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Chapter 1328: Take Care of Something

The Second Empress wanted to cover her ears, but her major acupoints were sealed, so she couldn't budge an inch.

She could only listen to everything happening above.

Even though she usually behaved rather coquettishly, being so close to such a thing was still quite shocking to her.

After all, because the Fiend Emperor was experiencing heaven and man deterioration, he spent most of his time preserving his strength to extend his life.

It had already been many years since he last came to her palace.

The charm she displayed could be used as a kind of weapon, but it lacked true substance.

And yet now, this guy was thrusting away with the real deal, leaving her alarmed and horrified. So you could actually do such a thing…

After a long time had passed, the gasping on the bed finally calmed down.

A strange mood filled the air.

Zu An helped Snow cover up her body.

Because of the poison and her exhaustion, she was already fast asleep.

After covering her up, he covered himself with a thin blanket and sat by the side of the bed, looking down on the woman on the ground.

The Second Empress was furious.

That thin blanket was what she loved to sleep with the most normally, and yet it was now being used to cover that filthy thing.

You have successfully trolled the Second Empress for 283 283 283…

Zu An reached out and shot a strand of ki at the Second Empress, undoing her restrictions.

The Second Empress jumped back some distance the moment she was freed, staring at him vigilantly.

Zu An couldn't help but chuckle.

He said, “Don’t worry, I won’t do anything to you.

If I wanted to, I wouldn’t have undone your restriction.”

The Second Empress’ face heated up a bit.

She realized that her actions had been a bit exaggerated, but she reacted quickly and covered it up, remarking, “It really is a pity that you do not work at a gigolo shop.”

Zu An thought in surprise, So this world had something similar, too Could it be that this woman is a transmigrator too He said, “If the constant stays the same in a trigonometric function…”

The Second Empress frowned and replied, “What the hell are you saying”

Zu An realized that he had been mistaken.

He laughed and asked, “What, if I work at a gigolo shop, will your highness help me take care of my business” The empress normally behaved flirtatiously, so he figured that joking around with her that way would just make them closer.

“Hmph, who would want something like that” the Second Empress retorted, but inside, her heart was pounding and her ears were even burning up a bit.

Just then, she had truly witnessed what it meant to be a healthy, masculine man.


She quickly threw that thought away.

She was a glorious empress; why would she think such strange thoughts

“What are you planning to do now” she asked, shifting her legs somewhat.

She couldn't help but feel a bit uncomfortable.

Zu An said, “I’ll deal with the situation as it changes.

If there’s a flood, just block it with dirt.”

The Second Empress sneered and said, “I fear you will be unable to stop that flood.

But your luck is still pretty good.

The Fiend Emperor has just entered seclusion.

Normally, he only leaves a strand of divine will outside, so I do not think he will personally come after you.

However, the Fiend King Court is full of powerful cultivators, so the slightest slip-up means you might be gone from this world.”

“I’ll need to request for Second Empress’ guidance in the future,” Zu An said, looking at her with a big smile.

The Second Empress was speechless.

This guy had treated her so poorly just a moment ago, and yet he still had the nerve to pretend that nothing had happened! However, she still replied, “This night is about to pass.

The Golden Crow Guards were unable to find you inside the palace, so they will probably start to direct their attention outside.

I will find a chance to send you two out.

“At that time, you should quietly deliver Princess Snow back to the Elf Race.

Otherwise, as time goes on, Princess Snow’s reputation might no longer hold up.”

Zu An frowned and asked, “Then wouldn’t Snow be in danger”

“Don’t worry.

As long as Princess Snow insists she does not know you, saying that you were masked the entire time, then nothing major will happen,” the Second Empress said.

She continued, “As of late, after what happened to the Golden Peng King and Peacock King, the entire Fiend King Court’s situation has become a bit tense.

Princess Snow’s status is special.

Even if the crown prince’s side knows that she is not speaking the truth, they would not dare to say it.

After all, he was the one who drugged her first.

If news of that were to get out, it would cause a huge uproar.”

Zu An nodded.

The Second Empress had been a part of the Fiend King Court for a long time, so she knew how things worked in it.

If she had arrived at that kind of conclusion, that meant there would naturally be no problem.

“However, you should not return to the Snake race territory.

I am quite certain that the crown prince will investigate the Snake race,” Second Empress warned him.

Zu An frowned.

His relationship with the Snake race was special, so how could he just leave them alone Of course, there was no reason to explain that to the Second Empress.

“You should lie low near the Fiend King Court for some time.

I will contact you when there is a chance.

If you can take care of one thing, you will have nothing else to worry about,” the Second Empress said with a strange glimmer in her eyes.

