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Chapter 1391: Relocated

Yun Jianyue and Yu Yanluo immediately looked down to check.

“How strong is that monster”

“Where is it”

“I cant see it anymore.

Maybe I made a mistake,” Zu An said in an uncertain tone.

Yun Jianyue clearly sighed in relief, which made Zu An endlessly puzzled.

Women really were strange.

Her most private part had clearly been seen by someone.

I know what happened, and she knows what happened, and yet now, it feels as if pointing it out would be making a huge fuss over nothing.

Yan Xuehen gave him a look.

This guy really did constantly get away with murder.

The witch was normally really smart, and yet she was being deceived without having any idea.

Zu An pretended to look around in the water again, saying, “It seems I made a mistake.

Ive been so tense the whole time that I must have been overly suspicious.”

“Brat, are you messing with us” Yun Jianyue cried, leaning over to pinch his ears.

Yu Yanluo felt a bit sorry for Zu An and remarked, “Ah, isnt it a good thing if he didnt actually see anything”

Yan Xuehen clearly didnt want to let the subject continue, or else the other women would start suspecting what had happened.

She quickly asked, “Did you all notice This spring seems to contain a powerful life force; the ki here is especially abundant.

I can feel that my injuries seem to have improved quite a bit.”

After staying in the spring for a while, the black scales on her body had already completely disappeared.

She had recovered her supple and healthy skin from before.

“Huh” Yun Jianyue checked her own condition and said, “Youre right.”

She hadnt had time to carefully examine herself because of all of the resentment around her.

Now that she had been reminded of it and she carefully checked herself, though, she saw that her injuries really had become much better.

If her wounds had been just short of half recovered before, now they were truly halfway.

Zu An suddenly ducked under the water.

When he reappeared, he saw Yan Xuehen and Yun Jianyue staring furiously at him while covering their chests.

You have successfully trolled Yan Xuehen for 111 111 111…

You have successfully trolled Yun Jianyue for 111 111 111…

Even Yu Yanluo had a critical look on her face, feeling that he had been rude.

“What are you doing” Yun Jianyue asked with an unkind expression.

Zu An was stunned momentarily, but then reacted, realizing that they had misunderstood.

He quickly explained, “I went down to drink a bit of the spring to see if it was poisonous.

My constitution is special.

Even if there were poison, it wouldnt kill me.

Theres no way I would have you guys try it instead.”

There was no response.

He added, feeling a bit wronged, “Am I really someone that despicable in your eyes”

Yan Xuehen nodded inwardly, thinking, Yes, you are.

Meanwhile, Yun Jianyue felt a bit embarrassed deep down.

She asked, “What are you drinking it for”

They were all soaking inside.

Dont tell me he…

When he saw the girls look at him strangely, Zu An was completely speechless.

He exclaimed, “Think about it! The resentment went into our bodies, so would it really only stay on our skin Our inner organs were definitely affected too! Soaking here would only wash away the resentment on the surface of our bodies.

What about the stuff inside”

He thought to himself, Im not Durant! I dont have any interest in womens bathwater.

The women were all extremely intelligent.

They quickly reacted and said, “Youre quite meticulous.” At the same time, they were a bit embarrassed for misunderstanding him.

The women all drank quite a bit of the spring water, then began to use their techniques to digest it.

The final bit of black energy around them soon disappeared as well.

Their skin seemed to be rejuvenated, becoming extremely soft and supple.

How could they not be happy about that

Meanwhile, Zu An felt unhappy, grumbling, “Ugh, I dont want to become a pretty boy…”

Yu Yanluo said with a smile, “You were a pretty boy to begin with.” She actually felt really happy, because she saw that her lover had become even more handsome.

“Stone cold woman, my injuries actually recovered about seventy percent.

What about you” Yun Jianyue asked, nudging Yan Xuehen with her elbow.

This stone cold womans body really is soft.

Yan Xuehen rubbed her stomach.

She glared at Yun Jianyue with a frown and said, “I am around there too.

This spring water really is incredible.”

After all, at their cultivation realm, they rarely got injured, but it would be extremely serious when they did, taking three to five years to heal at the earliest and a few decades at the latest.

