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Chapter 1363: Invitation

However, the Golden Crow Crown Prince quickly shook his head.

They don’t look similar, nor are their fighting styles similar.

Even their auras are different.

 Looks like that slut Medusa Queen used her beauty to recruit a powerful cultivator from who knows where. That makes things tricky.

This might not be enough to force out that Zu An.

This Shi Rong really is trash.

At least there’s still the stronger Shi Min and Shi Gong.

The two of them can at least cripple two of the Snake race’s experts, which might still be enough to bring out that hidden Zu An.

He quickly looked at the other two arenas, but then his smile suddenly froze.

Meanwhile, Hu Qianxiao persisted with his mockery and ridicule, saying, “An honorable clan leader like you personally came down here To bully the juniors like this, don’t you feel even the slightest bit embarrassed for yourself”

Shi Zhentian found it hard to hold his temper in check after being annoyed by Hu Qianxiao for so long.

A vicious glint flickered through his eyes as he replied, “Cease your nonsense.

How about exchanging some moves between the two of us”

“Why not Why don’t we use this chance to see which one of us comes out on top!” Hu Qianxiao replied.

He definitely wouldn’t feel any fear in such a situation.

His aura also quickly surged.

A fight between them seemed about to break out, but there was no way the court’s officials would let them fight there.

They quickly rushed forward to stop the two.

Some individuals who were on good terms with them also came out to mediate the situation.

Only then did the two use that as a pretext to back down.

Shi Zhentian gave Zu An a long look before leaving, saying, “Little fellow, I will remember you.”

Zu An said with a big smile, “It’s great that you’ll remember me.

Be sure to pay the hundred thousand heaven-grade ki stones you owe me sooner!”

Shi Zhentian almost staggered and fell.

He was a glorious grandmaster, and yet, why didn’t this guy feel the slightest bit of fear He harrumphed, then picked up Shi Rong’s completely limp body before flying back to his seat.

You have successfully trolled Shi Zhentian for 444 444 444…

Hu Qianxiao’s smile was so big the edges of his mouth were about to reach his ears.

He asked, “Kid, what’s your name”

“You can call me Yan Zu,” Zu An replied.

He wasn’t the type to turn down a friendly guy.

Since this person was showing him good intentions, there was no reason to dislike him.

“Yan Zu, a good name.

I have a good impression of you, hahaha,” Hu Qianxiao said with a hearty laugh before returning to his seat.

When he returned, he began to mock and provoke Shi Zhentian again.

Shi Zhentian was going mad with anger, but he sensibly chose not to pay his rival any attention.

The only thing he wanted to see at the moment was his other two sons changing his mood.

Because of what had happened with Shi Rong, he was already furious.

As such, he told them through ki transmission, “Min’er, Gong’er, do not show any mercy.

Cripple those two Snake race people.

It is fine even if you kill them; I will take care of the aftermath.” 

However, he didn’t receive any response.

When he looked up, he saw that Shi Gong was lying on the ground, groaning; clearly, he no longer had any strength to continue fighting.

Yan Xuehen simply stood there calmly.

Even though her face looked ordinary, she still gave off an aloof and transcendent air, as if she were an untainted immortal from the ninth heaven.

“What the hell!” Many people rubbed their eyes in disbelief.

They hadn’t expected they would actually be tempted by such an ordinary-looking woman.

Meanwhile, Shi Min was even worse off.

He was lying on the ground, not moving at all.

His arms and legs were all twisted at a strange angle; they were clearly broken.

Yun Jianyue stood before him like a world-shaking war goddess! Her wonderful figure and powerful body began to stir even more people’s desires.

Many people began to ask around about the Snake race women.

Even though they looked ordinary, they both had a mysterious charm, which was already enough to get the onlookers going.

Of course, what shocked them the most was the women’s strength.

They hadn’t expected the two women to defeat the Lion race princes so easily! After all, the two princes were both already at the master rank.

Even though they weren’t that high up in the master rank, they were still master rank cultivators!

Zu An’s fight had drawn most of the onlookers’ attention, so they hadn’t seen what had happened in the other arenas.

The few who had watched the battle were also confused, however.

At first, both sides clearly seemed evenly matched at first, but after mere moments, both Lion race princes ended up lying on the ground.

They had seen Yan Xuehen and Yun Jianyue’s movements with their own eyes, and yet they couldn't understand why those simple movements were able to defeat the Lion race princes.

It was as if the princes had allowed themselves to get beaten.

On the elevated platform, the Golden Crow Crown Prince’s eyes widened in absolute disbelief.

 He could believe that Shi Rong’s defeat had been because his cultivation wasn’t high enough, and the fact that he was still young meant he had more openings.

However, Shi Min and Shi Gong were famous young experts.

