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Chapter 1271: Relations Broken

The others were surprised and quickly took another look.

They didnt see her breathing at all, but they could tell that her skin was still soft, supple, and fair, with a hint of a rosy blush.

She looked just like a living person.

“Judging from everything weve seen so far, we can conclude that this tomb is from a distant age.

Even that powerful cultivator was nothing more than a set of bones, and yet this woman still looks fine and well.

This is way too strange,” the Peng races Jin Shi remarked, gulping involuntarily.

Princess Changning felt a bit jealous as she looked at the woman in the coffin.

How did this woman become this beautiful Even after passing away, shes still so lovely.

She added, “I believe her beauty was preserved with the help of this deity-grade ki stone.”

Princess Suolun sighed and remarked, “She died while at her most beautiful age.

That really is a regretful matter.”

Yu Yanluo looked at the woman encased in the deity-grade ki stone in a daze.

For some reason, she felt a sort of indescribable closeness to the woman.

At first, she thought that the woman was also a Medusa, but when she carefully examined the feeling, she realized that they werent truly of the same species.

Ma Huang remarked with a chuckle, “We cant obtain the Three Three Flower below, so how about we just divide this deity-grade ki stone among us With such a large piece, itll be enough even if we take just a piece ourselves.”

The others eyes lit up.

If there had only been a single ki stone, they might all fight to the death.

However, there was clearly such a large amount in the coffin, so they could all get a sizable chunk.

There was no need to risk their lives fighting over it.

Of course, the best result would be if they could seize the entire ki stone for themselves, as they would even be able to obtain the beautiful corpse inside.

However, they all knew that they had no way of defeating the others by themselves, so splitting it evenly was the best method.

Yu Yanluos expression changed.

She said, “The woman inside is relying on the deity-grade ki stone to ensure that her body doesnt decay.

If all of you destroy the deity-grade ki stone, wont she quickly turn into a corpse” She didnt want this woman to suffer a miserable end, due to the mysterious feeling of closeness she had experienced.

Yan Xuehen and Yu Jianyue gave her a look of surprise, but they didnt protest.

As grandmasters, they had their own domineering nature.

The deity-grade ki stone should have been theirs to begin with; why did they have to share any with the fiend race experts

Zu An obviously stood by Yu Yanluos side, remaining her staunchest supporter.

The others expressions changed.

Prince Yin Sha protested angrily, “Dont tell me you want all this for yourselves” Because many of his teeth were broken, however, his speech was affected a bit.

He became even more angry when he realized that.

You have successfully trolled Prince Yin Sha for 555 555 555…

Jin Shi looked unhappy too.

He added, “Arent you guys being too greedy Just now, we already stepped aside regarding the Prime Souldew and the eternal medicine.

You still want to seize this deity-grade ki stone all for yourself”

Qiao Heng said without much confidence, “We didnt really back down on the eternal medicine, though…”

They were clearly the ones who had tried to go first, and yet failed to break through that defensive formation, so why had Jin Shi made it sound as if they had backed off on purpose or something

Jin Shi choked, not knowing how to reply.

However, Duan Tiande remarked with a sneer, “Bastard Qiao, whose side are you on really Even though he saved you, youve already repaid that kindness.

Why are you still making an enemy out of us for an outsider”

The bear brothers brandished their weapons and said in low, muffled voices, “Indeed, this persons background is suspicious.

We of the fiend races should be uniting together against outsiders.”

“Uniting together against outsiders” Qiao Heng sneered.

“These dark elves are mortal enemies of our Elf race, and he even tried to kill me earlier.

Are you really going to talk to me about unity”

The others were left at a loss for words.

The grudge between the Dark Elf and the Elf was indeed serious..

Ma Huang said with a sinister chuckle, “No matter how great your grudge is, its still an internal conflict.

However, this fellow is from the human race, the common enemy of the fiend races.

Are you sure youre going to stand at his side” He didnt only say that for Qiao Heng; he also shot Princess Suolun a look.

It was clear that Zu Ans group was too mysterious.

They definitely didnt want Qiao Heng and Princess Suolun to stand on his side.

