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Chapter 1393: What Is Going On

Meanwhile, when he heard that the spring had prolonged the Fiend Emperors lifespan by at least three years, the crown prince immediately felt his heart turn cold.

After all, he had already waited for so many years! His father had already been about to die, and the position of Fiend Emperor would have been passed to him in a few days.

And yet now, he had learned that everything would be delayed by three years, or maybe even more! How could he possibly stand it

However, there was nothing he could do about it.

After all, the entire country belonged to his father, and there was too great of a difference in their cultivation.

Even if he hated the situation, it wasnt as if he could try to steal the position.

He could only console himself, thinking, Three years isnt that bad.

Its not too long.

For cultivators in particular, it could just be a single instance of secluded cultivation.

Just then, the Fiend Emperor asked him a question, so he replied, “Your son will give it a taste too.”

If his father had gotten three more years added to his lifespan, he had to at least get three years himself too.

When he saw that his father didnt stop him, he carefully kneeled down by the spring and took a sip.

His eyes immediately widened, because the richness of the ki filled his entire body with a comfortable feeling.

Additionally, the abundant life force made him feel as if he had gained much more than just three years.

Ive hit the freaking jackpot!

However, the taste was indeed a bit weird.

He remarked, “It really does seem to have a bit of a urine-like smell.

Maybe this is the natural taste of this kind of rare spiritual spring.”

The Fiend Emperor nodded and said, “That is probably the case.”

The Golden Crow Crown Prince said, “Father emperor, since this spring can prolong your life, then please drink a bit more.”

The Fiend Emperor was a bit touched.

However, he replied, “What a rare instance of filial piety.

However, there is no need.

The effects of this kind of substance are limited, and the higher ones cultivation rank, the more diminished the effects become.

The fact that I was able to acquire three more years already leaves me satisfied enough.

It is useless for me to drink anymore.

Instead, you are the one who should drink more, as it will be of greater help to you.”

“Father…” The Golden Crow Crown Prince pretended to look really moved, but he sneered inwardly.

He wasnt that ignorant.

He knew that was just how it worked.

Otherwise, he would be mad to ask for some of it.

Then, hegratefully took a few large gulps.

A spiritual spring really was a spiritual spring.

Even though it had a bit of a urine-like smell, there was still a slightly sweet aftertaste.

Wu Liang couldnt help but swallow when he saw the crown princes intoxicated appearance.

However, he knew that a captive like him definitely didnt have the right to enjoy such a thing.

“For some reason, this spiritual spring gives me a sense of imperfection,” the Fiend Emperor said with a frown, “It seems to be lacking half of its contents, so its effects have been greatly reduced.”

The Golden Crow Crown Prince immediately spat, “It must be that Zu An bastard who stole half of the spring! That brat really is evil.

We should have killed him a long time ago!”

Even though he was saying it as if he were utterly furious, he was actually a bit grateful to Zu An.

It was a good thing that Zu An had stolen half; otherwise, it might have taken even longer before he would succeed the throne.

The Fiend Emperor waved his hand, and a palm projection emerged to grab all of the spring water.

That way, he would be able to pursue the fleeing Zu An.

Wu Liang was completely dumbstruck.

The skills of an earth immortal really were inconceivable.

Zu An and the others were definitely in for some trouble now!

Just then, the Fiend Emperor frowned.

Then, he waved his hand a few more times.

In the end, he pulled his hand back with an overcast expression.

“Father emperor, whats wrong” the Golden Crow Crown Prince asked urgently.

He really was worried this time.

The Fiend Emperor said while glowering, “This spring does not look large, but it is endlessly deep.

They have escaped.”

The Golden Crow Crown Prince said, “Father emperor, do not worry; they will not be able to escape in the end.

The spiritual spring water they took with them was definitely stored well too.

As long as you capture them, you can get all of it back.”

Inwardly, however, he was praying really hard that the little bastard Zu An wouldnt be caught.

The Fiend Emperor was quite pleased.

He felt that his son was becoming more and more reliable.

He waved his hand and sucked the spring water into his sleeves, storing it through some unknown means.

He then said, “Let us go.”

When he finished collecting the water, he turned around and descended the mountain.

With the spiritual springs help, he didnt have to be as scared as before.

The Golden Crow Crown Prince was stunned, asking, “Are we not going to chase after them underwater”

He regretted it as soon as he said that.

