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Chapter 1366: There Is More Than a Single Knife Poking Against Your Back

“That is far too dangerous, though.

The Imperial Tomb is full of killing intent, and no one knows what the situation inside is like.

And what is the truth behind the so-called Fiend Emperors’ heroic spirits” Yan Xuehen replied, shaking her head.

“Furthermore, the succession ceremony is such a huge event; there is no way the Fiend Emperor would not get involved.

At that point, if you really did something to the Golden Crow Crown Prince, even if you could escape from the Imperial Tomb, you would still end up suffering from the Fiend Emperor’s pursuit…”

Yan Xuehen was stunned by the fact that she had said so much.

She suddenly realized that she was worried about Zu An’s safety.

For fear of drawing the other girls’ attention, she quickly added, “That would also implicate the Snake and Elf races.”

Yu Yanluo frowned.

Even though she didn’t like living in the fiend race territories that much, she didn’t wish for the Snake race to be destroyed because of her.

Yun Jianyue rolled her eyes and replied, “Stone cold woman, are you an idiot We’re just going in, so why do we have to mess with the crown prince and get involved in the succession fight Can’t we just borrow the token and clothes the Second Empress provided to head inside, and leave it at that”

Yan Xuehen was stupefied.

She couldn't even be bothered to pay attention to the insult.

She slowly replied, “That kind of thing is… possible”

Yu Yanluo gave Yun Jianyue a strange look. The Devil Sect really plays by all means, both fair and foul.

This really is… shameless.

Still, she approved of that approach, because it was definitely the most suitable method.

“Why are you all looking at me like this” Yun Jianyue asked a bit unhappily.

“Did you all have childhoods that were a bit too sheltered or something Isn’t this the choice that makes the most sense I’m sure the Second Empress doesn’t intend for Little An to become some kind of ’imperial brother’, and will just silence him as her first objective afterward.

She might even use him to calm the hearts of the crown prince’s faction later.”

Zu An couldn't help but sigh with praise, saying, “Big sis Yun, you really are the most realistic and sober one of us all…”

Even though he had his own suspicions, his interactions with the Second Empress had actually been quite agreeable.

It was hard for him to develop resentment for her due to her sweet and soft voice, so he had subconsciously never considered the absolute worst case scenario.

None of them were idiots.

Now that Yun Jianyue had offered such and analysis, they immediately realized that she had described the most likely possibility.

Yu Yanluo nodded and said, “Indeed.

In that case, we can’t let her use us.

We should exploit her first.”

Zu An said somewhat worriedly, “But if the Golden Crow Crown Prince rises to the throne smoothly, I fear that he definitely wouldn’t treat you well.”

As for Snow, it was still alright.

He would just take her far away if he had to.

The Elf race was a king race to begin with.

No matter how dissatisfied the Golden Crow Crown Prince was, he wouldn’t dare to do anything to the Elf race.

“It’s fine,” Yu Yanluo said with a warm smile.

“You’ll already be back in the human world tomorrow.

You won’t have anything to do with our Snake race anymore.

Furthermore, the Snake race is in a fairly secluded place, and we’re a vigorous and tough race.

Even if he tries to do something to us, he’ll have to consider the effects it will have on the other races.

He’ll just play some dirty tricks at most.

We’ll just have to deal with those situations as they happen.”

“Tsk tsk tsk, what a meticulous and careful flower we have here,” Yun Jianyue said.

She couldn't hold herself back from pinching Yu Yanluo’s cheek.

How could any man in the world resist a woman who was so beautiful and good at understanding others

Yan Xuehen seemed a bit absent-minded.

At that moment, it was hard to know what she was thinking.

When they returned to the Snake race’s courtyard, they all tried to get as much rest as they could.

At first, Zu An wanted to keep Yu Yanluo from heading inside to provide support, because the Imperial Tomb was too dangerous.

To his surprise, however, she refused that role no matter what, saying that a husband and wife had to stick together.

She wasn’t willing to stay in a safe place while her man would have to face danger.

Zu An couldn't convince her otherwise and could only agree.

When she saw the two going back and forth like that, Yan Xuehen left with an emotionless expression.

Yun Jianyue was also quite unhappy after being forced to watch the public display of affection.

She muttered complaints and left too.

The Imperial Tomb would only open up right before the Golden Crow Crown Prince entered.

