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Chapter 1270: The One Inside the CoffinChapter 1270: The One Inside the Coffin

The space around them was extremely strange.

Normally, there was no way a tomb could be so large, and yet once they entered, it felt as if they were in a completely different world.

The others also saw the jade coffin above them.

Judging from how brilliantly it sparkled, it was clearly precious.

Just the coffins material alone was probably incredibly valuable!

The breaths of those present all quickened.

They all realized how extraordinary the owner of the tomb must be; it only made sense that that persons funerary objects were also great treasures.

The reason why they had been looking around was precisely to find the owners coffin.

If the burial followed normal conventions, the most precious funerary objects would all be stored inside of the coffin.

Seeing as even something as precious as the Three Three Flower was outside, could it be that the owners funerary objects were even more precious than an eternal medicine

Someone suggested weakly, “This eternal medicine below probably belongs to the owner, right Dont tell me they… havent died yet”

The others were stunned to hear those words.

Then, a chill ran down their backs.

The group couldn\'t even deal with a formation protecting the eternal medicine, so it was easy to imagine just how ridiculously powerful the actual maker of the formation was.

If that person hadnt died yet, wouldnt they just completely be throwing their lives away

Yan Xuehen shook her head slightly and said, “There is no need to worry.

Legend has it that the Three Three Flower only blooms once every three thousand years, and it is only effective then.

Perhaps when its owner obtained it before, it was at a poor time, and so they could not make use of the eternal medicine.”

The others felt a bit relieved, thinking that her analysis made a lot of sense.

Many people secretly gave Yan Xuehen a look.

Even though the womans aura was weak, there was an air of mystery surrounding her.

Between that and her wealth of knowledge, they had already been completely won over.

No wonder Shi Ling had wanted to obtain her previously.

Princess Suolun gave Zu An a look, thinking to herself, Just what kind of charm does this man have, for so many beautiful women to be so dead set on staying at his side, and for them to all be so capable nonetheless

Competent women all had their pride, and yet these three seemed to get along with him so well, none of them seeming jealous of the others.

Princess Suolun really couldn\'t understand it, and it only served to make her even more curious.

The others found that they couldn\'t break through the Three Three Flowers defensive formation for the time being, so their attention all shifted toward the jade coffin.

They clicked their tongues in wonder, wondering just how it could remain afloat.

After all, they were currently restricted by the laws of the place.

They might be barely able to jump a few zhang into the air, but they couldn\'t fly at all.

Even so, the heavy jade coffin was able to float in midair.

How do we get up there they all wondered.

Their gazes all shifted to Zu Ans party again.

The strength and knowledge that group displayed so far had already left a deep impression on them.

Yan Xuehen slowly paced around with a thoughtful expression.

As she was injured, Zu An was worried that something might happen to her.

Thus, he stuck close to her to protect her.

Yu Yanluo stayed where she was, however.

Her expression became a bit strange as she watched the two of them walk side by side.

Why do I feel as if theyre a pair of dao companions, and that Im the third wheel…

Yun Jianyue also had a similar feeling, but what she was thinking about was something else entirely.

Should I find a chance to play the matchmaker Then, if the master and disciple end up sharing a husband and the entire world finds out, Ill be smiling even in my dreams!

Yan Xuehen had unknowingly already made a whole trip around the main hall.

She closed her eyes and began to think about everything around her.

The others held their breaths for fear of interrupting her thoughts.

A while later, she opened her eyes and explained,“This palaces layout seems to be in accordance with the divinatory trigrams of the five elements.

In that case, the gate of life should be in this direction…”

She walked in a certain direction while speaking.

After a dozen steps or so, she stopped in front of a wall, and her beautiful eyes swept over it.

Suddenly, she pressed down on the fifth block of the ninth row of stone.

The giant brick actually sank inward.

Then, with a rumble, faint blue lines began flickering all around the palace.

Princess Suolun cried out in alarm, “Over here!”

The others looked at the source of the sound.

A translucent, blue-green platform appeared underneath the jade coffin.

