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Chapter 1354: Pissed

Yu Yanluo’s expression changed.

She hadn’t expected the enemy’s preparations to be so thorough.

When he saw her expression change, Ban Ka felt more at ease.

It was a really good thing that he had found Heichi Gu.

Even though he was confident in the forces he commanded, feeling that they could also wipe out the Snake race’s forces, there were too many things in the Fiend King Court that were outside his control.

“If you behave and hand over those things, we can consider sparing your lives,” Ban Ka said, sweeping his gaze over the other group.

There was something else that he didn’t say, however.

The Medusa Queen was so beautiful, he definitely had to have his fun with her later.

As for the two women at her side, even though they looked a bit more ordinary, their butts seemed quite big, so he couldn't let them go either.

For the Hyena race, the ass carried an attraction that ran within their very genes.

As for that Yan Zu or whatever his name was, there was no need to keep him alive.

However, Ban Ka wouldn’t let him die that easily either.

Considering how cocky Yan Zu had been, Ban Ka had to properly torment him for a bit first, to make him cry and beg for mercy.

Only then would Ban Ka kill him.

That was the only way he could vent out his hatred.

However, who would have thought that Zu An wouldn’t feel alarmed in the slightest On the contrary, he looked at them with pity and replied, “Do you guys know just how stupid what you did was”

Do these guys not know who they’re trying to rob he thought.

Forget about him, just a single Medusa Queen, or either of the two grandmasters, would be more than they could handle.

Ban Ka sneered.

“Do you know what kind of situation you’re already in You should be begging for forgiveness right now.

I’ll make sure to pull out your tongue later.

Let’s see if you can still talk then!”

Zu An sighed and said, “You’re from the Hyena race after all, only knowing how to bark.”

“What did you say!” Ban Ka exclaimed furiously.

He had never expected that Zu An would act so arrogantly even in such a situation.

You have successfully trolled Ban Ka for 444 444 444…

Zu An shook his head and added, “So the Hyena race’s experts don’t have good ears either.”

Ban Ka’s expression contorted heavily and he muttered, “Good, very good… I’ll rip off your ears and eat them with wine later.”

You have successfully trolled Ban Ka for 777 777 777…

Heichi Gu was a bit confused.

Where was this guy getting his confidence from Could it be that they still have some trump cards

Still, they had so many cultivators with them, while the other party was just made up of five individuals, and four of them were women.

Apart from the Medusa Queen being a bit more capable, the others all looked like maids and servants.

He thought, The advantage should be firmly ours…

Ban Ka couldn't hold himself back anymore.

He reached out a hand, commanding his subordinates to charge forth.

His subordinates all had equipment that resembled some sort of eye covering, as they still felt some apprehension toward the Medusa Queen’s petrifying gaze.

If they saw something even a bit suspicious, they would immediately cover their eyes.

According to ancient teachings, as long as they didn’t look straight at the Medusa Queen, her petrification skill wouldn’t work.

Besides, the Hyena race’s warriors felt that their smell and hearing were sharp enough alone, and they also excelled at fighting together.

Even if their eyes were covered, they could still surround their target.

Yu Yanluo took out her World Painting, planning to suck all the warriors into it.

Her skill was extremely suitable for group battles.

However, Ban Ka had already prepared for that.

He took out a torch and removed the cap on it, and an almost entirely white flame rushed forth.

It surged through the air, vaguely forming the shape of a white lotus, and it released a terrifying aura of destruction.

“White Lotus Flame” Yun Jianyue and Yan Xuehen exclaimed, jumping in fright.

There were certain special flames in the world that were different from ordinary flames.

They were incredibly powerful, and whether it was in terms of pill refinement or weapon refinement, they had miraculous effects.

However, even with the Holy Sect and White Jade Sect’s thousand-year history, they had each only been able to find one kind of special flame.

They had never expected a seemingly ordinary-looking Hyena race prince to have something so precious.

Yu Yanluo quickly put her World Painting away.

