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Chapter 1350: Divine Radiance

Zu An replied with a calm expression, “Don’t start celebrating so soon.

Let’s cut into your stone and see what’s inside first.”

Shi Rong chuckled and replied,.

“Do you think the stone third brother chose will be like yours with nothing inside Keep dreaming!”

Zu An replied indifferently, “If you can’t accept it, why don’t we just bet again The cockier you are right now, the more miserable your fall will be.”

“You…!” Shi Rong exclaimed furiously.

You have successfully trolled Shi Rong for 588 588 588…

He was about to say something when Shi Min stopped him, saying, “Our victory is already certain.

Do not create more problems.”

Shi Min didn’t know what Zu An was playing at either.

Either way, as long as his stone was good, there was absolutely no way for the other side to make a comeback.

Shi Rong stared at Zu An as he said angrily, “But he clearly has nothing, and yet he looks as if he has everything in his grasp.

It really makes me furious.”

You have successfully trolled Shi Rong for 444 444 444…

“You do not have to pay any attention to him.

He is just a little clown who is already sure to lose.

He is just trying to throw in more variables.

We just need to ignore him,” Shi Min said, consoling his younger brother.

Shi Rong and Shi Gong seemed to have suddenly realized what was happening.

They remarked, “Third brother is wise.

That brat is just too cunning.”

Just then, the butler had already begun to cut the stone in response to Shi Min’s gestures.

When his blade descended, a streak of light shot out.

Soon afterward, a phoenix projection appeared above them, releasing a loud and clear cry.

Then, the phoenix flew around Jade Garden.

Wherever it passed, people felt a divine aura, as if they had entered one of the world’s most magical places.

Something even happened to the plants inside the Jade Garden.

Many sprouts began to grow at a visible rate, and some flower buds even began to bloom.

It was winter, and the fiend race territories were extremely cold.

In spite of the Jade Garden’s meticulous design, there weren’t too many flowers in the courtyard.

However, in an instant, numerous flowers bloomed.

It was almost like the revival of spring.

“Is this the aura of the phoenix” the Second Imperial Prince cried out in alarm.

The Golden Crow race and the Phoenix race had some connections, after all, so he seemingly felt a kind of stirring within his very blood.

“A phoenix” the others exclaimed in shock.

At first, it had just been speculation, but now that they had received proof, they all looked expectantly at the stone.

The Little Golden Peng King said, “Shi Min, I will buy this stone.

Just give me a price.”

Chi Wen also shouted, “Sell it to me, sell it to me! No one has more money than my dad!”

Shang Liuyu’s forehead darkened. How did big sister end up giving birth to this fool

The others all voiced their intent to buy it.

Only Hu Yong remained quiet.

He knew Shi Min could sell it to anyone but him.

He felt jealous, thinking, This bastard’s luck really is pretty good.

No matter how calm Shi Min was normally, he couldn't help but feel a bit smug.

He replied, “I must apologize.

I will not sell this item.”

The others immediately sighed in regret.

However, all of them knew there was no way something as precious as that could be sold.

If it had been discovered by an ordinary person, others would likely just try to steal the item.

However, the Lion race was a powerful clan.

The princes weren’t weak, either.

Unless absolutely necessary, no one would take such a huge risk.

Yun Jianyue became a bit nervous, muttering, “We’re finished, it’s all over now… We’ve really lost badly this time… Damn brat, didn’t you cultivate the Phoenix Nirvana Sutra How could you not sense the phoenix’ aura in advance and let them take it instead”

Yan Xuehen frowned and said, “You are now just blaming others recklessly.

Unpolished stones can isolate our perception to begin with.

How could he have anticipated this”

However, she was stunned as soon as she said that.

She hadn’t expected she would subconsciously speak out in defense of Zu An.

She gave Yun Jianyue a guilty look, fearing that she might have noticed something.

Fortunately, Yun Jianyue was too anxious to notice.

Zu An replied, “They’re celebrating a bit too early.”

“What, don’t tell me this isn’t the aura of the phoenix” Yun Jianyue asked, stunned.

“That is indeed the aura of the phoenix, but it’s a bit different,” Zu An replied.

He cultivated the Phoenix Nirvana Sutra, so he was naturally familiar with the phoenix’ aura.

He had immediately sensed something strange about it.

The women were stunned.

They were about to ask something when Shi Min walked over to them with the attitude of a winner, saying, “Medusa Queen, you still lost in the end.

May I ask how you intend to pay the hundred thousand heaven-grade ki stones”

He thought to himself that he had to take the chance to fully seize the Snake race’s lifeline.

In that case, the entire Snake race would be within his grasp.

As for the stunning Medusa Queen, her very life would be at his mercy.

Yu Yanluo’s beautiful eyes narrowed and she frowned.

In the past, a hundred thousand heaven-grade ki stones would have been a mere trifle.

Now, she really couldn't bring such an amount out immediately.

However, she didn’t reveal any openings.

As the master of the Yu clan, she was full of experience in dealing with such matters.

She was just about to reply when Zu An replied, “Who says we lost You haven’t even opened up your stone yet.

You can’t declare you won just because some flashy colors showed up, right What if there’s nothing inside at all”

The butler nodded, saying, “Indeed.

It is often the case that there are all kinds of supernatural signs, and yet there is nothing inside.

For the sake of fairness, let us open this stone fully.” Of course, he wasn’t saying so for Zu An’s sake, but rather because he was curious what was inside the stone.

The Jade Garden really is losing out big this time… There’s no way we can take a loss without knowing everything.

The others all spoke up in agreement.

They all wanted to see what was inside too.

Shi Min frowned.

The reason he had said that to Yu Yanluo was precisely because he hadn’t wanted to continue opening it.

