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Chapter 1362: Suspicion


Forget about Shi Rong, whose head was ringing; even the spectators watching in the distance were completely stupefied.

Almost every person who could join such a general assembly was intelligent.

They had immediately realized that something was up when they saw that the Lion race had just happened to draw the same lots as the Snake race.

Many of them knew about the conflict between the Lion and Snake races, and assumed the situation had been set up by the Lion race.

Only those who held high authority had realized that the Lion race didn’t have enough influence to affect the opponent selection.

The only one who had the ability to do such a thing was probably the one seated atop the elevated platform.

As such, that battle immediately drew their attention.

Some were worried about Zu An’s group, but most of them just intended to watch the drama play out.

There were some others who had recently become friendly with Yu Yanluo.

However, they were starting to reconsider and weigh their options.

After all, if the Snake race ended up offending the next Fiend Emperor, they could end up having to clearly draw a line between the Snake race and themselves.

Previously, apart from Shang Liuyu and a few others, the others had just been waiting to see the Lion race princes viciously beat up the Snake race’s competitors.

How could they have expected that Shi Rong would immediately be sent flying with a kick!

The Lion King, Shi Zhentian, had been chatting leisurely to those around him with a smile.

When he saw that, he immediately sat up straight.

His smile also froze on his face.

Just then, the nearby Hu Qianxiao roared with laughter.

“Oh my, I didn’t expect the glorious Lion race’s prince to actually be instantly defeated by some nobody! Tsk tsk tsk, the Lion race still has the nerve to strut around You should just change your name to Weak Chicken race in the future!”

In the distance, the Chicken race shot him a look of resentment. What in the world did we do to deserve that!

Shi Zhentian’s face was ashen.

He didn’t reply and instead roared, “Shi Rong, what were you taught You should never underestimate your enemy.

What in the world are you doing!”

He had thought that things were already in the bag, which was why he hadn’t paid attention to the details in the arena.

He had believed that the Snake race’s representative had no chance of instantly defeating Shi Rong.

The others suddenly realized what had happened when they heard that.

So Shi Rong was just careless! No wonder.

Hu Qianxiao remarked mockingly, “What are you screaming your head off for What, could it be that you’re going to personally go up there to fight in your son’s place”

Shi Zhentian harrumphed and said, “Hu Qianxiao, you should not get excited too early.

Who knows, your own son might just end up getting upset too.”

“Sorry to inform you, but my sons are all doing quite well.

Victory will be decided soon,” Hu Qianxiao replied, laughing complacently.

Shi Zhentian glanced over to the side.

Sure enough, Hu Yong and the others’ opponents couldn't even retaliate at all.

They would have no problem seizing victory.

His face twitched when he saw that.

He had lost so much face in front of his old nemesis today.

Once they got back, he had to give that brat Shi Rong a good beating.

When Shi Rong heard his father’s roar, the dizziness that had begun to set in faded, and his head started to clear.

He stood up again, his eyes completely red as he stared at Zu An.

He bellowed, “You bastard, you’re dead for sure now!”

You have successfully trolled Shi Rong for 999 999 999…

There were so many people watching, and yet the person he had been looking down on stepped on his face! How could a proud and haughty member of the Lion race possibly take such humiliation

Zu An smiled and retorted, “So the Lion Race’s renowned ‘Lion’s Roar’ skill is done through shooting your mouth off!”

In the distance, Hu Qianxiao smacked his thigh and cried, “This kid is pretty interesting! I’m starting to like him more and more!”

Shi Zhentian’s face darkened.

There was a hint of killing intent in his eyes when he looked at Zu An.

You have successfully trolled Shi Zhentian for 444 444 444…

When he saw the incoming Rage points, Zu An gave Shi Zhentian a look.

However, he didn’t treat it as a big deal.

Either way, after what had happened with Shi Ling and the events in the Jade Garden, their enmity for each other was already set in stone.

Tacking on some more didn’t make a difference at all.

“An opening!” Seeing that his opponent had actually looked away during a fight, Shi Rong was shocked and happy.

He threw a fist at Zu An, and this time, he didn’t hold back at all.

Against someone like this, whom he had such a huge grudge against, so what if he killed his opponent on the spot

To his surprise, however, Zu An seemed as if he could see the future! He raised a leg and sent a kick at an impossible angle.

Shi Rong wanted to dodge, but he found that no matter how he tried to change his own direction, the leg still followed him.

