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Chapter 1369: Something In the Walls

“What way” the women all asked, looking at him curiously.

Zu An didn’t explain anything.

However, face changed, and he quickly took on the Fiend Emperor’s appearance.

Yan Xuehen and Yun Jianyue jumped in fright.

They quickly backed away, their entire bodies stiffening as they got ready to attack at a moment’s notice.

Yu Yanluo, on the other hand, knew about Zu An’s ‘Face of a Thousand Identities’ skill.

Even though she was surprised, she quickly recovered.

“Don’t be nervous, it’s me,” Zu An said.

Yan Xuehen and Yun Jianyue reacted with strange expressions, “Just how many freaking weird abilities do you have, brat!”

The two of them moved around to inspect him, and saw that he was utterly identical to the Fiend Emperor they had seen on the elevated platform.

Yan Xuehen said with a sigh of praise, “You can pretty much just head into the Imperial Palace and take the Fiend Emperor’s place.”

Yun Jianyue roared with laughter, remarking, “Then wouldn’t Heichi Fei piss his pants out of fear when he sees you”

Zu An shook his head with a pained smile, saying, “How could it be that simple Even though I can change my appearance into the Fiend Emperor’s, my voice can’t become like his.”

If he wanted his voice to be the same, he had to use the Kawaii Waifu Voice Changer to fool a guy first.

They were in such a hurry; where would he go to find a man to fool

“This is already enough,” Yu Yanluo said.

“From what we’ve seen, the Fiend Emperor is a habitually silent man who rarely speaks.

Just leave it to us later.

You don’t have to say anything.”

Yun Jianyue had a mocking smile as she remarked, “Kid, you really are quite the talent.

This skill is freaking useful for secretly sleeping with others!

“You can just change into a married woman’s husband, and then you can sleep with any married woman you want! They’ll think that you’re their husband, so they’ll receive you warmly while being completely in the dark…”

Zu An was alarmed when he heard that.

He quickly replied in a serious tone, “Nonsense! How could I do something that despicable”

Yan Xuehen glared at Yun Jianyue, saying, “You are a witch after all.

Despite the kind of situation we are in, your head is still filled with such filthy stuff!”

Yun Jianyue turned around and gave her a glare, retorting, “Oh my, you’re so noble and virtuous, so amazing! Freaking hypocrite.”

Yu Yanluo quickly smoothed things over, saying, “Alright, alright, what’s most important right now is entering the Imperial Tomb first.”

Yan Xuehen and Yun Jianyue were both some of the world's most powerful individuals.

Even though they had constant petty arguments, it wouldn’t reach a point where they would forget more important matters.

Zu An quickly changed into a new set of clothes.

The group coordinated what they were going to say, and they strutted over to the Imperial Tomb.

The group didn’t hide at all, so Heichi Fei’s subordinates noticed them quickly.

They all drew their weapons and surrounded them, calling out, “Show yourselves!”

Heichi Fei, who was seated in front of the entrance in meditation, sneered.

The Crown Prince had ordered him to guard the entrance precisely because he was worried that someone would try to interfere with the succession process.

Who would have thought that there really would be people who weren’t scared of death

The Black Teeth race was going through some trouble.

First, Heichi Ran had been implicated in the crown prince’s assassination, almost shaving a layer of skin off the Black Teeth race.

Then, that grandson of his from a branch family, Heichi Gu, had disappeared mysteriously.

Every detail available about that event pointed at a disaster.

The key was that today, the crown prince hadn’t let Heichi Ran follow him into the Imperial Tomb.

Even though the crown prince had told him that he was the only person he trusted and that he needed help guarding the entrance, Heichi Fei knew that because of the assassination, the crown prince was already on guard against the Black Teeth race.

The Golden Crow Crown Prince had only brought his trusted aides, who had already served him for many years.

Furthermore, whether it was intentional or not, everyone he had brought had lower cultivation than himself.

He was clearly worried that there could be something wrong with them; if that were the case, he would be able to subdue them at once.

Meanwhile, Heichi Fei’s cultivation was higher, which was why the crown prince didn’t feel safe bringing him in as well.

Is the crown prince muddled I’m his uncle! If he doesn’t trust me, who can he trust Heichi Ran thought.

That was why he had been quite upset the entire time and wanted someone to take his anger out on.

When he opened his eyes and saw Zu An, however, he almost pissed his pants.

He had been overbearing a moment before, but the next moment, he was already kneeling on the ground and calling out, “I greet your majesty the Fiend Emperor!”

The other guards also prostrated with fear, especially the ones who had shouted previously.

