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Chapter 1392: Why Is the Taste Off

There was no way the Fiend Emperor would give up such a good opportunity.

He took the chance to launch an attack from behind.

The Taowu screamed bitterly, clearly having suffered quite a bit as a result.

As such, it had no choice but to turn around and bite the Fiend Emperor.

Meanwhile, the Fiend Emperor was also curious about what was at the very top of the mountain, so he fought while moving toward the mountaintop.

When Zu Ans group saw the Taowu run toward them, they were all frightened too.

However, upon seeing the Fiend Emperor start to fight it again and realizing that they wouldnt stop anytime soon, they sighed in relief.

As she watched Yan Xuehen focus her attention on taking the spring into the World Painting, Yun Jianyue said mockingly, “Stone cold woman, you didnt say a thing when we said we wanted to store the water, and yet when Little An said he wanted to use it, you immediately thought of a way.

You really do forget loyalty when in love.”

Yan Xuehen replied in embarrassment, “What kind of nonsense are you saying I clearly just thought of this!”

“Hahah~” Yun Jianyue laughed a few times, clearly unconvinced.

Zu Ans forehead darkened.

He said, “Big sis Yun, we are in a serious situation right now.

Youre still in the mood to start an argument”

“What, are you feeling bad for that stone cold woman because I said something” Yun Jianyue snapped.

She had just been just saying things nonchalantly, but now that Zu An had spoken up for Yan Xuehen, she couldnt take it anymore.

Zu An sensibly chose to shut his mouth.

He quickly changed the topic, asking, “Have you all noticed that this spring looks small, but even after guiding it into the painting for so long, the water level hasnt shown any sign of lowering”

Sure enough, Yun Jianyue was distracted.

She moved closer to Yu Yanluos World Painting and saw that the small river had already become a large, roaring one.

There was already a large amount of spring water inside, and yet the spring still showed no sign of drying up.

“Either this spring can produce this kind of miraculous spring water endlessly, or its connected to a large body of water outside,” Yun Jianyue said with a sigh.

“This really is a treasure in itself… Its a pity that we cant take the entire thing.”

Zu An was startled when he heard that.

He drank the water, then pursed his lips, saying, “Theres a salty taste now, as well as the smell of the ocean.”

“The ocean” The women were all stunned.

When he saw their pure and innocent expressions, Zu An had to admit that the women of this world really were pure, even someone like Yun Jianyue from the Devil Sect.

If they had been from his previous world, they would have already thought weird things.

He said, “Ahem, actually, this spring water isnt endless.

The taste is already a bit different from before.

This water was probably replenished from somewhere else.

Of course, the effects of this water cant compare to the initial spring anymore either.”

It was just then that Yan Xuehen groaned, and felt her body become a bit weak.

The flow of the spring water being guided into the World Painting by her finger stopped too.

However, she still composed herself, then used several seals to fully seal up the water inside the World Painting.

Finally, she exhaled and said, “I am already at my limit.

This is all I can seal inside.”

“Youve already moved at least half of the spring.

Master, youve worked hard.

How about a shoulder massage” Zu An suggested to comfort her.

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Yan Xuehen immediately shot him a look and moved far away from him.

Yun Jianyue couldnt help but laugh, saying, “Kid, you really are daring.

You even dare to take advantage of that stone cold woman.” When she saw how the two of them were avoiding each other so much, she didnt feel any suspicion.

Meanwhile, Yu Yanluo did, but she had just asked Yan Xuehen for help, so she couldnt really say anything.

Instead, she said, “Ill keep this spring in the World Painting for now.

If big sisters ever need it, please come and make use of it at any time.” As for Zu An, he was already her lover, so there was no need to say anything more.

Yan Xuehen clearly sensed the intimacy implied by those words.

She felt a bit strange inside as she said, “Considering how hard I worked to seal up this spring, that is one thing, but that witch did nothing.

What right does she have”

Yun Jianyues eyes widened.

She exclaimed, “Stone cold woman, you seem to be lacking a beating! Didnt I watch over the surroundings this whole time Let alone how I saved you before.”

Yu Yanluo quickly advised them, “Please dont fight! Weve already gone through so much, and were already like sisters.

Why is there a need for any distinction between us”

“Whos her sister!” Yun Jianyue and Yan Xuehen both blurted out at the same time, looking away.

Yun Jianyue thought to herself that Little An was her disciples man, so to some extent, she was Yu Yanluos senior.

Becoming her sister after all this time really was a loss.

Most importantly, it would be really bad if Honglei were forced to suddenly treat Yu Yanluo differently for the rest of her life…

However, she immediately stopped thinking about it.

Hmph, is our Holy Sect such a stickler for rules Honglei and I will just do as we please.

Yan Xuehen was feeling a bit guilty, because to a certain degree, she really had become sisters with Yu Yanluo.

