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Chapter 1256: Terrifying Existence

Several gray figures were squatting in the distance, their eyes burning fiercely as they looked at the cultivators, as if they were just prey.

Now that the mist had scattered, the cultivators could finally see them clearly.

What people They were clearly the stone memorial statues that had been on the path! There were several beast and human-shaped statues among them.

They were no longer stone statues, but had become capable of moving.

No wonder no one had been able to recognize them!

The cultivators still felt lingering fear.

They hadn’t expected so many of the stone statues to have already come so close.

If not for the fog scattering, who knew how many more people would have died from their attacks

Although those present were all strong, their thoughts had been dominated by the fear of the unknown.

These enemies had appeared and disappeared mysteriously, not giving them any chance to retaliate.

Now that they could finally see what the enemy was, why would they hold back at all They immediately attacked with all kinds of techniques.

The stone statues also sensed danger.

They tried to hide in the fog behind them again, but there were so many fiend race cultivators present.

How could they give the statues that chance The experts immediately cut off the statues’ retreat, surrounding them.

Seeing that they couldn't escape, the stone statues revealed their true ferocity.

They turned around to fight the fiend race experts.

Soon afterward, some experts made contact with them; however, for some reason, their bodies immediately froze.

Then, they either had half their heads chewed off, or their hearts clawed out in a single strike.

The others shivered.

Were these things devils or something

“Be careful; they seem to be able to rob their target of the ability to move on contact.

Everyone, do not fight them bare-handed!” Princess Suolun immediately pinpointed what was happening and quickly reminded the others.

In the distance, Yun Jianyue nodded approvingly and remarked, “That girl isn’t just a busty bimbo.

She seems to know some stuff.”

Perhaps because the stone statues thought Zu An’s party weren’t easy targets, they stayed some distance away.

As such, the group could just watch from the sidelines.

Zu An was puzzled. Is Princess Suolun’s chest that big He subconsciously gave Yun Jianyue a look.

Yun Jianyue’s brows shot up when she sensed his gaze.

Her face heated up a bit as she snapped, “Do you want to die! What are you looking at me for”

Yan Xuehen couldn't help but look at her chest, then lowered her head to look at herself.

She mumbled to herself, They’re not bigger than mine, anyway.

Who knows, that might even be due to the help of those clothes.

Meanwhile, Yu Yanluo was secretly watching the two of them.

She thought to herself, The world really is unfair. It was one thing that their cultivation was formidable, but their bodies were completely flawless too!

Eventually, the battle concluded.

Even though the stone statues were strange, all of the fiend race cultivators were powerful experts.

Furthermore, they had the advantage of numbers.

The stone statues were quickly smashed into fragments.

“These things are finally dead!” Xiong Second said, breathing heavily as he brandished his hammer.

It had taken quite a bit of energy for him to completely smash through the stone creatures.

Off to the side, Jin Shi said with a frown, “I recall there being more memorial statues than the ones we see here when we first entered.”

The others were alarmed when they heard that. Right, doesn’t that mean there are still some of these guys hiding

Just then, golden light shone brightly in the distance.

The radiance continued swaying from side to side.

At the center of the formation, the fatty cried out, “No! Something is destroying my flag!”

The others’ expressions changed.

As expected, it was definitely those remaining stone statues that were destroying the formation.

They wanted to protect the banner, but there was fog over there.

If they entered the fog again, they would once more be on the defensive.

As long as those stone statues touched them, they would lose their ability to move.

That was why no one dared to take the risk.

The fog that had been pushed back gradually began closing in again.

The cultivators knew that if the stone statues destroyed the surrounding flags, they would then be surrounded by the fog again, and be forced onto the defensive once more.

Just then, the fatty took out a compass.

He initially wanted to do some calculations, but the needle began to spin randomly; it had clearly already been affected by this place, becoming useless.

He thought of something and looked toward Yan Xuehen, asking, “This lady over here, if I can make the surrounding mist disperse, can you discern the correct route”

The others followed his gaze, and were surprised.

They had initially thought that this dainty woman had just been walking where she pleased.

