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Chapter 1375: Only Survivor

They had seen just how great the power of the war chariot was for themselves.

The chariot’s defensive abilities were almost unrivaled, and if he took out the Sun Slaying Bow too, with his current strength, they would probably be sniped down one by one.

Zu An reacted quickly and shouted, “What you lookin’ at!”

The Golden Crow Crown Prince was about to get into the golden carriage, but when he heard Zu An say that, he felt an irresistible force compelling him to reflexively turn around and say, “I’m looking at you, **head!”

He felt amazing after saying that, as if he had just eaten an incredibly refreshing ginseng.

However, he quickly realized that something wasn’t quite right.

Why would he be distracted at such a crucial moment

He tried to use the Golden Crow Radiant Flow technique to rush to the war chariot, but he was too late.

Zu An had already grabbed his arm.

The Golden Crow Crown Prince sneered. Do you think I'm still the same as I was back in the Snake race territory

His entire body surged with Golden Crow Sacred Fire, its power several times greater than before as it swept at Zu An.

Furthermore, because his cultivation was now far greater than his opponent’s, he was able to send a powerful force out of his arm, intending to seriously injure Zu An on the spot.

He wanted to repay the humiliation he had suffered in the past two battles.

Just then, Zu An used Fire Phoenix, using the phoenix flames to protect himself.

Furthermore, with the fire-resistant pendant Pei Mianman had given him, even though the Golden Crown Sacred Fire was several times stronger, he could still barely hold on.

As for the titanic force that emerged from the crown prince’s arm,he used the Heaven Devouring Sutra to suck it away.

The olden Crow Crown Prince was stunned.

He couldn’t understand why his ferocious attack seemed to be completely ineffective against the enemy at all.

After his first defeat in the Snake Race, he had deduced that the opponent’s skills just happened to counter his a bit, and that he had underestimated the human who appeared out of nowhere too much.

He had been confident that given a chance, he would be able to completely overwhelm Zu An.

Not long afterward, however, he had been defeated a second time, and had even had his lower body completely crushed!

Still, that hadn’t convinced him of his defeat.

He felt that he must have just been too overwhelmed by lust, to the point that he hadn’t expected an ambush at all.

Furthermore, because they had fought before, the opponent’s attacks had been highly focused, which must have been why he had suffered so much.

He had still been confident he could win in a direct confrontation, thinking, Now that there’s such a huge difference in cultivation between us, I have the advantage!

This time, however, he really was bewildered.

His cultivation had already increased by so much, and he should have been able to slaughter Zu An like a chicken; and yet, why couldn't he deal with him

Soon afterward, however, he didn’t have the room to think about these things.

He could feel his cultivation flowing out at an absurd rate through his arm.

“What is happening!” the Golden Crow Crown Prince exclaimed in alarm.

He wanted to break free, and yet no matter how much force he exerted, it was instantly dispelled.

With his knowledge and experience, he naturally knew about the world’s sinister arts that specialized in sucking out the cultivation of others.

However, even though such sinister techniques had near-instant effects, their upper bound was limited too.

Eventually, the user’s own cultivation could end up muddled and impure, causing them to experience cultivation deviation.

Furthermore, that kind of sinister art was often ineffective against the best cultivation methods, and couldn't absorb the cultivation of the truly strong.

After all, those who were truly strong all had extremely firm cultivation foundations.

Additionally, they normally had defenses against such situations.

As the crown prince, the methods he cultivated were naturally the best of the best.

Normally, even if a sinister cultivator tried to suck it out, they wouldn’t be able to.

Now, however, his cultivation was leaking out wildly.

The enemy’s palm was like a black hole.

No matter how he struggled, he couldn't break free at all.

“What kind of sinister skill is this!” the Golden Crow Crown Prince exclaimed, now truly alarmed.

He quickly said, “You… Let me go.

I’ll just write off our previous grudges in one go! I definitely won’t get revenge on you guys.”

The three women who had been about to rush over were stunned.

They hadn’t expected the situation to turn around so quickly.

Just how had Ah Zu done it

Wu Liang was also confused, but he really was worried that Zu An would agree.

He immediately shouted, “Don’t believe him! After what’s happened today, there’s no way he would really let you go after he truly recovered!”

“I will make a vow swearing on the dignity of the fiend races!” the Golden Crow Crown Prince exclaimed in a panic.

