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Chapter 1324: Fiend Empress’ Resting Chambers

The wonderful figure was a beautiful young married woman, dressed in a long silk dress that looked extremely soft and sleek.

Anyone who saw it wouldn’t be able to help but think about touching it.

A brilliant belt hung around her slim waist, accentuating her slender figure and making her chest’s wonderful curve seem even more incredible.

The woman spoke in a mature cadence that conveyed a sense of awe.

However, her flawless face was so beautiful that it was hard to associate her with an imposing demeanor.

Her oval face was spotless and snow-white; her umber-black, curved eyebrows were extremely seductive, her rosy lips shining with an alluring gloss.

Even though her tone was somewhat cold, her voice naturally carried a sense of soul-melting temptation that could make one’s heart go crazy.

Even though Zu An had never seen her before, he was familiar with her voice.

He immediately reacted and exclaimed, “Second Empress”

Head  caught a glimpse of her figure by the city gates, but that was just a glance through the carriage’s windows.

However, her incredible voice had left him with too deep of an impression.

The woman didn’t reply to him, instead continuing to walk toward a rock garden without paying him any attention.

Zu An hesitated, but when he heard the shouts and hurried footsteps of the Golden Crow Guards not far away, and felt the Fiend Emperor’s imminent divine sense closing in, he knew he would quickly be trapped inside with no way out.

As such, he gritted his teeth and followed her into a rock garden.

Inside the garden, the woman turned a small rock in a hidden place, suddenly revealing a secret door.

She took the lead, heading inside first.

Then, she gestured toward Zu An and called, “Come in!”

When he saw the pitch-black tunnel, Zu An didn’t hesitate and went straight in.

Staying outside any longer would allow the Fiend Emperor to find him.

Zu An had smashed half of his son’s lower body rotten; furthermore, it was the son the Fiend Emperor had already publicly declared to be his successor… If Zu An ended up in his hands, that would guarantee his death.

Even though he couldn't figure out the Second Empress’ intentions, an ice-cold divine sense was already sweeping over the rock garden.

Zu An asked worriedly, “Can this tunnel escape the Fiend Emperor’s detection”

The Second Empress took out a luminescent pearl and led the way.

Under the faint illumination, the skin of her pale white wrist seemed even more dazzling than the bright pearl itself.

She replied, “This tunnel was created using a special design.

It can block a cultivator’s divine sense.”

“It can even block off the divine sense of the Fiend Emperor” Zu An replied.

He obviously knew that there were many princes and dukes who had built secret passages with similar technology.

Since it was a secret passage, it was naturally intended to aid escape in a moment of danger.

If someone could detect it with a single sweep of their divine sense, could it still call itself a ‘secret’ passage

However, even though ordinary cultivators wouldn’t be able to detect the secret passage, earth immortals were far beyond the understanding of normal people.

How could even such cultivators fail to notice something like that

The Second Empress replied, “That is because he has not fully awakened.

This is but one of his divine wills.”

“He hasn’t fully awakened Don’t tell me he’s been sleeping all this time” Zu An exclaimed, alarmed when he realized what she was implying.

This time, the Second Empress didn’t reply and instead silently led the way.

As he followed behind her and watched her figure sway back and forth in a rhythmic manner, Zu An felt a bit absent-minded.

For some reason, a Coca-Cola bottle appeared in his mind. Sigh, I really miss that stuff…

The Second Empress sensed his direct gaze, but misunderstood him.

She said with a lovable smile, “You really are outrageously bold, as expected.

No wonder you even dared to go after the crown prince’s woman.”

You have successfully trolled the Second Empress for 114 114 114…

Zu An was a bit stunned when he saw the Rage points.

This woman appeared to be all smiles on the surface, but she was actually angry! Looks like she’s someone who hides evil intentions behind a smile… I have to be careful around her in the future.

He didn’t try to explain the misunderstanding.

Instead, he said, “Second Empress, you’ve misunderstood something here.

She isn’t the crown prince’s woman, but rather my woman.”

By then, the drug had already taken over Qiao Xueying’s body.

She used the only bit of rationality she had left to cling firmly onto Zu An, not letting anyone separate them.

At the same time, however, her body jerked around unconsciously, rubbing against his body, as if she could only obtain a bit of consolation then.

The empress harrumphed and said, “As she is in that kind of state, you can obviously say whatever you want.

