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Chapter 1263: Bronze Gate

The other fiend race experts hadnt expected Shi Qian to be so vicious, actually coming up with such a method to escape.

They all frantically withdrew into the distance.

In the end, they were still alright, since they were farther away and could get away in time.

However, Qiao Heng and Princess Suolun had been paying close attention to Zu An, so they were standing a bit closer.

They hadnt expected that Shi Qian would attack them, so they didnt have any chance to evade at all.

They could only take out all of their protective artifacts and go for broke, risking it all while trying to hold on.

However, it was rumored that the Blood Explosion Technique could corrode even ki, so they werent sure whether they could withstand it.

As long as even a little bit of the blood got on their bodies, it would quickly spread.

If it touched their arms or legs, they would have to gouge out that part of their flesh at the very least, or else they might have to cut off the entire limb.

What if it got on their face or near their brain, though What would they do then

Zu An reacted quickly as well.

He quickly arrived beside Yu Yanluo and the other girls, but Yu Yanluo quickly dealt with the situation.

With a wave of her sleeves, all of the blood instantly vanished.

At the same time, she handed Zu An an empty scroll, saying, “Go and help them over there!”

Even though she didnt know what Zu Ans relationship with the elf was, she had seen him save Qiao Heng before, so he definitely had a reason for doing so.

There was no way she could just sit there without doing anything.

Yan Xuehen was a bit absentminded when she saw that.

This woman was not only exceptionally beautiful, but also far more considerate than she herself could be.

No wonder every man in this world was infatuated with her.

Wait, why am I worried about these things Its not as if Im competing with her or anything.

Yeah, of course not!

Zu An didnt have time to thank Yu Yanluo for her thoughtfulness.

He used Grandgale to instantly arrive at Qiao Hengs side.

He grabbed the clothes around the elfs shoulder, then threw him aside.

His strength was so great that Qiao Heng quickly flew far away, immediately breaking free from the corrosion of the Blood Explosion Technique.

However, because Qiao Heng had been in front of Princess Suolun, and the Lion race experts had already exploded, Zu An didnt have time to throw her.

Princess Suolun hadnt expected Zu An to save her.

Since he could defeat Shi Ling, he probably had a way of dealing with the Blood Explosion Technique.

Within her surprised gaze was a shred of bashfulness.

What should I do if he carries me or something

That was how it always happened in romance novels.

The male lead always carried the female lead and spin a few times while they stared deeply into each others eyes.

If I cooperate too well, those around me might think Im too easy.

It might even damage my Demon Races reputation…

But if I resist too much, wont I be offending the one who kindheartedly saved me…

While she was wondering what she should do, she suddenly saw Zu An lift a foot.

Then, she felt pain in her bottom, and her body shot into the distance like an artillery shell.

Princess Suolun was dumbfounded.

He kicked me

Yu Yanluo and Yan Xuehen were stupefied.

Isnt this guy being a bit too rough on the fairer sex

Yun Jianyue instead nodded in satisfaction, saying, “Little An, not bad.

You should maintain your virtue as a taken man and not be blinded by other vixens.”

Yan Xuehens ice-cold skin turned red.

She thought about how Zu An had been much gentler when he saved her.

It looks as if Im different in his heart.

Meanwhile, Yu Yanluo thought, Zu An has indeed acted like a respectable man this entire time.

Even in a place like Bluefield Country filled with vixens, although Bluefield Countrys leader was so pretty, he had never even taken the initiative to say a word to her.

He had acted the same way while saving Princess Suolun.

He had likely done so to avoid any suspicion, for her sake.

She gave Yun Jianyue and Yan Xuehen a guilty look.

She thought to herself, Later, should I find a chance to tell Zu An that he doesnt have to be that careful, lest others think Im a jealous lover

Meanwhile, after Zu An sent Princess Suolun flying with a kick, he opened up the single-use blank scroll Yu Yanluo had given him.

After being around her for so long, he obviously knew how to use it.

The bloody mist in the air, still carrying the power of the explosions, was all sucked into the blank scroll.

The snow-white paper was covered in blood, and the entire scroll trembled fiercely, as if blood might seep out at any time.

