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Chapter 1367: Executed Without Exception

If one were to say that these skills were completely useless… No, they had some use.

And yet, if one were to say that they were useful… No, they really weren’t all that useful.

Still, Zu An had already gotten used to that over the years.

If it weren’t a freaking scam, it wouldn’t be a skill from the Keyboard System.

However, if the skills were used in an appropriate situation, they would often prove extremely useful.

Zu An had previously had some idea of where he could use the previous skills, but this time, he couldn't think of anything at all, no matter how he tried.

Sigh, it’s better than nothing, I guess.

Zu An could only console himself that way.

Then, he began to search through the other things he had obtained from the pulls this time.

He had obtained a total of 608 Ki Fruits and nothing else.

He was a bit regretful to find that unfortunately, there were no Tiger Talismans.

It would have been great if he could get some more valkyries.

Then, he summoned Daji and Mo Xi.

He initially wanted to raise Mo Xi’s level a bit, but when he saw the wild and arrogant expression in her eyes, Zu An gave up on that thought.

He’d give her some once she actually did some work for him.

This woman liked that kind of business exchange, anyway.

If there were no ki fruits, he wouldn’t necessarily be able to make her do a thing.

Hmph, Daji is so much better!

He still had 306 Ki Fruits that he hadn’t used the last time.

Together with the amount he had just gotten, he had 914 in total.

After some hesitation, though, he didn’t use them in the end.

They weren’t enough to bring Daji to the eighth rank, so it wasn’t worth the cost.

After all, all the opponents he would face in the Imperial Tomb were going to be incredibly powerful.

Increasing Daji’s skills by that tiny amount wouldn’t do much.

For some reason, he felt that saving the Ki Fruits would be the best choice.

He chatted with Daji and Mo Xi for a bit.

Of course, he was the only one talking, while the two valkyries listened quietly.

Even though he knew that the two valkyries didn’t have souls at the moment, he felt that doing so would bring them closer to him.

Unfortunately, without any true communication, the effectiveness of such one-way ‘conversation’ was just a bit too low.

A night passed just like that.

The next day, Zu An met the three women.

They all had frowns on their faces.

There’s a different smell on him.

Did he secretly seek out Yu Yanluo last night Even though Yan Xuehen knew that the two were lovers, and that it was normal even if they did something, her mood was still strange.

Yun Jianyue cursed, “You damn brat, what are you using all of your strength before a great battle for Utter nonsense.” If she hadn’t been worried about Yu Yanluo’s feelings, she would have already showered Zu An with curses.

Yu Yanluo was also confused.

She knew that Zu An hadn’t been with her last night.

Just who had he been with, for him to have that kind of smell on him Yun Jianyue or Yan Xuehen

She managed to scare herself with that sudden thought.

Those two were both among the very strongest in the world.

Furthermore, with their personalities, it really was hard to imagine them having any such interactions with another man.

The three of them all became suspicious.

The mood was bizarre.

However, Zu An just assumed they were all a bit nervous before the great battle and didn’t think too much about it.

They moved closer to the Imperial Tomb, where all sorts of races had gathered for a long and complicated procedure with a litany of rituals.

The main idea was that the representatives would praise the crown prince for his integrity and talent, and affirm that he was going to become the next Fiend Emperor.

Before that, however, he would have to enter the Imperial Tomb and undergo the tests of the previous ancestors.

After giving their praises, the representatives of the different races left, because based on past experience, the trial would take a single day at least, and several days at most.

There was no need to stand outside at all.

Furthermore, there was no such thing as a failure, so they knew it was just a formality.

As such, the major figures of the different races didn’t want to just idle around outside.

Leaving behind their trusted aides to await further news was already giving the royal family enough face.

Zu An took the chance to confirm some things with the women.

Just then, the Second Empress asked through ki, “What is your decision”

Zu An looked up at the elevated platform.

The luxuriously dressed Second Empress was naturally graceful and stunning like a peony.

She was clearly speaking to him, and yet she didn’t look in his direction at all.

“Your highness really is composed.

You’re actually asking that kind of question at this kind of time,” Zu An said with a chuckle.

When she noticed that Zu An could still transmit his voice clearly at such a distance, the Second Empress became more confident in his strength.

She replied, “Who says I am composed I wanted to ask you earlier, but the Fiend Emperor was present then.

If I had sent a ki transmission then, there would be no way it could escape his detection.”

“So you’ll only speak to me once your husband leaves That hurts,” Zu An replied, feigning a sigh.

The Second Empress had a strange smile as she remarked, “Damn kid, you even dare to provoke me You make it sound as if we are adulterers or something.”

“Yesterday, didn’t you say you would have the Second Crown Prince make me his imperial brother or something Why are you backing out so quickly” Zu An replied, sounding dissatisfied.

The Second Empress smiled in a lovable manner, replying, “I said that would happen once the task is complete.

It sounds as if you agree, then.”

Zu An said with a sigh, “Your highness is an incredible beauty.

