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Chapter 1404: Black Emperors Descendant

“Who said that” Zu An and the others called out, suddenly looking up.

They looked all around them, but they didnt see anyone present no matter where they looked.

They exchanged a look, seeing the grave expressions on each others faces.

In truth, they were already some of the most powerful experts in the world.

Their perception of their surroundings was incredibly sharp.

Normally, not even the movement of a single blade of grass would escape their perception.

And yet, the voice had emerged without any warning.

They were completely unable to locate the source of it, before or after it spoke.

That meant the voices cultivation was far above their own.

They would be in great danger if this individual had evil intentions.

“Hm You even have the skills of the White Emperor lineage, so why would you be afflicted with the Puppet Curse” the voice wondered, seemingly full of confusion.

“Who are you” Zu An called out.

He looked around vigilantly at his surroundings because the voice hadnt come from a single direction; rather, it seemed to come from all directions.

He couldnt locate its exact position at all.

“Who am I” The voice seemed to be a bit surprised as it repeated, “Right, who am I Who exactly am I”

Zu An and the women looked at each other in dismay.

This voice seemed to have something wrong with its head.

As such, they gestured toward each other, deciding that they had to leave this weird place as quickly as possible.

The voice suddenly said, “I remember who I am.

I feel so much hatred!”

Zu Ans expression changed slightly.

The level of hatred that filled the air meant the voice could be considered a malicious spirit even in his previous world! He thought, I have to quickly put some oil on the bottom of my feet.

“Could it be that you dont want to get rid of the Puppet Curse” the voice asked.

Forget about Zu An, even Yan Xuehen, Yun Jianyue, and Yu Yanluo couldnt help but stop then.

The Puppet Curse was related to Zu Ans life and death.

If it couldnt be removed, even if they left the Unknown Region alive, he would still be the Fiend Emperors slave.

At that point, he would probably be better off dead than alive.

Zu An knew that Mi Li could only borrow the Unknown Regions chaotic laws to temporarily seal off the Puppet Curse.

Once they returned to the normal world, her methods likely wouldnt be useful.

“There are no free lunches in this world.

What do you want” Zu An asked cautiously.

“There are no free lunches in this world” The voice repeated that sentence.

It seemed to be entertained as it continued, “That sentence is quite amusing.

Why dont you come to the foot of the mountain first”

Zu An was hesitant, but the voice said, “Dont worry.

Since you have the White Emperors Puppet Curse on you, that means that we share a common enemy.

You dont need to worry about me harming you.”

Zu An had never been the type to be overly cautious to begin with.

When he heard that, he decided to head over and take a look.

He warned the three women to stay away first, but Yan Xuehen said, “We should go together.

If there is any danger, we will be able to face it together.”

Zu An felt warm inside, thinking, It seems that even though she normally treats me with that indifferent demeanor, she actually still cares a lot about me.

When she sensed his fiery gaze, Yan Xuehens face heated up a bit.

She turned around and didnt look at him anymore.

However, Yun Jianyue and Yu Yanluo were worried about the mysterious being, so they didnt notice the other twos gazes.

Just like that, they began to be guided along by the voice.

They soon arrived at the foot of the giant mountain in front of them.

Only then did they notice that there was a simple cave entrance there.

Zu An stopped, maintaining some distance from the entrance.

He said, “Im already here, so if you have something to say, please say it.”

Who knew if there was another damned old freak who wanted to possess his body or something Ever since he had been schemed against by Old Mi, that mental shadow had always loomed over him.

As if itsaw the women at Zu Ans side, the voice said with a sigh of amazement, “I had a few beauties close to me back then too, sigh…” It seemed to be full of disappointment and frustration.

Zu An cursed inwardly, So it was just another old pervert.

Wait, why did I say another

Yun Jianyue couldnt hold herself back from asking, “You said you could undo the Puppet Curse”

The voice said, “The Puppet Curse is one of the ultimate skills of the White Emperor lineage.

Its very difficult to undo.”

Yun Jianyues eyes widened as she exclaimed, “Were you messing with us”

She was knowledgeable herself.

Even though the mysterious voices cultivation realm was extremely terrifying, if it really was so formidable, there would be no need for it to call them over at all.

It could just use its skills to forcibly bring them over.

When she saw the cave, it only made her more confident in her suspicions.

The voice had probably been trapped there for some reason, and that was why they were called over.

