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Chapter 1401: Goldenrain Immortal Fruit

“Seal” The Fiend Emperor repeated with a frown.

Could it be that this ancient emperor still hadnt perished and was only sealed

“Correct,” the voice in the tomb said.

“When my father was on his throne, many terrifying beasts roamed the world.

The most powerful among them were named the Four Perils.

The Four Perils were subdued by my father, so they naturally carried great resentment toward him.

As such, Shun had the four perils respectively apply a seal, setting up a powerful formation that has suppressed my father for all these years.”

“Four Perils…” The Fiend Emperor silently repeated those words.

There was no expression visible on his face.

Meanwhile,  Wu Liang was about to piss his pants.

Those Four Perils didnt sound as if they should be bothered at all! They could even suppress the ancient emperor! The emperors back then were all dominating figures capable of ascension, so they had to at least be stronger than the earth immortals of the present, right Unfortunately, he knew it would be useless even if he said anything.

He wasnt the one who made the decisions, and could only try to look for opportunities to slip away.

That voice in the tomb explained, “The Four Perils are the Hundun, Qiongqi, Taowu, and Taotie.

Right, since you all came from Feather Mountain, you should have already met the Taowu.

I sensed its aura.” n(0ve)lbIn.cOm

The Fiend Emperors expression changed a bit.

The monster he had encountered in Feather Mountain appeared in his mind.

He hadnt expected that any random one of the Four Perils would already have strength comparable to his own.

It also bore powerful resentment energy that was enough to corrode his life force, which made it really tricky for him to fight it.

 So what kinds of creatures were the other three perils Even someone as powerful as him could end up in danger!

The voice continued, “Do you still recall that in my fathers reign, the Black Emperors descendant Gun fought against Shun Heh, the Taowu was created from none other than the resentment he carried after his death.

I sensed its return to this world.

If Im not mistaken, youve already undone one seal.”

“Undone a seal” The Fiend Emperor and Golden Crow Crown Prince repeated, stunned.

Wu Liang realized something and exclaimed, “That giant tortoise statue by Feather Abyss!”

Even the Golden Crow Sacred Fire couldn\'t hurt it at all.

It had taken the Fiend Emperors full powered strike to break it open.

The Fiend Emperor knew that Wu Liang excelled in mechanisms and formations.

That kind of deduction likely wasnt far from the truth.

“Thats why we only need to undo three more seals, and then my father can return to this world.

Then, everything will go back to normal, haha!” The voice began to laugh maniacally when he thought about his fathers return.

“Why should I help you” the Fiend Emperor asked, unfazed.

“Your Golden Crow Ancestor was my fathers blood brother.

Both of you are the White Emperors descendants.

Do you think that if he learned the truth, he would let the Black Emperors bloodline steal our White Emperors world”

The Fiend Emperor harrumphed and replied, “I do not care about a White or Black Emperor; those are all things from tens of thousands of years ago.

Open your eyes and look.

The world has already changed.

No one cares about those two anymore.

I am already an emperor myself; I do not need any of those so-called ancestors.”

The voice in the tomb roared, cursing him for forgetting his roots.

However, after cursing for a while, it seemed to have gotten tired and gradually calmed down.

Instead, it asked, “It is fine if you do not acknowledge our ancestors, but you still want eternal life, right”

The Fiend Emperor replied with a sneer, “Why else do you think I had the patience to listen to you talk about all of these nonsensical things”

“That means its even more important for you to undo those seals.

When the time comes, my father can help you with much of your worries,” the voice said, acting as if its plans were a foregone conclusion.

“In my opinion, it might not be so troublesome,” the Fiend Emperor said with a cold snort.

“Either way, you have managed to live for such a long time already.

It should be the same if I ask you.” As soon as he said that, he brandished his palm and smashed a huge hole in the tombs main entrance.

Wu Liang stared at the entrance and inadvertently blurted out that such tomb entrances were usually the sturdiest locations, created from untold amounts of Dragonbane Stone.

Whenever he raided a tomb, he would enter from the side, and yet the Fiend Emperor had actually blasted it open with a single palm…

The Fiend Emperor didnt stop and headed directly into the tomb.

At that point, his attention was completely focused on eternal life.

He wasnt in the mood to pay any attention to Wu Liang at all.

Wu Liang intended to seize the chance to run when the Golden Crow Crown Prince picked him up, saying, “Go, were heading in too.”

Wu Liang inwardlygreeted eighteen generations of his ancestors, but he didnt dare to resist.

