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Chapter 1254: Fiend Races' Crown Princess

“It really is annoying to be followed like this,” Yun Jianyue remarked.

She had noticed that quite a few people were following them and felt unhappy.

She had an eager look on her face, as if she wanted to get rid of some of them and throw them off.

Zu An chuckled.

He hadn’t expected his group to really end up being the ones leading the way.

He said, “Forget it; just let them follow.

They aren’t a threat to us either way.

Rather, this fog forest is too strange.

It’s better if we don’t let side issues keep growing.”

When she heard that, Yun Jianyue let out a muffled snort, but didn’t object.

Yan Xuehen was surprised.

This witch normally did whatever she wanted, and yet she actually listened to what someone else had said Still, now wasn’t the time for her to be distracted.

She looked around her while calculating the nearby formation.

The others seemed to be scared of disturbing her, so they all had their mouths shut tightly.

They all moved in single file, resembling a long snake as they moved silently through the fog.

This kind of atmosphere, paired with the fact that there was a monster that fished out one’s innards lurking around, made most of the cultivators feel a mix of fear, restlessness, and bewilderment.

After walking for a while, Yan Xuehen suddenly stopped.

She exclaimed, “Huh”

“What is it” Zu An asked.

“Something is not right,” Yan Xuehen said, frowning slightly.

There seemed to be something she couldn't figure out.

Not too far away, the fiend race cultivators were all alarmed.

What kind of a background did this woman have Not only did she seem to know about this great ancient formation, but also… even her frown was so pretty

Zu An was just about to ask something when he suddenly caught a shadow out of the corner of his eye.

He exclaimed, “Hm What’s that”

The others followed his gaze and saw that there was something dark crawling on the ground not too far away.

They immediately felt goosebumps.

Was it that monster that had attacked them They all clenched their weapons and went on high alert.

There were even some who couldn't hold back and attacked, throwing their weapons at the thing.

The other strong cultivators were alarmed. What are you angering this unknown creature for Who knows what kind of retribution it might bring onto everyone!

However, they didn’t speak their curses out loud.

They were surprised to discover that it hadn’t reacted to the weapons at all.

“Huh” The cultivators were bewildered.

Could it be that this thing was deliberately enticing them to come closer None of them dared to continue forward.

However, Zu An was confident because of his many skills.

He walked straight over and finally saw what the dark thing was.

Wasn’t it just the subordinate from the Lion Race who had had his innards scooped out!

When the others saw that he was still fine, they also went over.

Their expressions all turned awful when they saw the corpse.

“Why did we end up returning to the same place again after all this time!” Shi Ling harrumphed in dissatisfaction.

The others had been starting to admire Yan Xuehen a bit, but now, they couldn't help but have complaints.

Still, since she was pretty, they all subconsciously chose not to curse her, instead cursing the fatty from before brutally.

“Why is this happening” Zu An asked.

He obviously knew that Yan Xuehen had her reasons for coming here.

There was no way she was making them go in circles on purpose.

“This formation is even more complex than I imagined.

The problem probably lies in this fog,” Yan Xuehen said.

She observed the fog around them and added with a frown, “I only calculated the tree formation.

However, this fog is joined to the ley lines, and it seems to be capable of twisting time and space.

That is why we have been going around completely lost.”

Twisting time and space Zu An thought, shocked.

Just what level were these methods at!

That meant it looked as if they were moving forward, but they might actually have been walking backward! One might think one had walked for a long time, but actually, only an instant had passed.

One might think that an instant had passed, but several days might have passed.

“Then what do we do” Yun Jianyue sneered.

“Don’t tell me this place is too difficult for you”

“If this fog did not exist, I could naturally make my way around it.

Or if I were not injured, I would have a way.

But right now…” Yan Xuehen trailed off, feeling a bit troubled.

“Let me think about this a bit more.”

Yun Jianyue reflexively wanted to mock her a bit, but in the end, she was able to discern what was important and what wasn’t.

In the end, she didn’t choose to disturb Yan Xuehen.

The fiend race cultivators started another endless debate.

All kinds of suggestions were thrown out, but in the end, they were quickly refuted by the others.

At that instant, no one dared to continue moving recklessly for fear of getting even more lost.

However, staying there without moving wasn’t a solution either.

There was still the unknown, innard-eating creature hiding in the fog.

The little fatty hesitated for a while, but in the end, he gritted his teeth and offered, “How about I give it a try”

“You still want to keep going Wasn’t it your fault that we were all misled just now”

“Exactly! Do you have no sense of shame”

All of the others were quite upset, so they immediately vented their resentment.

