached Emperor Yaos generation, things were already at a turning point.”

“Emperor Yao” Zu An asked, surprised.

Could it be that Yao, the legendary sage ruler Yao Shunyu Still, he didnt interrupt and listened for the time being.

The voice continued, “Emperor Yao is a legendary figure who, just like you, had many, many women at his side.”

Zu An was speechless.

He could sense the strange expressions from the three women at his side.

He thought, Just tell your story if you have one! Why are you attacking me for no reason

The voice continued, “The families of rulers are different from ordinary families.

Even brothers and fathers fight among each other, let alone those born of different mothers.

“Every single one of Dijuns women and their descendants formed different factions.

They all competed fiercely against each other.

“Back then, the ten Golden Crows the Sun Goddess bore were part of a different faction from Yao.

When Yao rose to the throne, no one knows who instigated them, but they ruined the balance of heaven and earth.

They always went out to play together, causing ten suns to appear in the sky.

The world experienced a catastrophe.

As such, Yao took the chance to seek out Yi.

Using the pretext of saving the common people, he commanded Yi to shoot down nine of them, only leaving one.”

The three women hadnt expected the Golden Crows to have that kind of background.

Zu An was shocked that Yao was actually a stepbrother of the ten Golden Crows!

“Hmph, saving the common people.

That Yao always knew how to twist things his way, to make the things he did look as if they were righteous,” the voice said with a sneer.

When he heard the resentment the voice carried toward Yao, Zu An couldnt help but ask, “You arent related to the Golden Crow race or Sun Goddess as well, are you”

“Golden Crows” the voice repeated with a sneer.

It didnt answer, and instead continued, “Yaos succession to the throne wasnt as simple as it seems on the surface.

The world was once a place with blissful weather for crops, but after he took the throne, all sorts of disasters erupted at the same time…”

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