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Chapter 1353: Ambush

“Ahhh!” The three of them were all the very best in their respective fields.

They might not have batted an eyelid if a mountain collapsed before them, and yet at that moment, they all panicked.

They immediately clutched their chests, then quickly backed up.

All three of their faces were entirely red as they stared angrily at Zu An and cried, “Zu An!”

You have successfully trolled Yan Xuehen for 555 555 555…

You have successfully trolled Yun Jianyue for 555 555 555…

You have successfully trolled Yu Yanluo for 134 134 134…

Maid Xing and the others were curious why the three had gotten so angry to the point that they would risk exposing Zu An’s identity.

They moved over to see what was inside the mirror too, but Yu Yanluo dragged them back.

Zu An was stupefied.

He hadn’t expected such a situation to appear at all! When he saw how flames were about to shoot out of their eyes, he quickly explained, “I really didn’t know about this! I only secretly used it to look at that stone earlier!”

Yan Xuehen asked with an ice-cold expression, “Then why do you have a nosebleed right now”

Even though Zu An had already seen everything back in the Great Snowy Mountains’ hot spring, she had resolved to forget about everything that happened that day.

And yet now, she had been seen again! It really was endless suffering.

Zu An subconsciously wiped his nose.

Sure enough, there was blood everywhere.

He chuckled in embarrassment and said, “I must’ve been eating too well recently in the Fiend races.

My ki and blood are going a bit wild, haha.”

A flash of killing intent passed through Yun Jianyue’s eyes.

“What did you see just now”

“Absolutely nothing,” Zu An said guiltily.

However, the beautiful white expanse he had seen appeared in his mind.

He instinctively began to compare them.

The three ladies really did excel in their own areas, each having their own superlative parts.

It would have been fine if he hadn’t thought about it, but now that he had, more blood trickled out of his nose.

He couldn't stop it even if he wanted to.

The three women were all speechless.

They knew he was lying with his eyes open, and he knew they wouldn’t believe him either.

However, they could only pretend to believe him and let the matter pass.

Thus, the three women all harrumphed and ignored him.

Zu An walked behind them guiltily.

Only Maid Xing remained at Zu An’s side, handing over a clean handkerchief and saying, “Young master, use this to wipe that area.”

“Thank you,” Zu An said.

He thought to himself that Maid Xing was still the most considerate one among them.

“Young master, what did you do to them Why are they suddenly getting so angry” Maid Xing suddenly asked, as a gossipy radiance flickered in her eyes.

After all, they had still been chatting happily a moment beforehand, and yet now, they had suddenly turned on each other!

Zu An almost choked.

He replied, “Ahem, it’s nothing.

There was just a small unexpected event.”

When she saw how he was acting, Maid Xing grew even more curious.

She was about to ask more when Yu Yanluo called out, “Maid Xing, come here.”

“Got it…” Maid Xing replied.

She only helplessly jog over.

Zu An secretly took out King Qin’s mirror.

He hadn’t expected it to have that kind of function.

There had been countless protagonists from webnovels who had x-ray vision and similar abilities.

It was easy to see just how popular that kind of fantasy was.

Didn’t that mean any woman he looked at through it wouldn’t be wearing any clothes at all

His heart began to beat crazily.

He knew such a thing was kind of bad, but he just couldn't suppress that urge. I’m just testing it out.

I definitely don’t have any other thoughts… Zu An began to console himself.

Then, he carefully shone the mirror forward.

“If you dare to use that mirror on us again, I’ll personally gouge your eyes out,” Yun Jianyue said threateningly.

That matter had clearly angered her greatly.

“Count me in as well,” Yan Xuehen said just as coldly.

For once, she stood on the same side as Yun Jianyue.

Yu Yanluo also shot Zu An a look.

“Haha, it’s just a misunderstanding, a misunderstanding! This definitely won’t happen again,” Zu An said, quickly putting King Qin’s mirror away.

Yan Xuehen was about to say something when she suddenly frowned.

She pulled Yun Jianyue and Yu Yanluo over to Zu An’s side.

At that instant, several dozen crossbow bolts pierced through the area they had just been standing in.

