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Chapter 1360: Literal Shit Beaten Out of Them

Zu An was completely speechless. Big sis, aren’t we all here to get some seats for Yu Yanluo Why did this suddenly become a holiday for you

Soon afterward, however, he didn’t have time to mock them anymore.

More than ten fighters from different races rushed at them.

Due to the sudden assault, the previous tension gave way to pure chaos.

The other groups began to split up, joining separate battles.

However, people of the same race usually fought together or worked together with their allies.

No one was like the Snake race, where two people watched like bystanders and they only had one person fight.

Many people sneered. It seems the Snake race doesn’t really get along! No matter how high their cultivation is, they’ll still be easily taken down through numbers.

They didn’t mind that at all, since it meant fewer competitors.

Soon afterward, no one paid any attention to the Snake race anymore.

Each group fought either as an individual team or with allied groups, doing their best to take out as many people as possible.

Only then would they have a chance of getting out of the first stage.

Otherwise, they could end up having to fight against their own allies for a position.

Zu An was surrounded by more than ten candidates from different races.

Their cultivation ranks were at the peak of the sixth rank at the lowest, while most of them were at the seventh rank.

There were even some at the peak of the eighth rank.

The reason they could represent their respective clans was that they were carefully selected fighters.

Even if their races were weak, finding a single strong cultivator still wouldn’t be too difficult.

Of course, they were still quite lacking compared to true experts.

With Zu An’s cultivation, he definitely didn’t need to go all out.

He could easily take them out with just some simple moves.

The fighters around Zu AN were confused.

Their opponent only used simple martial arts that clearly seemed easy to avoid, and yet they somehow couldn’t avoid getting hit.

They used all kinds of profound skills, but they couldn't even touch a hair on his body.

That kind of feeling was just too strange…

They all felt that this person’s strength was just a bit greater than theirs at most, that they could definitely win if they just gave it another go.

However, whenever they rushed forth again, they were quickly knocked down.

They were all incredibly baffled, wondering if their luck was just awful that day or something, or whether this guy was using some kind of witchcraft.

Yan Xuehen nodded and remarked, “I did not expect him to be able to retrace the natural path at his age.

He really is a genius among geniuses.”

As the White Jade Sect’s sect master, and considering her identity as a glorious grandmaster, she had seen many, many talented individuals.

However, even the most outstanding ones seemed to pale in comparison to Zu An.

“That’s why a certain someone really must be blind, or else why would they try to break up those lovers” Yun Jianyue remarked, rolling her eyes.

She wouldn’t give up even a single chance to mock Yan Xuehen.

When she remembered how she had chased down Zu An to kill him, Yan Xuehen’s face reddened.

More importantly, afterward, they had even shared the most intimate kind of relationship! Sigh, I really don’t know how to deal with all of this anymore.

Yun Jianyue didn’t notice how Yan Xuehen was acting strangely.

Instead, she looked excitedly into the distance, remarking, “What’s so interesting about Little An’s side In my opinion, it’s that Giant Maggot race fella whose skills look rather interesting.”

Yan Xuehen looked in the same direction.

She saw a pale and fat individual who resembled a mountain of flesh, standing in the midst of the arena.

It was obvious that the other races’ fighters also knew he was a bit tricky to deal with, and that he was all alone.

As such, they agreed to attack him together by chance.

However, the Giant Maggot candidate didn’t care at all, just letting those people hit his body.

His soft body made him resemble the mascot of the Michelin tire company.

His opponents’ powerful fists only sent ripples coursing along his vast rolls of fat, but he remained completely fine.

He simply appeared to be enjoying the situation, as if the others were just massaging him.

Yan Xuehen furrowed her pretty brows and said, “That guy is a bit…” With her restrained nature, she didn’t want to say the word ‘disgusting’.

Yun Jianyue nodded in deep sympathy, saying, “Indeed.

I definitely won’t fight against him.”

As such, both of them tacitly agreed to shift their attention to Zu An.

Zu An’s battle was close to its conclusion.

The group of scheming individuals he was up against already lay strewn across the ground, howling in pain.

Not a single one stood back up.

Another group of fighters exchanged a look, then rushed over.

They weren’t prompted by the crown prince; rather, they just felt that Zu An was strong, and that he was going to be a huge threat.