Eventually, when he used up his spurt of energy and slowed down for a split second, the opponent’s foot smashed into his face again.


Shi Rong fell heavily to the ground like a sandbag, and he was unable to crawl back to his feet for a long time.

“Huh” Shi Zhentian exclaimed.

His brows furrowed.

Even though Shi Rong’s cultivation was only at the peak of the ninth rank, making him one of the weaker sons, he was also young.

In terms of talent, he was one of the best among his age.

And yet, why did it seem as if he didn’t have any strength to retaliate

Could it be that this opponent is far stronger than him

According to his observations, though, Zu An’s aura was also around the ninth rank.

His cultivation should have been on par with Shi Rong.

So how had he done that

How could he know that Zu An had Yun Jianyue’s Mirror Mirage and Yan Xuehen’s Unshakable Daoist State Now, his mastery of hiding his aura had already fully matured.

Unless he intentionally revealed it, it would be difficult for others to see through to his true strength.

On top of that, he had been able to defeat Shi Rong so easily due to having already fought against Shi Ling, and even the Western Lion, before.

He already had a very good understanding of the Mad Lion’s Hegemon Fist.

Shi Rong’s achievements in the skill were still a bit lacking, on top of that.

For those who were familiar with the skill, it would be easy to notice the flaws.

How could the Lion race know that this Yan Zu was actually so familiar with one of their ultimate skills, though The situation only made him seem more suspicious.

“I’m going to fight you to the death!” Shi Rong yelled.

As he stood up again, blood came out of his nose and tears came out of his eyes.

He charged at Zu An as if he had gone mad.

You have successfully trolled Shi Rong for 999 999 999…

Hu Qianxiao roared with laughter when he saw that.

“Brother Shi, your beloved son is actually crying from getting beaten up, ahahahaha!”

Shi Zhentian was speechless.

His face became completely red.

However, the way things were going, he really didn’t have the confidence to retort.

Shi Rong screamed miserably as he was sent flying again.

All of the weaknesses of his moves had already been exploited by Zu An when he was fighting normally.

Now that he had flown into a rage, his moves were riddled with even more holes.

He tried to get back up, but this time, Zu An didn’t let him do as he wished.

Instead, Zu An stepped firmly on his face, pressing him against the floor.

Shi Rong struggled with everything he had.

His fingers even started to draw deep grooves into the floor around him, but his opponent’s foot was like a mountain, preventing him from getting back up.

Even though his injuries weren’t all that severe, the humiliation he was experiencing was far more than he could take.

Filled with anger and panic, he coughed up a mouthful of blood.

Then, he fainted.

You have successfully trolled Shi Rong for 1024 1024 1024…

Zu An was a bit regretful. Why is this guy so weak

He had planned to farm some Rage points from this guy, and yet he ended up just fainting

He was about to find some water to wake Shi Rong up when someone roared in rage, “Stop!”

A terrifying gale swept toward Zu An, unleashing great pressure.

His expression turned grave.

He was about to defend himself when another figure rushed forth.

The two figures exchanged a palm.


Many competitors nearby were knocked down from the blast wave.

“Brother Shi, the younger generation is having a normal competition here.

Don’t you think it’s inappropriate to interrupt them” The one who had emerged to protect Zu An was naturally Hu Qianxiao.

Seeing the Lion race humiliated so badly felt like eating ice-cold watermelon in the middle of the hottest months of summer! He felt absolutely incredible.

“My clan’s Rong’er has already fainted, and yet this scoundrel wanted to kill him.

Of course I needed to step forward to stop him,” Shi Zhentian said, thinking quickly and finding an excuse.

Zu An shrugged and said, “I only wanted to wake him up.

How could I kill him”

“Would you be that kind Who would believe that!” Shi Zhentian spat coldly.

Zu An said with a grin, “They owe me a hundred thousand heaven-grade ki stones, you know Who’s going to pay up if they die”

Shi Zhentian was speechless.

He had heard about that matter, and had given his three sons a vicious scolding.

He had planned to take the chance to cripple the Snake race’s people in the arena; in that case, they would simply have to move on.

How could he have expected that his own son would be the one to end up almost crippled

Meanwhile, on the elevated platform, the Golden Crow Crown Prince had a puzzled expression.

Since when did the Snake race have someone so capable

Don’t tell me it’s none other than that hateful Zu An


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