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Chapter 1347: True Corpse Bamboo

However, they quickly realized that there was no aura of death around them, nor was there any killing intent coming from Yu Yanluo’s body.

The radiance coming from her eyes was completely concentrated on the stone in front of her.

“This is…” They realized that it wasn’t the deadly eye technique they imagined, but rather that she was observing and selecting a stone.

“Who would have thought that the Medusa’s Eye would actually have this kind of use!” Chi Wen exclaimed in surprise.

Even though he was from the Ocean races, he had still heard of the power of the Medusa’s Eye before.

The Little Golden Peng King nodded and said, “As expected, the Medusa bloodline’s power is naturally closest to the earth element, and the Medusa’s Eye is an earth element forbidden move.

These unpolished stones are also part of the earth element.”

Princess Suolun was happy to hear that, asking, “Then doesn’t that mean she can see through the unpolished stones and see what’s inside”

Because of their last encounter in Lord Sui’s Tomb, she instinctively felt a bit closer to Yu Yanluo’s side.

She had initially thought that Yu Yanluo would lose for sure when she saw how formidable Shi Min was.

How could she have expected things to turn around so suddenly

Shang Liuyu shook her head slightly and said, “The Medusa’s Eye can indeed bring her closer to these unpolished stones, and it might allow her to see some signs that ordinary people can’t see, but there’s no way she can see exactly what’s inside.

That limitation is set by the natural laws of the world.

Similarly, the Chou clan’s Magic Tap skill is something produced from thousands of years of rock betting experience.

These skills have a set principle to them, but they aren’t completely precise.

Otherwise, the Chou clan would have already become the world’s number one clan a long time ago.”

The Second Imperial Prince said with a sigh of praise, “The princess truly has penetrating insight.

I am in awe.”

The Little Golden Peng King added, “Does the princess perhaps know a bit about rock betting too Would you like to give this place a try yourself”

Shang Liuyu said with a faint smile, “I don’t truly understand the subject.

I merely heard a senior talk about it in the past.”

“The princess is too humble,” the Second Imperial Prince and Little Golden Peng King both said with a smile.

Chi Wen had a strange expression.

These two were always trying to hit on his little aunt.

They clearly didn’t have good intentions.

He thought, You want to become this one’s uncle Why don’t you go and eat **.

Meanwhile, Shi Min gathered his concentration.

He wasn’t an untalented and mediocre person, after all.

Soon, all irrelevant thoughts faded from his mind.

He then stopped in front of a stone.

This one was long and tall, surrounded by a forest.

The surface flickered with layers of green, and it was covered in rings of bamboo-shaped protrusions, almost identical to that of real bamboo.

It didn’t seem out of place in the bamboo forest at all.

“How much is this one” he asked seriously, worried that the Jade Garden could change the price later.

“This stone is named Bamboo Noble.

The price is set at 2000 heaven-grade ki stones,” the butler replied.

Shi Min nodded.

He quickly tapped the stone’s surface, leaving behind a streak of afterimages as he used his skill.

The sound of rustling emerged from the stone, as if a cool breeze were brushing through the bamboo forest.

However, there wasn’t any wind blowing through the courtyard.

Suddenly, a sound that resembled a howling ghost tore through the place.

The ki-filled bamboo garden seemed almost to have plummeted into the netherworld itself.

“This is…” Those present were shocked. What a powerful dark yin force!

Shi Min’s expression also changed.

However, he still said, “This is the unpolished stone I will choose.” Then, he took out the heaven-grade ki stones he had already prepared ahead of time.

“Very well,” the butler said as he handed the ki stones to one of his nearby subordinates.

He asked, “Shall we open it now”

“Wait!” Shi Min looked at Yu Yanluo and the others.

“Have you all made your choice yet”

Yu Yanluo didn’t reply.

The faint yellow light from her eyes continued to shine onto the rock in front of her.

Then, the stone began to produce golden light, and something happened on its surface.

Yellow sand filled the air, and a vast desert extended endlessly into the horizon.

Amid the sands, nothing was visible save for a dead, dried-up piece of wood.

A sandstorm blew past, gradually covering the wood as well.

Yu Yanluo’s eyes returned to normal as she said, “I have also made my choice.

We will just select this one.”

She had already asked about the price of the stone earlier.

Because it looked normal on the outside and hadn’t really had many strange signs surrounding it, it was one of the cheaper stones on the immortal floor, only costing 500 heaven-grade ki stones.

The others clicked their tongue in wonder.

Her skill was just too shocking! Could it be that the Medusa Queen could really see what was inside the unpolished stone

Shi Min’s expression also changed greatly.

Judging from the strange signs that had appeared, the other group’s stone was definitely not an ordinary one either. Looks like I underestimated her; she might really have some skill.

Even so, he was like an arrow already drawn all the way back.

He had confidence in his own judgment too.

The stone he chose could definitely win!

He sneered and said, “Let’s begin.”

The butler nodded, then began cutting into Shi Min’s stone.

Meanwhile, the princes and princesses all moved closer to watch.

The butler acted carefully.

He didn’t cut in broad strokes the way he had on the yellow floor, gently brushing against the outer layer instead.

Whenever his hands brushed past, an extremely thin layer of rock fell away; he almost seemed worried that any thicker cuts would end up damaging the treasure within.

The others understood that principle and didn’t rush him.

They all watched silently, holding their breaths.

Fortunately, the butler was well-seasoned.

Even though each layer was extremely thin, his hands moved like blades, gradually revealing the unpolished stone’s true appearance.

As he shaved off layer after layer, an ink-black aura gradually emerged.

Then, the wails of countless vengeful spirits seemed to fill the air, and ominous winds swept past those present.

Even though they all had profound cultivation ranks, they still couldn't help but shiver.

It was actually similar to the strange phenomenon they had sensed earlier! However, its strength was now countless times greater.

The butler’s entire body trembled too, but his hands remained steady.

After several more cuts, the true contents of the stone emerged.

It was a bone that was an inky black through and through.

It was curved, but covered in disgusting lumps that separated it into several segments.

Those segments made it resemble a piece of bamboo.

Even though it looked ugly and disgusting, it was also full of ki that only a heaven-grade item could have.

“That is a True Corpse Bamboo!” the Second Imperial Prince cried out in alarm, recognizing its origins.

The others quickly asked him what a True Corpse Bamboo was.

He explained, “These things normally grow in sinister places.

Sometimes, such things might appear in battlefield ruins too, because those are places where too many vengeful souls have perished, as well as the bones of fallen warriors.

However, their growth conditions are extremely strict.

There are many people who look for them, but they are too rare.

“These items are extremely useful for those who cultivate nefarious methods and skills related to departed spirits.

If they keep it at their side, their cultivation speed can be doubled.

“Furthermore, they can be used to create the legendary immortal-grade weapon, the ‘Soul Summoning Banner’.

If such a banner is used, it can overwhelm another’s soul and turn a cultivator straight into a walking corpse.”

“Immortal-grade weapon” The others’ expressions were strange.

Then wasn’t this thing’s value immeasurable

The Little Golden Peng King also spoke up and said, “I have heard about these items before, but in the present world, there does not seem to be anyone who can create an immortal-grade weapon.

However, someone still created a heaven-grade Soul Summoning Banner in the past.”

The Second Imperial Prince nodded and said, “That is indeed the case.

Immortal-grade weapons are truly rare to find…”

Even so, Shi Min was already extremely satisfied.

He looked at Yu Yanluo with a smile, remarking, “I wonder what kind of item the queen has chosen”

He looked as if he had already won for certain.


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