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Chapter 1336: Trap

Shi Min and the others had initially just planned to watch something amusing.

How could they have expected this guy to tear them down with every word he spoke Not only had they not gotten to see something funny, they had become a laughingstock instead!

You have successfully trolled Shi Min for 444 444 444…

You have successfully trolled Shi Gong for 444 444 444…

You have successfully trolled Shi Rong for 444 444 444…

The butler was also somewhat stunned.

His first instinct was to think that maybe he somehow hadnt heard the wordthousand, but having sharp ears and keen eyes were the most basic requirements for his job.

He quickly realized that he definitely hadnt heard incorrectly.

This person had definitely said he had a hundred ki stones.

With that amount of ki stones, forget about the immortal floor, one couldnt even purchase a single rock from the heaven or black floor! Only on the yellow floor would there be a chance of purchasing a few, and they would definitely be the ones that were of the worst quality.

Normally, if he encountered such a person, he would have already had the guards kick him out! But since this person was someone brought in by the Lion races princes, he instinctively glanced toward them.

However, all he saw were their twisted expressions.

Just then, Zu An strutted forward and said, “Hurry and bring us to the immortal floor already.

What, are you looking down on the Lion races princes”

The butler said with an awkward smile, “This guest must be joking.

Of course that is not it…”

At that instant, he didnt even know what to do.

He thought to himself, Why would these Lion race princes bring such friends Are they trying to start something here

Fortunately, Shi Rong said with a snort, “Stop making a fool of yourself.

Your hundred ki stones are only enough to play around in the lowest-level yellow floor a bit.”

“Arent you all here, though Could it be that you dont have the money for the immortal floor” Zu An asked, giving them a look of confusion.

Meanwhile, the disturbance gradually drew the attention of the surrounding guests.

They all began to glance over and size up Zu Ans group.

There were some who recognized Shi Min and the others, secretly pointing at them and whispering to each other.

The lion princes faces turned purple.

They really wanted to crush Zu An to death right there and be done with it.

They were even starting to regret bringing him to the Jade Garden.

As he saw the endless Rage points coming in, Zu An had a huge smile.

It was far too early for these lions to mess with him.

“Lets practice a bit on the yellow floor first.” Shi Min didnt have the luxury of worrying about shame and took the initiative to suggest that.

If they really went to the immortal floor, they likely wouldnt even have enough to cover the expenses.

The onlookers expressions became strange.

These were the glorious Lion race princes, and yet they were going to the yellow floor Could it be that the Lion race had already fallen to such a state

When he heard the surrounding chatter, Shi Mins face twitched.

He thought to himself, Its all this bastards fault!

I wont be able to let go of this hatred unless we make the Snake race lose their entire fortune!

The butler had gone through strict training, so he didnt reveal anything strange on the surface.

He said with a smile, “This way, please.”

They quickly arrived at the lowest floor of the building made of jade.

It was called the yellow floor, but its decorations were elegant.

It didnt feel like a cheap establishment at all.

They had thought that the floor would be somewhat empty.

After all, those who could enter the Jade Garden were all powerful and wealthy.

Which person could bear the shame of going there However, they found that it was still quite lively.

There were quite a few groups of three or four staring at the unpolished stones on the table.

All of them were red-faced and nervous, clearly concentrating fully.

When Zu An looked around the place, he more or less understood why there were quite a few people present.

Important figures often took some attendants with them, and also brought along their juniors.

Such individuals would find waiting outside rather boring, and they didnt have enough money to play around in the higher floors.

As such, the Jade Garden had considerately created the yellow floor for them to pass their time.

Zu Ans group quickly drew the attention of the people inside.

Quite a few of them also recognized Shi Mins group.

After all, the Lion race was a powerful great clan, and the princes were also individually famous.

Many people dropped what they were doing and moved closer with smiles, calling out, “So the young masters were here to play too!”

How could people like them ever have a chance of talking to such important individuals They naturally had to take the chance to build some connections.

“We came with these people,” the lion princes replied.

They acted haughty and proud, only acting somewhat better in front of two individuals.

One of them had a long, deer-like face with mousy eyes; his arms, neck, and other parts of his skin bore an assortment of black and brown spots that resembled some skin disease.

It was really uncomfortable to look at.

Maid Xing said to Zu Ans group through ki.

“Thats one of the Hyena Races young masters, Ban Ka.” As a competent secretary, she had been gathering intelligence on all the different forces in the Fiend King Court, and had done quite a good job so far.

Yu Yanluo and the others all gave her a look of praise.

“Ban Ka” Zu An retched inwardly.