What man in this world could refuse you”

In truth, he was going because it was an Unknown Region.

If this vixen wanted to put on an act, he would just play along. Let’s see who goes down first.

A slight blush appeared on the Second Empress’ face.

She replied, “You have so many beauties at your side, so why would you favor an old woman like me”

“If your highness is an old woman, the other older women in this world would smile and laugh even in their dreams,” Zu An replied.

Meanwhile, he discussed the details with the other three women even while dealing with the Second Empress.

He was in awe of his own skills at multitasking.

“Your tongue really is sweet.

No wonder you have so many beautiful women around you.” The Second Empress harrumphed.

“The crown prince has already begun to move, so you should start setting out as well.

Once this matter is over, this empress will invite you to my chambers for a slow chat.”

Even though her voice was full of allure, there was a cold glint in her eyes.

After something so big, how could she possibly spare his life This damn kid really must think that this empress is a fickle woman!

Of course, she didn’t mind using her own beauty as a fake ticket if it would make Zu An complete the mission with greater motivation.

Zu An pretended to be overjoyed to hear that turn of events.

He replied, “I’ll remember your highness’ words! You can’t go back on them later!”

“You are so annoying… I am already in the same boat as you, so how could I possibly go back on my words” The Second Empress pouted playfully and said, “Then, I wish you a smooth journey.”

“Your highness just needs to wait for my return,” Zu An replied with a chuckle.

He brought the three women toward the Imperial Tomb’s hillside.

“That kid has such a lowly smirk on his face.

He’s definitely thinking some bad thoughts.” Yun Jianyue harrumphed.

Yan Xuehen remained expressionless as she replied, “He was probably chatting with the Second Empress just now, right”

Yu Yanluo had an ambiguous smile as she asked, “What were they chatting about so happily”

Zu An immediately began to sweat buckets.

He thought he had done everything seamlessly, and yet these women had actually already noticed it. Why are all the women around me so freaking sharp

“Ahem, we were talking about the details of the Imperial Tomb,” he said.

He naturally wouldn’t be so stupid as to explain the details of the conversation.

That really would create a hell battleground!

“Oh, it’ll be much easier for us if she knows about the situation inside the Imperial Tomb,” Yun Jianyue said.

She was happy to hear that, and looked at him expectantly.

Zu An replied, “She’s never entered the Imperial Tomb either and doesn’t know much about the situation inside.

She only told us that the guards and the killing formations in that direction are weaker, so we should enter from that side.”

“You don’t even know what the inside of the Imperial Tomb is like, and yet you were still chatting with her so happily” Yun Jianyue exclaimed, looking extremely annoyed.

Yan Xuehen said, “Actually, we might not have to enter the Imperial Tomb.

Our objective is the Unknown Region.

We should just follow the map.”

Yu Yanluo’s eyes lit up as she remarked, “As expected of big sis Yan.

I’ve been worrying about the inside of the Imperial Tomb the entire time.”

Yan Xuehen chuckled and said, “It is still too early to feel happy.

Who knows, the Unknown Region might be inside the Imperial Tomb, so we might still have to go in.”

“Let’s just take it one step at a time.

It’s useless thinking about all of this now,” Yu Yanluo said.

She looked at Yan Xuehen and continued, “Big sis Yan, your smile really is pretty.

You’ve been smiling much more recently.

This version of you is so much better.”

Yan Xuehen was stunned. I’ve been smiling more recently

“She never used to do that.

Otherwise, why would I call her a stone cold woman” Yun Jianyue harrumphed.

“It’s really strange now that I think about it.

I’ve already known her for so many years, and yet she’s smiled more recently than in her entire life before now.

Did she recently hit puberty or something”

“That’s nonsense!” Yan Xuehen cried, her heart rate speeding up.

She frowned.

Zu An was worried that their relationship could be exposed if the conversation went further.

He quickly said, “Ahem, let’s hurry and change clothes.

We need to seize the moment.”

Yun Jianyue’s expression turned strange.

“You’re only making us change now Damn kid, are you doing this on purpose to see us change clothes”

When she said that, she suddenly remembered that he had already seen her completely.

A blush spread across her normally dignified expression.

“Uh… Weren’t we in that ceremony earlier How could we have changed ahead of time” Zu An replied.

He took out the clothes and handed them to the women.

“Don’t worry, I’ill use my divine sense to watch the surroundings for you.

I won’t let anyone see you all.”

“You’re not allowed to use your divine sense!” the three women blurted out at the same time.

The one they were most guarded against was him!

In the end, in order to prove his own innocence, Zu An didn’t turn around from start to finish.

The three women were all experts, so they changed clothes almost instantly.

There weren’t any unnecessary scenes at all.

Then, the four of them headed toward the mountain where the Imperial Tomb was.

Soon afterward, a troop of soldiers suddenly appeared and surrounded them, calling out, “The crown prince is experiencing his trial right now.

All who trespass shall be executed without exception!”


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