The bolts dug several feet into the ground, their tail ends still vibrating.

It was easy to imagine just how much force they carried.

Blue light swirled across their surface; they had clearly been processed with special runes that specialized in penetrating the ki barriers of cultivators.

“Do I need you to save me I could get rid of them in just a second.” Yun Jianyue harrumphed.

She clearly didn’t like owing Yan Xuehen any favors.

Yan Xuehen rolled her eyes and didn’t feel like arguing with her.

She looked at the crossbows, and her expression changed a bit.

She exclaimed, “Military crossbows”

Their expressions all changed.

They thought to themselves, Who would dare to bring an entire army to kill us

Their first thought was that it was Shi Min’s group, but after thinking about it, it didn’t seem too likely.

This was the Fiend King Court and not the Lion race territory.

Their strength wasn’t great enough to mobilize an army.

Then could it be the Second Imperial Prince or Little Golden Peng King The two were both fiend race generals with their own troops under them.

The group had just walked into a secluded alley.

That way, even if something happened, no one would come and save them for quite some time.

At that instant, another shower of bolts descended.

Yun Jianyue was about to act when Yu Yanluo swept her sleeves outward.

A painting scroll appeared above them, removing all of the bolts.

Her painting turned into a space of its own, taking the bolts into its own world.

No matter how great their power was, they were still within her control.

Yun Jianyue sighed in amazement.

This woman’s cultivation rank wasn’t as high as hers, but her skills were quite unique.

“Huh” A voice exclaimed in surprise from the shadows.

The enemy clearly hadn’t expected their death trap to have been dealt with so easily.

Zu An sneered when he heard the familiar voice, saying, “Ban Ka, stop hiding like a filthy mouse.

You dare to set up an ambush, but you’re too scared to show yourself Right, Heichi Gu should be here too, no Why don’t you both come out, then.”

He had already known that these two wouldn’t give up when they left the Jade Garden.

Furthermore, the ambush had used military crossbows, which was something Ban Ka couldn't achieve on his own.

Only Heichi Gu from the Black Teeth race had the ability to set that up.

Someone sneered, and a group of black-clad individuals walked out of the distant shadows.

The ones in the lead were Ban Ka and Heichi Gu.

“I only planned to leave after taking your treasures, but since you called us out, we have no choice but to silence you,” Heichi Gu said with a cruel laugh, exposing his pitch-black teeth.

When Ban Ka had first suggested working together, he had felt a bit hesitant.

After all, the situation in the Fiend King Court was tense.

If something really happened, things would be extremely troublesome.

Furthermore, if the Lion race’s princes had won the bet, his ambush against the Snake race would have become meaningless.

He had no intention of facing the Lion race.

And yet, afterward, news had spread that the Snake race had won! Most importantly, all kinds of incredible treasures had been revealed, and one of them even a deity-grade treasure.

Even though they didn’t know what it was yet, just the words ‘deity-grade’ were already enough.

As such, he had quickly joined forces with Ban Ka, deciding to work together to ambush the Snake race.

However, he had already prepared some schemes beforehand.

He would use the Hyena race’s power first, but if something unexpected happened, he would just push all the blame onto Ban Ka.

Yu Yanluo looked around.

She noticed that even though the subordinates behind Ban Ka were masked, the exposed skin around their arms and necks was covered in spots.

They were clearly the Hyena race’s experts.

Meanwhile, on Heichi Gu’s side, his subordinates were well-trained, but resembled a standard army more.

Now that she had some confidence, she coldly said, “Heichi Gu, the Fiend Emperor has established the order that fights are prohibited.

There are Golden Crow Guards patrolling the entire court.

Now that this has happened here, Golden Crow Guards will notice the situation soon, and you will be punished by execution.

Could it be that you believe you can kill us within such a brief amount of time”

Heichi Gu sneered.

“So it seems the Medusa Queen is still hoping for the Golden Crow Guards to save you.

Let me tell you something so you can give up those lavish hopes.

I’ve already used my connections to seal off several streets around us.

The Golden Crow Guards will think that we’re investigating the assassin in this area.

They won’t come over here at all.”


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