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Chapter 1260: Then Do You Know Who I Am

The expressions of the other fiend race experts became conflicted.

Shi Ling had been so arrogant just a moment before, hollering about how he was going to trample on his opponent.

And yet now, he was the one being stepped on instead! How could he tolerate such a humiliation

A defeat in a normal competition might not be that much of a psychological blow; it might even motivate him to work harder.

But for his head to be stepped on like this in front of so many people… If he couldn\'t escape from this trauma, his future might be ruined forever.

Of course, they all belonged to different races.

When they saw the incredibly arrogant Shi Ling end up that way, they were still rather happy.

After all, if the Lion race had two incredible talents, they would become huge threats to the other races once they grew up.

Princess Suolun was the only one who frowned a bit.

If this guy humiliated Shi Ling so deeply, it would be tantamount to completely offending the Lion race.

Even though this young mans cultivation was surprising, he definitely wasnt a match for the Lion races older generation.

Furthermore, Shi Ling still had an older brother who was one of the five great experts, who would definitely come for revenge.

She wondered which race he was from, and whether his clan background was enough to protect him.

“Let go of our prince!” Shi Lings guards exclaimed in shock and fury.

They all brandished their weapons while charging at Zu An.

These peoples cultivations werent as high as Shi Lings, but when so many seventh and eighth rank cultivators were added up together, they were still quite imposing.

Zu An gave them an indifferent glance.

With a sweep of his sleeves, a wave of scorching flames swept outward, forcing all of those people back.

Meanwhile, Yun Jianyue laughed in satisfaction and remarked, “This brat is starting to act more and more like a proper master.”

Yan Xuehen nodded in deep sympathy.

She had met her fair share of stunning youngsters over the years, but compared to those geniuses, Zu An was far superior.

She said, “With his current strength, he is already capable of fighting against those of the previous generation.”

She was starting to regret going against his marriage with her disciple Chuyan.

When it came to someone so outstanding, those old freaks might frantically sell out Chuyan if they found out.

She suddenly remembered the things that had happened between her and Zu An recently.

Her cheeks couldn\'t help but heat up.

How could she still have the shamelessness or right to stop the two anymore

When she heard two grandmasters praise her lover like this, even though Yu Yanluo was normally calm and graceful, she still couldn\'t help but smile.

Shi Ling finally realized what was happening.

He was actually being stepped on by someone else!

You have successfully trolled Shi Ling for 999 999 999…

A powerful burst of energy erupted.

Zu An sensed that something was happening under him.

His expression changed and he quickly evaded to one side.


A golden lion appeared around Shi Ling, protecting him.

The lion radiated golden light, and even seemed almost tangible.

Whether it was the aura or the pressure it gave off, it was much stronger than the projections previously created by Shi Lings fist imprints.

“This is… the aura of a heaven-grade weapon!” the fiend race cultivators cried out in alarm.

Their gazes were all filled with jealousy.

Heaven-grade weapons were all extremely precious.

Even though the fiend race cultivators all came from great clans, none of them were from their clans direct bloodlines.

It would be truly difficult for any of them to ever obtain a heaven-grade weapon.

They might never even get one of their own their entire lives, and yet Shi Ling already had one at the age of thirteen!

A shining golden glove appeared on Shi Lings right hand, carved with profound and complex runes that radiated power.

He stood back up again.

His hair was disheveled, and his nose was bloody and swollen, with a still-trickling stream of blood.

His eyes were burning with rage as he yelled, “You will die today!”

His entire life had been smooth sailing ever since he was little, and he had enjoyed victory and praise wherever he went.

When had he ever suffered like this before

His eyes turned completely red, and his hair burst outward in all directions.

The veins on his forehead throbbed as he stared at Zu An like a beast that had already chosen the prey it would devour.

He didnt waste a moment on words this time and instead sent his fist smashing toward Zu An.

The Golden Glove was from the fortuitous encounter he had experienced when he fell off a cliff while he was young and landed in an ancient ancestors cave.

Previously, his older brother had instructed him to not rely on the weapon normally, as it would affect his future growth.

With the way things had gone so far, however, he couldnt be bothered with that.

As his fist smashed outward, it let out a wave of destructive energy; together with the support of the Golden Glove, the lions produced by his Mad Lions Hegemon Fist became nearly tangible.

However, Zu An kicked off the ground, evading to one side.

The power of the fist crashed into the cliff behind him.

With a loud crash, half of the cliff collapsed.

While the onlookers were amazed by the power of the heaven-grade weapon, they suddenly realized something and cursed, “You destroyed all of those precious medicines too!”

There had been all kinds of extraordinary medicinal herbs beneath the cliff that made even these disciples from influential clans drool.

Unfortunately, under the power of Shi Lings fist, almost all of them had been destroyed.