Moreover, even though the Fiend Emperor had already gone inside, he could still kill him with just a single thought.

Even if he fought against the Golden Crow Crown Prince, he wouldnt necessarily be able to win.

The Golden Crow Crown Princes reputation hadnt been earned through shooting his mouth off; he was actually strong.

When the two of them entered the tomb, Wu Liang felt alarmed as he watched the surroundings, saying, “Be careful…”

However, before he even finished his sentence, the Fiend Emperor already headed deeper inside.

All kinds of mechanisms and formations were activated.

In Wu Liangs mind, those were all traps that could kill an intruder without even leaving a single bone behind.

However, the Fiend Emperor just waved his sleeves and brandished his palms at most.

Often, he didnt even lift a finger, simply resisting the terrifying traps head-on.

Wu Liang was so shocked his jaw practically fell to the ground.

Whenever he raided tombs, he was like a young mistress who had to suffer in silence, always having to carefully guess what the lord of the tomb had planned.

He had to guard against such traps carefully.

Even so, he would often be left in a sorry state.

However, the Fiend Emperor seemed to be able to walk straight through, unfazed.

When would he be able to become so cool

The tomb was an imperial tomb in name, but it was actually extremely simple and crude.

They arrived at the main throne room not too long after heading inside.

“What… What are you doing” the voice called out.

It was no longer as mysterious and profound as before, but instead sounded a bit panicked.

The Fiend Emperor wasnt in the mood to waste time with it, however.

He brandished his hand and sent an invisible force blast outward.

The coffin exploded into pieces.

However, all of them were stunned when they saw what fell out from inside.

Nothing but a set of white bones emerged; they fell out and scattered everywhere.

There was a jade-like layer over the surface of the bones, speaking of the owners cultivation when he was alive.

However, they still couldn\'t resist the corrosion of time, so all of them were dim.

Furthermore, when they fell to the ground, many parts broke.

“Its been so many years! Im finally able to come out of this damned coffin,” the skeleton said as it suddenly sat up.

Its jaw moved up and down, speaking the way it had before.

“So it was you who was playing all of these tricks,” the Fiend Emperor said in surprise and anger.

The white bones didnt reply.

Instead, the skeleton spread its arms, then seemed to breathe in.

A look of pleasure appeared on its face; it was strange to be able to see an expression from a skeleton.

It said, “I am finally able to breathe free air.

So it was this sweet and fragrant!”

Wu Liang couldn\'t help but mutter, “Can you even smell in your current state…”

The skeleton sighed and replied, “Youre right, I cant.

However, I can imagine it.”

The others were speechless.

“Why do you look like this” the Fiend Emperor asked, giving it a cold look.

Its aura was too weak.

Forget about him, even the weak Wu Liang could easily kill it.

“What do you think I should look like Ive already been lying inside for so many years, so of course my flesh has already disappeared,” the white skeleton replied, sounding as if it were talking about something completely unrelated to itself.

“Did you not mention eternal life before” the Fiend Emperor exclaimed, his face darkening.

“So you were lying to me!”

A terrifying pressure spread out and the entire tomb began to tremble.

Large amounts of rubble fell from above, making it hard for Wu Liang in the corner to even breathe.

The Fiend Emperor had clearly gotten worked up, expecting some more information about immortality.

Now that he realized he had been fooled, he was truly angry.

It was as if an invisible hand wrapped around the skeletons neck, raising it into the air.

It struggled frantically, but still couldn\'t break free.

It seemed as if it could be crushed to pieces at any time.

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As if sensing its imminent destruction, the skeleton finally cried, “Goldenrain Immortal Fruit!”

The Fiend Emperor was startled, asking, “What is that”

“Above the Great Desolate Cloudrain Mountain is a red stone; on it is a Goldenrain Tree that produces immortal fruits.

If you eat them, they can prevent you from dying.”

“And is that immortal state you are talking about your current damned appearance” the Fiend Emperor asked fiercely.

“I was in a rush and only ate half of a fruit that hadnt fully matured yet.

Of course, my cultivation wasnt enough either, so I couldn\'t activate the true effects of the immortal medicine,” the skeleton said while clutching its throat.

“Even so, its allowed me to live for an indefinite amount of time, to continue existing until now!” 

“Where is that Great Desolate Cloudrain Mountain you are talking about” the Fiend Emperor asked, his eyes beginning to burn with passion again.

“I dont know,” the skeleton replied.

When it saw the Fiend Emperors expression change, however, it quickly continued, “But my father does!”

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