Why do I have to always run my mouth off If father really captures Zu An, Ill be screwed!

The Fiend Emperor shook his head and said, “It is too large and seems to be connected to an ocean.

Even if we look for him, we would not know where to begin.

Furthermore, we Golden Crows are of the fire attribute and would be easily countered underwater.” Even though he could go underwater, he had a natural dislike for the water.

“Father is wise and brilliant!” the Golden Crow Crown Prince replied, immediately showering his father in praise.

He asked, “Then where should we go now”

The Fiend Emperor had just had his life prolonged, so his mood was quite good.

He patiently answered, “I sensed a familiar power in the distance.

We should go and take a look over there.”

In the corner, Wu Liang looked around.

A familiar power What does that mean

“Hurry up,” the Golden Crow Crown Prince said, giving Wu Liang a kick on the bottom.

His father had suddenly gotten a few extra years for no reason at all, so he could only vent out his bad mood on the fatty.

“Yes, yes, yes!” Wu Liang exclaimed, continuing to bow his head.

He thought to himself, Youd better not let me escape, or else Im going to dig up your entire Golden Crow ancestral tomb!

While the Fiend Emperors group disappeared into the distance, Zu Ans group continued to swim forward inside a water bubble.

After breaking free from the Feather Mountain range, they seemed to have entered a vast ocean region, where Zu An had used his Blue Mallard ability to create the bubble.

As his cultivation grew, the bubbles he could create became much bigger too.

That was why they werent as cramped together as they had been before.

The women were all sitting off to the side, as if they didnt want to get even a bit closer to him.

They all stared at him.

Zu An asked, sounding distressed, “Why are you guys looking at me like that…”

“You still have the nerve to ask that” Yu Yanluo scolded him.

“Leaving is leaving, so why did you have to… Have to…”

Zu Ans expression turned serious as he replied, “You all peeped at me, didnt you”

Yun Jianyue harrumphed.

“Hmph, who wants to look at your thing Still, youre just too much of a scoundrel! You actually dared to act like that in front of us If it were anyone else, I would have already cut it off.”

“I clearly had my back to you guys,” Zu An complained.

“That Fiend Emperor made us go through so much, I have to get back at him somehow.”

Yan Xuehens face reddened.

She said, “If he found out that he drank your… He would probably cut your corpse into ten thousand pieces.” With her understanding of the Fiend Emperor, there was no way he could refuse spring water infused with such a rich life force.

Zu An was about to say something when his expression suddenly changed.

He said, “Be careful.

Theres a monster approaching.”

Yun Jianyue shot him a look and retorted, “Brat, was scaring us once not enough”

Zu An didnt have enough time to explain.

He rushed over and pulled the women behind him.

At the same time, a large, bloody mouth bit down on where they had been.

The bubble instantly ruptured, and they fell into the water.

When they finally saw what the attacker was, however, their expressions couldnt help but change.

It was a massive, octopus-like creature.

Its tentacles seemed to be over a thousand meters long.

At the center of all the tentacles was an enormous head.

Two-thirds of that head was occupied by a bloody mouth.

The rows of sharp teeth within were like meat grinders, enough to tear any living thing into shreds.

In its forehead were two giant red lantern-sized eyes that stared directly at Zu Ans group.

Zu An felt his scalp turn numb as he asked, “What cultivation realm is it at”

Yan Xuehen gulped and replied, “I do not know, but it should be higher than ours.”

Yun Jianyue snapped impatiently, “Isnt that obvious”

Mi Lis fretful voice called out in Zu Ans mind, “An ascension soul grandmaster rank beast Kid, how are you this unlucky Why do you always run into ridiculously powerful things wherever you go”

She really was tired.

Her soul was tied to his, so if he died, she could only die too.

And yet, this guy didnt cherish his life at all, constantly provoking ridiculously powerful opponents.

Zu An immediately became discouraged.

Ascension soul Yan Xuehen and Yun Jianyue were only at the wisdom soul level! This thing was a whole greater cultivation realm higher than them! Monsters were usually stronger than similar-ranked cultivators too.

This thing was something not even Yan Xuehen or Yun Jianyue at their peak could defeat!

Whats going on with this Unknown Region Why are there ridiculously terrifying creatures everywhere

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