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Chapter 1327: Confrontation

Zu An didn’t get angry and simply replied with a smile, “I was only speaking in a closer manner because we’ve already had some physical intimacy.

If your highness wants to act so distant, let’s just treat things as official business.

If your highness needs something in the future, please contact me then.”

He picked up Snow, intending to leave on the spot.

Her condition was extremely poor and she needed to be detoxified as quickly as possible.

Seeing that he was about to leave, the Second Empress quickly extended her hand and asked, “What are you doing”

“Leaving this place, of course,” Zu An said in confusion.

The Second Empress said seriously, “You cannot.

There are Golden Crow Guards everywhere outside; you will be easily found out if you leave.

If you are caught, that will affect me too.”

In her position, she obviously wouldn’t believe something like a promise.

Even if Zu An continued to say he wouldn’t sell her out, if he really were caught and tortured, no one could hold all that information in.

Zu An knew that what she said was the truth.

There were indeed Golden Crow Guards everywhere outside at that moment, all intending to dig up the entire palace if it meant finding him.

The Fiend Emperor’s divine sense also swept through the entire place from time to time as well, so it was indeed hard to get out.

“Stay here for now.

Once they have searched a few times without being able to find you, and think you have already escaped, you can then look for a chance to escape,” the Second Empress said as she moved over to the window and opened up a small crack to check on the situation outside.

Zu An frowned and said, “I can wait, but she can’t.”

Qiao Xueying was completely unconscious.

Her body was burning up severely, and she was only able to instinctively rub her body against his, as if only then would she feel the slightest bit of comfort.

The Second Empress remembered how she had been groped by Princess Snow.

Her expression became a bit unnatural as she remarked, “The crown prince really is brazen, actually daring to feed Princess Snow this kind of drug.”

Zu An asked, “Your highness, are you able to obtain any herbs from the imperial hospital Additionally, we need the maids to prepare a bathing tub and fill it with cold water.”

“Absolutely not!” the Second Empress directly refused.

“Everyone in the palace is looking for you two.

If even a hint of a clue leaks out, they will become suspicious.

We cannot afford that kind of risk.”

The crown prince knew what kind of drug Princess Snow had been affected by.

If they tried to get some medicine or large amounts of cold water, they would easily bring suspicion upon themselves.

“Then I have to leave,” Zu An said with a stern expression.

“Even though it’s dangerous outside, I can’t let anything happen to Snow.”

“Snow The two of you sound quite close,” the Second Empress said with a laugh.

“Isn’t that easy enough Isn’t it just that kind of drug Aren’t you the best antidote”

She had a hint of an indescribable expression in her eyes.

She definitely didn’t have any good intentions behind proposing such a thing.

After all, she didn’t want the Golden Crow Crown Prince to be connected to the Elf Race in marriage.

If that happened, the crown prince’s influence would become even stronger.

Meanwhile, if she let a man take the chastity of someone who was already pretty much the crown princess… Just the news of that would greatly shake the crown prince’s prestige, turning him into the laughingstock of all the fiend races.

That wasn’t all.

Such a thing would be a huge mental blow for the crown prince himself.

It would become an inner demon in his path of cultivation.

If he couldn't break through that, he could end up unable to make any further progress in his cultivation.

How could the Fiend Emperor pass on his position to trash like that

Zu An was speechless.

Young ladies who were already married were just this bold! They didn’t have any sense of shame when saying such things.

He thought for a bit, but concluded that was indeed the best method available.

As such, he nodded and said, “Alright, I’ll be borrowing your highness’ bed for a bit.”

Then, he carried Snow over to the bed.

The Second Empress was speechless.

She had thought that he would refuse her a few times, but she would have to find a way to convince him, slowly making her plan come to fruition.

How could she have expected that he would agree just like that As expected, he was just a perverted kid!

Suddenly, her expression changed. Wait, they’re going to use my bed

She wanted to stop them, but it was already too late.

Zu An had already lowered all of the curtains around the bed.

She could vaguely see that he was already removing the clothes around Princess Snow’s shoulders.

The Second Empress’ expression changed several times.

Stopping Zu An at that point really would be a bit inappropriate.

If she really ended up annoying him and he insisted on leaving, thus getting himself caught, things would instead become even more troublesome.

Hmph, I’ll just have the maid change all of the bedsheets afterwards.

Actually, this entire bed can just be burned away.

Princess Snow’s sweet moans rang out through the air.

As a mature young madam, how could the Second Empress not know what was going on Her heart rate began to accelerate madly.

Princess Snow’s reaction didn’t seem to indicate that it was her first time.

Was it because of the drug

She shook her head and didn’t think about such things too hard.

However, she secretly took out a recording mirror to record everything.

Either way, she would be able to take it out and deal the crown prince a devastating blow, and she could even use it to threaten both the Elf Race and this man.

