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Chapter 1286: Heavens Will

Zu An said with a straight face, “Big Sister Yan, I really wasnt too used to carrying someone just yet!”

Yan Xuehen was so angry she clenched her teeth when she saw him say such nonsense with a deadly earnest expression.

However, there was nothing she could do, and she could only lecture him.

“Ah Zu, I am your half master.

You cannot shame your master and let down your ancestors.”

She felt a bit of regret as soon as she spoke.

Wasnt her tone a bit too serious But its this guys fault for bullying me!

She decided to set some boundaries between them to prevent more future trouble from happening.

“Riding your master and ancestors Im not that kind of person at all!” Zu An said while sticking out his chest.

“Besides, I havent agreed to become your disciple yet, right”[1]

Yan Xuehen felt that his pronunciation was a bit strange, but she didnt think too much of it.

She replied, “You have already learned my Unshakable Daoist Manual, and I am Chuyans master.

What is so hard about just calling me master”

She felt a mysterious sense of guilt when she mentioned her disciple.

If my disciple knew about the things that happened between me and this man, how would she look at me then…

Zu An chucked.

“Werent you opposed to my relationship with Chuyan”

Yan Xuehen blushed, thinking, I definitely seemed dead set on breaking them up before… However, she replied, “Would it even matter if I disapproved It is not as if you would listen to me anyway.”

She had to admit that after the time they had spent together, she had already begun to acknowledge both Zu Ans talent and strength, and more importantly his character.

Of course, it would be better if he didnt have so many girls around him.

Even so, there was no way she could bring herself to say that she agreed to their marriage out loud.

A grandmaster still had her pride.

Still, Zu An had already sensed the implied meaning of her words.

He couldn\'t help but smile happily.

For some reason, that smile annoyed Yan Xuehen a little.

Suddenly, she frowned, because she sensed that his hands seemed to be shifting backward.

Of course, judging from their previous time together, she believed he wasnt doing it on purpose.

It was probably because they were moving around and he didnt want her to fall that he had grabbed her.

Even so, they had already begun flying normally again, and yet she could still sense the heat coming from his hands.

She hesitated.

If she spoke up to warn him now, wouldnt it be a bit too forceful Then it would just embarrass both of them.

As such, she could only try to divert her attention and say, “Even though your Wind Fire Wheels have no offensive capabilities, their flight ability really is useful.

No wonder they were considered heaven-grade based on function alone.”

Zu An said in agreement, “Indeed, its like having a private airplane.

No, its even faster than an airplane.”

“A private airplane” Yan Xuehen asked, confused.

Zu An could only explain in a way she could understand.

“I often dream of a world filled with all sorts of unfamiliar things.

Even though the people of that world cant cultivate, they can use science and technology to accomplish things similar to what cultivators can do.

Their so-called airplanes are similar to large birds, or perhaps the Golden Crow Crown Princes war chariot…”

When she heard what he said, Yan Xuehen was gradually sucked into the description of that mysterious world.

She completely forgot the awkwardness his hands had brought her.

She remarked, “Those sound similar to the effects the runes and formations of this world can bring about.”

Zu An nodded in agreement.

The first time he had seen rune formations, he had thought that he was looking at an integrated circuit.

“Something that can allow common people to fly… That world really is magical.

It would be extremely hard for us to achieve that.

The costs would be too high,” Yan Xuehen said, sighing in amazement.

Her beautiful eyes were filled with longing for that world.

When he heard the compassion in her voice, Zu An thought to himself, This woman isnt as cold and detached as she seems on the surface.

Its all because of that damned Unshakable Daoist Manual.

Now that I think about it, my wife Chuyan used to be pretty cold too.

She was probably affected by that technique.

But her inside was really warm…

He frowned when he thought of that.

What kind of nonsense am I thinking

Still, once those thoughts began, he could no longer stop his mind from wandering.

He could feel the soft and gentle body of the beauty behind him, and he couldn\'t help but start to compare her with Chuyan.

He had to admit that they were clearly master and disciple; and yet, why were they so similar… It wasnt just their appearances that were similar, but rather their personalities and the impression they left others with.

Of course, Yan Xuehen had a more mature presence.

After all, she was a grandmaster and had already been famous for a long time.

She had a natural air of eminent and unapproachable prestige.

However, after what had happened as of late, she had already completely fallen into the secular world.

Only Zu An could see the side of her that was like a young lady.

“What are you thinking about” Yan Xuehen asked, noticing that Zu An had suddenly stopped talking.

“Its nothing,” Zu An replied, his face heating up.

He quickly accelerated forward.

Yan Xuehens arms were wrapped around Zu Ans neck.