Zu An nodded and reached out his hand to gesture for them to stand up.

Yun Jianyue said coldly, “Step aside; his majesty is going to enter.” With her cultivation, mimicking the voice of a man wasn’t too difficult.

Even Yan Xuehen nodded.

Only this witch could speak in such a cold and dignified manner.

If it were her or Yu Yanluo, they couldn't mimic such a proud and aloof nature.

Sure enough, when Yun Jianyue spoke, Heichi Fei’s subordinates moved aside out of shock.

Even Heichi Fei instinctively stepped aside.

Zu An nodded and walked in with an indifferent expression.

As he watched Zu An’s back recede, Heichi Fei gritted his teeth and called out, “Wait!”

Zu An and the others were alarmed. Were there any openings somewhere

Yun Jianyue turned around and asked with a frown, “What is it”

Heichi Fei braced himself and said, “Your majesty, the crown prince is currently undergoing the trial of the previous Fiend Emperors’ heroic spirits.

What is your majesty doing entering now”

The question was something he had to ask because he was the Golden Crow Crown Prince’s uncle, the one who had been the most loyal to the crown prince’s faction for so many years.

His own clan’s success depended greatly on the crown prince’s success.

The crown prince was undergoing his trial without any issues, and yet the Fiend Emperor had suddenly appeared.

That was the greatest variable; who knew what he was thinking

The Fiend Emperor’s doting on the Second Empress was something everyone knew about.

There were even rumors that the Fiend Emperor had thought about passing on the throne to the Second Imperial Prince. Unfortunately, the Second Imperial Prince was too young, and the Fiend Emperor couldn't last that much longer.

Thus, that hadn’t come true.

However, if the Fiend Emperor went in now, didn’t that mean the Fiend Emperor had still been bewitched by that lowly woman after all, and that he was going to change successors

“Does his majesty need to explain his decisions to you” Yun Jianyue berated Heichi Fei.

One had to admit that her performance was already perfect.

Unfortunately, Heichi Fei was also extremely sharp.

He stared at Zu An with suspicion, asking, “Your majesty, why aren’t you speaking”

The women all felt a Thud! go off in their minds.

They hadn’t expected to not be able to avoid the problem in the end.

It seemed they had to fight after all.

Yan Xuehen and Yun Jianyue exchanged a look.

As old enemies, they had already developed a kind of tacit understanding.

They communicated with their eyes that they would make their move together to see if they could instantly subdue the enemy.

However, the two hadn’t recovered from their injuries, so they didn’t have absolute confidence.

Meanwhile, there were still other experts there.

Zu An turned around and gave Heichi Fei a look.

Heichi Fei’s entire face immediately turned completely red, and he even began breathing heavily.

The three women thought that the man had seen some gaps and was about to make a move, but instead, Zu An was already taking large steps toward the Imperial Tomb.

The three women were stunned and quickly followed along.

Meanwhile, Heichi Fei didn’t do a thing the entire time, only standing there while shaking slightly, as if he had seen something infuriating, yet also terrifying.

When they entered the Imperial Tomb, Yun Jianyue finally couldn't hold it in anymore.

She asked, “Little An, why did he suddenly become obedient”

Zu An’s expression became strange as he said, “It might be because he thinks that his own wife and the Fiend Emperor had an affair, and that the Fiend Emperor might silence him.”

The three women were flabbergasted.

What kind of reply was that

How could they have known that in the moment of crisis, Zu An had suddenly used the Goldensnake King’s Eye In Heichi Fei’s mind, the scene of the Fiend Emperor and his own wife going back and forth had immediately appeared.

Most importantly, the Fiend Emperor had been quite outstanding in his youth.

When he was younger, he had tried to seduce Heichi Fei’s wife.

That was something he had only learned about from a coincidence.

However, the other party was the Fiend Emperor, and his cultivation was so high! Even though Heichi Fei knew about that, he could only submit to the humiliation.

The Fiend Emperor had returned the favor as well, granting him all manner of glory and wealth.

That was how the matter had been settled.

However, when he exchanged a look with Zu An, the scene of his wife screaming in pleasure under the Fiend Emperor had appeared in his mind.

No matter how generous he was, seeing it for himself was something completely different.

Even though he felt anger, he felt even more fear.

He was worried that the Fiend Emperor knew that he knew, and would want to silence him.

How could he still be in the mood to stop him

Zu An didn’t know the truth.

He only felt that even though the skill seemed pathetic, it really had some use.

The group quickly headed into the Imperial Tomb.

However, Zu An suddenly stopped, his expression serious as he called out, “Be careful! There’s something in the walls!”


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