However, as soon as she took it out, a powerful suction force manifested and the recording mirror in her hands flew out of her hands.

That wasn’t all, though.

Because she tried to catch the recording mirror, she lost her balance and was sucked in by the force too.

She fell into the curtains with a dull thud.

She was alarmed and instinctively got up to protect herself.

However, a large hand was already clutching her throat.

Zu An looked down on her from above, his expression icy as he asked, “What is the meaning of this, your highness”

The Second Empress opened her eyes and saw that Zu An’s upper body was bare.

His powerful masculine energy practically struckher in the face. This guy’s physique is pretty good, huh…

However, she quickly became annoyed.

Her real strength was definitely not so low that she would normally be defeated so quickly.

It was only because she had been caught completely unprepared that she was restrained by such a move.

With her vitals restrained, she could only force a smile and ask, “What kind of technique is this”

Even though she had been a bit careless, she still had her cultivation.

However, she hadn't been able to resist that powerful suction force at all. No wonder he was able to seriously injure the crown prince even under Elder Wu’s protection, then rescue Princess Snow.

“I’m the one asking the questions here.” Zu An said, looking at her indifferently.

TheSecond Empress recovered her composure and replied, with a lovable smile, “How can I not record Princess Snow’s first time as a memory I planned to give it to the two of you afterward, but who would have thought that you would misunderstand.”

Zu An obviously wouldn’t believe such nonsense.

He sneered and said, “Your highness, please do not take me for a fool.”

The Second Empress’ smile faded as she said, “You are right; I indeed treated you rudely just now.

I apologize.

This recording mirror will be given to you as an apology.”

Zu An replied coldly, “Do you think I would forgive you just because you apologized”

The Second Empress’ expression changed.

“What, don’t tell me you’ll dare to kill me With my help, you two might still have a chance of leaving the imperial palace.

Otherwise, you’ll be dead for sure.

Furthermore, both the Elf Race and Snake Race will be completely destroyed.”

“Your highness, threatening me in this kind of situation isn’t a good idea.” Zu An hooked his finger around her chin frivolously.

He continued, “You’re right when you say that I won’t kill you, but are you not scared that I’ll carry out the punishment right here on this bed Judging from how your body reacted to my touch earlier, I believe you won’t dare to talk about it in the future either, right”

“You’re shameless!” the Second Empress exclaimed in horror.

It was the first time she had lost her composure that way.

The other party really was a villain! She really couldn't tell the Fiend Emperor or anyone else.

At that moment, she had felt a mysterious feeling of fear.

Seeing that he had scared her enough, Zu An pulled his hand back and said, “I’m only telling you these things to make it clear to you that we could have had a proper cooperation before.

You shouldn’t try to think yourself clever, but ultimately force our relationship into a state that’s beyond reconciliation.”

He didn’t wait for her to reply after speaking.

He immediately placed a restriction on her body and just threw her out.

Of course, he didn’t have a fetish for letting her watch what they were doing, but he didn’t dare to leave her too far away, because who knew what kinds of tricks she still had up her sleeves If the restriction were undone and she rushed out to call the guards, he would be in trouble.

As such, he tossed her over to one side of the bed, on the ground.

That way, she couldn't see what was happening on the bed, but she was also still within Zu An’s control.

She fell to the ground roughly with a thud.

The restrictions placed on her prevented her from moving for some time too, making the  Second Empress furious and nervous.

When had she ever been treated so roughly before

You have successfully trolled Second Empress for 555 555 555…

“Tell me your name already!” the Second Empress asked through clenched teeth, unable to retain her usual collected and flirtatious demeanor.

“Yan Zu.

You can call me Ah Zu if you want too,” Zu An said.

Even though the fiend races and humans didn’t communicate smoothly with each other, news would get there sooner or later.

He didn’t want Zu An’s name to appear in the human faction’s intelligence.

The matter of Cloudcenter Commandery had already been annoying enough; he didn’t want to go through that again.

“Yan Zu…” the Second Empress repeated, etching that hateful name in her memory.

“I will remember you.”

Just then,, a voice that could make anyone embarrassed came from the bed.

It came from Princess Snow.

The empress hadn’t expected that petite body to actually erupt with such powerful energy.

The Second Empress didn’t have the leisure of feeling embarrassed.

She simply hissedin alarm, “Can you be a bit gentler! Don’t let those outside hear,, or else we’re finished!”

“Don’t worry.

I already set up a sound blocking barrier,” Zu An said from the bed, his voice muffled as if his mouth were occupied with something else.

Only then did Second Empress notice a transparent barrier around them.

She thought to herself, Even though this guy does things in a rough manner, he is prettymeticulous in thought.

Then, the crazy experience from before appeared in her mind.

She harrumphed with a reddened face. Is this guy from the Donkey race How can Princess Snow’s petite figure handle him!


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