They definitely wouldn’t make such rookie-level mistakes.

A single time might have just been a fluke, but three losses in a row There were no such coincidences in this world.

Just who in the world were those two women They clearly only had ki fluctuations around the ninth rank, but every time they attacked, their skills seemed extremely mysterious.

He couldn't even see through them.

Just where had the Medusa Queen found so many powerful cultivators

No matter how he racked his brains, however, he couldn't associate the two ordinary-looking women with the two stunning beauties who had been with the Snake race before.

Shi Zhentian’s body flickered, and he instantly reappeared next to his two sons.

When he saw that their lives weren’t in danger, he sighed in relief.

However, when he saw Shi Min’s broken arms and legs, his face couldn't help but darken.

He stared at Yun Jianyue and spat, “Venomous woman, you really are vicious.”

When she heard the words ‘venomous woman’, not only did she not get angry, Yun Jianyue even said with a smile, “Thank you for the praise.”

Shi Zhentian was speechless.

He thought, Why do all these Snake race competitors seem a bit off somehow

It took him some time before he finally snapped out of his daze, saying, “Brash actions usually come with serious consequences.”

As he spoke, he rushed forward in a flash.

Yun Jianyue’s face darkened; she was about to retaliate, but then a barrier of water appeared between the two of them, blocking Shi Zhentian’s way out.

Shi Zhentian suddenly turned around.

He saw Shang Liuyu walk over barefoot, every step seemingly creating water ripples.

She said, “Lion King, victory and defeat between the different clans’ competitors should be decided among themselves.

A clan leader personally interfering goes against the rules.”

Qiao Xueying also got up and said, “Indeed.

Lion King, please conduct yourself with dignity.”

Hu Qianxiao also laughed and said, “Brother Shi, it isn’t embarrassing to lose, but if you lose and can’t admit the loss, that really is utterly humiliating.”

Shi Zhentian began breathing heavily.

This guy was saying that it wasn’t embarrassing to lose, but hadn’t he been laughing more happily than anyone else earlier If not for the fact that the Ocean races’ mermaid princess had also stepped forward, he might have already started a fight against Hu Qianxiao.

What is with these Snake race people They actually obtained the protection of the Ocean races and the Elf race

He had heard about the Jade Garden event previously and knew that Shang Liuyu seemed to be familiar with the Snake race, but she hadn’t acted too close to them.

He hadn’t expected that she would step forward without any hesitation to help the Snake race.

That meant their relationship definitely wasn’t ordinary.

What was up with the Elf race, though If it were just Hu Qianxiao alone, he wouldn’t feel any fear.

But if the mysterious Ocean races were added to the mix, as well as the powerful Elf King Manor, he would have to reevaluate things.

He suddenly turned around to look at the Golden Crow Crown Prince on the elevated platform.

This bastard was the one who had instructed them to face the Snake race, but he had never mentioned that the Snake race would be so difficult to deal with!

The Golden Crow Crown Prince looked a bit unhappy. This damn Lion race trash messed up all of my plans, yet you dare blame this crown prince!

Shi Zhentian felt as if he had been schemed against.

He wasn’t going to cause any more trouble before finding out more about the situation.

As such, he picked up his two sons and said, “Hmph, I just felt that she was a bit too vicious.”

Yun Jianyue said indifferently, “The fact that I didn’t take his life already counts as mercy.”

Shi Zhentian was speechless.

Now, even Hu Qiantao had a strange expression. What is up with these Snake race people They’re clearly not that strong, and yet every single one of them speaks in such an overbearing manner! Does she know that she’s facing a grandmaster

Just then, the officials who were in charge of maintaining order reacted.

They arrived to ask the Lion race’s people to leave.

Shi Zhentian harrumphed, then stormed off with a wave of his sleeves.

Not only had he been completely embarrassed, all three of his contestants had lost.

The powerful and glorious Lion Race was actually left with only a single representative! He definitely had to return and think about how to deal with things.

He had to consider what kind of price he would have to pay to buy seats from the other races.

More and more races came to congratulate Yu Yanluo on her victory.

The Snake race had gained four delegate seats.

That was something only the most powerful clans had the right to, so of course they had to be on good terms with her.

Meanwhile, Zu An felt quite relaxed.

He tried to find a chance to talk to Qiao Xueying, but he was stopped by a maid who said, “Excuse me, young master.

Our clan leader requests the pleasure of meeting with you.”

“I refuse,” Zu An said, waving his hands impatiently.

The only thing he wanted was to meet with Qiao Xueying; he wasn’t in the mood to meet anyone else.

“My master said that you dirtied her bedsheet, so she needs to have a talk about compensation with you,” the maid said calmly.

Zu An was speechless.


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