Could it be that she had noticed something, which had prompted her to say that on purpose She thought, Its all Zu Ans fault for playing around even in this kind of situation.

She definitely noticed something…

You have successfully trolled Yan Xuehen for 555 555 555…

Zu An jumped in fright.

Why had she suddenly become angry He thought, The hearts of women really are mysterious as a sea and fine as needles.

They suddenly heard angry roars getting closer and closer.

As the Fiend Emperor and the Taowu fought, they gradually drew closer to the mountain.

They were only around a kilometer from the spring.

For cultivators, that wasnt a large distance at all.

The group could already see numerous wounds on the Taowus body.

It definitely wasnt having a good time in this battle.

However, there was no blood coming out of its wounds; instead, there were strands of black energy.

They were clearly made of the same resentment that had lingered around Zu Ans group for a long time.

It was precisely because he had reservations about the resentment energy that the Fiend Emperor hadnt immediately killed the Taowu.

“We need to hurry and get out of here!” Yun Jianyue exclaimed, no longer in the mood to argue.

However, she quickly saw that on the other side of the mountain was a bottomless cliff.

Furthermore, there was black mist swirling around, with all sorts of barely-visible black creatures roaming around inside.

They seemed to resemble crows somewhat.

However, how could any crows in such a place be normal crows They were definitely coming from the same source as the black creatures the group had encountered along the way.

This places natural laws restricted flying, too.

If they jumped down, it would be hard to make it out alive.

Still, Yun Jianyue didnt want to end up in the Fiend Emperors hands again.

She decided to take a gamble to survive.

She was just about to jump when Zu An grabbed her, saying, “Dont act rashly.

I think Ive found a path.”

Yun Jianyue looked at him in confusion and saw that he was pointing at the water.

The women were all smart.

Zu An had mentioned that the water tasted like seawater, so that meant there was a passage that probably led to the ocean below them.

Zu An took the lead and entered the water.

The women followed him.

Soon, they disappeared from the mountaintop.

The Fiend Emperor was shocked to see what was going on.

He immediately activated the Puppet Curse to try to keep Zu An in place.

The Golden Crow eyes opened in Zu Ans mind.

However, a woman in red quickly appeared.

She brushed her sleeves and snapped, “Why dont you shut those back up!” Then, her sleeves turned into two cloth curtains, blocking the massive eyes.

The Fiend Emperor was stunned.

There was actually someone who could stop his Puppet Curse! Who was that woman in red Even though her aura didnt seem that strong, he could sense a deep and profound feeling from her.

However, he was still the Fiend Emperor.

He quickly realized that the womans technique only temporarily screened off his Puppet Curse, but couldnt truly get rid of it.

She had probably achieved that by borrowing the chaotic laws of the world.

Once they returned to the normal world, she wouldnt be able to stop him.

Even so, he felt a bit regretful.

He had still underestimated Zu An after all.

He wouldnt give him any more chances the next time they met.

The Taowus entire body turned into black mist, and it fled into the distance while the Fiend Emperor was distracted.

The Fiend Emperor didnt chase after it.

The monster was strong, and the overflowing resentment all around it was too difficult to deal with.

If he really wanted to kill it, there was a good chance that he himself would lose some of his life force.

That was something he absolutely couldnt tolerate.

“Father emperors cultivation is unrivaled as expected, undefeated throughout the world…” the Golden Crow Crown Prince said, showering him with praises.

Half of it was just flattery, while the other half was sincere.

Even such a terrifying monster had been defeated!

Wu Liang also flattered the Fiend Emperor like crazy; his choice of words was on a whole new level of flowery and colorful language.

Even the Golden Crow Crown Princes eyes widened in disbelief.

“Alright, thats enough bootlicking,” the Fiend Emperor said.

He just wasnt in the mood.

With a brush of his sleeves, he brought the two of them to the mountaintop.

“This is a spiritual spring!” Wu Liang exclaimed.

They had been able to feel the ki overflowing from the spring even from far away.

Furthermore, it completely swept away the effects of the resentment from before.

Wu Liang even began to drool.

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However, the Fiend Emperor gave him a cold look.

Wu Liang immediately said, “Your majesty Fiend Emperor, please enjoy yourself.

This humble one will stand watch outside.” Inwardly, he cursed, knowing that there was no way any of it would be shared with him.

When he looked at the spring water, the Fiend Emperors expression became somewhat zealous because he could sense a rich life force emanating from it.

That was what he needed the most at the moment.

As such, he opened his mouth for the very first time, sucking some of the water directly into his mouth.

He had just fought a great battle against the Taowu, and had some black energy around him; that energy immediately dimmed, then completely disappeared soon afterward.

He roared with laughter, exclaiming, “It can actually replenish life force! It has prolonged my life by three years at the least, haha! This trip has not been made in vain!”

But he quickly frowned and exclaimed, “Huh Why does it have the smell of urine”

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