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Chapter 1397: Too Early to Feel Happy

Yu Yanluo looked up at her lover and asked with a sweet tone, “Ah Zu, what happened to them”

She could feel her body heating up a bit.

All sorts of intimate scenarios with her lover appeared in her mind.

She couldnt help but cross her legs, and eventually started to rub against Zu Ans body.

However, she was still an extraordinary person.

She reacted quickly and cried out in alarm, distancing herself from Zu An.

Zu An pulled her back and asked, “What are you following them for”

“Ah Zu~” Yu Yanluo exclaimed, although she felt embarrassed and distressed as she looked at the two women who were adjusting their energies.

It would naturally be fine if it were just the two of them, but there were still other people there! How could she do anything like that

Zu An circulated some of the ki in his body, but he felt that everything was fine.

He asked in confusion, “Whats going on with you all”

“It seems that huge octopus mucus is an extremely potent… aphrodisiac,” Yun Jianyue said, her cheeks heating up.

Her long hair fluttered around in the current and tapped gently against her bottom, making the usually bold and ruthless grandmaster look extremely lovely.

“We probably got some on ourselves when we fought against it earlier,” Yan Xuehen said.

If she was normally an ice goddess, she had now completely plummeted down to the mundane world.

She now had a slightly pitiful air that made others unable to help but think of ravaging her purity.

She explained, “That pink substance it sprayed at the Scaled Deathworm probably had similar effects.

Even though we backed off quickly, we still could not avoid getting some on us.”

Yu Yanluo was in awe.

No wonder people loved calling Yan Xuehen a goddess! Even when she was afflicted with such a poison, she was still able to calmly explain its effects to everyone.

That level of composure really was shocking.

Zu An gave the three women a look, then asked with a shrug, “Then why am I fine”

“Youre fine” Yun Jianyue and Yan Xuehens eyes widened in shock.

They were an absolute mess, only holding themselves back through sheer willpower.

Their voices even shook a bit while talking, and yet this guy was completely fine! If they hadnt known what kind of person he was, they might even have thought that he was the one who had fed them poison!

“Could it be that your poison immunity blocked it” Yu Yanluo asked, her eyes swirling with light.

She was already stunning, but her current appearance even left Yan Xuehen and Yun Jianyue moved.

As expected of the mother and daughter who even tempted the Fiend Emperor, as well as the human emperor.

Zu An shook his head and said, “I dont think so.

Even though Im immune to poison, its only against killing poisons.

I dont have too much resistance toward these kinds of drugs.”

The women all had strange expressions.

Youre freaking immune to all poison, and yet you dont have any defense against this stuff Is it on purpose

Zu Ans thoughts moved quickly.

He said, “It seems that big octopus poison is only effective against women.”

The three women were shocked, exclaiming, “This stuff even distinguishes between sexes That octopus really is disgusting!”

Zu An thought to himself, You guys have never accessed the internet before.

Those tentacled creatures are capable of all sorts of things.

Now that he thought about it, it was pretty much the basic standard for tentacles to be able to secrete stuff like that.

“Hurry and bring us out of here! Im worried that the huge octopus will sense our auras.

This is its poison, after all,” Yun Jianyue quickly said.

Yan Xuehen actually approved of her suggestion for once.

She really didnt want anything to do with that octopus, especially after learning that its entire body contained that kind of disgraceful poison.

Zu An nodded.

The poison was acting up violently in their bodies at that moment, so Hidden in the Dark wouldnt necessarily be able to hide their auras.

If that huge octopus found them, they could end up meeting their end.

First, he collected the Scaled Deathworms scales.

Even the huge octopus hadnt digested them, so they could be useful in the future.

Then, he picked up Yu Yanluo and began carrying her on his back.

After that, he wrapped an arm around each of the other twos waists, then quickly swam to the surface.

The two women didnt resist.

The first reason was because Zu An seemed to have a high affinity with water, so he was much more agile than them underwater; the second reason was that they were focused on suppressing the drugs effects.

They didnt have any extra strength to move through the ocean.

However, when his hand touched their waists, Yan Xuehen and Yun Jianyues wonderful bodies both trembled.