Shi Ling suddenly turned around, his eyes entirely red.

He growled, “What, do I hear complaints”

Those who had protested choked.

When they saw the heaven-grade weapon in his hand, they realized that confronting the enraged Shi Ling wasnt a wise decision.

They all swallowed their complaints back down, saying, “We dont dare, we dont.

Please carry on!”

Shi Lings expression was fierce and ruthless as he turned back around to look at Zu An.

His hands continued to form seals, the Mad Lions Hegemon Fist continuing to bombard his opponent like a bomber aircraft.

As she watched the fight, Princess Suolun started to become worried.

The glove not only had great power on its own, but also seemed to endlessly replenish Shi Lings ki.

Otherwise, with the ki consumption of Mad Lions Hegemon Fist, and at full power no less, Shi Ling shouldnt have been able to last for so long with his current cultivation.

However, Zu An just gently kicked off the ground, leisurely strolling around.

Despite that, he always managed to somehow barely avoid the terrifying lions.

Dirt and dust flew everywhere, and yet not a single leaf landed on him after each explosion.

Even Princess Changnings eyes shone.

This man is pretty handsome, hm

Shi Lings efforts were completely useless.

He was already beyond furious.

He spat, “Do you only know how to hide”

You have successfully trolled Shi Ling for 444 444 444…

Zu An chuckled and replied, “Im doing this out of consideration for you, you know Otherwise, it really wont look good if your face hits the ground a second later, like earlier.”

Shi Ling erupted with rage, yelling, “You only have that tough mouth of yours! I have a heaven-grade weapon, so lets see just how long youll continue to run!”

Zu An sighed and replied, “Are heaven-grade weapons all that amazing I have some too.” He took out the Universe Ring as he spoke.

The onlookerss breath caught in their throats when they sensed the pressure coming from it.

Another heaven grade weapon

Although Princess Changning had initially looked down on Zu An a bit, she now looked at him with a burning gaze.

She thought to herself that later, if there was a chance, she had to get closer to him.

At the same time, she thought to herself that Princess Suolun really was sly.

She had to have known something, and that was why she had expressed goodwill earlier.

This woman really does know how to scheme!

The Universe Ring instantly smashed into Shi Lings golden glove.


An enormous shockwave forced all the onlookers back.

Shi Ling, who had been caught in the middle of the collision, even felt his head start to ring.

He vaguely noticed something rushing at him.

He instinctively brandished his fist to protect himself, but Zu Ans Universe Ring smashed into his elbow instead.


His arm hung powerlessly as his bones were broken.


He felt a painful sensation on his face.

Once again, his head had been stepped on! Shi Ling struggled frantically, but unfortunately, how could his strength be a match for Zu An The humiliation made him completely break down.

He couldnt help but become teary-eyed.

You have successfully trolled Shi Ling for 999 999 999…

When he saw the rapidly rising Rage points in the backend, Zu An remarked with a chuckle, “Honestly, why are you in such a rush to be stepped on again Maybe… you like this kind of feeling”

“Just kill me already!” Shi Ling cried.

He felt as if his heart had already turned to ashes.

He could already imagine how hed become the laughingstock of all the fiend races.

You have successfully trolled Shi Ling for 888 888 888…

Princess Suolun jumped in fright.

She was scared that Zu An might make a rash decision and quickly stepped forward, pleading, “Young master, please be lenient! He is the Lion Kings most doted on youngest son, and his identity is special! If you kill him, that might bring about a huge disaster! How about we go by the fiend races tradition and have him ransom for his own life”

Zu Ans eyes lit up.

He remembered his harvest from Chi Wen earlier, replying, “Thats not a bad idea!” As such, he removed the glove from Shi Lings hand.

Shi Ling struggled frantically, protesting, “Noooo!” Unfortunately, he still couldn\'t stop his previous lucky encounter from becoming another mans fortune.

You have successfully trolled Shi Ling for 999 999 999…

The other fiend race cultivators were incredibly envious.

This guy had just outright robbed Shi Ling! They actually coveted Shi Lings heaven-grade weapon too, but they only dared to think about it.

There was no way they would actually have acted on those thoughts.

Zu An then searched Shi Ling and found his storage pouch, barking, “Open it up!”

The storage pouch had its owners imprint, so normally, others couldn\'t open it.

“Dont even think about it!” Shi Ling said through gritted teeth.

“Either way, you wouldnt dare to kill me anyway.

You know who my father and my big brother are! I advise you to return the Golden Glove to me too, or else my dad and my brother will definitely grind your bones to ashes, even if they have to go up into heaven or down into hell!”

You have successfully trolled Shi Ling for 799 799 799…

“Your dad and big brother” Zu An sneered.

“Then do you know who I am”

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