After all, if it actually contained an incredible treasure, it could lead to a ton of trouble.

Still, he couldn't offend everyone, so he could only agree and have the butler continue cutting.

The butler sighed in relief, then continued to cut slowly.

Under his skilled technique, paper-thin layers of stone fell apart.

In the end, the true appearance of the item inside was revealed.

“This is…” The onlookers were stunned.

It wasn’t a slumbering phoenix as they had imagined, or anything resembling a phoenix egg, but rather a flower.

No, it couldn’t even be considered a complete flower, but rather just some leftover petals.

The stamen was surprisingly well-preserved.

The butler’s expression was strange.

His tone seemed to be a bit regretful, but also carried some relief, as he said, “This item is called a Phoenix Stamen.

In ancient times, the phoenix perched in no trees but the parasol tree, drinking no drink but sweet wine.

Sometimes, when parasol trees blossomed, because the phoenix was nearby, they would be affected by the phoenix’ aura, thus producing these Phoenix Stamens.”

The Second Imperial Prince voiced his surprise.

“What is the use of this item, then”

The butler replied, “In ancient recordings, this thing was often used to refine some pills.

It was an essential supplementary medicine.

However, the method for creating those pills has long been lost…” He began to tell those present about the pill medicines he had read about from ancient texts.

Shi Min was becoming more and more unhappy.

He quickly asked, “What is the price of this item”

The butler replied, “Even though this item has an extraordinary background, it can be found often.

It is not too precious.

If it is auctioned in our Jade Garden, it should be able to sell for several hundred to a thousand heaven-grade ki stones.”

“What!” Shi Min’s expression became ashen.

He had spent five thousand heaven-grade ki stones on the unpolished stone, and yet in the end, it was only worth a few hundred heaven-grade ki stones

The others’ expressions changed.

Some of them sighed, others felt a bit of regret, while some even rejoiced in his misfortune.

Hu Yong roared with laughter.

“Tsk tsk, a man who is never content is like a snake trying to swallow an elephant! There were so many people who wanted to purchase it at a high price, yet you were so dumb that you actually refused them all! Your intestines are probably turning black from regret now, right”

Even the usually calm and steady Shi Min finally lost his composure, snapping, “No one will think you are mute if you stay silent!”

“Haha, my mouth is mine to use, so I can say anything I want.

Why don’t you come and do something about it if you can” Hu Yong had been feeling quite terrible earlier, and now he finally had a chance to retaliate, so he naturally had to fire with everything he had!

Shi Min’s face twitched, but he knew Hu Yong’s cultivation was high and he had his two little brothers with him, so his party of three could end up unable to get the advantage.

As such, he couldn't do anything.

Shi Rong glared at the butler and protested, “Hey, are you guys trying to scam my third brother out of his treasure Is that why you’re making up some Phoenix Stamen story, so you can keep it for yourself”

Shi Min nodded inwardly, thinking that his seventh brother didn’t seem to be that stupid after all, huh He actually had similar suspicions himself, but he couldn't say it out loud in front of everyone.

Letting his younger brother speak was much more suitable.

The butler’s face darkened and he said, “Seventh prince, please do not speak such nonsense.

How many years has our Jade Garden already existed for No matter how precious the treasure our guests have opened, we have always allowed them to take it.

Everyone knows about our store’s sincerity over the years, so why would we ruin our reputation over something like this If the princes do not believe me, you can bring this item back and find a merchant group to look at it.

They can then verify whether it is a Phoenix Stamen or not.”

The Little Golden Peng King also spoke up calmly.

“This king has remained in the Fiend King Court for many years, so I can vouch for the Jade Garden.

They would never do something so shameless and despicable.”

The butler immediately bowed in respect, saying, “Thank you, Little Golden Peng King.”

When Shi Min saw that, he immediately berated his little brother.

“Seventh prince, you spoke too irresponsibly.

Why would they be that kind of group”

Then, he said to the butler andLittle Golden Peng King.

“I truly apologize.

Seventh brother is still young and reckless; I hope that everyone can forgive him.”

The power behind the Jade Garden was deep and immeasurable.

He had no idea who controlled it from the shadows.

Just now, the Little Golden Peng King had spoken up for them, so perhaps he was involved somehow

The butler obviously wouldn’t continue to hold it against them.

Thus, after exchanging some words of courtesy, both sides let the matter pass.

However, Shi MIn was quite resentful.

When he saw that Zu An had just been watching with amusement off to one side, he could no longer hold it in.

“Now that the contents have already been revealed, all of you are now convinced, right”

You have successfully trolled Shi Min for 888 888 888…

“You’ve only opened up something this shoddy, and yet you want us to admit defeat” Zu An laughed mockingly.

“Even though our Phoenix Stamen was not as precious as anticipated, its value is still a thousand heaven-grade ki stones.

It is still better than your side that has nothing, right You just picked the largest and cheapest stone.

Did you really think you would always have the same luck as you did down in the yellow floor” Shi Min spat hatefully.

He really approved of what his younger brother had said now.

This guy clearly had nothing to rely on, and yet he always had that crazy confidence.

It really made them feel awful.

You have successfully trolled Shi Min for 522 522 522…

“Sorry, our luck has always been quite good,” Zu An said while moving closer to the table.

He took a piece from the pile of crushed rocks.

Shi Min laughed and said, “That thing is only as thick as a palm; it is just a layer of rock that was shaved off.

Don’t tell me you would be so delusional as to think that there is something inside”

The butler also said, “That is indeed just a normal piece of stone skin.

There is no way I would be unable to sense anything if it contained something special.”

Zu An smiled and said, “There are always exceptions to everything.”

Then, he moved his hand.

The rock burst apart, and a streak of divine radiance shot out.

All the lights in the Jade Garden seemed to pale in comparison.


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