Zu An quickly flung the scroll into the distance.

Then, the scroll could no longer hold on and exploded.

However, the power of the Blood Explosion Technique had been greatly weakened.

There was a blast of bloody mist, and the surrounding plants and trees all withered.

After that, the color of blood gradually dissipated.

Qiao Heng quickly recovered from his daze.

He walked over and cupped his hands toward Zu An.

He said, “Thank you, brother, for saving me.

Have we perhaps met somewhere before” Zu An had now saved him two times.

There had to be some reason behind it.

“Theres nothing like that.

I just found you quite pleasing to the eye and saved you on a whim,” Zu An said.

He didnt want to expose his relationship with Qiao Xueying.

The main reason for that was because he still didnt really know what her relationship with the Elf Race was, and he didnt want to bring her any trouble.

He planned to ask Qiao Heng a bit more about that when he had a chance.

Qiao Hengs smile froze when he heard that.

The other fiend race experts had strange expressions.

Elf race men were handsome and delicate; many powerful noble races liked to raise male elves.

Dont tell me that the reason this guy used his hands to save Qiao Heng, but kicked Princess Suolun, was because…

Qiao Heng reacted quickly, realizing that Zu Ans gaze was clear, so he didnt have such filthy thoughts.

Furthermore, the women at his side were all so stunning, so he wasnt someone with that kind of appetite.

The dark elf Duan Tiande also noticed the same thing, and felt a bit of fear.

This guy is so mysterious, and his cultivation is unfathomable.

What if he helps Qiao Heng to attack me Wont I be in trouble then

Still, the Dark Elf Race excelled in stealth.

As long as there was even a bit of shadow in the vicinity, then he could escape far away.

That was why, after some hesitation, he still couldn\'t give up on the temptation of the treasure and chose to stay for the time being.

Just then, Princess Suolun climbed back to her feet and secretly rubbed her aching bottom.

Then, she said to Zu An with a stiff expression, “Thank you, young master, for saving me.

May I ask for the young masters esteemed name In the future, the young master will be the Demon Races friend.”

Even though that was what she said, she still felt annoyed inside.

Ever since she was little, when had she ever been in such a sorry state She had been kicked in the butt in front of so many people, and had even fallen in such an awkward manner.

You have successfully trolled Suolun Shi for 233 233 233…

Zu An couldn\'t help but chuckle.

He replied, “It wasnt much work, so theres no need to feel troubled.”

The others were all stunned.

They hadnt expected Zu An to still keep his identity a secret! After all, Princess Suolun was a well-known beauty throughout the fiend races, and her status was also greatly respected.

There were usually all sorts of people who followed at her beck and call, just like Prince Yin Sha.

And yet now, when she finally took the initiative to make friends with a man, she was actually tactfully refused

Is this guy still a man

However, when they looked at Yu Yanluo and the other two women in Zu Ans party, they all fell silent.

This guy is a model for our generation! He doesnt need to do any bootlicking at all, and yet these stunning beauties all go to him on their own!

Prince Yin Sha felt extremely unhappy when he saw the goddess he worshiped being treated coldly, but he didnt speak out.

He had just seen Zu An fight and knew his own limits.

If he ended up being humiliated afterward, that would be even more unsightly.

Only Princess Changning felt happy.

This Princess Suolun normally looked arrogant, and clearly looked down on her a bit, but hadnt she been shown the cold shoulder by this man today

In the future, Im going to secretly spread news of this matter.

Lets see how much longer you can act all complacent.

Princess Suolung was clearly also surprised by Zu Ans reply, but she recovered after being briefly startled.

She replied, “Young master is a refined individual after all.

It was I who clung to conventional patterns too much.”

Zu An was a bit surprised.

This woman is quite interesting.

Suddenly, someone cried out in alarm.

“What… What is that!”

The others turned around.

They saw that the mountain, which had had a large portion blasted apart after Zu Ans battle with the Western Lion, had collapsed to reveal a bronze gate.

The two doors were extremely tall, reaching at least several dozen meters.

Their height made them look narrower than they were.

“This is the entrance to an old tomb!” The cultivators eyes began to burn with desire.

All their hard work had finally yielded results!

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