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Chapter 1257: Making Things Difficult

When they had just been fumbling through the fog, all of them had keenly sensed a sinister presence that made them feel a chill throughout their entire bodies.

Zu An had been prepared for a fight at any time, but the other party had never done anything the entire time.

Instead, they had been able to successfully leave the formation.

“I sensed danger too, but I’m not sure what the other party’s strength is like,” Yu Yanluo said.

She was a clan leader and had the Medusa’s bloodline within her, so she was a bit more sensitive than the other youngsters present.

“At least grandmaster rank,” Zu An said gravely.

“Grandmaster” Yu Yanluo replied, jumping in fright.

Considering their strength, they had thought that this would be a cakewalk.

They hadn’t expected there to actually be a grandmaster present!

“What’s so special about a grandmaster” Yun Jianyue said with a sneer.

“My injuries have already gotten a bit better.

Together with Little An’s strength and the Medusa’s ability, it’s not as if we won’t stand a chance if we really have to face one.”

“What about me” Yan Xuehen’s forehead darkened.

This woman had ignored her on purpose, clearly to shame her.

Yun Jianyue laughed proudly, saying, “Putting you in charge of cheerleading is already enough.”

Yan Xuehen was speechless. This witch is so annoying!

Yun Jianyue spoke up again.

“I didn’t really have many expectations about the so-called treasury here, but now, it seems there really might be something good inside.”

Whether it was the strange mist from before or the powerful existence in the shadows, everything pointed at the fact that the place was extraordinary.

Just then, cries of alarm rang out from the other group.

Several people had run forward.

It turned out there was a mountain up ahead, and they could sense the richness of its ki even from far away, as well as surging life force.

There were all sorts of unique flowers scattering their fragrance up ahead, as well as fresh and juicy fruits hanging from many unusual trees.

They were definitely all exceptional.

The fiend race cultivators seemed to have gone mad.

They all ran forward, striving to outdo each other.


A golden fist slammed down in front of them, sending smoke and dust in all directions.

When the dust settled, it revealed Shi Ling standing in front of the others.

All the other fiend race cultivators’ expressions became unpleasant.

They protested, “Shi Ling, what is the meaning of this Are you trying to hog everything for yourself”

Even though Shi Ling was young, he stood there with his arms behind him, a proud smile on his face.

He replied, “Nothing, really.

It is just that treasures belong to the capable.”

The others were angered.

They protested, “What a joke! Shi Ling, do you think you’re the Fiend Emperor or something That you can single-handedly take on everyone”

Shi Ling replied, “Of course not.

But we all went through such hardships to finally get here.

How can those who did not contribute have the right to these things”

After he spoke up, Princess Suolun, Prince Yin Sha, Jin Shi, Princess Changning, Qiao Heng, the bear brothers, Ma Huang, Duan Tiande, and the other powerful cultivators silently stood by his side, clearly sharing his thoughts.

They were the ones who had fought head-on in the swamp, and yet many people slipped through the openings to get here.

They had been unhappy about that the whole time.

Shi Ling made sure to tell the exhausted Wu Liang, “Fatty, don’t worry.

You helped us a lot, so you will have a share too later.”

It wasn’t because he was kind-hearted, but rather that this place was too strange.

Meanwhile, this fatty’s methods were quite shocking; they were enough to prove his worth.

Who knew, they might still need him later, so there was obviously no need to chase him away right then and there.

Wu Liang chuckled, naturally accepting those ‘good intentions’.

Meanwhile, Yan Xuehen frowned.

“They were fighting together just a moment ago, yet now, they’ve immediately become hostile.

These fiend races really are cold-blooded.”

Yun Jianyue disagreed, saying, “I actually approve of the way they do things.

Stone cold woman, you come from a noble and extravagant background, and have lived an easy and comfortable life.

People always praise you as some goddess, so of course those you encounter are all good people.

Unfortunately, this cultivation world has always been a cruel one, where the strong prey on the weak.

That’s the law of nature!

“Besides, there aren’t too many spiritual medicines here.