They had actually been healed so much in such a short amount of time! Judging from that, it was easy to see just how amazing the spring water was.

“Then you guys should drink a bit more,” Zu An said, happy to hear that they were recovering too.

Yan Xuehen rolled her eyes at him and replied, “It is not that simple, okay Many things are much more difficult towards the later stages.

Furthermore, our bodies can only absorb so much.

We will not be able to rely on this spring water to heal much more for some time.

We have to slowly spend the time to digest it.”

Zu An grumbled through ki transmission, “Actually, Im more useful than even this spring water.

I can heal you completely.”

“F*ck off!” Yan Xuehen replied, her face turned completely red.

Of course she knew what kind of method that was.

Back then, that was how Chuyan had completely recovered.

However, that treatment process continued for several months.

If she were saved in a similar way, she would rather just die!

Zu An hadnt expected the usually aloof and pure Yan Xuehen to use profanity.

He coughed lightly and said, “In that case, lets store some of this spring water as a reserve.”

This time, the women were all in agreement.

They took out vessels to store the water, each of them storing at least a single container.

They wanted to carry more too, but such spring water that was full of ki wasnt something just any vessel could store.

It had to be a special magical artifact, so that was all they could take with them.

This time, Yu Yanluo said happily, “I can feel that my cultivation has improved quite a bit.

My mental strength has also condensed much more than before.”

Yan Xuehen reached out a finger to check her wrist.

If it were anyone else, Yu Yanluo wouldnt show her a vital point like that.

After being around each other for so long, however, they were already friends, so Yu Yanluo didnt resist at all and let Yan Xuehen check her condition.

A while later, Yan Xuehen said with a nod, “You have already reached the critical point of becoming a master rank.

Once we leave this place, I will watch over you.

There should not be too many issues in breaking through.”

Yu Yanluo was surprised and happy, saying, “Thank you, big sister Yan.”

After all, in the past, she had already been stuck at the eighth rank for many years.

Even though her real strength couldnt be measured by her cultivation, her cultivation rank was still stagnant.

Meanwhile, increasing ones cultivation further would only become slower and slower over time.

However, over the past few months, her cultivation had increased really quickly.

Now, she was about to become a master rank! She felt as if she were dreaming.

“Little sister Yu is too polite,” Yan Xuehen said, feeling a bit embarrassed.

She snuck a look toward Zu An, then quickly shifted her gaze away.

She felt a strong sense of guilt for stealing Yu Yanluos man, and naturally wanted to do her best to make it up

On the side, Yun Jianyue asked Zu An, “Little An, what about you Did you get any benefits”

“Im not sure,” Zu An said.

“I dont feel as if I made any major breakthroughs, but the hero mortal form seems to have progressed more than halfway.”

“Kid, your talent is as terrifying as expected,” Yun Jianyue said with a sigh of amazement.

“How long did we soak here If there were enough time, it wouldnt even be too hard for you to make a greater breakthrough! Did you know, both this stone cold woman and I took several years to break through the hero mortal form”

Zu An really wanted to ask them how old they were at the time, but he knew that would be the same as courting disaster.

He could only say regretfully, “Its a pity, but the amount of this spring we can bring with us is too little.”

Yan Xuehen suddenly thought of something.

She asked, “Little Sister Yu, take out your World Painting.

Do you not have a river there”

“I do,” Yu Yanluo said, her eyes lighting up.

“Youre saying to guide this spring into the World Painting, right” However, she immediately replied in disappointment, “I still dont have that ability.”

Yan Xuehen said, “I can give it a try.”

She urged Yu Yanluo to open up the World Painting.

Then, she drew some blue runes in the air, and her hands flew around, forming a series of complex seals.

Yun Jianyue was left in admiration.

No wonder this stone cold woman had been able to convince so many orthodox figures of her status.

Just those seals alone made her look like an incredible immortal!

Yan Xuehen pointed at the spring water.

A layer of white light surrounded the spring.

Then, she slowly raised her finger.

The spring turned into a stream and entered the World Painting.

A heaven-shaking roar of anger resounded from the foot of the mountain.

As if sensing that the spring was being stolen, the Taowu left the Fiend Emperor behind and rushed up the mountain.

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