Furthermore, they had to all work together to have a better chance at defeating Zu An.

“What Hes a human” Princess Suolun cried out in shock before Qiao Heng could say anything.


Theres no mistake from his blood,” Ma Huang replied with a chuckle.

He even licked his lips, as if he really wanted to suck down a few mouthfuls of it.

The others no longer felt any suspicion when they heard that.

After all, the Blood race was the most sensitive toward such things.

Qiao Heng was dumbstruck.

However, Princess Suolun then asked, “Young master, are you really a human”

Zu An didnt hide it and replied, “I am indeed a human.”

Many of the fiend race experts began to curse, “The damned human race!”

A large amount of Rage points appeared in the backend.

The war between the two races had clearly left both sides with too much hatred.

Zu An sighed.

Such hatred couldn\'t be erased despite the fact that in the human world, he had always said that there were good and bad people among the fiend races.

In the current situation, however, there was no use in wasting any more words.

The fiend race experts looked toward Qiao Heng and asked, “What do you say now”

Qiao Heng panicked under the others threatening expressions.

Doing something that would anger an entire crowd was something difficult to do for anyone.

The Elf race still needed to have good relations with the other races.

If he created many enemies for them due to personal reasons, that would really be a great crime against the Elf race! He could only sigh and say to Zu An, “This brother, Im sorry to let you down.

Many of our Elf race brothers and sisters have perished under the hands of humans.”

Princess Suolun didnt say anything, but she tacitly stood by the fiend races side.

Princess Changning had already been upset that even though she had spoken up so much for Zu An, she hadnt gotten any benefits from it, and he seemed to be closer to Princess Suolun.

After the revelation, she quickly emphasized that they had nothing to do with each other, saying, “So you were a treacherous human! I should not have spoken up for you earlier.

Your kind has harmed so many of our clansmen; this time, you will definitely pay a debt of blood!”

The others all voiced their praise for Princess Changnings righteousness.

Yun Jianyue sneered.

“This girl looks smart on the surface, but shes actually pitifully stupid.”

Yan Xuehen and Yu Yanluo nodded in deep sympathy.

With their status and knowledge, they obviously knew why Princess Changning continued to flip-flop like that.

They thought to themselves that if Zu An ended up liking a woman like this, then the three of them really would be blind for choosing him.

However, when they saw Zu Ans clear and sober expression, they felt fully at ease.

Even though this guy is perverted, theres no way his insight would be that poor.

When had Princess Changning ever been humiliated that way before She exclaimed, “Vixen, youre courting death!”

She sent her palm flying at Yun Jianyue as soon as she spoke.

Her strike was fast and sharp.

At the same time, a hand seal projection took form dozens of zhang above her.

She had clearly used one of the Peacock Races extreme arts.

Yun Jianyues expression was cold.

She raised her hand, and the imprint flying toward her face vanished without a trace.


A loud and crisp noise rang out at the same time.

Princess Changning clutched her face in disbelief.

She just couldn\'t understand how the other woman had done such a thing.

Everyone else was stupefied too.

At first, they had thought that it was just Zu An alone who was deep and immeasurable; now, however, it seemed as if the women at his side were also formidable!

Zu An chuckled.

Even though Yun Jianyue was injured and the amount of cultivation she could use was only equivalent to the eighth or ninth rank, she still had her grandmaster-level fighting experience and insight.

How could her skills be something these youngsters could understand at all

Princess Changning cried angrily, “Youre dead meat!” She called out to the other fiend race experts, “Why arent you attacking them yet!”

The others seemed to have woken up from a daze.

Going one by one really would be a foolish choice.

At the moment, their advantage lay in numbers.

No matter how fierce that woman was, her ki seemed to only be at the ninth rank at most, so she wouldnt be able to cause too much trouble.

As such, they rushed forward together.

Princess Changning wanted to get revenge on Yun Jianyue and rushed at her.

After some hesitation, Princess Suolun targeted Yu Yanluo.

The others all surrounded Zu An, because they knew that he was the most important target.

As long as they dealt with him, his female companions wouldnt be able to stir up much trouble.

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