They were extremely sensitive at the moment, especially Yun Jianyue.

Yan Xuehen had experienced the most intimate physical contact with Zu An before, so her body was already used to being carried by him.

In contrast, Yun Jianyues entire body felt as if it had been electrified.

A layer of goosebumps covered her body.

It wasnt an uncomfortable feeling, but instead one that filled her with excitement and anticipation.

Fortunately, she was a grandmaster with tremendous perseverance and willpower.

She quickly clenched her teeth and snapped out of it.

She was really ashamed, thinking, Yun Jianyue, Yun Jianyue, how can you be more disappointing than that stone cold woman You almost made a fool of yourself! Thats so embarrassing…

Zu Ans entire body was taut.

On one hand, he had to be on guard against the octopus monster, and on the other hand, he also had to resist the temptation before him.

The beauties he was carrying were really burning up, and their bodies seemed to be melting.

Furthermore, their simple yet elegant fragrances were truly enough to drive any man crazy.

“Damn kid, if you dare to do anything disrespectful to me, Ill cut you,” Yun Jianyue said threateningly as if sensing his bodys changes.

However, she sounded weak and powerless, and her voice was extremely sweet.

It really wasnt intimidating in the slightest.

Zu An sighed and said, “Big sis Yun, I think its best if you dont talk anymore.

Not only will it not scare anyone, itll just cause more trouble instead.”

“You!” Yun Jianyue snapped, feeling furious and humiliated.

She thought, Why isnt that stone cold woman saying anything, while Im behaving in such a disappointing manner However, when she turned around, she saw that Yan Xuehen seemed to have fallen asleep and was naturally leaning against Zu An.

This woman is so unreliable! she thought, although she felt startled and alarmed.

What is going on here Why does she look as if shes already completely submitted With that stone cold womans nature, that shouldnt be the case!

“Sigh, am I really someone who would take advantage of another persons troubles in your mind” Zu An asked.

Yun Jianyue was stunned.

Right, in the time they had spent together, even though this guy always talked **, he was still extremely reliable in moments of danger.

She couldnt help but feel a bit apologetic, saying, “Sorry.”

Zu An chuckled and didnt say anything else.

He quickly swam through the waters while carrying them.

Eventually, he finally saw the light above him.

That was the oceans surface!

However, they didnt have time to feel happy before a terrifying aura swept over them.

A massive shadow was quickly swimming toward them.

What else could it be but the octopus

“Damn it!” Zu An exclaimed.

At this point, he didnt dare to hold anything back.

He rushed out of the water at full speed.

Several dozen tentacles shot out of the waters surface, wrapping around them.

Zu An immediately summoned Grandgale to move aside.

Unfortunately, the tentacles were just too long, and his movements were still within the tentacles range.

However, Mo Xis Celestial Jade Palace successfully activated, allowing him to immediately use the skill again.

He avoided the tentacles by a hair.

“Wind Fire Wheels!” he quickly cried to summon the treasure.

There was despair in the womens eyes, because they were still quite far from dry land.

They couldnt escape from the octopus pursuit at all.

Fortunately, Zu An reacted quickly.

He didnt rush toward land and instead flew into the sky.

He quickly rushed into the clouds.

Soon, the huge octopus monster seemed as small as an ant.

The octopus brandished its tentacles, but Zu Ans group was already out of its reach.

In the end, it could only sink into the water again.

“How did you know it could not chase us into the sky” Yan Xuehen asked, looking at Zu An with misty eyes.

After all, it wasnt that hard for creatures of its level to fly.

“I actually took a gamble there,” Zu An said, wiping the sweat from his forehead.

“I decided to bet that, since it was a creature of the sea, it would be subconsciously less willing to leave.”

“It seems our luck is still quite good,” Yu Yanluo said, sighing in relief.

“Its still too early to feel happy,” Yun Jianyue said with a serious expression, looking into the distance.

They looked in that direction, and saw a huge black mass that resembled a cloud moving toward them.

However, they all knew it wasnt a cloud, but rather a massive flock of strange birds!

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