If Zu An went over immediately, even if he had the token, he would be seen as suspicious.

As such, they all returned to their own rooms to get some rest in preparation for the next day’s adventure.

Yu Yanluo went with Maid Xing to arrange for external support after they were finished.

She also left instructions on what to do if she never came back, and what to do with the Snake race and Yu clan.

Maid Xing ended up being overcome with tears.

Meanwhile, Zu An returned to his room.

He was almost as nervous as he had been before his college entrance exam.

Just as looking at any more books or test papers the night before the test was completely useless, cultivating any further at that moment was also pointless.

However, there was still something he could still give a try, which was his Rage point system.

Maybe it was just all in his mind, but he always felt that single pulls weren’t all that great and that the ten multi-pull was easier to get lucky with.

That was why he usually saved up quite a few Rage points first before trying his luck.

He was going to enter the Imperial Tomb tomorrow.

Even though he had already experienced all kinds  of things already, he didn’t have any confidence this time.

So, having a bit more strength to count on would still be good.

He washed his face and hands first as usual, then took out the assorted incense and other tools that he had already gathered a long time ago.

There were even a few extra saucers to arrange all sorts of offerings.

He made a spiritual prayer, then began his pulls.

The amount he had collected this time was quite sizable.

He had a total of 621,375 points.

Zu An immediately pressed the key to start the lottery.

As he saw the ‘Thank you for playing’ and ‘Congratulations, you have won a Ki Fruit’ messages flash by, his excitement quickly faded.

Only later, when the keyboard’s flashing indicator stopped over the ‘T’ key, did he become madly excited.

Congratulations on winning the Goldensnake King’s Eye!

“Goldensnake King’s Eye What is this” Zu An exclaimed in confusion.

Was it something similar to the Medusa’s Eye He wondered what kind of use it had.

He quickly scrolled down to the skill description.

Goldensnake King’s Eye skill description: At a certain moment in spacetime, there was a saying that went, ‘The moment the Goldensnake King even glances at you, you’ve already been greened’.

Zu An was speechless. The hell is this

Don’t tell me you can steal someone’s chastity with just a look or something

He quickly continued reading.

Skill effect: When used on a couple or a pair of lovers, it will make them think that you cheated on their partner.

Friendly reminder: Beware of getting beaten when you use this skill.

Zu An was speechless. Damn, what kind of skill is this What can I even do with this kind of thing

Even if he intended to cheat, the fun was in the cheating! Why the hell would anyone want to let the other person find out!

He noticed that the skill also had a second implication.

It seemed to be able to make women think that their husbands or lovers had cheated on them… Is that even freaking okay

Zu An couldn't help but shiver when he thought of that. I’ll probably never use this skill on a woman in my entire life.

Even with the great event encroaching, he had only ended up getting this damned skill, so Zu An’s mood became a bit worse.

However, he continued to pull on the lottery.

The light indicator flew to and fro, giving him more ki fruits and ‘thank you’ messages.

His mood became even colder than the roaring wind and snow outside.

“Deities and buddhas, I prepared so many offerings for you.

You can’t just let me down like this, right” Zu An muttered as he saw the number of pulls he could do rapidly decrease.

He thought to himself, Should I not go through all this effort in the future

Maybe it was a coincidence, but as soon as he spoke, the light indicator stopped over the ‘K’ key.

Zu An’s mood immediately lifted.

Congratulations on winning the Ikuu Experience Card!

What kind of stupid name is that Huh Why does this pronunciation sound a bit familiar

He quickly continued reading the words on the screen.

Ikuu Experience Card skill description: If your back hurts, it might not be because of a blade.

If you are screaming your heart and lungs out, it might not be because of pain.

What rests on your shoulders might not necessarily be responsibility.

Things you are forced to learn might not be a lesson!

Skill effect: Only effective on men.

Once a target is selected, it will force them to experience a woman’s perspective.

They will feel as if they were being powerfully filled by a strong and robust man.

One of the four scenarios above will be chosen, and they will continue to scream ‘Ikuu ikuu~’.

Note: This skill is ineffective against those without any intimate experiences.

Zu An’s jaw nearly dropped onto the ground when he saw the skill’s description.

You know what, you win.

What the hell is this There really are all sorts of ridiculous skills…


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