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Chapter 1335: A Place That Fits Their Status

Yu Yanluo naturally wasnt lacking in that field, so she was about to calmly agree.

However, Zu An instead rushed forward and called out, “Wait, wait, wait! We dont have that many ki stones on us.”

After staying in the fiend race territory for so long, he had learned that rock betting was a game that was quite popular among nobles there.

With their status, normal gambling naturally wouldnt be that interesting.

Only gambling with both rocks and style would make it interesting enough, drawing the interest of all the noble young masters and ladies.

Shi Rong said with a sneer, “She is a glorious clan leader.

Dont tell me you left without any ki stones”

Zu An sighed and said, “The Snake race has been in a bit of a slump recently, so we cant help but be a bit strapped for cash.

Of course, its not to a point where we have none at all.

We still have a hundred or so ki stones on us.”

The ki stones that were circulated as currency were cut into a standard shape and size like the gold and silver coins of his previous world, so they could be counted.

Of course, counting by weight was also fine, but that was a bit more inconvenient.

Theyd only use that method for large-scale transactions.

“A hundred or so” The Lion races young masters were stunned at first, but then they roared with laughter.

A hundred ki stones was already a ridiculous amount of resources.

For a clan leader, however, it really was too shameful.

“Our Lion race cares about knightly chivalry.

We do not want to be known for bullying women,” Shi Min said.

He fell silent for a moment before saying, “How about this You should all take the hundred ki stones to the Jade Garden and choose some rocks.

As long as you can find something, this young prince will compensate you for the same amount on top of what you would originally get.”

Shi Rong and Shi Gong panicked.

They both grabbed him as a warning.

They really couldnt understand why their usually sharp third brother would suddenly do something like that, which wouldnt earn them any money, but would instead lose them money.

Shi Min said through ki, “Dont worry.

How can we make them really start spending if we dont draw them in first”

Shi Rong was still unconvinced, saying, “They only have a hundred ki stones on them.

Even if they start spending, how much could they even lose”

Shi Min sneered.

“Theyre only bringing out a hundred ki stones right now because they still have some misgivings.

Once theyve tasted the sweet taste of success, they wont be able to stop even if they want to.

At that point, it wont be up to them anymore.

Even if they dont have enough ki stones on them, dont forget that they still have the Snake race behind them.

The Snake Races mines and their poison are both profitable resources.

Well try to find a way to win those two businesses.”

Shi Rong and Shi Gongs eyes lit up when they heard his explanation.

Third brother is third brother after all.

He is the smartest, as always.

Zu An also pretended to be moved.

He began to talk to Yu Yanluo, seemingly urging her to participate.

Yu Yanluo thenreluctantly agreed.

“Alright, then lets go and give it a try.”

Yan Xuehen silently observed everything.

She knew Zu An had done all that on purpose as an act.

This guy really is a scoundrel through and through… His enemies are being screwed over, and yet theyre still eager to participate.

Even Yu Yanluo is copying his bad behavior…

She couldnt help but be stunned.

Hadnt she also learned from him She had never used to lie, but now, she deceived others without even batting an eyelid.

Seeing that they had agreed, Shi Min was worried that they would go back on their word and quickly said, “Then, we should go.

Jade Garden is just up ahead; we will be there soon!”

The way they normally acted, they would have already rushed there first.

However, now, they instead seemed to be accompanying Zu Ans group loosely and walking at a neutral pace, as if they were scared that the other group would get cold feet.

Yun Jianyue asked the others through ki, “Do you two really have confidence you can win”

Even though she was a grandmaster, her Devil Sects hard-pressed economic situation prevented her from messing around extravagantly in gambling establishments.

Furthermore, in rock betting, ones cultivation wasnt even useful since such unpolished gems seemed to be able to absorb a cultivators divine will.

One couldnt see inside at all.

However, that was precisely why it brought gamblers incomparable stimulation.

Zu An smiled, but didnt say anything.

Yu Yanluo nodded without giving too much away.

After all, she had managed the Yu clans ki stone business in the past.

At the very least, she had absolute confidence in her insight in this field.

When she heard that, Yun Jianyue began to get excited, saying, “Alright then, make sure to properly screw them up for me.

Preferably until they lose everything but their underpants!”

What happened previously had really pissed her off, but for various reasons, she couldnt do a thing about it.

That meant she could only leave it to Yu Yanluo.

Yu Yanluos face turned a bit red, but she still replied, “Ill do my best.”

Thus, the group arrived in front of the Jade Garden.

They could feel thriving life force even from the main entrance, and they could vaguely make out a verdant expanse inside.

Not only did they smell the fragrance of flowers, they could even hear the melodious chirping of birds.

The north was bitterly cold and rarely had places with lush vegetation.

Who knew just how much manpower and resources were used to maintain such scenery

However, the most eye-catching sight was the tallest building in the garden.

