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Chapter 1337: The Gamble

The butler gave the rocks on the table a look and said, “These four cost 1080 ki stones.

However, since you are the princes friends, we can round it down to a thousand.

You can purchase them for a thousand ki stones.”

There was such a great opportunity before him so how could he give up the chance to get along with the Lion Races princes

Zu An wasnt in a rush to reply and instead pretended to look at the other rocks on the table.

He asked Ban Ka and Heichi Gu, “Do you all have any interest in gambling with us If we miss on all four of these unpolished rocks, well compensate both of you for the thousand ki stones.

If there really is something in these rocks, then youll compensate us at a one to one ratio.

Whatever the contents are worth, thats how much youll compensate us for.

What do you think”

Ban Ka harrumphed.

“Just give up on that thousand when you lose.

Didnt we give them to you in the first place”

“What, are you scared” Zu An retorted mockingly.

The risk of the bet was a bit too out of control.

Ban Ka was about to refuse when Heichi Gu said, “Fine, Ill take the bet with you.”

Unlike an out-of-towner like Ban Ka, he usually resided in the Fiend King Court.

He obviously knew about the nature of a place like the Jade Garden.

The prices of the unpolished gems in the yellow floor werent too high, so compared to the higher floors, the chance of getting something was quite low.

Occasionally, something would appear, but even then, it wouldnt be all that.

The risk was within an acceptable degree.

That was why the chances of the two winning were much higher.

Meanwhile, these people only had a thousand ki stones on them to begin with.

How would they even be able to fork over another thousand ki stones Either way, with the Snake race as the guarantors, he wasnt all that scared of them going back on their debt.

This was a good chance to embarrass them a bit.

Heichi Gu had played with Ban Ka previously and knew that he was quite the stingy player, the type who didnt act without some incentive.

Since even Heichi Gu had agreed, however, there was naturally no need for Ban Ka to be scared either.

If Zu Ans group lost and didnt have money to pay them back, with how beautiful the Medusa Queen was, theyd just have her pay with her body.

He began breathing heavily when he thought of that, quickly adding, “Count me in too!”

Many people got worked up.

They had spent quite a bit of time on the yellow floor, and so they obviously knew the probability of success.

Theyd be fools to not take the opportunity for such easy money.

Either way, this was the Snake race clan leader they were talking about.

There was no way she would renege on her debt, right As such, they all shouted that they wanted to join in.

“Isnt that a bit too much What if we lose…” Zu An said with a troubled expression.

Yun Jianyue grinned.

This guy was definitely planning to scam people again.

Sigh, it really is a pity that he didnt join our Holy Sect.

However, she suddenly remembered how he had seen everything before.

Her smile instantly froze.

Hmph, if this guy had really joined the Holy Sect, I wouldve already thrown him out to be used as fertilizer.

On the other hand, Yan Xuehen felt a bit strange.

She had previously thought that she really disliked Zu Ans slick-tongued behavior and found it really annoying, but now, she discovered that it was nothing more than a mask he used to hide his real intentions.

In reality, he was actually rather cool-headed, and would lead his opponents into his own control bit by bit.

They wouldnt even know that they had already fallen into his trap.

That level of intellect really was admirable.

All of a sudden, her expression stiffened.

because she suddenly realized something.

Did he also trick me

Someone got scared that Zu An would go back on the deal and said, “Its fine.

Were not even making you pay up right now.

The Snake race is so big, we arent scared that you wont be able to pay us back or anything like that.”


If you won, just how much would that be worth Just thinking about it already brings me a wonderful feeling.”

“Right I once heard from a merchant who came back from Brightmoon City that there was a young man who made several million from just a few dozen silver.

Who knows, you might be next!”

Yan Xuehen and the other women had strange expressions.

Why did that last story sound so familiar

Zu Ans eyes lit up.

He quickly ran over to Yu Yanluos side and began to try to convince her.

The others could even hear what he was saying to try and convince Yu Yanluo.

The onlookers all sneered.

Look at how blinded he is by greed.

He can only think of how much he can make, and yet he has no idea just how badly hell lose.

Yu Yanluo appeared to be quite troubled on the surface too.

In the end, she nodded slightly and said, “Alright, then lets just do it once.”

The others sighed in relief when they heard her agree.

After all, in their eyes, the Medusa Queen was the one who had the final say.

Zu An looked toward Shi Min and said, “The three princes over here, are you all going to join in on this”

Shi Ming chuckled and replied, “Since everyone is getting so excited, then count me in too.”

