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Chapter 1390: Power of the Snowflake Sword

Seeing how stunned they were, Zu An was worried that the resentment would cause irreversible effects if the resentment energy remained in their bodies.

He directly grabbed Yu Yanluo and Yan Xuehens hands, since they were closest to him, then jumped into the spring.

The ice-cold spring immediately woke them up from their somewhat muddle-headed state.

Zu An waved at Yun Jianyue and called out, “Big sis sect master, hurry up and come in!”

Mi Li said in a cold and indifferent tone, “Im not interested in watching you womanize, so Im going into seclusion again.

You should use this chance to get all three of them in the bag.

Dont lose face for your master.” Then, she turned around and left.

A door projection opened, then shut with a bang.

Zu An was a bit stunned.

Wasnt she in the Taie Sword Why did she open a door in my sea of consciousness Also, what did she mean with the last part of what she said Is she trying to encourage me or is she saying the opposite

For some reason, when she saw him wave toward her, Yun Jianyue recalled the way girls from brothels would wave their handkerchiefs towards their guests while shoutingcome and play, masters.

She suddenly felt a chill run down her spine and said, “You guys can soak in there first.

Ill just go once youre done.”

She noticed that the spring was quite small.

The three others were already quite cramped there, so if she went there too, theyd be even more cramped.

At that point, they wouldnt even be able to adjust their positions inside if they wanted to.

Zu An quickly said, “If this resentment stays in our bodies for too long, it might become extremely hard to get rid of in the future.

I think itd be best if you came in earlier.”

Yun Jianyue was actually a bit worried, but the scene in front of her made her a bit hesitant.

Actually, why was that stone cold woman acting so comfortable in there with Yu Yanluo, as if they were sisters

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Yan Xuehen had known that once they soaked in the spring, her clothes would be completely drenched and stick to her body.

At that point, they would practically be transparent.

Furthermore, the spring really was too small.

She was already practically glued to Zu An.

If Yun Jianyue entered, she would even be able to feel the heat coming from his body.

It would be just like that night in the Great Snowy Mountains again.

Her entire body unknowingly heated up when she thought of that.

She noticed Yun Jianyues look of confusion, and felt ashamed and hard-pressed.

In order to hide her awkwardness, she quickly asked, “Are you staying there and letting the resentment act up on purpose so you can have a proper reason for Ah Zu to kiss you”

Zu An and Yu Yanluo were lovers, so it was normal for them to be together.

It really was too awkward for her to be in there alone.

If Yun Jianyue were also there, she figured, it would become much more normal.

Zu An was speechless.

Why was he being attacked for no reason

Yu Yanluos expression was a bit strange.

Was I overthinking it before Yun Jianyue and Yan Xuehen are enemies.

If Yan Xuehen and Ah Zu really had something going on between them, there would be no reason for her to push her lover away…

Yun Jianyues eyes immediately widened in disbelief.

She exclaimed, “Stone cold woman, what kind of nonsense are you speaking”

She was worried that Yu Yanluo or Zu An would actually misunderstand, so she jumped straight into the pool.

However, she pinched Yan Xuehen as soon as she entered.

This stone cold woman was just too annoying!

“Ah!” Yan Xuehen exclaimed, naturally trying to avoid it and retaliate.

The two immediately ended up being awfully preoccupied in the small spring.

However, that made things hard for Zu An.

There hadnt been much room to begin with.

Now that they were jerking left and right, their warm and energetic bodies had begun rubbing against him.

How could his healthy and vigorous self stand that

Yan Xuehen suddenly cried out, and her entire body trembled.

She had been evenly matched with Yun Jianyue at first, but now, she lost the initiative and was at a disadvantage.

“Whats wrong, big sister Yan” Yu Yanluo asked curiously.

She thought that there was something wrong with the other womans body after suddenly hearing her cry out.

“Big sister Yan, could it be that the resentment energy inside of you is starting to act up” Zu An asked worriedly.

Yan Xuehen was really embarrassed.

This guy really was a freaking acting genius.

Just who was the one prodding her at that moment In the past, she might have been a bit confused.