As long as they were careful, there likely wouldnt be too much danger.

“I merely said that it was very difficult.

I didnt say I couldnt get rid of it,” the voice replied.

The voice was making things more complicated for no reason, so Zu An didnt want to be led by the nose either.

As such, he took the initiative to ask calmly, “What was that White Emperor thing you mentioned about”

The Puppet Curse on him had clearly been applied by the Fiend Emperor.

Why was this guy talking about a White Emperor

“Before I explain that, answer me first.

Why do you know the White Emperor lineages Heaven Devouring Sutra and Phoenix Nirvana Sutra” the voice asked.

The three women looked at Zu An.

They knew some of the skills he had, but this was the first time they had heard about both of those skills.

Furthermore, how was it related to the White Emperor

Zu An was also confused.

He replied, “I dont even know who the White Emperor is, so why would I know his skills”

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This person really was mysterious; he could actually sense Zu Ans Heaven Devouring Sutra and Phoenix Nirvana Sutra! However, Zu An thought, Huh, why cant he sense the Primordial Origin Sutra

“Judging from that slow-looking demeanor of yours, you dont seem to be cunning and treacherous like those White Emperor descendants, so youre probably not one of them,” the voice said, thinking aloud.

Zu An was speechless.

He cursed inwardly, Youre the slow one! Your entire family is slow!

The voice said slowly, “A long, long time ago, my ancestor, the Yellow Emperor, dominated all challengers, defeating outstanding individuals throughout the world.

He was publicly acknowledged as the emperor.”

The other three women thought he was just talking about a normal emperor, so they didnt think too much of it.[1]

However, Zu An was shaken up.

Is thisthe Yellow Emperor Is it the same one I remember

“When the Yellow Emperor ascended, he passed on his throne to his son, Shao Hao.

He was known as the White Emperor,” the voice continued.

“Ascended What do you meanascended” Yun Jianyue and Yan Xuehen exclaimed.

Let alone Yu Yanluo, they were both stunned.

They were just as confused as the Fiend Emperor had been.

In their cultivation realm, they cared more about the pursuit of immortality than anything else.

The so-called ascension and transcendence were things that had only existed in legends.

They hadnt truly seen it before.

“It refers to someone ascending and becoming an immortal, of course,” the voice said, sounding a bit strange.

It asked, “Is it really something that surprising”

Yun Jianyue and Yan Xuehen were both speechless.

This guy really knows how to act! Judging from his tone, however, it didnt seem that he was showing off on purpose.

The voice continued, “After the White Emperor ascended, because of his sons unworthiness, the throne was passed onto his nephew, my ancestor Zhuan Xu.

He was known by the people as the Black Emperor.

He succeeded the throne properly, but the White Emperors descendants have always felt as if the Black Emperor used some kind of scheme to seize the throne.

From then on, they always hated the Black Emperors lineage.”

Zu An cursed inwardly to himself.

The Black Emperor had been the winner there, so of course they felt that it was natural.

Meanwhile, the other side had seen that the throne wasnt passed down to the son, but to the nephew, so they had every reason to think that something was fishy.

The voice continued, “After the Black Emperor ascended, it was supposed to be his son who took the throne, but unfortunately, the White Emperors lineage Jun took back the throne.

The world knows him as Dijun.”

Zu An was a bit moved.

He hadnt actually known that much about the Black Emperor and White Emperor, but Dijun was extremely famous, especially in various Eastern fantasy novels.

Dijun was a super huge boss-level existence!

“After the White Emperor lineage seized the throne, they suppressed our Black Emperor faction greatly.

That wasnt all, though; they even wantonly slandered us,” the voice said with a hint of hatred.

“For example, three of the Black Emperors sons were plague demons.

One was known as the malaria demon, one was the goblin demon, and the last was the child demon.

Another son was known as the worst of villains.

After he died, his resentment became known as one of the Four Perils.

Truly absurd!”

Zu Ans expression was strange.

He had thought that those things were just lesser demons, but their father was actually the Black Emperor, Zhuan Xu However, he asked calmly, “Do you want me to help you defeat the White Emperor”


Even though the White Emperors lineage is hateful, as were from different factions, their unscrupulous means are understandable,” the voice said coldly.

“On the contrary, those who betray the same faction are the most hateful.

The one I hate is someone whos also from the Black Emperors faction!”


Emperor sounds the same asYellow Emperor.

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