She could see the side of his face up close, as well as the skin around his neck.

If she lowered her head a bit, she could even kiss him.

That was why she could clearly sense his face turning red, as well as the waves of astonishing heat coming from his body.

Dont tell me that because were touching each other, he….

Yan Xuehens heart began to pound crazily when she thought of that.

Her fair skin turned bright red.

Both of their thoughts began to wander.

Just like that, however, they peacefully flew along.

Along the way, some beasts and fiends flew by.

Zu An didnt want to waste any time, however, so he either avoided them preemptively or just rushed directly past.

Even Yan Xuehen was starting to feel amazed by the Wind Fire Wheels speed.

After all, a grandmaster could fly, and perhaps they might be able to fly faster than the Wind Fire Wheels for a short period, but they couldnt maintain it forever.

Ever since the two of them had left the small town, the Wind Fire Wheels had been flying at an extremely high speed for many hours.

Zu An was about to go crazy from not saying anything for several hours.

He quickly found another topic to chat about.

Yan Xuehen had been feeling extremely uncomfortable too.

Her body only became more sensitive when they stopped talking, so she couldn\'t help but think about all sorts of things.

It was a good idea to chat a bit to distract herself.

At first, she asked about the world in Zu Ans so-called dream.

Later, Zu An began to ask more about her, particularly things about her childhood.

Yan Xuehen was a bit alarmed at first; the events from her childhood were so distant that she no longer had a strong impression of them.

However, guided by Zu An, she gradually began to remember everything.

She initially felt that apart from eating and sleeping, she had only cultivated.

It was far from being as incredible as the world Zu An had described.

However, Zu An somehow always managed to discover something new about her childhood stories by looking at them from a different perspective.

Just like that, they chatted as they flew.

They became more familiar with each others past, and so they subconsciously began feeling closer and closer.

Just then, they vaguely saw the outline of the Great Snowy Mountain on the horizon.

Yan Xuehens expression became serious as she said, “You absolutely cannot go through Great Snowy Mountain using the main path.

You need to find a way to get around it.”

“Why” Zu An asked.

The reason he had chosen this direction was because it was the shortest route.

If they hadnt gone through the Great Snowy Mountain, and had instead passed through Desolate City the way they had initially planned, there was no way they would be able to make it to Cloudcenter Commandery by the next morning.

“The Great Snowy Mountain is well-known as a dangerous restricted area,” Yan Xuehen explained with a sigh.

“Ever since ancient times, countless strong individuals have entered the Great Snowy Mountain, only to never leave alive.

However, the longer that remains true, the more mysterious the region seems.

Many people suspect that there are great treasures inside, while some suspect that there is a secret of immortality hidden within.

That is why many stunning cultivators with profound skills believe they are special and enter the Great Snowy Mountain one after another.”

“And not a single one of them has been able to return alive” Zu An asked.

He remembered hearing the rumors regarding the Great Snowy Mountain when he was in Cloudcenter Commandery.

“That is not entirely true.

Currently, only one person is known to have come out alive,” Yan Xuehen replied.


“Emperor Zhao Han.”

Zu An was speechless.

Yan Xuehen seemed to be reminiscing as she explained, “Back then, Zhao Han was already unrivaled beneath the heavens.

He sent people in search of any clues pertaining to immortality, so of course he would not let a dangerous area like the Great Snowy Mountain go.

Others might not dare to enter, but he had no such misgivings.

He entered, and left safely.

At the time, that shocked the entire world.

Many people thought that meant the Great Snowy Mountain was not that dangerous, so another batch of experts went in.

And yet, again, not a single one came back out.”

“Looks like Zhao Han is special after all.

He was actually able to enter and exit a restricted area like this so easily,” Zu An said, feeling a bit of pressure.

The two of them were going to have a falling-out sooner or later.

What was he going to do then

Yan Xuehen shook her head and said, “People all believe it was easy for him, but according to the White Jade Sects information, he seemed to be injured when he came out, and his injuries were not light either.

After he returned to the capital, he rested for several years.

There are even rumors that the reason why his heaven and man deterioration happened so early, apart from the dao wounds he sustained from his battle against the Fiend Emperor in his early years, might be because he had his foundation damaged in his trip to the Great Snowy Mountain.”

“What!” Zu An exclaimed in total shock.

Even an invincible earth immortal had suffered such injuries after visiting the Great Snowy Mountain, and there were so many strong individuals buried there.

He wasnt so arrogant as to think that he would be the exception.

“Is this heavens will” he said somewhat dejectedly.

It seemed that his odds of making it back to Cloudcenter Commandery on time were slim.


The words he used sound similar to what Yan Xuehen said, but have an entirely different meaning,

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