If we split it evenly with everyone, there wouldn’t be much at all.

If I weren’t injured, I might have immediately wiped them all out and wouldn’t keep more people around to split it with.”

Yu Yanluo harrumphed inwardly.

These two had always been fighting like little girls for so long, she had almost forgotten that Yun Jianyue was a great devil who left all those who heard her name shaking in fear.

The independent cultivators’ expressions changed when they saw the disciples from the big clans band together.

They knew that once the others allied together, they wouldn’t be a match at all.

They immediately lost a bit of confidence.

Someone couldn't help but protest, “If you force us back now, isn’t that the same as telling us to throw our lives away in the fog”

Shi Ling said indifferently, “You can all make a detour off to the side.

The forest does not seem that ridiculously big.

As long as you do not activate the formation, circling back from the side should not be completely impossible.

Or, you guys can just wait here.

Once we come back, out of consideration of the fact that we are all from the fiend races, we will bring you all back alive.”

The independent cultivators snorted.

There wasn’t much they could do about the situation.

If they really got into conflict, they might die here before they even get to see any treasure.

They didn’t continue to argue with Shi Ling, and all circled back around the forest.

They obviously wouldn’t choose to stay put and wait for the disciples of the major clans to return; instead, they tried some other routes to see if that would bring them any luck.

Soon afterward, most of them dispersed, leaving behind just a dozen people or so.

Apart from the influential races’ disciples, the remainder were just their guards and servants.

Then, Shi Ling’s gaze swept toward Zu An and the others.

Yan Xuehen asked coldly, “What, do we not have the right to stay either”

“That is not it.” Shi Ling smiled toward her and said, “It was thanks to the lady’s divine skills that we were able to leave the formation.

The lady naturally has the right to stay, but this one…”

Zu An wanted to laugh.

He replied, “So in the end, you wanted to chase me away”

Shi Ling’s expression changed.

He said, “So what if that is the case You have not done a thing this entire time; you are a complete good-for-nothing.

If you do not leave, who else would it be”

“Then what about us” Yun Jianyue asked with a chuckle.

Her expression was a bit dangerous.

Shi Ling replied, “The two women can obviously stay behind.

This prince can offer you better protection.”

Qiao Heng snorted and added, “Shi Ling, aren’t you going too far You’re clearly trying to steal someone else’s women.” He owed Zu An a favor, so he obviously had to speak up.

Shi Ling said proudly, “A fine bird chooses the tree it nests in.

Women should naturally seek the strong too.

This guy only knows how to rely on women for protection and has no prospects.

If they get stolen, then they get stolen.”

Ma Huang had a wretched smile as he remarked, “Kid, you’re still so young, and yet you already have such thoughts.

Isn’t a little donkey like you scared of breaking your back from pulling too heavy a cart”

Shi Ling was only thirteen or fourteen years old.

Saying such things really did seem a bit off.

Qiao Heng wanted to say something else, but Duan Tiande sneered.

He remarked, “What does his business have to do with you There are too many of you sympathetic pushovers among the Elf race; that’s why it’s only going from bad to worse.”

Princess Suolun frowned and said, “We do not know what lies ahead.

Are we going to start engaging in internal conflict so soon” For some reason, she sensed a profound and mysterious air about Zu An, so she stepped forward to smooth things over.

Shi Ling replied coldly, “Then is the princess planning to share your own portion with him”

Why the hell does this guy have such good affinity with women Even Princess Suolun is speaking out for him!

You have successfully trolled Shi Ling for 110 110 110…

Princess Suolun became a bit unhappy when she heard that, but she didn’t say anything else.

She still had to consider her own subordinates’ interests.

Zu An was a complete stranger who hadn’t exchanged many words with her, so she obviously didn’t want to get into conflict with the Lion race because of a stranger.

The others just watched with the cool gazes of bystanders.

There were some who wanted to split the loot with one less person, while there were others who wanted to see Shi Ling test this mysterious guy out.

All of them were waiting to see how Zu An would respond.


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