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Chapter 1384: Resentment

When the three women heard what the Fiend Emperor said, they all told Zu An to be careful.

After all, the Fiend Emperors senses were much sharper than theirs in their current state.

If he said there were mysterious creatures present, they were definitely there, and they were sure to be dangerous.

Meanwhile, Zu An was thinking about the reply the emperor had just given him.

The Sun Slaying Bow had always been in the Golden Crow races hands, so it didnt seem to be the Red Bow White Arrows that the legendary archer Yi had used.

Still, it was hard to say; after all, Yis bow was said to have been granted by the Celestial Emperor, while the Golden Crows father was also said to be the Celestial Emperor.

From that perspective, it did make some sense for the Sun Slaying Bow to have always been with the Golden Crow Race…

Countless possibilities appeared in his mind, and his thoughts only grew messier and messier.

As such, he decided not to think about it anymore and just deal with new situations as they came up.

The group moved along amountain path.

However, rather than being a proper path, it was just a route that had fewer plants along the way.

Even so, they were all powerful cultivators.

Clearing the way while walking didnt take up too much energy.

They tried to fly, but they saw that they couldnt go more than a few meters above the ground.

The Fiend Emperor explained that it was either caused by the laws of the Unknown Region, or by some kind of unique treasure.

As he spoke the wordsunique treasure, his eyes began to burn with desire.

Zu An, who had been walking at the forefront, suddenly stopped.

He looked at a nearby mountain peak absentmindedly.

That mountain peak was entirely different from the surrounding mountains.

It looked more like a single large chunk of rock that towered overhead.

The most eye-catching thing about it was that there were three narrow grooves that ran from the peak all the way to the base, practically dividing the entire mountain into four parts.

The group could sense an aura of chilliness and concentrated killing intent even from far away.

These were hacked open by someone through sword ki.

They were all powerful cultivators, so they quickly reached that unanimous conclusion.

Wu Liang clicked his tongue and said, “Judging from how the cuts look, they seem to have taken form at least ten thousand years ago, and yet the sword ki and killing intent has managed to last until now.

The reason why no life grows on this mountain should be because of this killing intent.” He often went into tombs to uncover their secrets, so he was highly skilled in determining how old something was.

The Fiend Emperor said seriously, “The weapon used by that person was likely a divine weapon, and their cultivation would not be beneath mine.”

The others expressions changed greatly when they heard that.

The one responsible actually wasnt any weaker than the Fiend Emperor Just what kind of being was that

Zu An was inwardly shaken.

In the legends of his previous world, after Emperor Yao sent Zhu Rong to kill Gun, Zhu Rong had stopped at the foot of a mountain for some rest.

Along the way, he had done some sword exercises to prepare himself.

Could it be that this mountain was none other than the rock he had used to test his sword

In the past, his thoughts wouldnt have gone in that direction.

However, after arriving in this world, too many things he once thought were just myths had appeared in the real world.

This world seemed to be linked to Earth in countless ways.

Suddenly, a voice in his mind exclaimed in surprise, “Why is there such a powerful aura of sword ki here”

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Zu An was overjoyed, exclaiming, “Big sis empress, youre awake” For some reason, he always felt much more relieved whenever he heard her voice.

He thought, Sigh, no wonder so many people like to mooch.

This feeling really isnt bad!

“Damn brat, call me master! Seeing as something so big happened on your end, how could I still remain asleep Sigh, there really arent many days of peace around you,” Mi Li said, sounding a bit resentful.

Zu An stirred, asking, “Then you are saying you were awake when the Fiend Emperor appeared”

“Of course.

How could I not wake up in the face of such powerful pressure” Mi Li replied, clicking her tongue.

“Back then, I wanted to warn you to evade, but I hadnt expected The Book to have already warned you ahead of time.

I didnt think that stupid book Lu Sheng found would really be of use.”

“Then why didnt you say anything” Zu An asked, sneaking the Fiend Emperor a look.

He didnt dare to reveal the slightest bit of happiness.

“Why would I have to say anything to you You have three pretty women to keep you company, so why would I stick my nose in that” Mi Li retorted coldly.

Zu An thought, No wonder.

But why does she sound bitter

Just then, Mi Li quickly said, “Oh, and I was looking at that Puppet Curse placed on you earlier.”