It is not as if she can say anything about it.”

Zu An said with an upright expression, “Snow and I met previously in the human world, and we went through several life and death situations together.

That was how we became each other’s sunshine.

If not for that, there are many beauties in this world, so why would I take such a huge risk and charge into the Fiend Imperial Palace to save her”

The Second Empress was a bit stunned.

With Zu An’s appearance and cultivation, he definitely wouldn’t lack women.

Entering such a place to take Princess Snow from the crown prince was clearly an extremely dangerous choice, and definitely not something that would only be motivated by lust.

“Each other’s sunshine…” the Second Empress repeated.

She sighed, looking somewhat forlorn.

However, her impression of Zu An had changed quite a bit.

She remarked, “No wonder Princess Snow has never been willing to become the crown princess.

So it was because of you.”

Zu An looked at the young lady in his arms with tender feelings.

Refusing the role of crown princess was clearly a decision that had brought her a lot of pressure.

This silly girl… Why didn’t you copy Kong Nanwu and hide in the human world You’re definitely more familiar with humans than her.

Just then, the Second Empress pushed open a door in front of her, and light shone in from the other side.

Zu An followed her in, and saw that a spacious palace room was on the other side.

The furnishing and decorations inside were extremely elegant, with transparent curtains fluttering against the wind.

The air was filled with a sweet, but not cloying fragrance.

The room conveyed a charming and gentle atmosphere.

“What kind of place is this” Zu An asked.

He secretly sized it up, but there was no one else inside.

“My resting chambers,” the Second Empress replied as she sat down casually on a couch, crossing her legs on the seat.

As she sized up Zu An, she rested her chin on one hand, seemingly very curious about him.

“Your resting chambers” Zu An asked in surprise, his expression turning strange.

The Second Empress laughed and said, “As expected, you are definitely someone with bad intentions.

Don’t tell me you think I invited you all the way here because you caught my eye or something”

Zu An realized that the way he was speaking was a bit too bold, but he didn’t look pressured in the slightest.

He replied, “The Second Empress is overthinking things.

I have someone in my arms right now, so why would I have any other thoughts I only thought that, since these were your resting chambers, I might be troubling you if the Fiend Emperor suddenly came for a visit.”

“You are quite good at speaking.” The Second Empress waved her hand, gesturing for him to take a seat wherever he wanted.

“As for your worries, they are unnecessary.

It has already been many years since the Fiend Emperor has come to my place.”

Zu An’s expression changed.

The Second Empress could have just used any random excuse in response to his question, and yet she had spoken in such detail, and in such a charming manner.

Was she hinting at something

“Are you that human who defeated the Golden Crow Crown Prince” the Second Empress asked.

She yawned, covering her delicate, ruby-lipped mouth with her hand in a way that gave off a lazy, careless air.

This woman had saved the two of them, so Zu An didn’t hide it and replied, “It was just a fluke.”

“A fluke” The Second Empress raised a brow and said, “The Golden Crow Crown Prince’s reputation was not artificially inflated in any way.

He has been undefeated in the Fiend races’ younger generation.

I heard that he even used the Golden War Chariot and the Sun Slaying Bow, yet he was still defeated.

Even after all of this, you are still acting so humble.

Is that not acting a bit hypocritical”

“The Second Empress is wise,” Zu An said with a smile and didn’t argue against her.

However, as he looked at Qiao Xueying, he felt worried.

Her body was burning up badly.

He poured a cup of tea from off to the side and fed her a bit while carrying her.

A strange look appeared in the Second Empress’ eyes when she saw his careful and considerate movements.

She asked, “By the way, what kind of relationship do you have with the Medusa Queen”

“She’s a very good friend,” Zu An replied.

“A friend” The Second Empress had an ambiguous smile on as she continued, “The kind of friend you go to bed with”

Zu An almost choked on his tea. Why is this woman so direct

“The Second Empress must be joking.

We’re just friends; it isn’t that kind of relationship.” Zu An was worried about dragging Yu Yanluo into this mess, so he didn’t tell her the truth.

“Is that so” The Second Empress declined to comment and asked, “What was your name again”

Zu An was about to reply when suddenly, hurried footsteps and a clamor of servants and guards drew near.

Then, a loud voice resounded.

“We pay our respects to the Second Empress! This humble servant has received orders to arrest an assassin!”


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