But after the event in the Great Snowy Mountains, how could she not recognize the thing that had gone inside her

However, she didnt act up and instead said, “Yes, the resentment inside of my body seems a bit strange.”

This rascal… Why dont you go and try to prod that witch!

She really wanted Yun Jianyue to feel that thing too.

However, she was worried that her secret would be exposed, so she didnt do anything in the end.

Zu An took the chance to say to Yun Jianyue, “Big sis Yun, lets not do this right now.

Just let big sis Yan calm down the resentment energy inside her first.”

“You only know how to side with that stone cold woman,” Yun Jianyue snapped, pulling her hand back angrily.

“Stone cold woman, your cultivation seems to be a bit weaker than mine after all.

Youre actually this disappointing.”

Even though she was a bit unhappy, she didnt take the chance to take advantage of Yan Xuehens difficulties.

They had already gone through so much together that they were already far from being arch-nemeses like before.

“Hmph!” Yan Xuehen couldnt explain it properly either, so she could only pretend to be adjusting her own energies.

“Big sis Yan, should I help you” Zu An offered, moving a bit closer.

“Theres no need,” Yan Xuehen said, her ears heating up.

Not moving from side to side would be the best help right now! she thought.

How could she say that out loud, though

Zu An saw a faint blush spread across Yan Xuehens fair neck and felt pleased.

Even though they had already shared the most intimate relationship in the Great Snowy Mountains, she had begun treating him more coldly after the matter and always kept her distance.

With that, he had felt that the other person was growing further and further apart from him.

Now, though, all of them had needed to rely on each other to get through the resentment curse, barely making it to the spring.

They had needed to depend on each other.

In the beginning, Yan Xuehen had resisted it, but she had gradually gotten used to it.

Zu An could clearly sense that their relationship was growing a bit closer.

In the past, if he had treated her like that, she would have already started a fight.

But now, she had tacitly agreed to it…

Suddenly, he sucked in air between clenched teeth.

He felt himself freezing.

“Stone cold woman, what the heck are you doing Why are you using the Snowflake Sword in this spring” Yun Jianyue shivered and scolded Yan Xuehen.


I did not control my own skills well, so some of my true ki leaked out,” Yan Xuehen replied, quietly withdrawing her hand underwater.

At the same time, she was a bit regretful.

Just then, she really had been annoyed by Zu Ans disrespect, but now that things had calmed down again, she got worried.

I didnt freeze it too much, right…

If Zu An were frozen into a eunuch, wouldnt she have ruined Chuyans lifetime of happiness On top of that, she would also be letting down her little sister Yu.

Zu An was also scared half to death.

He quickly transferred his ki through his body, then sighed in relief when he saw thatit was fine.

Fortunately, his body was already incredibly tough after being refined several times by primordial ki.

Otherwise, it might have really snapped off from the cold.

This woman really wasnt messing around; she had actually used the Snowflake Sword against him! Zu An was so angry he gave her a firm slap underwater.

Yan Xuehen was ashamed and annoyed, but her reason won out and she didnt cause a scene.

On the contrary, when she saw the water ripples on the surface, Yu Yanluos expression was strange.

She asked, “What are you two doing”

Yan Xuehens heart began to pound.

Im done for, Im done for! Shes seen through me… I can no longer face anyone again…

However, who would have thought that without batting an eyelid, Zu An would say, “There seemed to be some kind of creature approaching underwater, so I waved my hand to force it back.”

“What!” Yun Jianyue and Yu Yanluo both jumped in fright.

This was an Unknown Region.

They had encountered so many monsters born from resentment along the way, and there was even an earth immortal watching over those monsters.

Seeing as the spring was clearly extraordinary, how terrifying would some creature in it be

Yu Yanluo immediately clung onto Zu An in fear.

Yun Jianyue jumped ashore, but because her entire body was drenched, her dress stuck tightly to her body and was almost transparent.

She was once again scared and jumped back into the water.

She glared at Zu An, exclaiming, “What did you see!”

Zu An said seriously, “I didnt see anything.

I was paying attention to that thing in the water.”

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