But judging from what the fatty was saying, she seemed to be proficient in disarming formations.

Yan Xuehen was a bit surprised, not expecting him to ask her.

After remaining silent for a moment, she said, “I can.” There was a calm sort of confidence in her voice.

Princess Suolun, Shi Ling, and the other princes and princesses sized the woman up curiously, wondering just what kind of background she had.

The fatty nodded and stood up.

His chubby hands moved through the air quickly, forming complex formation runes in the air.

He then shouted, “Rise!”

The ki stones in the formation were rapidly consumed at a visible rate.

Then, the banners that flickered with golden light within the fog rose into the air.

Afterward, they seemingly erupted into raging flames.

The forty-nine flags began to spin rapidly while firing streaks of golden light, making the center of the fog scatter completely.

Low and muffled growls emerged from deep within the fog, as if the stone sculptures were trying to find a way to attack the golden flags, but had been burned by their blazing flames.

At that instant, they didn’t know what to do.

The fiend race cultivators were shocked.

This fatty didn’t look all that special, but he actually had such formidable methods Just which race was he from

Many people from the great clans were already starting to think of roping him in when they had a chance.

The fatty was covered in fine sweat; what he had done was definitely not as easy as it looked on the surface.

He looked at Yan Xuehen nervously.

If the flags completely burned up, there was nothing else he could do then.

Fortunately, Yan Xuehen didn’t disappoint.

She quickly examined the surrounding trees’ layout and terrain, and her slender fingers began to carry out calculations.

Soon afterward, she took a step in a certain direction.

Zu An’s group didn’t hesitate at all and followed her.

The fatty also quickly followed them.

As he moved, the burning flags went with him.

Wherever they went, the fog dispersed, and the area they had just left was filled up by thick fog again.

The others had been doubting the delicate and pretty woman, but after seeing that, who would still hesitate They all quickly followed.

Yan Xuehen moved at the very front, while everyone else followed behind her.

Her shoulders looked as if they had been sculpted, her waist soft like silk.

Her neck was slender and graceful; her features were just too stunning.

Her beauty was clearly incredibly captivating, and yet the way she carried herself seemed calm and peaceful.

The cultivators all wondered which race this woman was from.

Even the Bluefield Country Lord, who was known for her beauty, could only be on the same level at best, right

Yan Xuehen wound around left and right, sometimes only taking a few steps forward before taking more steps back.

It almost felt as if she were moving backward.

The others were confused at first, but when they saw how calm her expression was, it gave them a strange sense of confidence.

Furthermore, her white clothes were purer than snow; as her long hair fluttered around, she looked just like a moon peeking through scattered clouds, like soft snow scattering amid a winter breeze.

Many of the cultivators’ eyes began to burn with passion.

Yun Jianyue felt somewhat moved too.

As expected, this stone cold woman’s temperament was popular wherever she went.

In the human territories, she was worshiped like a goddess, and now, it was the same in the fiend race territories. Should I change the way I carry myself too, to not always look so fierce…

Pah! Why would I ever copy someone like her

Some time later, the fatty was completely soaked in sweat.

When he saw that the golden lights were constantly flickering, he knew that the flags would completely burn up soon.

He said, “I can’t hold on much longer; how much more time do you need”

Yan Xuehen said with a cold and clear voice, “It is finished.”

She took a step forward, and everything before her eyes opened up.

The fog from before vanished, and the forest also returned to normal.

It was just like what they had seen earlier in the swamp.

Zu An stood behind her quietly.

There wasn’t any fog at all, and even the stone statues rested quietly at the sides of the forest path.

The fatty sat down on the ground, muttering to himself, “Screw this! I almost lost my life here! I really am losing out big this time.” He felt heartbroken when he recalled that he had to burn up those forty-nine dao banners.

The cultivators cheered when they saw that they had finally left that strange forest.

They actually felt as if they had returned from death’s door.

However, Yan Xuehen frowned slightly.

Yun Jianyue asked quietly, “You guys can sense it too”

Zu An said seriously, “Yeah.

There seems to be an extremely terrifying existence that’s been watching us.

But why didn’t it come out to stop us”


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