“Not only that, I will even make you an important general, or even grant you a noble title! Additionally, the Snake race’s status will reach the same level as the three great king races!”

Normally, such conditions could already be considered quite good; perhaps they were even a bit excessive..

However, the offer was no longer a deception on the crown prince’s part, but rather an expression of his true thoughts.

He knew that if he really did become the Fiend Emperor, all of those things could be done with just a word from him.

If he died, however, he wouldn’t have anything left.

The key was that the enemy was even sucking out his cultivation with that sinister technique.

Even if he managed to keep his life, he would become a cripple afterward! In a world of cultivation, one could well imagine what kind of miserable ending a cripple would face.

Furthermore, the Fiend Emperor would definitely change his successor then.

Considering how arrogant and despotic the crown prince had been over the years, many people would want his life.

The rest of his days would be extremely miserable.

That was why he really was scared, quickly showing the greatest sincerity.

Beyond that… There was no way he could make his opponent the Fiend Emperor, right

Worried that the other side wouldn’t agree, the Golden Crow Crown Prince continued to raise his offer.

“Right, you are on good terms with Princess Snow, no I will personally preside over the wedding and bless it.

On top of that, the Peacock Race’s Princess Nanwu is also an extraordinary beauty.

I can give her to you too!”

At that point, he couldn't even be bothered to pay attention to the fact that he had already chosen Kong Nanwu as the crown princess before.

When Yan Xuehen, Yun Jianyue, and Yu Yanluo heard that, they were all so angry their faces turned entirely red.

They cried, “Shameless!”

When he saw how angry the three women were, the Golden Crow Crown Prince finally realized something and added, “There is also the Medusa Queen! I will also hold a wedding for you two! Right, I do not know how to address the other two madams, but I can grant both of you your own races and make your backgrounds equal to Princess Snow’s!”

Yu Yanluo was one thing, but Yan Xuehen and Yun Jianyue were so angry that their entire bodies shook. Are you blind Do we look like his women Do we really already look like Zu An’s women in his eyes!

Zu An’s face also darkened when he heard that.

This damned birdman was creating a hellish battlefield for him!

He was about to say something when a terrifying scene appeared in his mind: Himself being cleaved into mincemeat by a streak of golden light that descended from above.

He couldn't be bothered to reply and quickly used Grandgale to withdraw several dozen zhang away.

At the same time, he used the Heaven Devouring Sutra to bring the three women to him, yelling, “Run!”

The trio didn’t have any time to react.

They saw a golden light striking down exactly where Zu An had been standing before.

A deep crater appeared in the ground.

There was no loud noise, and no smoke or dust; it all happened silently, as if a piece of the earth had instantly been obliterated.

“This is…” Yan Xuehen and Yun Jianyue’s expressions changed.

Their cultivation ranks were even higher than those of the others, which was why they could sense the terrifying aura that accompanied the strike.

A figure slowly descended from the golden light, looking at those present with his hawk-like eyes.

Everyone in the room, including Zu An, felt their fine hairs stand on end.

They wanted to run, but they were locked down by an invisible pressure and couldn't budge.

A white-haired elder dressed in imperial robes instantly appeared at the Golden Crown Crown Prince’s side.

At first, he just seemed to be an old man with one foot already in the grave, but they soon realized that he was one of the world’s strongest, the Fiend Emperor whose cultivation was unmatched!

The Fiend Emperor stared coldly at the others.

He didn’t attack, and instead looked at the Golden Crow Crown Prince before saying, “You have truly disappointed me.”

The Golden Crow Crown Prince fell to his knees, sweating intensely.

He said, “Father emperor, please forgive me! That person used some sinister technique that almost sucked away my cultivation…”

When he saw that the Fiend Emperor’s expression remained cold, he reacted quickly.

His father never liked listening to excuses.

He quickly changed his tone and said, “Father emperor, in the past, you taught me that as a ruler, as long as the green hills remained, one would never need to fear a lack of firewood.

I only said what I said to convince him temporarily!”

“Hmph, an emperor should have the dignity of an emperor.

What difference was there between how you just acted and shaking your tail as you begged for pity” the Fiend Emperor replied, although despite that, he seemed to find the excuse barely acceptable.

Then, he turned around towards the distant Zu An and said, “In all these years, apart from the human emperor, you are the first one to have kept your life after I personally interfered.

How did you do that just now”


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