After all, the World Painting was made of paper, so it was weak against water and fire.

It didn’t fear ordinary flames, but it definitely couldn't touch such a mystical flame.

Ban Ka roared with laughter when he saw them quickly avoid the flame.

He boasted, “This is a treasure this prince recently obtained through an encounter.

I didn’t expect the heavens to show such concern for me, to give me more treasures so quickly.”

If he hadn’t had the flame to rely on, why would he dare to do anything to the clan leader of another race in the Fiend King Court

Heichi Gu’s eyes flickered. What is the meaning of this Could it be that he plans to take all the treasures for himself later

Right, there’s only a single deity-grade treasure.

How are we supposed to divide things later

Iight as well just settle things completely and deal with this Ban Ka too.

That would mean that other than the deity-grade treasure, even that White Lotus Flame would become mine.

He began breathing rapidly from excitement.

His only worry was that he could end up being unable to beat Ban Ka due to the flame.

Ban Ka excitedly ordered, “Kill the man, but leave the women!”

Since the Medusa Queen didn’t even dare to bring out her strange scroll anymore, he would just leave the rest to his subordinates.

After all, using the White Lotus Flame in the Fiend King Court would cause too great of a disturbance.

It would be bad if they ended up alerting the Fiend Emperor.

Heichi Gu also ordered his subordinates to make a move.

If they were going to fight in the Fiend King Court, they had to finish it quickly.

The ones he kept outside wouldn’t be able to stall any investigation forever.

When he saw the meticulous cooperation of the warriors Ban Ka commanded, his expression turned serious.

The Hyena race’s warriors excelled at combined assault.

Even though they were weaker than the Lion race’s warriors individually, they could keep their lives if they were in a pair, and they would be on equal footing with three of them.

The more of them there were, the greater their advantage would become.

The people Heichi Gu commanded also had decent coordination, but compared to the Hyena race’s innate skills, they were still far inferior.

If they had a falling out, he wouldn’t have much confidence in his side winning!

He considered just calling Heichi Ran over.

But if he did that, he would just be helping Heichi Ran get all of the treasures.

The two’s subordinates quickly rushed at Yu Yanluo.

The others were about to act when Yun Jianyue suddenly stepped forward and said, “I’m in a bad mood.

Since you all came running at me, consider yourselves unlucky.”

She took out her Empress Lantern and blew lightly, causing several small embers to flutter outward.

Then, they quickly turned into a roaring sea of flames that completely swallowed up the incoming warriors.

No matter how good the Hyena race’s warriors were at teamwork, their skills were completely worthless in such a situation.

They didn’t even have time to scream before being burned to ashes.

“Huh” Ban Ka and Heichi Gu’s smiles instantly froze on their faces.

At that instant, they even began to doubt their own eyes.

Yan Xuehen frowned and asked, “Why are you using that skill here What if we end up drawing the Fiend Emperor’s attention”

“Don’t worry, I didn’t use it at full strength.

This bit of power won’t alarm him,” Yun Jianyue said with a frown.

“Just who are you all” When they heard that she had even deliberately held back, and that she had mentioned the Fiend Emperor so casually, Ban Ka and Heichi Gu both swallowed their saliva.

Had they miscalculated somehow

Zu An’s group didn’t pay the two of them any attention.

Yan Xuehen only said unhappily to Yun Jianyue, “It is fine if you punish evil, but those people were just following orders.

Killing them all really is going too far.”

Yun Jianyue’s expression turned cold as she replied, “No way.

I was pissed off.”

As soon as she spoke, she turned into a string of afterimages.

All of the crossbow-wielding soldiers were instantly slaughtered.

They didn’t even have time to resist before they took their last breath.

 Such ferocity and overpowering killing intent left both Ban Ka and Heichi Gu scared witless.

Ban Ka seemed as if he had just woken up from a dream.

He opened up his furnace, and this time, he didn’t hold back at all.

The White Lotus Flame swept toward Yun Jianyue.


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