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Chapter 1326: Not Qualified

The Second Empress cried out in protest inwardly.

Just then, Qiao Xueying’s condition had made her unsatisfied with just kissing.

She had begun to grope around, inadvertently reaching into the Second Empress’ dress.

The Second Empress’ chest had suddenly been grabbed by a scalding hot hand, so her first instinct had been to think that Zu An had used the chance to take advantage of her.

Thus, she had cried out in alarm and anger.

Afterward, however, she quickly realized that it was Princess Snow’s hand.

Still, it was already too late for regret.

Niu Dao and the Golden Crow Guards all turned around to look at the bed with suspicion.

The Second Empress was about to say something, but Qiao Xueying once again began groping her to the point that she almost couldn't catch her breath. Are you kneading freaking dough or something!

“Your highness, did something happen” Niu Dao called out, giving his subordinates a look.

They fanned out and began to move toward the bed.

“It is fine.

I was just a bit annoyed when I remembered something just now,” Second Empress replied, trying to remain calm. Princess Snow, are you done yet!

Zu An transmitted his voice through ki, saying apologetically, “I’m sorry! I’ll move her hand away.” After saying that, he reached in with one hand.

The Second Empress’ entire body went taut. Is this guy trying to take advantage of me on purpose

Zu An had reacted instinctively, but he quickly realized that something wasn’t quite right.

Even if he pulled his hand back, however, it wouldn’t do anything.

What mattered was moving Snow’s hand away.

As such, he braced himself and grabbed Snow’s hand, pulling it back.

The Second Empress’s mind was extremely tense the entire time.

Fortunately, she sensed that Zu An’s hand still moved with some decency, trying to avoid touching her skin the entire time.

Even so, on several occasions, his arm unintentionally brushed her.

Her body trembled slightly, but she bit down on her lip and endured it.

Zu An jumped in fright. Why does this Second Empress feel as if she doesn’t have any bones

However, how could he have known that the Second Empress had a shortcoming no one knew about It was that, the moment a man touched her, her entire body would become as soft as cotton.

The Second Empress was worried and nervous, so her body had become even more sensitive.

She was almost unable to hold on.

Fortunately, she knew what kind of end she would face if she were exposed.

She stopped her voice from shaking with all of her willpower, calling out “Why are you not leaving yet”

Niu Dao looked toward the bulging covers with suspicion, asking, “Your highness, are you feeling unwell” He didn’t move at all, clearly not intending to leave.

Second Empress knew that he was suspicious, and that she would be forced onto the defensive if she only answered his questions.

Instead, she went on the offensive and asked, “What, are you staying here because you want to see what I look like in bed Or are you suspecting that I am hiding someone under my covers”

“This humble subject doesn’t dare!” Niu Dao replied, breaking out into fine beads of sweat.

Even though he indeed had such a suspicion, how could he dare to say it out loud This was the Second Empress! Even though she was beautiful, everyone in the palace knew she was vicious and merciless.

Any subjects who offended her usually didn’t meet good ends.

Unless there was absolute proof, his suspicions would just be groundless accusations.

She would have endless methods to get revenge on him afterward.

“However, it seems as if you are raring to give it a try,” Second Empress said with a sneer.

“What, do you want to use the assassin as a reason to move aside my covers and take a look There is no harm in telling you this, but I am not dressed right now.

If you are not scared, you can come and give it a try.”

Niu Dao’s face turned completely red.

His Golden Crow Guard subordinates all began breathing hurriedly.

To be honest, they really did want to move aside the covers and see what Second Empress looked like, especially without her clothes on.

Still, those thoughts could only remain as such; none of them were willing to make that gamble! If they undid the covers and the Second Empress really wasn’t wearing any clothes, they would have their eyes gouged out, experience death by a thousand cuts, and cause their clans to be eradicated!

“This humble official doesn’t dare!” Niu Dao repeated what he had just said.

However, he still didn’t show any intention of leaving.

“Since you are all unwilling to do it yourself, this empress is going to move the covers aside for you,” the Second Empress said.

Her beautiful eyes almost seemed to be conveying a smile, silently inviting them over.

As she spoke, she began moving the covers bit by bit.

When he saw her smooth and exquisite shoulder’s dazzling white skin, Niu Dao noticed the dress was draped over a screen off to the side out of the corner of his eye.

