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Chapter 1342: Reunion

A lovely young lady with a jade-like countenance and bright eyes looked at them with a smile.

Her skin was as fair as snow, and her figure was graceful and elegant.

When she spoke, a cheerful air of genuine charm surrounded her.

“Princess Suolun!” When the younger lion princes saw her, they both showed her what they thought was their most handsome smile.

Which man in this world didn’t like a beautiful woman Princess Suolun’s status in the Demon race was great and she was pretty.

For such vigorous little lions, she was naturally incredibly attractive.

They began to shower her with praises.

Shi Min’s display was much calmer.

He said with a smile, “I apologize for arriving late, seeing as the princess actually came out personally to receive us.”

“Um…” Princess Suolun was actually happier to see Yu Yanluo’s group; she had come over for them.

However, she reacted quickly as well.

She immediately bowed slightly and said, “Greetings, princes…” She also courteously praised them a bit, making them beam widely.

“The Lion race’s people really are getting worse with each generation.

They have nothing but women on their minds.

None of these guys are destined for anything great,” someone called out with a loud, clear tone of derision.

Yu Yanluo was quite curious.

There was actually someone who could afford to not show the Lion race any face With their explosive temper, wasn’t that tantamount to starting a fight

Three men dressed in embroidered clothes walked over.

They had similar builds to the Lion race’s three large and sturdy princes.

They had striped patterns on their bodies, and there were yellow and black patterns on their foreheads that vaguely formed the character ‘王’.

They looked down arrogantly on the three princes, and an indescribable air of viciousness surrounded them.

Each action they took conveyed the bearing of a king.

The one in the middle seemed a bit more steadfast and mature than the others, while the two on either side were clearly a bit younger.

The one on the right, in particular, seemed like a young man around the age of Shi Rong.

With such distinctive traits, anyone could tell who they were without any introductions.

Zu An’s expression became a bit strange.

He was quite happy to see someone going against the Lion Race.

As the saying went, ‘the enemy of my enemy is my friend’.

Even so, Tushan Yu had been tacitly acknowledged as the woman of the Tiger race’s clan leader Hu Qianxiao, while Zu An had ended up being the first to sleep with her.

The Tiger race was destined to become his enemy too, in the end.

Shi Rong was quite young.

How could he stand such a provocation He glared furiously at the other side and retorted, “Hu Yong, can you not speak without being full of **”

“You bastard! You dare treat my second brother with disrespect!” The Tiger race’s youngest prince roared angrily.

A low growl emerged from his mouth.

“Hu Xin, are you picking a fight I’ll keep you company if you want!” Shi Rong didn’t show any weakness and began to roll up his sleeves.

Zu An wondered whether the tattoos or the redheads would win.

In his previous world, the discussion of whether lions or tigers would win in a fight had been a heated topic.

He hadn’t expected to be able to personally witness who was stronger today.

However, to his disappointment, they didn’t actually start a fight.

That was because a carefree voice called out from a distance, “Are you all done yet You’re always fighting whenever you meet.

If you’re really going to fight, have your fill three days later in the arena.

Stop disturbing the Jade Garden’s peace already.”

Zu An was stunned.

In the entire Fiend King Court, who else dared to speak like that to the Lion and Tiger races’ princes When he looked over, however, he couldn't help but chuckle inwardly.

It was another old acquaintance.

The other person was dressed in black and gold embroidered clothes, sitting comfortably in a distant garden’s pavilion.

His hair was down, and he had one leg casually propped up on a stool.

His confident and carefree bearing made him seem like a bold and relaxed person who didn’t sweat the details.

He was none other than the Golden Crow clan’s Second Imperial Prince, who had held up the Snake race briefly outside the Fiend King Court.

Seated across from him was a golden-robed man who was completely different from him.

He had a tall hat, and his hair was meticulously combed.

His clothes were well sorted out without a single wrinkle.

The most important part, however, was that he was incredibly handsome.

He was definitely the dream lover of countless young ladies.

That person was actually unaffected by the Second Imperial Prince ’s loftiness, even while sitting across from him.

He actually seemed to treat the second prince as an equal.

The two both gave off the impression that they had experienced seas of blood and mountains of corpses.

However, rather than the demonic air imparted by unending slaughter, it was more akin to the austere air of the battlefield.

Just then, Maid Xing quietly introduced them, “This golden-robed young man is none other than the Little Golden Peng King.”

Zu An suddenly realized what was going on.

No wonder that individual could engage with the Second Imperial Prince  on equal footing; it turned out it was another one of the fiend races’ four young generals, the Little Golden Peng King!

However, according to what Kong Qing had said before, the Great Golden Peng King’s death had been surrounded by suspicion.

It was very likely to have had something to do with the Fiend Emperor.