Shi Rong and Shi Gong both said in agreement, “Well do it too.”

Zu An was stunned.

He had thought that they would refuse at first.

After all, these four rocks were the ones they had chosen.

If they knew there was something inside, werent they just screwing themselves over However, he quickly stopped thinking about that.

That was none of his business anyway.

Hed just worry about anything else when it happened.

Thus, he said to the butler next to him, “Ill have to trouble your distinguished self to serve as a witness.” With so many people present, there was no way he could make them all write a pledge, right

The butler nodded and said, “Do not worry.

No one dares to go back on any fair bets in the Jade Garden.”

He carried a bit of pride in his voice when he said that.

Perhaps there would be some people he couldnt offend on the heaven or immortal floors, but he was confident he could deal with these yellow floor people.

The Lion races princes were a bit troubled when they heard this, but these were people they had brought over, and the bet was something they had already agreed to, so there was no going back on it.

“Alright, have you all decided” Ban Ka asked.

He was getting a bit impatient.

Yu Yanluo didnt pay him any attention and slowly walked around the hall.

She was worried that Shi Min would do something underhanded, so she still checked the area herself to make sure.

As her dress moved gently with her graceful figure, paired with her beautiful, focused countenance, the hall couldnt help but fall silent.

It was as if all of them were scared of disturbing her.

Even though many of them had stakes against her, they didnt say anything either.

They just greedily took in her beauty.

Many people began breathing hurriedly.

Later, when the Snake race took on a huge debt, would they be able to enjoy a bit of the Medusa Queens wonderful aroma for themselves

However, when they saw that she seemed to know what she was doing while she was studying the rocks, some people began to panic.

Ban Ka snapped in annoyance, “Are you done picking yet Hurry up! You dont need to look at the others! Every single one of them is more expensive than a thousand ki stones.

You cant buy them even if you look at them!”

As if she had heard what he said, Yu Yanluo returned to Shi Min and the others.

She looked at the four unpolished rocks, seemingly lost in thought.

“Whats wrong Is there a problem” Yun Jianyue and Yan Xuehen secretly asked.

Yu Yanluo replied, “Ive looked them over for a bit, but these are indeed the ones that have the highest chance of having something.

Why is Shi Min being so nice to us, though”

Even though she had managed the Yu clans gemstone business for many years and had abundant experience, it was only a bit better than an ordinary persons.

Not even the greatest master with the sharpest insight could have a hundred percent accuracy.

Otherwise, it wouldnt be called rock betting, but rather just throwing money away.

That was why she had been worried that there might be something wrong with the rocks.

On the contrary, Zu An was much more relaxed.

He said, “Dont think too much about it.

Who knows, he might have just suggested these to scam us, but had no idea that there was actually something inside.”

Yu Yanluo felt that Shi Mins group wouldnt be so simpleminded, but she still chose to trust Zu An in the end, saying, “Alright, Ill choose these four then.” After she spoke, she handed over the two bags from before to the butler.

Ban Ka and Heichi Gus eyelids twitched.

That was their money, after all.

One of the butlers workers stepped forward to receive the money.

The butler then walked up to the table and said, “Since a bet has already been made, I will personally open the stone.”

With his qualifications, normally, he wouldnt personally do the deed in the black and yellow floors.

The reason why he had made an exception this time was because of the Lion races princes and the Medusa Queen.

He took out one of the unpolished rocks.

He didnt use any tools, and instead used his hand as the blade, slicing down through the side of the stone.

Just like that, the sturdy stone was sliced as easily as tofu.

Quite a few people in the surroundings narrowed their eyes.

This Jade Garden was different after all! Even a butler was that skilled.

Then, the butler ran his hand gently over the stone.

It was shaved off layer by layer, becoming smaller and smaller.

In the end, there were only ash-colored remains.

The butler shook his head and said, “There was nothing inside.”

Cheers resounded from all around.

Those who were betting all sighed in relief.

What were they so worried about This yellow floors stones definitely wouldnt produce treasure that easily.

Furthermore, the four stones were considered poor-quality ones even on the yellow floor.

Yu Yanluos expression remained calm.

This was something that happened all too regularly.

No one could guess every single one correctly.

Next, however, the butler took out another stone.

It was still empty.

Ban Ka and Heichi Ran both smiled.

They were already excited thinking about the Medusa Queen begging them for mercy with a tear-stained face.

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