However, the fatty didn’t get angry and instead said with a smile, “It’s not as if there are any other solutions.

We might as well try everything since the situation is desperate.”

The others rolled their eyes.

Why were this guy’s words so ominous-sounding

Just then, Princess Suolun spoke up and said, “Let him give it a try.”

She was one of those with the most respected status among those present, and had quite a bit of prestige.

Since she had spoken up, the others couldn't really say anything else, and they all allowed the fatty to give it a try.

The fatty rubbed his hands and said with a chuckle, “What I need to do requires a large amount of ki stones.

I’m embarrassingly short on money, so I can only trouble all of you.”

Princess Suolun and the others were left speechless.

Many people were itching to beat the crap out of the fatty.

In the end, however, Princess Suolun stopped them and tossed over a bag.

She asked, “Are these enough”

When the fatty opened the pouch, rich ki scattered out.

The others got on their tiptoes to look inside.

There were all sorts of sparkling and translucent ki stones, and they weren’t small at all.

They were clearly all heaven-grade ki stones!

Ki stones were divided into the five grades of mortal, earth, heaven, immortal, and deity, like weapons.

However, unlike heaven-grade weapons which were extremely rare, most of the greater powers had a good amount of heaven-grade ki stones.

However, immortal and deity-grade stones were much rarer.

The onlookers sighed in amazement.

As expected of Princess Suolun, she had been able to give out a pouch of heaven grade ki stones just like that.

The fatty looked troubled and said, “It’s still not enough.”

Someone cursed, “You damn fatty, how is even a hundred heaven-grade ki stones not enough Just how much more do you need”

Everyone present was a respectable cultivator in their own right.

They were able to roughly calculate the amount from just a single look.

“We’re still quite far off.

This is only enough for a tenth…” the fatty said, sounding wronged.

“I have a hundred and fifty here.

Take it,” Princess Changning said, also tossing over a delicate pouch.

Seeing that the amount was even bigger than what she had given earlier, Princess Suolun raised her eyebrows, but she didn’t say anything.

The others were incredibly shocked.

That amount of ki stones wasn’t too much for great clans like them, but their quality was so high.

For independent cultivators, that would already be an incredible amount of wealth!

Many people said in praise, “As expected of the Peacock race’s Princess Changning, she is able to spend so lavishly.”

“But of course! I heard that during the Fiend Emperor’s gathering this time, he will choose an outstanding woman from the Peacock race to serve as the crown princess during the great meeting.

Princess Changning is precisely one of the most popular candidates.”

“What do you mean, most popular candidates She is clearly a future crown princess; do you not have eyes”

Princess Changning raised her chin when she heard that, just like a proud little peacock.

She actually knew quite well that when it came to the crown princess candidacy, her clan sister Kong Nanwu had a greater chance than her.

Whether it was the purity of her bloodline or her appearance, she couldn't compare to Kong Nanwu.

However, Kong Nanwu didn’t seem too interested in the position of crown princess and had already taken refuge in the human world.

That had made Princess Changning interested in the position of crown princess.

Ever since she was little, she hadn’t been able to compare to Kong Nanwu at all, and was always beneath her.

That had made her extremely unhappy; she had always wanted to surpass Kong Nanwu.

How could she give up on such a golden opportunity That was why she had often shown herself in different places to increase her favor with the people, as well as to increase her own prestige.

As long as she became the crown princess, she would become the Fiend Empress in the future.

At that point, even Kong Nanwu would have no choice but to obediently show her respect.

She grinned when she thought about that possibility.

Kong Nanwu had always won against her, but if she lost the most important battle, what did everything before that matter

She had heard that the Golden Crow Crown Prince had set out as an ambassador to the various races, so that was why she had secretly followed along as well.

She had initially planned to create an ‘accidental meeting’ and increase her favor with the Golden Crow Crown Prince ahead of time to improve her chances of being chosen.

However, something unexpected seemed to have happened to the Golden Crow Crown Prince a few days prior, and he had hastily returned to the Fiend King Court, making all of her plans fail.

That hateful human!

You have successfully trolled Kong Nanjing for 444 444 444…

In the distance, Zu An was confused. No wonder she’s getting upset at me; so she was the future crown princess!

When he thought about the gamble he had made with the Golden Crow Crown Prince last time, he suddenly felt as if he were being cheated somehow.

Even though this woman had some looks, she was still lacking compared to the beauties at his side.

Sigh, the fiend races really aren’t any good.

Even the glorious crown princess is just barely passable.

A cold voice next to him suddenly cried.

“Who says the crown princess will definitely come from the Peacock race Our Elf race’s Princess Snow is the most likely crown princess candidate!”


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