Then, flights of translucent blue steps extended from the four cardinal directions around the platform, all the way to the ground.

“This is…” The changes happening before them left the group stunned.

None of them had ever seen such an intricate mechanism before!

However those flights of steps were hard to see, seemingly no more substantial than a thin layer of air.

They were confused.

Could such a thing really support the weight of a person This place was just way too strange, so no one dared to move first for fear that there was some trap that might just take their lives if they werent careful.

Zu An trusted Yan Xuehen, though.

Since she hadnt offered a warning, that meant it was fine.

As such, he led the three women up the stairs.

The stairs looked as thin as air, but they were actually extremely sturdy.

Even Yun Jianyue clicked her tongue in wonder.

Seeing as Zu Ans group was fine, how could the others still hold themselves back They all ran toward the stairs, fearing that the others would seize the good stuff first.

The entire group quickly arrived in front of the jade coffin.

Someone impatiently rushed forward to push aside the coffins lid.

Zu An wanted to stop them, but it was too late.

Surprisingly, however, the lid actually moved quite easily, without setting off any mechanisms.

Zu An exchanged a look with the women, seeing shock in all of their eyes.

This didnt make sense! The covers of coffins were usually sealed shut, and the way here had been so dangerous.

Why was it that once they arrived at the final coffin, there werent any restrictions at all

When those present saw what was inside of the coffin, they were all shocked.

Rather than the bones and funerary objects they expected, there was a large ki stone inside.

“Deity-grade ki stone!” they cried out in alarm.

They had been able to sense the stones powerful natural ki even through the coffin.

Even though they all came from influential clans and had seen quite a few heaven-grade ki stones, occasionally encountering immortal-grade ki stones too, they had never seen the legendary deity-grade ki stones before.

Forget about them, even Yan Xuehen, Yu Yanluo, and Yun Jianyue were a bit absentminded.

Even though they were experienced and knowledgeable, they had only seen deity-grade ki stones once or twice.

An ordinary deity-grade ki stone was already enough to become a thousand-year-old sects greatest treasure.

And yet, this piece of deity-grade ki stone was so large that it almost filled up the entire coffin! No wonder they had found the Prime Souldew before.

That was probably what remained after creating such a deity-grade ki stone.

Huh Wait, why would it be placed inside the coffin Dont tell me…

Just then, someone said in a trembling voice, “There seems to be someone sealed inside here…”

The surface of the deity-grade ki stone resembled amber and was vaguely translucent.

Only when they focused on it did they discover that there was actually someone sealed up inside.

Moreover, she was an extremely beautiful woman.

Her hair was tied up into a cloud-shaped hair bun, decorated with beautiful pearl flowers woven from golden silk and silver threads.

It made her neck seem exceptionally slender, and her presence equally gentle and refined.

Her brows were curved like a spring mountain, and her features were stunning.

A long and voluminous garment with wide sleeves covered her stunning figure, giving her an astonishingly mature and enchanting charm.

For some reason, however, even though she gave off an incredibly charming and lovely sensation, when they looked closely, the observers saw that there wasnt a shred of emotion on her calm and gentle oval face.

Her lips were red and moist, and yet there was no smile on them.

She had a dignified bearing, giving her an air of unapproachable nobility.

“There was actually someone so beautiful in this world” The fiend race experts were all stunned.

They subconsciously compared the woman with Yu Yanluo and the other women, and concluded that each of them was stunning in their own way, but it was a pity that they all wore veils, so their faces couldn\'t be seen.

Zu An was also a bit stunned.

Why was it that whenever he went into such old tombs, there would always be some beauty in a coffin He had met Mi Li in Brightmoon Academys secret dungeon, and then he had met the mermaid queen in Westhound Tomb.

Now, he had run into yet another one Was it his fate to disturb female corpses or something!

But how can this woman have two entirely different temperaments at the same time

He had only ever sensed something similar from Daji before.

Could it be that this woman had also been a fiend when she was alive

Through clattering teeth, someone exclaimed beside him.

“I think she… Shes still alive”

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