Thus, they decided to take advantage of the opportunity while he was weakened from his previous battles.

Zu An was a bit speechless.

He did have some area of effect skills, but he was worried that others would recognize him if he used them.

As such, he just fought them honestly.

Just then, Shi Gong looked over in his direction and remarked, “Oh That kid’s cultivation doesn’t seem that bad…”

Shi Rong sent an incoming enemy flying.

When he heard that, he said with a sneer, “How could he dare to act so arrogantly if he didn’t have some strength Don’t worry, it’s only useful against those nobodies.

He’s nothing more than a little chick to us.”

Shi Gong figured that made sense.

Even though the three brothers weren’t as strong as their eldest brother, they were still strong cultivators in their own right.

Winning against the Snake race’s nameless nobodies was but an extremely easy affair.

Meanwhile, Zu An was starting to get worked up too.

When he saw the endless opponents coming at him, he thought to himself, Do these guys think I’m some pushover 

As such, he began to deal some heavier blows to set an example for the others.

Sure enough, when a few individuals suffered serious injuries, the others were shocked.

They began to hesitate, not daring to rush forward.

Yun Jianyue nodded in satisfaction, saying, “That’s what he should’ve done earlier.

Why was he acting like such a sissy”

Zu An rolled his eyes and retorted, “You still have the nerve to say that You’re just sitting there and watching.

If you all helped, these guys wouldn’t have dared to flock over.”

If all three of them showed off their strength, the others wouldn’t dare to pick on them.

But when the opposition saw that the two women looked ordinary and didn’t fight, they just thought that the women were there to get free delegate seats and that it was mainly Zu An who would be fighting.

Naturally, they didn’t want to let the Snake race get more seats.

Yun Jianyue harrumphed.

“What use do you have if you can’t even deal with such a small situation”

Zu An was speechless.

Yan Xuehen suddenly called out, “Be careful!”

As soon as she spoke, the ground trembled as the Giant Maggot race expert rushed toward Zu An.

It was obvious that he wasn’t satisfied with the small fries anymore.

He had seen that Zu An was quite strong and wanted to give him a try too.

Yun Jianyue and Yan Xuehen immediately ran off into the distance, clearly not even planning to get anywhere near him.

Zu An felt as if he were about to puke.

He had been joking about how he definitely didn’t want to fight against this guy, and yet now, it had become a reality.

As the opponent ran over, a foul stench filled the air.

Zu An nearly fainted. Do I f*cking smell ** right now!

How could he still have the patience to fight slowly against someone like that He sent a fist flying immediately.

It was surrounded by an aura of ki, because he didn’t even want to touch the opponent with his skin.

When he saw the fist, the Giant Maggot warrior didn’t dodge and let it hit his belly.

However, his smile immediately froze.

His belly visibly caved in, and he felt a wave of intense pain.Then, he could no longer hold himself back.


A huge amount of an unidentifiable yellow substance sprayed out.

Zu An was dumbfounded. He really does spew ** Just f*cking end me already!

He immediately used Grandgale to move to the farthest corner of this stage.

Dark lines appeared on his face as he watched the scene unfold.

The Giant Maggot warrior didn’t seem to have any intention of stopping, continuing to spray vast quantities yellow liquid.

The air was instantly filled with an utterly vile and indescribable stench.

“Motherf*cker! Who the hell actually got literal ** beaten out of them!”

The contestants in the other arenas smelled it too.

They all looked over in horror.

However, the contestants on Zu An’s side were more unfortunate.

Not only did the liquid stink, it was poisonous too.

Those with lower cultivations fainted on the spot.

Those with slightly higher cultivations wanted to run, but the yellow substance continued to surge forth like an ocean, instantly swallowing up the entire place and washing over them.

Their entire bodies instantly froze, and they fell powerlessly to the ground.

They couldn’t do anything to keep the unidentifiable liquid from covering their mouths and noses.

Many people actually had their mouths open in horror, so they accidentally swallowed a bit.

Tears of grief and anger instantly welled up in their eyes.

After the whole farce, in the end, apart from the Giant Maggot, only nine people had successfully escaped to the edge of the platform.

They continued to vomit.

Everyone else had fainted after being soaked in that yellow substance.

The people from the other groups were shocked.

They had never expected this group to have decided its results so quickly, and in such a manner, no less…


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