What kind of name is this Its disgusting.[1]

Is he a spotted hyena Is that why his surname is Ban

Does this Hyena Race have anything to do with those Assrip Wolves I ran into outside Brightmoon City This races combat specialty isnt eating ass, is it…

The other individual didnt need Maid Xings introduction, because he had a mouthful of black teeth when he smiled.

He was clearly from the Black Teeth race.

Judging from how they addressed each other, he seemed to be named Heichi Gu, a prince of one of the Black Teeth races branch families.

Zu Ans expression was strange.

He noticed that Heichi Gus teeth werent as black as Heichi Rans.

It was probably that the purer the bloodline, the blacker their teeth were.

The others present eventually realized that Shi Min and the others were only on the yellow floor because of Zu Ans group.

They were smart enough to realize that the lion princes werent actually friends with them, and that they were likely to actually be enemies.

As such, they all began to voice their support.

Ban Ka and Heichi Gu spoke up.

“Oh my, the Snake race used to be a big clan too, but how did they fall so low They can actually only play around on the yellow floor”

“Exactly! You actually came with only a hundred ki stones How many can you even buy How about we lend you a bit”

Some people wanted to curry favor with the Lion race, while some didnt get along with the Snake race, such as Heichi Gu.

It wasnt only because of what had happened between the crown prince and the Snake race; rather, it was also because of the assassination that had taken place the previous day.

Heichi Ran had been caught and beaten up miserably, throwing the entire Black Teeth race into disorder.

Only recently had the misunderstanding been fixed, granting him his freedom.

All of that seemed to have something to do with the Snake race, so how could Heichi Gu not feel hatred for them

“Sure, we just happened to be a bit strapped for cash,” Zu An said with a smile.

“Ill have to trouble everyone to lend us a bit.

Who knows, we might even be able to find some treasures with the ki stones you lend us.

Sigh… Come on, dont be hiding toward the back now! didnt you say you were going to lend us some just now”

Ban Ka and Heichi Gu immediately looked as if they had eaten **.

They had just said that as a joke; who would have thought that this guy would really ask them for money

After all, lending money at a gambling establishment was a taboo anywhere.

In that situation, even if one helped someone win, one would only be getting back ones own money.

On the other hand, if they ended up squandering it, one would just be out of luck.

As such, lending money in these kinds of places was considered nothing but bad luck.

Still, there were so many people present, and they had already said those words.

The two couldnt really go back on their word and instead asked while scowling, “How much do you need”

You have successfully trolled Ban Ka for 155 155 155…

You have successfully trolled Heichi Gu for 155 155 155…

“I guess a hundred thousand will be fine,” Zu An said nonchalantly.

“Judging from how you two look, it doesnt seem as if youre all that rich.”

The two of them almost vomited blood on the spot.

You only have a hundred freaking ki stones, and yet youre looking down on our hundred thousand!

“Hmph, seeing how pitiful you look, Ill lend you five hundred.

Actually, lets not even talk about lending, you can just have it,” Ban Ka said smugly, tossing over a sack.

However, he was actually crying inwardly.

Five hundred ki stones wasnt enough to deal a serious blow, but it was no small expense.

The Hyena race had never excelled in wealth, and he wasnt some pampered prince.

The amount of funds he had access to was limited.

You have successfully trolled Ban Ka for 555 555 555…

Heichi Gus face was even darker than his teeth as he said, “In that case, Ill give you five hundred too.

You dont have to return it.”

Comparatively, he was in a better situation, but money didnt grow on trees! The worst part was that he was giving the money to the Snake race he hated, making him feel as if he were supporting his enemies.

You have successfully trolled Heichi Gu for 444 444 444…

Yun Jianyue broke out into laughter, exclaiming, “This kid is a freaking genius! If he had joined our Devil Sect early on, he might have had several times the fame and power he has now.”

Yan Xuehens expression changed a bit and she replied, “He still has great prospects awaiting him.

Do not drag him into your sect.”

“Alright, fine!” Yun Jianyue replied, feeling extremely unhappy.

“Judging from how nervous you look, its almost as if hes your man or something.”

She said it nonchalantly, but Yan Xuehens heart skipped a beat.

She looked away to hide her guilt.

Fortunately, Yun Jianyue didnt think too much of it.

Shi Min suggested with a smile, “Since you now have a thousand ki stones, how about we choose the four unpolished rocks here In my opinion, they look to be worth around a thousand.”

Yun Jianyue quickly warned Zu An, “Dont choose those.

This guy is definitely up to no good.”

Yu Yanluo had a strange expression as she said, “Its actually the opposite.

These four really do have a chance of containing something.”

Zu An frowned as he looked at Shi Min.

When he saw the princes ambiguous expression, Zu An thought to himself, Did this guy hit the bullseye by accident… or was it on purpose


Ban = spotted.

Ka = sound of coughing or vomiting.

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