Thus, he quickly said, “I will not disturb your highness’ rest anymore.

This humble subject will say his goodbye here.” Then, he quickly moved his eyes away for fear of the empress really pulling aside the covers.

If that happened, his clan really would be destroyed.

The other Golden Crow Guards hurriedly withdrew.

They even closed the door behind them.

The other guards waiting outside asked what had happened.

Niu Dao and the others didn’t say anything and just quickly left.

The Golden Crow Guards were left extremely puzzled, wondering, “Why are all of you hunched over”

Meanwhile, Niu Dao and the others moved to a quieter place.

His subordinates asked, “General Niu, are we going to just leave like this”

“What else can we do Don’t tell me you really would move aside the Second Empress’ covers” Niu Dao replied.

The sight of the empress moving aside her covers appeared in his mind again, with part of her shoulder exposed. Damn it, that woman really is something!

If there hadn’t been other people there, if the two of them had met in private, he wasn’t even sure whether he could hold himself back.

The Second Empress’ endlessly seductive figure was something he knew he could never touch unless he wanted to experience a terrible death, but it was just way too tempting!

“But is it possible that the Second Empress is hiding the assassin under her covers” a Golden Crow Guard voiced his suspicion.

“Are you stupid” Niu Dao smacked him in the back of the head.

“Even if that assassin really had been sent by the Second Empress, would she sacrifice that much, to even hide the assassin in her own covers after taking off her clothes”

“But she only showed half of her shoulder just now… The dress that was thrown to the side might not have really been taken off her body…” the Golden Crow Guard muttered.

“Heh, what, don’t tell me you actually want to look at the Second Empress’ body, you little bastard Are you not scared of dying by a thousand cuts” Niu Dao harrumphed.

“Do you think I didn’t think of what you just said I already checked with my divine sense just then.

There was no one else under her covers; otherwise, why do you think I left”

“But the Second Empress suddenly cried out, as if something happened under the covers!” The Golden Crow Guard still wasn’t willing to let it go.

Niu Dao had a strange expression as he replied, “Can you use your brain a little bit The Second Empress was in the room alone.

She already took off her clothes and was under her own covers.

She didn’t want to meet anyone either.

What do you think she was doing”

“Don’t tell me…” A Golden Crow Guard swallowed.

He felt his body become extremely stiff.

No wonder the Second Empress had looked as if she were about to break out into tears.

So it turned out she had been playing with herself!

They cried out in regret.

If they had gone in alone without so many people, they might have even had a chance to get closer.

When they remembered the Second Empress’ enchanting figure, all of them hunched over to hide their bodies’ reactions.

They felt the same thing as Niu Dao. She’s just way too hot!

Meanwhile, back in the Second Empress’ chambers, she immediately got up from the bed after the others left.

The clothes on the screen divider seemed to be pulled over by an invisible hand, instantly wrapping around her again.

Zu An was quite shocked.

That was probably the fastest he had ever seen someone get dressed.

The scenes he remembered from television dramas in which women leisurely reached into their sleeves seemed like nonsense in comparison.

“You brat, this empress was almost done in because of you!” the Second Empress exclaimed, shooting him a hateful glare.

However, she really was too charming, so the glare didn’t convey any viciousness, only seeming even more tempting instead

“I really am sorry.

I’ll definitely repay your kindness for saving my life.” Zu An knew that he was in the wrong and could only apologize.

The Second Empress harrumphed.

“Oh How exactly are you going to repay me”

“If Second Empress is okay with me, I am willing to devote my body to you,” Zu An said, looking at her with a smile.

The Second Empress was stunned.

However, after a moment, she laughed so hard her entire body rocked back and forth.

She shot back, “Are you doing me a favor, or yourself”

Zu An was surprised.

There was more to this woman than meets the eye after all.

He had said that on purpose to test her, but she hadn’t gotten mad at all.

As such, he said seriously, “Your highness saved us presumably due to the matter of the Golden Crow Crown Prince.

The Golden Crow Crown Prince rising to the throne wouldn’t be good for either of us, so we should form an alliance.”

The Second Empress’ expression turned cold as she said, “First of all, I am the empress.

Even if the crown prince rises to the throne, he has to call me empress dowager.

There is no such contradiction between us.

Secondly, if this empress needed to find someone to ally with, you would still lack the qualifications to be that person.”


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