His heir’s appearance here, sharing a drink with the Fiend Emperor’s son, was interesting in itself.

When they heard what the Second Imperial Prince  prince said, even though the Lion and Tiger races’ princes were still upset, they had to show him respect.

They gave each other angry looks, then ended the exchange after a few words of resentment.

Zu An curled his lips into a sneer. That’s it Aren’t these guys all bark and no bite

Just then, another figure rushed out of the pavilion.

He arrived right in front of Yu Yanluo, looking around while mumbling to himself, “Where is that damn brat”

Yu Yanluo was a bit surprised.

That person’s mouth was massive, almost like that of an ape’s.

His appearance really was quite special; it was a face one wouldn’t forget even after seeing it just once.

It was actually the Dragon Race’s Chi Wen! She replied, “Who is the ninth prince talking about”

Shi Min and the others’ expressions changed.

How were this woman’s connections so great She even had ties with the Dragon Race

Chi Wen harrumphed and said, “Don’t play dumb.

It’s that human who was following you, that guy called Zu An or whatever.”

Zu An’s expression turned strange. Why is this guy looking for me Could it be…

Yu Yanluo didn’t let anything slip and asked, “I wonder why the ninth prince is looking for him”

“It makes me angry just thinking about it.

Last time, that guy took so many heaven-grade weapons from me, and in the end, he gave me something called ‘Blue Ice From Beyond’.

He tricked me and said it was some kind of great treasure, and yet after I soaked it to drink it as tea, in the end, the outside melted…” Chi Wen suddenly stopped.

He looked as if he wanted to throw up.

“What happened when it melted” Yu Yanluo asked in confusion.

Forget about her, everyone else was also confused.

They were really curious about what had happened afterward.

Chi Wen felt both grief and indignation, but he quickly held it in, saying, “It’s nothing.

I just wanted to know where he was.

I wanted to thank him properly.”

When he said the words ‘thank him’, it was through gritted teeth.

You have successfully trolled Chi Wen for 888 888 888…

Zu An had a strange expression. Don’t tell me this guy soaked the ** and drank that too

Sigh, just like in the legends, Chi Wen really is an idiot.

Yu Yanluo wore her usual courteous smile as she replied, “The ninth prince came at a poor time.

He already left and returned to the human world not too long ago.”

“What How could he leave just like that” Chi Wen cried loudly.

He paced around back and forth, clearly feeling extremely vexed because he couldn't get revenge on Zu An.

Yu Yanluo gave the distant second prince a look and replied, “He offended the Golden Crow Crown Prince, so how could he dare to come to the Fiend King Court That was why he left a long time ago.”

She reiterated that point in front of many of the races’ most important people, to make them subconsciously trust that Zu An had already returned to the human world.

That way, they wouldn’t associate Zu An with Yan Zu anymore.

The second prince chuckled and remarked, “At least he knows his limits.

Otherwise, I would let him have a taste of the Golden Crow royal family’s true strength.”

Zu An sneered. This guy just implicitly belittled the crown prince again.

Looks like he really isn’t as powerful and free as he looks.

Chi Wen looked around, but didn’t see Zu An.

He walked back to the pavilion in disappointment while mumbling, “Little aunt, last time, I was giving you face.

But the next time I meet him, I have to properly give him a beating…”

“Little aunt” Zu An said in alarm.

He looked around the pavilion.

The second prince and the Little Golden Peng King seemed to be chatting attentively with a woman.

Unfortunately, because of the angle, he couldn't see who she was.

A familiar voice said, “Sigh, if I hadn’t passed by, you would have already been beaten to death.

You still have the nerve to try and get revenge on him”

The voice’s tone was full of helplessness.

Even so, it was still like the beautiful trickling of spring water, carrying an unmistakable air of serenity.

Only then did everyone notice the stunning woman in the gazebo.

She was dressed in a white dress, wearing no makeup.

There was a wine gourd in her hand, and her eyes seemed a little unfocused.

If a normal woman were like that, they would definitely give off an air of sloppiness, but those present simply perceived her as relaxed and confident.

It was exceptionally enchanting.

Just who was this woman, to actually be able to sit on the same level as the Second Imperial Prince  and the Little Golden Peng King!

Zu An naturally knew she was Shang Liuyu.

He instinctively glanced beneath the table.

Sure enough, as always, her gentle and beautiful feet were bare, untainted by a speck of dirt.

Shagn Liuyu also glanced curiously.

When she saw Zu An, she had a look of puzzlement.

She sensed that he was somehow familiar.

Then, she saw that he was looking at her feet, his gaze practically tangible.

She blushed and instinctively pulled her feet back, even pulling down her dress to cover them.

Then, she gave him an annoyed glare, clearly having already recognized who he was.



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