“What kind of thing” Zu An asked with a frown.

“It is not time yet.

You will naturally know when it is time,” the Second Empress said.

She shook her head and didn’t explain herself.

“You know, those who speak in riddles are often the ones who end up getting beaten up,” Zu An remarked, but he didn’t continue to ask questions.

Their relationship wasn’t good enough yet, so the empress wouldn’t answer even if he asked.

The Second Empress got up and said, “Rest here for a while first.

I will pay the crown prince a visit.

After all, something so major happened to the crown prince.

If I did not head over to take a look, as the empress, it really would be a bit inexcusable.”

Zu An frowned and didn’t say anything.

The Second Empress was intelligent and immediately noticed his misgivings.

She asked with a lovely smile, “What Are you scared that I will sell you two out”

Zu An said with a chuckle, “The Second Empress must be joking.

We’re now grasshoppers on the same rope.

Why would we be worried about these things”

The Second Empress harrumphed, sensing the implicit threat in his voice.

She got up and strutted out.

As he watched her swaying, rhythmic gait, even though Zu An had just fought a great battle, his body still began to heat up. This woman really is full of feminine charm in everything she does…

At the moment, however, his resolve was firm.

He quickly calmed down, then walked over to the bedside to gently wipe away the fine sweat on Qiao Xueying’s forehead.

As if sensing his consideration, Qiao Xueying slowly opened her eyes.

A hint of bashfulness appeared in her eyes as she called out, “Ah Zu~”

“You’re awake” Zu An replied, helping her sort out her messy hair.

“You should sleep a bit longer.”

“I can’t sleep anymore,” Qiao Xueying said, shaking her head.

She looked around her.

When she saw the surrounding layout, she asked in surprise, “So this is really the Second Empress’ chambers”

She had actually still retained a vague hint of consciousness just then, but she had felt that it would have been too absurd for them to be on the Second Empress’ bed, so she had thought that it was an illusion.

Now that she saw her surroundings clearly, however, she discovered that everything she remembered was actually real!

Zu An nodded and said, “Indeed, this is the Second Empress’ place…” Then, he told her about how the Second Empress had saved them.

“Ah!” Qiao Xueying cried out in alarm.

She asked, “Then, doesn’t that mean that just now… She saw everything”

“She couldn't see anything.

I sealed her movements and left her underneath the bed,” Zu An explained.

“What difference does that make!” Qiao Xueying cried.

She shrank into the covers, unwilling to come out.

She was just way too embarrassed!

“Don’t worry, only she knows about this.

We’re all in the same boat now, so she won’t tell anyone else,” Zu An said in consolation.

“But someone else saw such an embarrassing side of me! I’m going to die from embarrassment…” Qiao Xueying said in a low, muffled voice.

Zu An chuckled and said, “Actually, there’s no need to feel embarrassed.

You actually have some dirt on the Second Empress too.”

“What” Qiao Xueying stuck part of her head out of the covers, her eyes flickering brightly.

“Earlier, you were groping her…” Zu An whispered in her ear.

Qiao Xueying’s face immediately turned completely red.

She cried, “Ahhhhh! It’s all your fault! I’m really going to die from embarrassment!”

Zu An wasn’t able to calm her down again even after a long time had passed.

However, when the Second Empress returned, Snow calmed down.

The Second Empress gave her a strange look and remarked, “Princess Snow So you have woken up.”

This little girl’s body is so delicate and petite, and yet it actually contains such wild strength.

Qiao Xueying quickly got dressed.

She greeted the empress with a reddened face.

“Thank you for saving us, Second Empress.”

“The one who saved you was not me.

It was mainly him,” the Second Empress said, looking at Zu An with an ambiguous expression.

Zu An coughed lightly, worried that Qiao Xueying would feel embarrassed.

He changed the topic and asked, “How is the Golden Crow Crown Prince Dead or alive”

“He did not die, but he did have half his life shaved off,” the Second Empress said with a strange expression.

“You really are quite vicious, smashing his lower body into a bloody mess.

You clearly did not want him to be able to have children anymore.”

“That guy deserved it,” Qiao Xueying spat hatefully.

When she remembered how she had been embarrassed by him, she really wanted to hit him a few more times.

Zu An said, “Then your highness should be thanking me.

The Fiend Emperor will definitely not pass his position to someone without any chance of producing descendants.

Of the remaining sons, the second prince has the highest chance of succeeding the throne.”

The Second Empress sighed and said, “If only it were that simple.

If you really killed the crown prince, there would be hope of the second prince rising up.

Right now, however, the throne is still the crown prince’s.”

“Why” Zu An asked, surprised.

“He hasn’t gotten married, nor does he have any heirs, right”


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