It was a bejeweled palace that swirled with vibrant colors.

“Are all the tiles and bricks made of jade” Zu An cried in shock.

“Whats so special about that Look at this country bumpkin!” Shi Rong said mockingly.

He immediately felt an indescribable sense of superiority when he saw his reaction.

Shi Min was worried that his younger brother would offend them so badly that they would turn tail.

He thus stepped out to smooth things over, saying, “This Jade Garden is a garden of leisure created by the fiend races wealthiest and most famous Fox Merchant Group.

Normally, they only receive the most honored guests from the Fiend King Courts different races.

Every single reservation is booked for half a year later.

Even if ordinary people have money, they still lack the qualifications to enter.”

His voice carried a great sense of pride, as if he were stating that Zu Ans group had only been blessed with the chance to visit such a place because they were sharing in the lion princes spotlight.

Zu An didnt get annoyed at all.

What he was more concerned about was something else.

So this Jade Garden belongs to the Fox Merchant Group! He had already seen that merchant group in Bluefield Country.

He wondered if the place had anything to do with Tushan Yus people.

If he got a chance, he would go over and ask her about it.

However, according to what he had heard, she didnt seem to have arrived at the Fiend King Court yet… She had said that she had something to take care of.

He didnt know if she was being held up by something.

Soon after, the group entered the Jade Garden.

It was clear that the guards at the entrance recognized Shi Mins group.

An individual dressed like a butler enthusiastically invited their group in.

As for Zu Ans group, he assumed they were friends, so he naturally didnt make things difficult for them in any way.

He was amazed at Yu Yanluos beauty, but he didnt dare to stare for too long.

He said, “Princes, please come inside.

The second imperial prince and the others have already arrived.

This humble one will guide you to them right now.”

Zu An and the others were shocked when they heard that.

That tough-looking black-armored rider from the city outskirts appeared in their minds.

Looks like that person was the one who arranged for all of this!

This second imperial prince has been setting up these meetings with all of the various races heirs… It seems hes definitely cooking up something big.

Shi Min raised his hand and stopped the butler, saying, “There is no rush.

These friends of mine wish to play a few rounds of rock betting first.”

“Oh” The butler didnt sound too surprised.

After all, those who frequented the Jade Garden were all fond of that hobby.

He askesd, “Then may I ask what categories these guests would like to play in”

“What categories are there” Zu An asked.

The butler was momentarily stunned.

How could someone who frequents these kinds of establishments not know this

However, his professionalism didnt reveal any slip-ups.

Instead, he pointed to a distant pavilion that shone with brilliant lights and colors, saying, “It is mainly separated into the four levels of heaven, earth, black, and yellow.

As the name implies, the higher the level, the more precious the unpolished gems.

Of course, the chances of obtaining something good will also be greater.

For example, on the heaven floor, there is someone who has opened up heaven-grade ki stones before.”

Zu An frowned.

He remarked with a bit of dissatisfaction, “The highest level is only heaven-grade”

Shi Min and the others almost spat out their drinks.

Does this guy not know what the concept of heaven-grade is Your hundred ki stones probably cant even buy any random unpolished rock in the heaven level, and yet you dare show disdain

They wanted to see Zu An make a fool of himself, so they didnt say anything.

They just watched with strange smiles.

The butler seemed to have sensed Zu Ans expensive preferences.

He was also a bit shocked, saying, “As expected of the Lion race princes friends, your experience must be extraordinary.

Actually, apart from the heaven floor, there is an immortal floor.

Someone opened up an immortal-grade treasure inside before.

Not only are there ki stones inside, there might be all kinds of precious medicines, weapons, and other things.

Of course, every single unpolished gem is extremely expensive.

Do our esteemed guests have an interest in participating”

Zu An was still a bit unsatisfied.

He replied, “Theres only an immortal level Why isnt there a divine level”

The butler wiped a trace of cold sweat off his forehead, saying, “This esteemed guest must be joking.

Being able to discern an immortal-grade treasure is already something extremely rare.

There arent many deity grade articles in this entire world, and every single item has one of the worlds most powerful cultivators as their owner.

How could they possibly be produced from these unpolished rocks”

If a deity-grade divine weapon could be cut out from such rocks, not only would it not be something great for their merchant group, it could even bring them a huge disaster.

Their entire establishment could be destroyed.

“Oh…” Zu An felt a bit disappointed.

The butler could only asked apologetically, “Then which floor do our guests wish to go to”

“Isnt that obvious Im a friend of the Lion race princes, so of course I have to go to the floor that fits their status.

I have a hundred ki stones on me, so of course, Im going to the immortal floor,” Zu An said in a rich and overbearing manner while smacking his own chest.

The butler was completely stunned.

Then, he looked toward the Lion Race princes.

Shi Min and the others almost vomited blood on the spot.

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