Zu An cried in elation, “Its still master who cares the most about me!”

“Its too early for you to feel happy,” Mi Li said, instantly pouring cold water on his excitement.

She continued, “I cant get rid of this Puppet Curse.”

Zu An was speechless.

“It was placed by an earth immortal, after all.

Im unable to get rid of it in my current state,” Mi Li explained.

However, she added, “By borrowing this special worlds influence, though, we can temporarily block its influence.”

“Please say that earlier! I almost shat my pants just now…” Zu An said, sighing in relief.

“What are you getting so excited for Its only because this worlds laws are more chaotic than usual that I can use this chance to help you block its effects.

Once you return to the normal world, I wont be able to do anything,” Mi Li warned him.

“Furthermore, if I block it, the Fiend Emperor will definitely sense something.

Thats why you need to first break free from his range of control before I can help you block its effects.

Otherwise, its still going to be useless.”

“Thats already enough,” Zu An said, feeling relieved.

In the outside world, he really wasnt confident he could escape from the Fiend Emperor, but there were endless possibilities in an Unknown Region.

Normally, the mountain would have been too precipitous for them to cross, but the sword scars just happened to leave enough space for them to move through the gaps.

Each one seemed to be able to allow several people to pass through, allowing them to pass.

However, the closer they got to the sword testing stone, the more they began to feel a stinging pain from their skin, as if they were facing sharp sword ki.

The Fiend Emperor harrumphed.

With a wave of his hand, a barrier of light appeared around them, blocking the sword ki.

The pressure bearing down on them immediately weakened.

Even though they were enemies, Zu Ans side still felt admiration for the Fiend Emperors cultivation.

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When they passed the sword testing stone, their expressions changed.

The path along the way had been lush and verdant, lined abundantly with flowers and plants.

Now, however, what stretched out before them looked like an entirely different world.

It was completely bleak and desolate, making it seem like a land of death.

There were even wisps of black energy hanging in the air.

“Could all of this have also been created by the sword ki and killing intent on the mountain” the Golden Crow Crown Prince speculated.

The Fiend Emperor shook his head and said, “No, what has gathered here is not sword ki or killing intent, but rather strong… resentment.”

“Resentment” Forget about the Golden Crow Crown Prince, the others were also a bit puzzled.

Was the power of resentment really so great

The Fiend Emperor gave Zu An a look, saying, “Continue leading the way for now.”

Zu An had been looking for a chance to break free from his control anyway.

When he heard that, he was actually eager to do it.

He gave the women a look, then advanced with large steps.

The three women were quick-witted and tried to follow him, saying, “Well go with you.”

However, the Fiend Emperor stopped them, saying, “You are not allowed to go.”

There was nothing the three women could do.

They could only look at Zu An worriedly.

Zu An frowned.

It seemed he had to look for another opportunity.

He began walking about a hundred meters ahead, but suddenly stopped.

He sensed that something wasnt right.

Normally, considering the strength of his body, he was always filled with ki and radiated health.

And yet, he actually felt a bit out of breath after walking such a short distance, as if he had carried a bucket of water up many flights of stairs.

“Master empress, whats going on” Zu An secretly asked.

“How would I know when its your body Do you think Im some omnipotent god” Mi Li snapped impatiently.

Zu An was speechless.

For some reason, big sis empress seems to be in quite an easily annoyed mood today.

Is it her time of the month But shes already in a soul form, so does she still have a period

Zu An unwittingly took another few dozen steps.

He suddenly couldnt help but stagger as a wave of weakness swept over him.

He almost fell to the ground, and began to feel a bit muddle-headed.

He suddenly felt that his arms and legs were a bit itchy.

When he subconsciously reached out to scratch them, he discovered that some black scales had appeared around his wrist.

He quickly checked his ankles, and they were the same.

He was horrified, exclaiming, “What in the world!”

Mi Lis voice said in his mind, “It looks as if the resentment has seeped into your body.

This resentment around us is extremely strange; it can affect the bodies and souls of the cultivators within it.

If Im not mistaken, these scales will continue to grow.”

Sure enough, Zu An saw that the scales around his wrist were spreading to his elbow.

Mi Li said seriously, “If these scales reach your head, youll completely lose consciousness and become a monster from head to toe.”

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